Hi i'm tv cribs i'm sorry i had to make that joke hi hi there hi hi everyone it's eric tim hi i'm kristin chamber i'm an associate editor with nyt cooking and my favorite thanksgiving tip the thing that like i think is actually super smart to do is.

That you double or triple the amount of pie dough that you make it takes just like a couple of extra seconds then you can tuck that pie dough into the freezer and pull it out and defrost it when you're ready to use it then you can use that for like another pie make a galette or you can even turn it into something savory and like use it as like base for.

A dinner like you can add chicken you can add leftovers you can honestly just like treat it like a fancy pizza and it's just like easy and elegant and takes just like a couple of extra seconds of foresight hi everyone it's eric kim and my thanksgiving tip is to cook your entire meal at one temperature curate a menu that can be made at 350.

Degrees i just really think that is a perfect temperature for turkey for various casseroles you can even roast vegetables at 350. i have a whole menu actually that is made at 350 degrees including the turkey leaving that part of the equation out of it the whole gymnastics and the the musical chairs of like all the dishes.

That have to come out and go back in at different temperatures i just think you'll you'll save yourself so much time and energy and and stress and i think when the cooking is less stressful the food just comes out better hi i'm becky i am a social editor the day of pressure of cooking.

And oven space and stovetop space and timelines it's so much harder when you haven't made any of the dishes before i think this is true for all entertaining and dinner parties i would try to not make too many things that you haven't already made before generally in my family we have like.

Turkey that we always make and a few sides we always make and stuffing is always the same so i sort of have like a good idea of how that's gonna go um and only have a couple wild cards i'm kim guggenheim i'm a photo editor at nyt cooking i like to do as much of my thanksgiving prep the day before as i can.

And that includes taking out all the baking dishes serving platters everything i'm gonna use for the meal put it across the dining room table and i label each dish with post-its so i know what's going where and it just makes me feel much more organized as i plan for the holiday hi i'm kasia i'm a social media editor for nyt cooking and.

I have a couple of thanksgiving tips the first is take the shortcuts you know buy the pre-made pie or the pie crust you don't have to make a whole entire pie buy the pre-cut butternut squash chunks you don't i don't think anyone should be butchering um.

A butternut squash on the night of thanksgiving it just doesn't seem like the type of energy you need to bring into an already stressful situation um people are just coming to hang out and eat some good food and see you and probably see your dog if you have one case in point.

Hi there my name is vaughn i'm a video producer for nyt cooking i think that because we've got a little bit of a bigger crowd this year uh i'm gonna be baking more i'm gonna be doing more desserts i'm gonna be doing more pies um and my big tip really is you set yourself up for success by baking your.

Pies a day ahead of time most desserts especially those pies can actually be baked the day before so that you're not front loading the beginning of thanksgiving day or rushing at the end to get those pies done happy baking happy thanksgiving and you know gobble gobble.

Hi my name is sarah bonastiel my thanksgiving tip is to buck tradition if you are throwing your own thanksgiving you don't need to make a pumpkin pie you don't need to make an apple pie if you don't want to i usually make sour cherry pie i buy my sour cherries at the farmer's market in the middle of the summer i pack them in sugar and freeze.

Them and pull them out to make a beautiful pie hello my name is victoria peterson and i'm the reporting fellow on the food desk thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and it's also a really good opportunity to break out some creative sewing skills i like to make homemade cloth napkins i use these fat quarters from quilting shops and i.

Just come home and i cut them into a square and then i sew along the sides and i hem it you can do some fancier corner hems but you can do it really simple or you can even if you have nice linen you can just fray the edges and it'll look really elegant on your thanksgiving table.

And it's also a great way to reduce waste this holiday hi my name is gabrielle i'm a video producer here at nyt cooking and my thanksgiving tip is to save those bones from your turkey to turn them into stock or broth for later for soups down the line thanksgiving can be kind of expensive and it also produces a lot of waste.

So it's a really good way to stretch out all the ingredients that you're buying for this one meal you can do the same for vegetables any like vegetable scraps that you have from thanksgiving dinner you can throw those in the freezer i do that with my compost and then eventually take everything put them in a big pot cover it with water.

Let it simmer for hours and hours until your house smells amazing it's just a really good way to stretch out all of the food that you're buying hi i'm margo lasky i'm a senior stuff editor at nyt cooking and my genius hack for thanksgiving is to um go out to eat i know it makes me sound like a total grinch um.

But a few years ago uh we started doing it when my in-laws are in town with my two little kids and i have to say it's like my new favorite thing i feel a little guilty saying that because i know i'm a food editor and i love to because i love to cook the meal there are no dishes we kind of have a small kitchen we don't really have a dining room and.

Then i always make a turkey breast so that we have turkey leftovers and then i make a couple of pies just because i like to make pies so for now at this point in my life going out is like the brilliant trick about to get corny i am so thankful for everyone in new york who has made this year feel so much safer cut to me.

Watching the marathon sobbing about the monumental year this has been for the city i'm really thankful for my dog for my family and for like having a great partner it's cool i'm really grateful for the community that i have around me my friends and my family i'm also really really grateful for nature and the.

Moments that i've had to get away and and just be surrounded by trees have been extremely extremely meaningful for me so i'm really really grateful that i've had the opportunity to foster a rekindled love for for being outside i am very thankful that my three-year-old son is still healthy what i'm most thankful for this year is new friends.

That i've met and i'm going to be spending the holiday with them gosh it's been one hell of a year what can i say i am most most thankful for vaccinations especially um vaccinations for my kids who are seven and nine it's like sigh of relief there's so much to be.

Thankful for this year i'm thankful for a little bit of normalcy i'm also thankful for the opportunity to go home and to have thanksgiving as we kind of normally have it surrounded by not only my immediate family but some extended family as well it's gonna be really fun hi sorry i forgot to see what i'm.

Thankful for and it's this guy can you tell i'm a little bit obsessed with him it makes me go outside when i really don't feel like it i'm just very grateful for him i'm grateful for you he's grateful for chicken so happy thanksgiving everybody.


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