Hi boys if we have ourselves a night and usually brothers green they can handle the heat but Josh he passed out right when we got home look at him over there that doesn't mean I'm not gonna give you guys an awesome recipe then all you need is some bananas and some eggs and you're gonna make awesome pancakes late night knock on the door that seems.

A little Shady Oh glorious brother screen 4/20 delicious Vil sexiest man Ricky did you really send yourself this is Uncle Ricky he's shipped himself here luckily josh is passed out Mike what are we doing today I was showing the viewers how to make my secret pancakes I've ever showed you that the two ingredient.

Pancakes yeah yes I got two bananas in there start mashing that up with a fork all right just get your hands your hands people when you're cooking we're gonna do two eggs okay when you add the flour what don't you understand this is a two ingredient pancake batter when this thing goes on I see scrambled egg.

Bananas that's all I'm really seeing right now okay so we're gonna get that real nice and boiled and then we're just gonna spoon some pancake batter oh but what goes on top Mike is a question nothing goes on top where's the chocolate chips or something man if you really want some I'll put it on here keep mine plain this guy's so.

Plain think of these Mike these are all for me look at you see that brownish you pour a little maple syrup on it you you're good to go delicious maple whoa whoa whoa how you keep pouring everything on my recipe look at your hair look at your double shirts don't make any sense how about we do a mix how.

About we do a mix would maple and chocolate Mike you know what you did something good for a change he did something wow those things look awesome okay give it a sprinkle they going on all right Ricky tell me that looks like pancake right there it's impressive I'm not so excited about.

Your visit but at least enjoy this with me that is an orgasm in the mouth yes


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