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After 25 Years Shanks Finally Shows His True Power! – One Piece Chapter 1076


After 25 years we finally get to see Shanks in a fight we start one piece chapter 1076 with the same situation we saw at the end of the last chapter Luffy Zorro and vegapunk Shaka facing off against his seraphim S Bear and S Hawk the first blow has reduced the area outside the control room to Rubble Rob Luchi and Kaku are left sitting at the.

Shrad's feet still cuffed Luffy and Zorro still seem skeptical of the Assassins offered to let them go free and join the fight Zorro brings up the obvious point if they let cp0 go free they're not going to submit and let the straw hats imprison them again later the only reason the two assassins are in cuffs right now is because of stussy's.

Betrayal they aren't going to get another chance like that to capture these two Kaku tries to play cool by saying the decipher pull pair will put the handcuffs back on without a fight as soon as they are no longer in danger even though they both have long noses Kaku is nowhere near as good as usop at telling blatant lies he looks like he's.

About to murder the straw hats as soon as they let him out but it's still enough to convince Luffy straw hat is always happy to trust people but Zorro isn't as easy to fool and he yells at Luffy that this is an obvious trick before they can figure out what to do as Hawk makes his move the seraphim aren't going to wait for them to figure out.

What they're doing the little angel darts forward and launches a spinning kick through the air it's a bit weird for the mihaw Clone to ditch his sword but it's pretty effective one kick from S Hall creates a shock wave that sends the whole group flying Luffy and Zoro are able to pull Lucci and Kaku out of the way but it's close Zorro is shocked.

As he looks at his opponent the reason tiny mihawk went for that big kick was because he was able to turn his whole leg into a sword as Hawk is able to use the powers of the supernomi the dough fruit of Das bones Mr one from Baroque works the green blood vegapunk made to Copy paramecia Type Powers has turned out to be very useful so far every blood.

Sample that vegapunk has used for the deal for powers of the seraphim has come from impel down even Hancock had to go through inspect action there which would have been a great time to get some of her blood most likely if there are more seraphim they also have powers based off of prisoners there as Hawk is making good use of his ability by following up.

With a second powerful sword kick Zorro is able to get Kaku out of the way a second time but the cp0 agent makes a good point if the straw hats have to keep saving this hyper pole Duo they can't actually fight the seraphim they're too busy getting them to safety to actually attack the two super weapons there's no way to end a battle like this.

Zorro can argue with him after two saves in Rapid succession even Zoro needs a second to catch his breath trying to move the discussion forward Shaka asks decipher pull agents a simple question what was their mission here Rob Luchi plainly says that they were sent to kill all seven Vega punks Kaku gets angry and snaps at him telling his fellow assassin.

Not to admit something like that they're trying to be diplomatic here Shaka still calm questions if they'll forgive Stussy for betraying them the Vega Punk already knows the answer and Luchi confirms that no they are going to take down Stussy as well they are not going to show Mercy to a traitor you can't fault the leopard man's honesty even if this may not be.

The best time for it as Kaku points out it's almost like luchi's trying to convince these straw hats not to save them before the group can say anything else they hear a loud scream coming from somewhere else in the lab Zorro can recognize the voice that's Nami after what happened in the last chapter S snake probably hasn't moved so Nami.

Brooke and Edison are fighting the jinbei seraphim a shark they have no cameras and the group is split up it'll be hard for Luffy and Zoro to keep the crew the seven Vega punks and cp0 save they need to even the odds Luffy as Shaka for the handcuffed keys shaka's still unsure but he throws them to Luffy regardless he trust Straw Hat to make.

This decision insisting they protect the Stella body no matter what and before Luffy lets the pair go he has a plan he has decipherable Asians a simple question he wonders if they'll go after his crew and the Vega Punks on the seraphim have been defeated and they realize that he's too strong for them to win against Zorro doesn't see this idea.

Working for a second Luffy's basically just haunting the two claiming there's no way they could kill him so don't try and kill anyone else but Luchi makes it clear that Luffy is the number one Target on his Hit List he won't go out of order and will only go after the others once he's defeated Luffy it's strange to see Ryan Lucci snap like that.

