I think the most fundamental cooking skill thathome Cooks need to do is organization you got to think all the way through your recipe and start atthe beginning and cleanly work your way through to the end these Applause men setting up everythingthat you need to prepare yourself for your cook rather than trying to find it in the middle ofyour cook if you're going to take a hot pan you do not put it on your cutting board you know thoseare the basic skills of keeping a kitchen sanitary nothing is worse than going into a kitchen sinkjust crap everywhere it's not going to be an organized dish and a delicious dish in generalwhen there's crap everywhere I play most things at home need to be sauteed or need a pan they needto be cooked in that sense so I think they need to understand like how to get a pan hot beforewe start cooking in it understanding what heat.

Does to things so Browning that means also notcrowding the pan which will drop temperature as well cooking with a pan I had a friend at my housethe other night and he said he said I noticed when you cook you either cook really hot and fastor you cook really low and slow I said exactly anytime you're cooking you cook at a mediumtemperature you're cooking mediocre understanding heat is really really essential basically if youcan cook eggs and chicken in a million different ways you can pretty much cook anything learn howto cook eggs well and someone will fall in love with you someone will not be mad at you if theyare uh you name it there's nothing there's some really good eggs can't fix the most fundamentalkitchen skill a home cook needs to learn is how to use a knife whether you're a home cook a chefanything I mean just the consistency of how you.

Cut things and how they cook is probably like themost important thing really honing knife skills so that you're faster and more efficient givespeople the confidence to want to cook more often how you chop your vegetables and proteins theyresult in how they end up tasting in the last bite so you need to have that Foundation right andthen you build on it and the only way that you're gonna get better is if you chop a lot of thingsyou know good knife just make it sharp doesn't have to be expensive but just a good sharp knifeso that would be the one learn how to use your knives properly it's probably two knife skillsjust being comfortable around a knife and then two proper seasoning and tasting along the wayso Salt's super important but we see some acid we season with sugar sometimes you can seasonwith vinegar a little bit of salt goes a long.

Way and then that addition of acid a lot ofpeople think you just need to season things with salt acid brings that saltiness up to whereit needs to be and it provides the well-rounded balance that you're often missing in a dish Ithink home Cooks often season at the end and really what you need to do is you need to seasonas you go throughout your dish you need to build that seasoning and build that flavor and not justtaste and add salt at the end people do not taste as they go they just kind of add salt and thenthey think oh it tastes great no you have to every step and it's layering the flavor you haveto season as you go and you have to taste your food the reason we get different results thanpeople get at homes because we're trained to taste our food all the time so we're always ableto make decisions on how to proceed with cooking.

Or flavoring our foods and the home cook typicallywaits till the end you know to taste everything foreign


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