If Nails would be able to say their problems Have a look 🙂 I am a yellow Nail seems like fungal infection is there she is eating nails like eating food look at yourself seems like an earthquake struck in your nails 🙂 who talked about nail growths who itself has dry cuticles & nails I've taken the responsibility of your nail growth & fees is.

Your Love, Comment & 1,00,000 LIKES So for nail growth what growth!!! Nail growth weakens doing all these household chores yes I know but you can change the way you work means if not comfortable apply a vaseline layer on your nails before and after doing work.

And after work apply a thick moisturiser this will keep your nails better ok I can do that now move on to next problem want to grow your nails why are you biting your Nails?? this may cause infection or this will break skin around cuticles but I am used to of it what will happen with it.

I had applied bitter taste nailpaint or if you don't have it you can apply bitter gourd juice of course taste bitter but help you to get rid of that nail biting problem Now whats your problem Nail Paint Remover has higher acetone level this may affect your nail growth so solution is you should use Acetone free Nail paint Remover.

Your video is about Nail growth why are you doing Breathing Yoga like that our skin & hair needs breathing Nails too need the same we all like to wear Nail paint but your nails become Yellow if you continuously apply Nail Paints so to get rid of these yellow nails Rub a lemon slice on your nails for about five minutes its citric acid helps in removing dark spots and makes your nails brighter gently rinse with warm water.

Now massage your nail cuticles with your favourite moisturiser also apply sunscreen if you are stepping out of your home as lemon is UV Sensitive this saves your skin from damage avoid this remedy if you already has any injury on your fingers need to do twice a week this will greatly help in reducing yellowness from your nails problems occurs with them too who have brittle nails gently massage your nails with Garlic.

This also prevents fungal & bacterial infections and also helps in your nail growth this will also help in reducing yellowness Massage with it on your nails and cuticles for about five minutes and cover your hands with plastic gloves and leave it for overnight you can also use food wrap foil instead of gloves its problem is food yes food!! that is lack of balanced diet.

Deficiency of vitamin A , C & Biotin leads to problem of brittle nails Nails are made from Protein keratin layer and look like this if you've protein deficiency so have protein rich diet like consume spinach, eggs & green veggies this will maintain your nail growth I'll get salary today its more better if we also get some bonus so I'll give you too the bonus.

You love nail paints I too but make your that your nail paints doesn't have any harmful chemicals as they also hinders your nail growth so check carefully whenever you buy nail paint next time my nail yellowness problem get solved and I too get rid of Nail breakage thats why I hit LIKE to the video and now I too stop biting my nails.

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