Here I'll throw my favorite easy pan fried dishes first up pan-fried scallops with crunchy apple salad get a frying pan smoking hot essential for quick pan frying add olive oil then season scallops with salt and.

Pepper starting at the top put clockwise into the pan so you know which one to turn first scallops have firm white sweet flesh and cook in minutes salad Lamb's lettuce.

Matchsticks of Apple seasoning lemon zest and juice add olive oil then toss foreign going clockwise around the pan.

squeezing lemon juice and give the pan a shake finish with lemon zest ready in under 10 minutes my first pan fried dish scallops with crunchy apple salad my next super simple pan fried recipe is chicken and chicory and Masala sauce.

foreign the chicken breasts add to hot olive oil skin side down lay away from you to stop it all splashing sliced chicory this versatile vegetable can be read all white has a lovely bitter taste and is great cooked all Raw crush a clove of garlic and add then.

Sprigs of thyme when the chicken skin is crisp turn over along with a chicory for the sauce add Masala a sweet fortified wine from Sicily then 150 ml of chicken stock to make the sauce Wonder too rich and glossy add butter and simmer for 10.

Minutes plate up and spoon over the sauce cooked in under 20 minutes chicken and chicory in Masala sauce final dish cooked in The Versatile frying pan is Sebring with tomato and Herb salsa.

fry fillets of Sebring skin side down in hot olive oil if they buckle up press gently down for perfect even cooking then season seabream has firm white flesh perfect for pan frying next the salsa heat olive oil.

Add half cherry tomatoes pitted black olives and season after a minute on a low heat add coriander basil and lemon combine and leave to infuse as the sea bream Cooks it goes opaque.

When it's two-thirds from the top turn over faced fry and it's done you bring with tomato and Herb salsa ready in under 15 minutes one of the keys to keeping it simple is to prepare all the ingredients in.

Advance the more organized you are in the kitchen the easier cooking becomes here are three of my favorite quick recipes that with a bit of advanced preparation are so simple to make starting with my easy fragrant fried.

Rice first get prepped chopped garlic ginger and chili keeping the seeds for extra kick slice spring onions chopped spring greens and trim a head of broccoli then whisk two eggs prep done stir fry on.

Add a good lug of oil to a hot pan garlic ginger chili next the spring greens and broccoli add water to steam then cook rice this dish is perfect for using leftover rice make a well add the eggs spring onions and a dash of fish sauce.

scramble then mix season top with lime and spring onions my fragrant fried rice made simple with Advanced prep and ready in five minutes my next recipe it pays to get prepped.

For is garlic and saffron mayonnaise foreign first get your ingredients to hand eggs should be out of the fridge and at room temperature soak saffron in warm water saffron is the most expensive spice in the world made from the dried stigma of.

Crocus flowers but even a pinch gives a fantastic taste and a wonderful color next separate three eggs put the yolks into a mixing bowl Dijon mustard finely chopped garlic the drained saffron and a squeeze of lemon and then mix whisking constantly add oil slowly it.

Won't take forever for perfect flavor use half olive oil and half vegetable oil where the mayonnaise comes together season smooth thick consistency means it's done top with saffron Rich delicious and perfect with.

Everything from Seafood to sandwiches and chips my second recipe garlic and saffron mayonnaise easy to get right as long as you've planned ahead my final dish that's a stinch to cook with a little Advanced prep work is mussels with celery and chili.

First prep the veg chop spring onions shallots a clove of garlic and chili to taste then thinly sliced celery at a bay leaf and Thyme veg ready add oil to a pan and Fry.

Season then add mussels and stir muscles were my favorite shellfish cheap healthy and delicious cover and steam for a couple of minutes as the muscles open add vermouth and aromatic 45 wine and 150 ml of dry white wine.

On a high heat reduce the liquid to create a source discard any mussels that are still shut then finish with Creme Fraiche and chopped parsley minimal prep and cooked in less than 10 minutes my muscles were celery and chili.

Impressive affordable and super speedy cooking chilies are a great way of making dishes exciting and vibrant here are three quick recipes that are full of flavor and come with a kick first up pasta with tomatoes and cherries and chilies for the spicy sauce slice Anchovies and.

Garlic dried chilies great for keeping the cupboard to add a hit of heat on demand then add the anchovy oil to a hot pan and Fry the chopped ingredients add half cherry tomatoes chopped black olives and salted Capers.

Cook to combine the flavors in a separate pan boil dry spaghetti another great store-covered staple when the pasta is tender but still firm drain add to the sauce with a splash of the water it's full of starch which gives a great silky consistency then season with pepper and top with basil.

Packed with big bold flavors and ready in under 20 minutes pasta with tomatoes anchovy and chilies my next deliciously different chili recipe is grilled corn with Chipotle chili butter first the topping chopped coriander then add softened butter.

Soak Chipotle chilies in hot water these are dried jalapenos which have an amazing Smoky flavor drain and chop together and season foreign next fry corn on the cob in olive oil you want a really wonderfully charred.

Flavor when colored add water to steam through to eat smother the cobs in the butter and crumble over Lancashire cheese fantastically messy to eat grilled corn with Chipotle chili butter and utterly delicious Smoky treat my final recipe is a chili classic.

Jerk chicken start by making the intense jerk marinade first Scotch bonnet chilies they may be small but pack real heat and a fruity punch then chop garlic and fresh thyme.

For spice add ground cloves cinnamon nutmeg and allspice season with salt and pepper and combine with olive oil next score chicken legs so the hot spicy flavors get deep inside the meat rub thoroughly with the jerk mix and.

Marinade add olive oil to a hot dish Brown the marinated chicken for 10 minutes then add Worcestershire sauce cover and cook in the oven at 220 degrees for 20 minutes.

Hot spicy jerk chicken easy to make and Finger Licking Good three different chilies three amazing flavors three irresistible dishes


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