Then again after the last fight with Luffy it's understandable that Luchi is still very angry Lucci agrees with only trying to kill Luffy that still leaves Kaku as a potential wild card but that's enough for now as bear starts charging up an Earth's shock but now the newly formed team are ready for them Luchi and kaku's cuts fall off just as Esper's.

Blast destroys a large portion of the upper laboratory it's a massive attack but it wasn't enough as the blast Fades away sbert sees gear forth Luffy coming right at him Luffy takes a second to apologize to Bonnie even if she's not here Luffy knows how she feels about the pacifistas even if they're clones this is still her father this isn't something.

He's happy about Luchi is right behind Luffy though not in his waking form after all he just got the sea Stone off of him both men go for a big attack on S Bear a combined gomugomo no kangan and Roku ogon it's a strong move Missouri and Kaku are up next as Hogs tries to get ready for the hits but his two opponents are much faster Zorro goes for.

His friend Goku and igiri while Kaku sticks with his rankaku hakurai both pairs strike with perfect Unison and there blows land with earth-shattering Force as tough as as Hawk and S Bear are they weren't ready for that he seraphim is hit hard breaking up what's left of the lab behind them are they down for the count have they been completely.

Driven out of the area the fight may be over already it's 2-1 now having new model pass the fistas are facing some of the strongest Warriors in the new world but instead of seeing the aftermath of this team up we move to a secret chamber it almost looks like it was made to lock people up there are two round units that look like they were meant to hold.

Something the steps imply that this area is low position beneath the rest of the laboratory it may be a basement level a groaning voice notes that they haven't had any food in over two months a trembling hand tries to touch a reinforced glass reaching weekly towards the outside world and inside the room we can see who is being held there a bunch.

Of Cipher pull agents agents of cp5 cp7 and cp8 they're all looking in rough shape lying down and trying to conserve their energy one of the agents wonders aloud if they're going to die down here they don't under understand what's going on sitting up a cyberpool man tries to outline how this started two months back after they had inspected Egghead they.

Were going to sail away but then they were attacked by the same weaponized sea monsters that the straw hat saw after the cyborg animals wrecked their boat they were brought to this location the same thing happened every time another cyberpole ship was sent to look into the situation this pattern kept repeating itself it's clear that these agents are.

The disappearances Rob Lucci ASI Vega punks about the punks weren't lying about that or at least most of them like with a seraphim it seems that someone was giving secret orders to the sea monsters the agent had his own suspicions but they were wrong he's been talking to a familiar looking person who is locked up in a huge glass container.

He's sorry to his new friend imprisoned here with the cyberpole agents is Dr Vega Punk Stella and he's not doing so well he's been handcuffed to the floor and it looks like he took a hard blow to the side of his face it still cover in Blood Still Stella seems calm about it apologizing to the cyberpole agent he still surprised at all this happening on.

Egghead under his nose and he should be as Shaka said everything on Egghead is supposed to be on his monitor this is a massive blind spot Stella takes a second to think back something very strange is going on here and for the first time he lets us know where this likely started the Vega punks had been researching the poneoglyphs too somehow this leaked to.

The world government but he has no idea what could have led to this who would have revealed this to the gorse we have a few pieces of the puzzle here someone leaked pornoglyph research to the world government the world government sent for a pole to investigate the mysterious leaker ordered the Seabees to imprison the inspectors after they left this was.

To keep the world government suspicious while the Vega punks remained oblivious then the world government will be faced to send out their best agents cp0 has this entire Arc been one big scheme from this traitor why before that's revealed we pan out to a wider shot of Egghead and while we can't see them yet we hear a naval.

Transmission they've deployed from G9 now the voice of the den and Mushi is getting hyped up about this they've got a fleet of over 100 ships heading for Egghead right now that's a full-blown Armada getting out of here is going to be outright insane at this point will the straw hats be able to leave before kazaru's ships show up or will they have.

To escape past a naval blockade either way this is where we leave Egghead this chapter because it is time for us to head over to a bar at a small port on a certain island in the new world and it feels like we've gone back in time to the beginning of one piece a small child is asking a bold pirate Captain to take him out to sea the captain draining a.

