thank you greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today I'm going to be making a recipe that I saw on the Ticky talks big thanks to all of you who requested this and this is a one ingredient pancake or crepe or thin.

Pancake we are going to be taking one ingredient and transforming it into a thin crisp Brown pancake and it looks impressive it's thin and it's golden and it contains only one ingredient and that one ingredient isn't self-rising flour or instant cake mix something that contains a ton of other ingredients it's just one ingredient and that is milk.

We're going to be trying to turn milk into a pancake now in my experience with these deceptively simple recipes things often go wrong so I'm anticipating this I'm hoping that this works we're just simply going to cook this down into a pancake but if it's anything like my ginger juice milk gel pudding thing that I made or tempted to make I'll put a.

Link down below to that video in case you missed it that was a struggle I think I made that recipe 15 times and I still didn't quite get it right but I'm hoping this one goes smoothly it comes from a tick tock video from a chef called avosma's Chef that's Alfredo Vos Mariano Romero who used to work at NoMa which is a very famous.

Restaurant in Denmark and apparently they made something like this at the restaurant so this is fancy even though we're just using one ingredient I also found a blog post by the fiery vegetarian who tried this and I'm also following their steps for trying to achieve this pancake made out of milk already now let's get started so.

First we're going to need some fire fire fire fire that's an old reference isn't it so I've got a non-stick frying pan this is pretty essential for this because we don't want the milk to stick now we are going to set this down and in terms of diameter the bottom diameter of this pan is about eight or inches seven and a.

Half inches okay next we have some milk this is whole milk and we're going to bring this to a boil in this pan like that like so so total cooking time for this is supposed to be about 15 minutes I'm gonna set my timer not in my timer but I'm gonna set my stopwatch and we're going to see how long it takes on high heat to get this to a boil.

Basically we're going to bring up to a boil and then reduce it down into a Crest pancake that is a goal at least so it's not boiling yet this is cold milk so we'll see how long it takes to actually get it to up you know so we are at 43 seconds and already around the perimeter it is beginning to boil and once it starts to.

Really get going oh yes you're bubbling away we're going to reduce this to medium temperature and we really want to get this to boil oh look how it's poofing up the stick okay I'm going to reduce that heat a bit because milk loves to boil over we don't want to do that we're just.

Evaporating it down this is looking very promising we're at one minute 26 seconds all right so I guess we're just going to let this boil for 15 minutes just ever so slightly simmer and we're not supposed to mess with it but I'm a type of person that likes to mess with things it's kind of sticking it sounds so I'm going around and kind of.

Unsticking it around the edges okay I'm gonna go grab some Nutella because I would like this with some kind of filling I don't really want a pancake just by itself alrighty it's doing its poofy thing and it's getting this nice little skin on top look it's pretty impressive how poofy it is.

Wasn't proving on that side so we are five minutes 15 seconds in and it's drying out pretty nicely still a little bit wet if we wiggle it you can see it moving a bit I'm going to go around and neaten up the edges a little bit but it's degassed it's not poofed up I just really hope this releases.

Okay we're at six minutes so still a lot of time left okay that just degassed you see that now we just have a flat flat thing six minutes 36 seconds it's starting to caramelize on the edges here so I'm gonna just oh yes this is happening fast okay I think I think we're just about ready holy smokes a lot faster than what.

Was said in the recipe okay I'm just going to let this reduce the seat even more reduce not increase get a pan a plate get a plate it's not a pan a plate because I can see it already starting to caramelize here so okay let's can I lift it this is.

So thin and it's kind of stubborn so eight minutes and eight seconds for me I think we're there let me get a tray so I'm gonna just lift this out and put it on a rack oh that's beautiful look gorgeous okay now quickly fold it in.

Half look at that beautifulness it totally worked oh my goodness okay I'm gonna let this just dry on a rack for just a moment while I go get some Nutella I don't have any whipped cream but I do have to be right back okay we're back fine on this oh my gosh I'm so excited this worked totally worked.

So I have regular cream which I'm just gonna hand whip real quick I should use my balloon whisk and we can add some sugar to this we like smidge I don't like it to be too sweet you could also use a hand mixer for this.

If you were prepared and clever than I am that's what you would do you don't want to over whisk this otherwise it'll separate and turn into butter which we don't want here we go I have my beautiful crepe here look at that.

So it looks like on the inside gorgeous spoon some hand whipped cream in there fiery vegetarian said that they tried different types of dairy for making this crepe and whole milk was the only one that really worked so I know some people with dietary restrictions are going to ask me if other ones will work and I really don't.

Know but the fire vegetarian says not I'm going to push this right on the edge so it looks nice and oomphy got some strawberries the addition of the cream and the strawberry of course are extra ingredients but the crepe itself only contains one ingredient truly so we're gonna add some strawberries.

There we have it you want ingredient to crap alrighty lovelies let's give this one ingredient crep a taste I'm gonna try a little bit without anything on it right from this Edge right here there's a texture of it I don't know if you can see that here we go there we go.

Here we go itadakimasu hmm wow it has a very surprising flavor to it so here's the crepe up close look how golden it gets and smooth and this is the other side um it's actually really nice has a very nice toasted flavor to it a.

Light crispness but not like a crunchy Christmas very kind of a subtle thin oh it's kind of like what's the texture like oh it's a little bit like egg roll wrappers a little bit like that but slightly spongier not as like shatteringly crisp intensely milky yet simultaneously caramelized it.

Tastes a little bit like condensed milk without the sweetness it's good now let's try it with the whipped cream and the strawberries mm-hmm I love strawberries look at that the whipped cream is fantastic Rich.

Milky dairied just slightly sweet so fresh and then you've got the tart tanginess of the fresh strawberry and then this really nice toasted crispness of this one ingredient crepe fantastic hmm I love strawberries so much alrighty my lovelies I am so so happy that this totally worked and it worked on the.

First try be careful of your heat if you're making this you must have a non-stick pan and mine cooked in about eight minutes so twice as fast as what was recommended in the blog post that I saw the tick tock video of course doesn't say at all but just watch your pan watch your situation and see if it's starting to get kind of golden take a.

Little peek underneath it and if the top is dry then your little pancake is ready but it totally works great way I imagine to use up any leftover milk if you've got it you could make these up and have a little pancakey breakfast very thin it is not like a regular pancake though haven't said that but you would know that because it just has one ingredient.

Right it totally works though um all right my lovelies thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me on social media like this video subscribe and I shall see you in the.

Next one toodaloo take care bye um oh my gosh strawberries