So this is my mini food processor which was actually the first appliance that I ever bought on my cooking journey and it turned out to be one hell of an investment because out of nowhere I'm whipping up delicious salad dressings and sauces and dips which are all essential items for survival really as a home cook but as I kept pushing this.

Thing to the Max and really experimenting well I found out there's actually so much more food processor is capable of and most people aren't taking advantage of its full power so that is the goal today I'm gonna be showing you five different foods that you probably didn't even know were possible to pull off in your food processor so first up.

We are going to make some butter what do we need for butter we need cream and and where are you right here we're making a far superior product than just butter cultured butter so you need some type of culturing product you could say this is cultured buttermilk right here but you could use yogurt that has live active cultures or sour sour cream anything.

With live active cultures because we need to ferment this butter and by the way all of these food processor recipes are going to seem a bit random but I can tell you this I will be using every single skill I have to somehow bring elements into one Transformer Megatron dish at the end it will all somehow work I swear so stay tuned and now we can get.

This some culture and when it comes to fermenting things great way to get into the game this couldn't be easy high quality heavy cream a jar so this is two pints or one quart of heavy cream you want to make sure you have room in your jar for expansion as it ferments and I'm gonna hit this with three tablespoons of this cultured buttermilk give that a.

Gentle mix sticky right there thick stuff make some good butter and then all you need is a clean towel to go over that to keep any particles out you still want airflow and now it's a waiting game we're gonna let that bacteria go to work it's going to completely alter the texture and flavor and give you the best butter product but it will take at least.

24 hours at room 10 temperature I'm gonna check in on this in 24 hours but I might push it a little longer we'll see what happens explosive look at this my goodness so this is magically 48 hours later oh fermenting fermenting a little bit more sour take a closer peek first of all you see how it's risen see these little air.

Pockets that is gases released from the fermentation take a look at that overhead shot super thick and creamy from the culturing let's bring in trusted friend Mr Food Processor you will be seeing this boy a lot today we're going with the standard food processor blade make this butter plug it in would help all we have to do oh look.

At the creaminess here wow so thick and that's going to completely alter your butter texture and flavor and of course most of you probably won't make your own butter I'm not always making my own butter but just like I mentioned in the grocery shopping video buy culture butter because it's just a better product all right so this butter is.

Going to go through two phases really come on this will probably happen a lot today I love food processors but can they be just a little easier to turn on so the first phase will be whipped cream Let It Go Let It Whip all right so that is whipped cream next phase just keep going until up it already is happening see the buttermilk.

Has separated a few more pulses to really separate everything out oh damn I just realized I always forget this step I think best practices are to refrigerate the buttermilk before you process you try to strain this out right now that butter is way too soft and it's gonna cause a lot of issues so I think if I just refrigerate this right now.

Hopefully it will do the same exact thing all right I think this works you're right there hard butter and this must be my lucky day look what I just found in the basement in my fermentation box butter muslin honestly not essential you can just use one of these it will be fine but this is like one more layer of protection they can figure it out.

save the rest back in the fermentation drawer let's drain off that buttermilk there goes the blade that just looks like the most perfect butter already very rewarding all right now we'll just kind of squeeze off most of that buttermilk and you want to get out as much of that buttermilk as possible.

Because the buttermilk is what will spoil the fat is good for a while to flip oh look at that beautiful butter all right it's gonna work just great it's still coming out juicing out now the Butter's already getting softer as I work it all right that is enough for me right there and of course you can salt your butter up it right in there save.

That delicious buttermilk I'll make some pancakes or some baked good and the question is is it worth it you know is it worth making your own butter look at this consistency oh okay I buy a lot of cultured butter different brands I have never tasted a butter quite this Tangy that is unbelievable a bit of a process of course but this right here.

I feel like I'm actually holding food gold peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter peanut butter now this has to be the easiest food processor recipe of the entire video once I plug in my food processor you will see that it's gonna take like three seconds definitely don't need my dough blade you want to.

