greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be making a party dip that sounds absolutely delicious but besides it looks so stinking cute because it's pink I'm not talking about the pink sauce I'm talking about a pink dip now I first.

Heard about this from one of my beautiful lovelies in the comments mentioned kamaboko Dip in My Ritz cracker candy video I believe in the comments and I said what is that so I proceeded to Google it and I learned about kamavoko dip which comes from Hawaii and uses this so This is the comboco and this is a fish cake it's.

Bright pink on the outside white in the middle it's often sliced and used in noodle soups Japanese noodle soups in particular like Ramen or salmon in Hawaii so delicious stuff my kids love it and we're gonna use this to make the dip it's kind of similar to imitation crab and flavor a little bit different texture it's a little bit more bouncy.

And firmer in texture very cute so the first thing we're going to do is prepare our combo and you can find this in your International Market particularly Japanese Korean markets if you don't see it in the kind of deli section look in the frozen food section that's where I found mine and then let it thaw and refrigerator for a few hours.

Until it's soft enough to cut and what I love about kamaboko besides it's bright pink color is that it comes on a wooden board all right great it's on a little cutting board so if we remove this label and there it is n't that great so it's stuck onto this board I believe it's kind of cooked or.

Steamed right on this piece of wood so we need to remove it from that you can just use a sharp knife and just cut right down like that comes off the board and the recipe I'm going to be using today comes from alrighty so now we're going to grate our fish cake so.

I'm going to use this and this is what's going to give it its beautiful pink color the dip look how stinking cute oh my goodness this is going to be beautiful I'm gonna save some of this too so we can have it for garnish if you don't have a grater you can chop this but the point is that we want it nice and fine.

Oh it's so cute oh it's so cute so fluffy and pink oh got my glasses oh speaking of glasses my glasses come from and if you'd like to get a pair I'll put a link down below Greater Works beautifully for chopping this I'm going to chop the rest of this by hand but.

It's gorgeous fluffiness isn't that beautiful and beautiful so don't throw that away we're going to chop that up finely and make sure we include that as well so happy with how well that grated so since this is fine I'm going to chop this as fine as I can because that pink color is really what we want I believe.

Ono and Hawaiian means delicious oh delicious so delicious deliciousness oh no or like scrumptious okay we want that minced really finely like that Okay so kamaboko is prepared and the rest of the ingredients is very much like a spinach dip we've got some cream cheese in our.

Bowl here a little bit softened I put in the microwave for about 20 seconds and to that we're going to add an equal amount of mayo and the recipe says specifically to use helmets or Best Foods as it's known on the west coast so and for that you of course like any recipe can make this your own you can adjust it if you.

Don't want to add as much mayonnaise you want to add sour cream by all means do so but I'm gonna follow unalicious so add my Mayo equal amounts of mayo and cream cheese and I think I'm going to use a wooden spatula to kind of mix this up really helps if your cream cheese is softened.

To that you can add good pinch of salt and this ingredient this is hon Dashi it looks like this says hondashi on the top can you see that and hondashi is instant Dashi stock powder so Dashi is a stock that's often made with Bonito shaved smoked skipped Jack tuna and kombu which is a kelp so.

It's got a really nice Smoky oceany Briny slightly fishy flavor it's used as a base to all kinds of Japanese dishes including miso soups and soups and it's great to have around it's wonderful and we're going to add about a quarter teaspoon of that to our dip that's going to add some saltiness some Smoky fishy complexity phenomenal love.

This this is a secret in my opinion to making a great Japanese potato salad and because these are grains we really want to get that to dissolve into the mayonnaise here next we're going to add some water chestnuts I've already chopped these up these are canned rinsed drained and minced finely and water.

Trusses is one of those ingredients that I use very rarely and most times it's for like spinach dips or something like this I don't use them very often next we're going to add some chopped green onions and our beautiful shredded kamaboko so beautiful I almost don't want to put it in because.

It's so fluffy and gorgeous it's so beautiful I'm gonna put some of this and I'm going to reserve some of the mint so we can add it to the top of our dip gorgeous and then gently fold that in and that's pretty much it I'm going to switch to a rubber spatula so it can be.

Really gentle with this feel gentle but you can scrape the edges a little better now we're supposed to let this rest for 30 minutes before we taste it but that's it that's our kamaboko dip yum to make this a little bit more presentable though I'm gonna add just a smooch more of mayo just to make it a little creamier.

Beautiful to finish our dip I'm going to sprinkle some of that finely minced pink kamaboko on top so we get that beautiful pink color and then some green onions for contrast super cute super cute all right there we have it our beautiful pink dip so this dip is traditionally served with Ritz crackers.

Put these around my bowl and look how stinking gorgeous love it all right I cannot wait to give this a taste all right grab cracker get a beautiful pile of this onto my cracker oh my God look okay here we go Mouse.

So good it's kind of similar to a crab dip it's absolutely delicious it's creamy it's Rich it's got a great crunch to it from the water chestnuts and the green onions it's got a nice fishy flavor to it but when I say that it sounds detracting but it's not it's similar to if you've ever had sushi bake and you've had imitation crab mixed with.

Mayonnaise it tastes like that it's absolutely scrumptious a little bit like crab dip yes that's what it's like crab dip mmm so so good and a perfect perfect compliment to The Buttery light crispness of a Ritz cracker perfect delivery mechanism right here slightly.

Sweet it goes really well with the saltedness of the dip the colors are festive it's absolutely scrumptious so delicious if you're having a party going to a potluck highly recommend this one takes almost no time to put together absolutely scrumdy limbs just very festive beautiful and delicious thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed.

That one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media because I love hearing from you I get wonderful suggestions like this one from all of you and like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the next one toodaloo take care bye.

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