greetings my beautiful lovelies it's Emmy how are you it's great to see you and welcome back today we are going to be making clear milk what in the world you say what in the world you say yes I said clear milk and this is a real thing this is actually based on a historical recipe it was popular in the 1700s in.

The Great Britain and it was called milk punch now from my understanding there are a couple types of milk punch this is a clarified milk punch there's also a milk punch that's made with milk I think it's popular in the south of the United States and the milk in that recipe lends a nice milky creamy quality to the drink well in this drink the clarified milk.

Punch and it creates a crystal clear beverage that's alcoholic but still has a very nice silky quali ability to it so let's step back a little bit so the clarifying process is very very interesting and is the main reason why I want to make this drink making milk clear but more than that I'm very curious about the science about how the.

Drink gets clarified and after reading about it it is very similar to how you would clarify a soup like a consummate in French cookery if you missed my clear tomato soup recipe I did a very similar technique I'll put a link to that video down below and then that technique you use an egg white to use the proteins in the egg to grab and coagulate and grab.

Onto all the impurities in the tomato soup yielding a clear broth which you then filter and separate from the raft of protein that's created aren't those great words raft coagulate proteins casein whey all those are really great words and we are going to be talking about those in this recipe now there are many recipes the technique is generally.

The same we're going to be using alcohol and some kind of acid to coagulate or to create those proteins to kind of bind together we're talking specifically the casein proteins the Whey proteins or the proteins that are in the liquid of the milk will remain but those are clear but the casein proteins will bind together just like they do in cheese making and.

Grab all those impurities and create a raft and then we'll separate our drink I chose the simplest recipe that I could find and it is based on the oldest recipe of clarified milk punch that we can find from the 17 to hundreds and it's Merry Rockets Citrus milk punch it was originally published in Dan woodridge's book punch and it's been.

Adapted by Dan Sousa over at America's Test Kitchen and I found this on The Splendid Table but I will put links down below to everything that I'm referencing in case you're curious so the first thing we need to do is to flavor our Brandy so in this jar which doesn't need to be this large I've taken some Brandy and it has the zest of one lemon and one.

Orange and it's been soaking in the Brandy and infusing it with that citrusy flavor so it says 18 hours up to two days so this should smell really nice let me get the straw open Oh indeed we've got the perfume of alcohol tinged with a lovely fragrance of orange and lemon oh it smells so good.

Ah okay we're gonna strain our Brandy and get the peels removed they've done their job and you can see a little slick of oil on top that's so cool so I saved the orange and the lemon that I removed the zest from and now we're going to juice them because we need those lovely juices.

Orange naked lemon I mean so I'm gonna use a little strainer if I can find it here it is and I'm going to squeeze my lemon juice into this oops did I tear this all right squeeze in my big lemon now rather than saying the juice of one.

Lemon you should use the measurements which is either what is it it's a quarter cup it's a quarter cup of lemon juice and I'm gonna do the same actually it's more lemon juice to lime juice so it's a quarter cup plus one tablespoon of lemon juice and a quarter cup of orange juice Amarillo glassy taught me how to do this.

A long time ago you take a fork and you stick it in there to kind of act as your reamer to get the most juice out of your lemon you get all that into there I think I'm gonna need more juice of the lemon all right measure our juice.

Okay do the same thing with our Orange juice Orange almost let me go grab another lemon because I need a little bit more lemon Okay so we've got our lemon and orange juice freshly squeezed okay to the Brandy we're adding one cup of sugar.

A little extra and whisk that together we want to dissolve the sugar along with the orange juice and lemon juice we squeezed and some water this will help dissolve the sugar oh it smells good very boozy but the.

Lemon and the orange very nice okay this is definitely dissolved so one thing I noticed in all the recipes for clarified melt punch it's specifically said to add the Brandy mixture to the milk and not the other way around okay let's pour this into the pitcher getting close there girl whoa up to the.