Switch that out for the actual chopping lid okay now I don't always make peanut butter from scratch I'll just be straight up honest with you but when I do it's always a treat and what I love is that you can really hone in on the flavor you want and I'm starting off with dry roasted peanuts that is essential if your peanuts are unroasted.

Then roast them yourself I did that remember in the peanut butter and jelly recipe for adults I had to roast and peel the skins off kind of suck that I haven't done again this right here this is easy and these are unsalted which is super important we'll go to we're at one ingredient right now hardest part about this recipe is figuring out how your.

Food processor Works fun fact when I was on chop guy next to me could not get his food processor to work and you would think like I would just let him bail on live television but no clicked his food processor in the right place helped the man out all right let's start pulsing well this is oh now this piece came out all right so this is going to go through.

Many stages probably I don't know three or four stages first stage is the longest we'll let it go for about three minutes all right this is stage one where people get super nervous because it's very dry but there's so much natural oil in the peanuts we just need to extract it a bit so we're gonna keep going.

All right we'll call this stage two starting to separate and get creamier still chunky still coarse we'll keep going all right there we go that's stage three our smooth sailing wow wow all I'm gonna do at this point is add a little bit of salt you can keep it unsweetened but I'm just gonna add a taste to honey that's.

The beauty really control there we go that is it let's give it a taste wow just package it up now there's a reason a food processor is called a food processor because it processes foods and anytime I can take that process away from the factories and into my own kitchen I always feel a closer connection to food I just have a feeling.

I will enjoy this peanut butter just a little bit more because I made it myself all right let me ask you like a really serious question okay did you know that you can make bread in the food processor not actually baking it you need a freaking oven for that but you can take the bread process pretty damn far just using a food processor very exciting I.

Bet most of you have never seen it so I'm going to show you how to do it right now so first I'm going to get my scale out and pop the food processor right on there and the key is whipping out your dough blade for this which is plastic it's not meant to actually cut like your standard food processor blade and this Cuisinart comes with it but most food.

Processors should have one standard now this recipe is going to make four little mini baguettes you might be asking yourself off like what is Mike making right now so I'm going to start off with 500 grams of all-purpose flour you could use bread flour just half a teaspoon of yeast 10 grams of salt and 350 grams of water and then I'll start pulsing that.

Up for about three minutes until that dough really comes together you can see right here it's a little bit on the Wet Side I'm just going to sprinkle on a little bit more flour until that dough starts to form together a bit more see how it's starting to Clump together a bit over here that's the right consistency make a dough all right we.

Can actually pull this right out and then what's so great about doing it in a food processor like this if we just spread this dough out just so it has an even bulk rise just scrape down any excess dough that's stuck to the side you've got a clear window into this rise so you know how I'm always pushing these things right here I use them for compost.

But they're also incredible to see exactly how much disconnected they're great for seeing how much your dough is actually Rising so we basically have the same exact thing right here with this food processor there's no actual markings other than this liquid Max fill so we're just going to watch this dough rise.

Right up the side until it uh doubles in size maybe triples pop that lid back off oh don't blend anything turn that off make sure it's covered so of course you don't dry out your dough check this out you can see exactly like I said what is that called again liquid Max fill and we have pretty much doubled a little more than doubled which is a sign our bulk.

Rise is done a little bit of flour so here's our dough I'm just going to chop this up into four pieces and I'll just start off by Rolling these into dough balls classic tension like this until they are just nice and tight that's four and then I'll just pop this damp towel over them let those sit for I don't know 15 minutes let's roll some baguettes pop.

These to the side for now such a flower hour and then I just push everything out now once you flatten things out a bit this is where we'll start tucking just the old hinge and Tuck inch and Tuck kind of forming like a hot dog bun log type thing keep pinching and tucking pinching and tucking pinching and tucking and then once you've kind of.

Gotten to the end that's when we'll pull that over pull over pull over for the final seal so you kind of have an even hot dog bun now we can just slowly roll out to the edges forming little points and this is like I don't know like a seven out of 10 technique you know I'm not some French baguette Baker it's certainly better than when I first.

