Hello nyt cooking or as i like to call it nytc my name is andrew ray i am the buttery voice and so-so faced behind the babish culinary universe and i'm here to show you my 10 favorite kitchen things in here this is my studio kitchen ah would you just zoom in on something.

Okay all right so i started the bcu as it's now called babish culinary universe which it used to be called just binging with babish which is one of the shows on the channel it's complicated i started it uh just about coming up on five years ago now so i started just making uh cooking videos.

In my little queen's apartment i was watching parks and rec in the background just listening to it really and ron and chris were having a burger cook off to the characters on the show and uh one of the burgers was very interesting sounding i want to see what.

It actually tastes like in real life and i was like huh maybe i should put this to film and i did and here we are talking about it on new york times pretty cool can i swear i don't know bleep it so shall we just pulling up my list here because i can't remember my own things i can't.

Find my chemex so clearly i don't love it that much so that's off the list so my 10 favorite things in the kitchen first one most important one that i am a strong advocate for whenever anybody asks me you asked me cutting board work surface big f off cutting board since i've been told i.

Shouldn't swear this is the this has been the centerpiece for binging with bavish basics with babbage since the beginning and i think it's so important to have a big comfortable work surface so uh that i could do that cooler nope it's not so.

If you can't get like a whole you know butcher block huge surface dedicated surface in your house then get one of these bad boys like 30 bucks on amazon uh it's it's tough i've had this guy since the beginning like it's got you know it's gouged up but like still does its job it comes to work.

Every day have a big beautiful work surface it's going to make cooking way better for you number one right here most important we have here just a smattering of knives from around the kitchen the most important knife you got to get as a newcomer or old comer is a chef's.

Knife this is from my new cookware line this is an eight inch chef's knife this is probably one of the most versatile tools that you can have in the kitchen there are 50 different gadgets for sale right now as seen on tv that try to do what this thing can do better.

Slappy choppy joints and and and twirly twisty goos this is gonna do it all just gotta learn how to use it a little bit proper way to hold the chef's knife everybody you know first first instinct is like this holding it like this betwixt your thumb and forefinger that gives you the most control over the blade you're.

Barely hanging on this is just for stability back here and that's the way you're holding the chef's knife it took me about a year and a half to quit my day job um soon after that i started a new show called uh basics with babish which was just basic cookery because people were asking.

For this food from this movie and this one from this tv show but they were also like what's your favorite way to make a steak what's an easy pasta i can try and so i wanted to to start just making straight up technical instruction videos and people.

Took to them happily next up we have tiny whisk most people think that there is only one tiny whisk there are several i started using them kind of as a joke but they actually have pretty great utility like if you're mixing together like a spice blend especially it's just nice it's fun to.

Use a tiny whisk it's no better than anything else i enjoy it i like saying tiny whisk i have a freaking tattoo of a tiny whisk to scale oh it's actually smaller than this one it's the scale of one of these this guy this guy this little the extra little guy real real tiny whisk.

Oh that's not even quite right what did i use for reference what's next pepper grinder one of the things that i push is freshly ground black pepper it tastes way better it's much more peppery if you will it's it's brighter it's better it's just way better this is my favorite pepper grinder in.

The known universe it's made by a company called man kitchen with two ends it rocks i am not getting paid to say that check this out he calls it the pepper cannon i call it the pepper puker because it vomits pepper look at look at the look at the if look at how much pepper that.

Puts out that would take me 45 minutes with a traditional pepper grinder it's the best all right so next up we have the high walled so taping i i say sautepin and saucepan to piss people off and it works.

Beautifully this is a high walled saute pan i think that this is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have in your kitchen you can sear in this you can saute in this you can boil in this i make pasta this gives you a nice wide surface any kind of spaghetti is going to fit in.

Here it's great for everything i use this pan more than probably any other pan next up we got cast iron i think the best size cast iron pan all round is 10 inch most recipes call for a 10 inch pan nice and deep nice and heavy a lot of people are scared of cast iron but it's.

Actually very easy to maintain all you really got to do is throw some vegetable oil on there and put it over medium heat for a little while a little bit of vegetable oil a little bit of heat you're done so good cast iron pan must have good bench scraper very very very useful.

Tool in the kitchen not one that you always think about this is great for slicing up dough and portioning it it's also great for scooping up ingredients you just chop up the whole mess of onions are you going like this and dropping them everywhere.

Yeah i know you are not no more done i learned about these tools and their different efficacies uh by uh you know watching lots of videos and trying things out over the past five years you gotta mess up you gotta make mistakes in the kitchen it is the only way to learn.

That doesn't just pertain to trying out recipes it pertains to equipment as well over here next to the pepper grinder i keep the kosher salt pinch bowl a lot of people ask why i use kosher salt couple reasons first off it is pinchable try doing this with table salt.

You can't do it it's like sand it will slip through your fingers with this as you can see i'm not losing a single granule until i start to wiggle my fingers see that i'm barely wiggling my fingers and i'm in full control of how much salt i am dispersing okay so uh another very very.

Very useful tool to have in the kitchen is a accurate fast reading thermometer this is a thermapen and it's like the creme de la creme of instant reader thermometers so it is expensive it's like 100 but this one's great you know it lights up if it's dark let me.

It orients with the way that your tilting it which is handy you know if you're sticking it in this way or this way if you're roasting something upside down for some reason it happens this is like one of the most important things for cooks just starting out or very experienced cooks uh if you're trying to learn how to.

Properly cook any kind of meat or bread for that matter you need to know its internal temperature so french press uh very you know actually i'm glad that we're doing this instead of the chemex because this is actually a really versatile tool french press is a uh about the least expensive way you can make a very good.

High quality coffee you can make cold brew first of all just grind up your coffee mix it with water put it in the fridge overnight and boom pour it out whatever you do don't just pour hot coffee over ice this is a mistake or refrigerate hot coffee you're gonna end.

Up with really bitter coffee there's a reason that cold brew costs a dollar more starbucks this is also a great makeshift milk frother warm up your milk throw it in this bad boy and.

Just do that and you do that a few times and you're going to froth up some milk you can get the micro bubbles that are so sought after anything you need to strain you want you want to strain something really finely tea as well this is great for making tea very good tools very versatile and you'll thank me later thank you very.

Much nyt cooking for coming out checking out my new studio and thank you guys for checking out my show and for making mistakes with me that's what we're doing screwing up together we're learning from it keep making mistakes keep cooking i will if you will that's that's new york what is their new.

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