Bottle dry writes this off don't be dumb there's no way I'd bring a hot-headed kid like you the young would-be pirate slumps against the bar the spirited the bartender takes eight seconds pause from cleaning your glass to talk to the kid she's not mad but suggests he gives us up if he keeps insisting on joining this one guy's crew he's going to make all.

The other pirate captains jealous but the kid sticks with his choice this one guy is who he looks up to he doesn't want to join any random crew before he can try and argue with the captain though one of his crew made storms into the bar he yells at someone's attacking them so far it doesn't sound like anything bad has happened this newcomer.

Is just fighting with his younger recruits but the fight is still going on if they don't do something it could turn into a full-on battle soon the captain takes a second to finish his shrink before sighing he's not sure if this is good or bad timing they were about to set off anyway they could have avoided this if they had gone a few days earlier.

Still they would have had this fight eventually at least now they can get it out of the way and getting to his feet it's made clear that yes this is serious Captain is red-haired Shanks this whole thing with a kid wanting to join his crew must have been really nostalgic for the yonko shanks realizes that he must have lost track of time catching up with.

Everyone still he's not worried about it he's met some old friends that he thought were dead there's nothing wrong with taking some time to catch up with comrades shanks's crew is ready to join him the red-haired Pirates are all in a good mood because her boss has been drinking with them to celebrate yesop looks downright hyped for the coming.

Confrontation then Beckman smirks puffing on his cigarette the first mate points out that the enemy won't be happy that their Captain was hanging out in a bar and making them wait lucky roach laughs noting that Shanks isn't the only one they're going to be mad at directing this towards Ben the little kid is excited by the idea of Shanks heading.

Out to take on these attackers like us he'll get a chance to see his hero in action Shanks makes it clear that he won't let this place turn into a war zone that's why he'll fight this enemy at Sea this is such a noble thing to say that it makes a bartender Swoon before he steps out though Jake's turns with two old friends the ones he assumed were.

Long dead and Tower over the room hey Dory brogie can you lend me a hand the giant Pirates laugh happy to agree they aren't the type to back down from a fight behind Shanks the two leave the bar with a few of their friends and the kid cheering them on and it's made clear that this is elbaf Land of the Giants that kid is actually taller than Shanks.

This is a land of legendary Warriors and Shanks has earned their respect as you'd expect from one of the four Emperors of the sea that isn't big mom the captain asked Rockstar to take a message to the attacker use this kid Shanks has a simple ultimatum for the kid Pirates kid can surrender his pornographic recordings and move along or he can risk.

Going head to head with a yonko and this time he doesn't have law to back him up clearly Shanks is still serious about going after the one piece we go from there to the Open Sea the Victoria area Punk is still on route to elbaf but the red hair Pirates aren't going to make it easy one of the kid pirates says that all the ships on the horizon even the.

Ones that are still trying to catch up to the main battle line are on shanks's side they're facing every Ally Shanks has not just one cool ship each one of these Crews seems like a big deal and they're all sworn to help the yonko in a fight kin puts a hand on his metal arm scowling hearing long odds doesn't improve his mood.

Killer reminds them that the last time they were in a fight like this they didn't do so well they didn't even get to see Shanks before kid lost his arm which is interesting with what lucky said back at the bar was it Ben Beckman that took kid's arm back at the Port the Allies have Shanks his crew are celebrating red hair's arrival two women.

Try to hug him as yonko strolls towards his ship some of the younger Pirates are excited in the background because they get to see a living legend if the kid pirates try to fight Shanks here they won't get off easy if kid and his crew want to fight again the red hair Pirates won't settle for an arm this time they'll take his life but kid isn't.

Worried he's still on a high and has one simple solution to the risk of this fight winning if he worries about the fight he's already doomed Shanks his Mastery of conquerors hockey is enough to drive off a marine Admiral after all he's good at using intimidation to get his foes on the back foot right out of the gate the only way for kids to have.

An actual chance in this fight is to believe he can win and right now now kids feeling it he's grinning like he doesn't have a care in the world even against a legendary opponent he plans to win so there's no talking this one out the fight is coming after over a quarter of a century we'll finally be able to see Shanks fight in one piece even.

Before Egghead ends we're laying the groundwork for the elbafar no matter what happens in this rematch between kid and Shanks Luffy and his crew will have to deal with the Fallout as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you