Started but it's not perfect it doesn't have to be hit that to the side and we'll do three more I mean look how much better these three are versus the first one it's all about getting better so I'm going to take this tray of it in parchment sprinkle with a little bit of flour two per tray over with a little bit of flour tacked with one thing of.

Parchment some wet towel so this is optional but I am gonna place these in the fridge overnight build some flavor get a nicer crust you could bake these off after they proof for an hour right overnight proofy they've expanded a little bit I don't have a bread lame on me I'm just gonna do my best I'm not gonna try to do.

Baguette swipes it's just not gonna happen right now so I'm just gonna go right down the middle alright I got my oven preheated at 500. throw that in there this towel pull this out I have a cast iron that was preheating because Ice Cube oh yeah we're gonna create a nice bit of steam she's gonna help the puff and the color on that started at 10.

Minutes all right 10 minutes let's check it oh nice puff we're still getting some steam from there those do great I'm just gonna turn this down to 450. probably need another 15 minutes all right we're beeping look at these things glorious perfect timing because I got to pick up my daughter right now look at.

The fermentation bubbles from that overnight proof now maybe a French Baker would judge this a little harshly but for a food processor I get that's pretty special tell me that this hasn't happened to you before you're in the mood for some chicken but all you have is a Frozen pack so what do you try to do you rush the defrosting process in.

Like 30 minutes and you try to cook it up and it's just terrible it steams you get a shitty crust mildly satisfied at best I make that mistake at least once a month because cause my life is busy and sometimes I don't have time to defrost chicken properly which is why this next technique in the food processor is kind of mind-blowing so we are getting closer.

To this final dish and I'm actually going to be making meatballs in the food processor and I've got a bowl of water right here and you can do this with any type of meat but I am using chicken let's weigh it down just a little bit now what's great about this technique is it actually works better if the meat is slightly Frozen so when you don't have a.

Few hours to properly defrost meat this will only need maybe 15 20 minutes in here just so it's soft enough to actually cut through the meat and we're good to go all right so it's been just about 20 minutes this is what I'm talking about when we pull this out it's soft on the outside but still totally frozen on the inside which is fine in.

This case actually the point it's in paper tallies and twos and three and just dry it off God damn it these paper towels come on I get they're eco-friendly but they have to like rip apart into my food so what I'm gonna do here is just chop these up into these in size chunks move that to the side on post compost drop an onion.

One clove garlic and I got this dried chili break that up in there as well a little bit of Ginger too forgot about that enough of that we'll shift this to the side bring in star of the day my friend the food processor I'm heading in a Vietnamese Direction I'll just say that to crank up that flavor a little bit some fish sauce sprinkle that in.

Teaspoon of sugar a bit of salt and Peppa Peppa to me if you're making a ground meat in the food processor it feels right to add other flavorings but of course when it comes to flavoring take it in whatever Direction you want it's more about this technique so I'm just going to start pulsing gentle pull all about consistency I still want it to.

Feel like it's actual ground chicken and you can still see that texture which is good because we're gonna make some meatballs what I like to do is package this up for the week really I mean you could cook this directly of course but this way we can let that chicken marinate build flavor over time and then we don't have to use it all at once you.

Can whip this out of the fridge use it in whatever form necessary and for me I'm gonna let it sit in the fridge overnight and cook up these meatballs when the time is right all right so this last one it's more of a technique for processing vegetables that's very helpful for when you're making pickles which is what we're doing now but first.

Ship to the Garden can we just appreciate the fall Glory right now personally my favorite time of the year and being somewhat of a new gardener on this scale at least definitely my favorite time in the garden you still have some late summer things like tomatoes growing but then all of your fall crops are just starting to really.

Get good like pickled Daikon radish and carrots both of which I'm growing and in season right now so if you haven't guessed by now I am making a ban me for this final dish to bring everything together and for me the Best Buy me sandwich always has some pickled Daikon radish and carrots this whole patch is I believe all daikon some heads are just.