Very tippy tippy tip Tip Top nice so we need some milk we need one cup of milk specifically whole milk and those of you that don't live the United States whole milk means full fat milk not any fat removed just good old milk okay milk to the Bowl first so we have one cup of whole milk in this.

Glass bowl here now we're going to take our Brandy juice mixture and add it to the milk slowly here we go whoop okay it's sputtering and splashing oh and it's thickening totally thickening look at this oh it's so cool.

Can you see it it's doing its curdle thing see it's kind of thick yo okay wow wow there's a lot of liquid why do I keep banging the side of the bowl why okay here we go the last of it and we definitely have curdles now it says to gently Stir It.

Although I think it's pretty well mixed already so we rest this for at least 30 minutes or we can cover this and let it chill in the refrigerator for 24 hours before we decant and separate the chunks from the sauce not the sauce but you know the water curdles.

Amazing okay lovelies I'm gonna cover this let this rest and we'll come back and separate all this and then give this a taste on Ice you know like 17th 18th century I mean Great Britain alrighty see a little bit all right so this has been sitting for a couple hours now and you can see those beautiful curds so now.

We are going to filter it so got a bowl here and it said to filter it through a coffee filter when I did the clear tomato soup the consume I used these and I found these at the Korean grocery store and here they are and these are filters come with paper towels and these are all the different ways you can use them you can use them to.

Steamed foods but right here here and here you can see they're also used to filter out your broths this is what it looks like it looks like a fabric but if you look closely it's knitted kind of material a bit stretchy and what I like about this particular material for my setup is that it's going.

To fit inside of my strainer I have these coffee filters these are for a pour over coffee situation so you open it like this and you put it inside a cone holder and doing this for this would not be ideal because this coat cannot hold the volume of liquid I need it to so instead I'm going to use this filter cloth.

On top of my strainer okay so I'm going to Ladle this mixture into my filter and let it slowly clarify let's see what we got it's totally clear oh my gosh look at that yeah baby I love it when a plan comes together okay let me show you this up close.

Clarified milk punch coming at you clear clear milk yeah baby clear milk oh it's working look that's what's up top chunks the curds and down below beautiful clear Perfection oh this feels great so I'm gonna pass this through twice.

And then I'm going to get some ice and serve this up and give it a taste foreign my lovelies I am back this is my double filtered milk punch and it is incredibly clear I am so so happy so what I've got going here are two separate filtration steps to take this murky curdly chunky concoction and create this beautiful.

Clear punch foreign so got a glass of ice and now we're going to put the clear look at that look how clear it is it has an orange it has a yellow tinge to it and I think that.

Probably comes from the combination of Brandy and the Citrus juice that we added fat milk clear so beautiful alrighty my first taste of clear milk or milk punch clarified mold punch okay here we go cheers and happy New Year to all my beautiful.

Lovelies I hope this coming year brings you all that you hoped and wish for and that 22 with its trials and tribulations and good things taught you something about yourself as well alrighty my lovelies cheers wow that's very nice it's sweet and it's very floral I didn't expect it to be.

As floral scented as it is it has a citrus flavor to it that is present but it's not it's not sour at all it's actually quite sweet because of the amount of sugar we put in there so this is kind of reminiscent of a dessert wine or a dessert cordial but it has a really great viscosity and mouth feel that's not syrupy but present and full-bodied.

And yes silky smooth delicious I love it does it taste of milk no I don't think it tastes milky or dairied in my opinion maybe simply because it is clear I don't have those associations but it doesn't feel creamy but it doesn't have a very nice smooth mouth feel to it it's lovely and served on ice it is so nice I.

Love it and I'm not a cordial Drinker at all or much of a drinker but this would be lovely this would be actually really lovely for a New Year's party or any little kind of Festivus for that matter beautiful and very easy to make alrighty my lovelies I hope you enjoy that one I hope you learned something please share this video with your friends follow me.

On social media I love so much from hearing from you and check out my website have a happy and safe new year and I shall see you in my next video toodaloo take care bye thank you Happy New Year this should be bottled up and given as gifts I should have done this as a.

Holiday gift there's always next year