Starting to pop up you've got some bigger ones here and these things will get massive but I can pick them really at any stage oh yeah look at that beauty smaller ones to get the job done you saw I hit up this patch in the last video we're still producing we got plenty of carrots in here and they're small so I'll need a bunch but this is the time.

Since we're pickling oh yeah I would say one of the most fun things in the garden picking carrots because you never know what you're gonna get there are these tops off another snack for the chickens carrots make some good pickles one more stop no bond me is complete without some fresh cilantro on top so I'll just pick some of that nice bunch of cilantro for.

The top I think that's all we need back inside so let's clean this up real quick watch this one more time cut off all the tops so one thing I love about this 14 cup Cuisinart right here this little attachment thingamajig I got two different blades this is more of like a mandolin style and this is just a.

Straight up grater pop that in place that right on there all of a sudden food processor he comes over here come on now there we go got an automatic grate a slice this big boy I'm not peeling anything because obviously this is all organic and we'll just rattle through carrots boom that's not gonna be enough this couldn't be easier.

We're not fermenting we're making a quick pickle we're gonna pile our veggies in might be able to get them all in one jar can be done pour it halfway up the jar with white vinegar packed in tight get a pot on the boil and just dump that out so you don't have to waste any pickling mixture for seasoning I usually just eyeball it about one.

Tablespoon of salt maybe a tablespoon and a half of sugar bring that up to a quick boil and we pour over our veg I'm not going to tighten that up because it's super hot but these are refrigerator pickles they'll stay in your fridge for a good while but for me I'm just going to let these cool marinade overnight and then tomorrow we.

Will bring everything together into one incredible into one incredibly homemade ban made oh my goodness the time has come we've got pickles we've got butter we've got peanut butter ground chicken mixture I guess we're ready to bond meat slide that out of the way bring this boy in great Jones King's ear are we frying.

Some of this cultured butter just do it at a low heat Gonna Roll out a few of these balls I'm thinking smaller size meatballs we'll get those frying and again this is great because that's all I need so this is getting reserved in the fridge so you might be thinking what am I going to do with the peanut butter like I haven't thought of that come on.

I'm gonna make a very simple dipping saucer in this case Bon Mi sauce going with a few tablespoons of the peanut butter it's not easy to get that texture out of a jar and it stays like that too no oil separation hit it with some Hoisin a little bit of fish sauce to season sambal for some spicy kick again on these meatballs you know what I'm.

Gonna quickly see if there's any lemons on the lemon tree it might be a small one this is so under ripe and small I'm going to give it a shot maybe I'll get a little juice out of it not looking promising come on oh no oh I'm getting a little something out of there mostly seeds a little bit half fell and I'll just tear that up now if I need some.

Water I want this to be drizzly here we go much better that should be drizzly give it a taste a little bit more fish sauce tiny bit of salt okay sugar let me just flip these on the side they flatten a little bit but that might actually work to my advantage I think the last prep I need to do is slice through this beautiful food processor baguette let's.

See what we got here sliced through about the center oh that's a pocket of love right there easy to stuff get these one final flip here do we go we're just gonna smear on some of that fresh butter at the base because why not and we'll go in with those meatballs some more in there pickles or half the amount of them a whole bunch of cilantro from the.

Garden definitely the best Bond me that I've ever made I'm gonna drizzle of that peanut sauce oh my God what is going on unbelievable for any fans of the sandwich series well I never actually did the ban me sandwich and that series was all about from scratch I mean is there anything more from scratch than this ban me right here here we go whoa.

Mmm that was nice the first time I ever had a buy me a sandwich my mind was so confused because I was so used to all of the sandwiches that I had up to that point I just didn't know you were allowed to combine ingredients like this in one sandwich I almost forgot this video is about food processors listen this is technology and you can push it.

To Crazy lemons and make elements completely from scratch that maybe you weren't thinking about so keep pushing the lemon in the kitchen get creative stay inspired and I will see you in the next video