Oh my goodness finally finally finally season five of my hero academia has delivered episode 19 of season five was spectacular if you remember with the previous episode episode 18 i said that this was the best episode of the season but now episode 19 has not only taken that spot but has also become one of the best episodes of mind your academia to.

Date at least as far as i'm concerned this episode was everything i mean this was a perfect adaptation i mean talk about goosebumps all throughout i was just feeling this episode i was in my feels and it it was a really good one and truly you can tell that the production of the movie was done at this point as the.

Animators were not playing any games that locker room scene where we get to see uraka's new costume which is great by the way it is amazing upgrade there worthy little all-night charm that deck had given her was exposed it fell out oh my goodness the way that she swiveled around to recover that was really well done i mean the way to these scenes in.

General it is just an improved version of the manga source material for sure and in situations like these that in theory i can understand why someone would want to be an anime only as opposed to a manga reader or both if anime across the board was delivering like this i would have no objection whatsoever but this is at the tail end.

Of the season and so as much as i may appreciate this it does not take away from the situation that we were made to sit through for so long but still it is damn good now something i will say is that for me the anime is more or less a refresher there are many bits of information that i will certainly retain in regards to plot points and anything.

Of a certain gravity anything that is especially important when it comes to like little jokes or little nuances i may not recall them all too much but that all might seem where he is just spinning cotton candy that was definitely a japanese joke right there and so it's sort of like explaining a english pun to a non-native speaker and.

So at that i am very curious how the dub is going to handle this how they're going to manage to make this make sense are they just going to you know say screw it and just say hey i'm here with cotton candy or what i don't know but getting into the meat and potatoes of this episode a razor head and present mic oh my goodness the delivery the.

Emotion the visuals everything was just on point and perfect i could not ask for anything more the car ride there was just so tense and you could tell a razor head is just not patient usually you'd be a bit more patient and reserved and contained but you could tell that he is struggling here meanwhile president mike who is just boisterous and is always so.

Loud is he telling him to calm down and keep it quiet where he himself is just you know having a very hard time containing himself which makes it one of the situations where you're trying to be the strong friend but you yourself are breaking at the hinges it is just way too good now this happens again once they are actually in tartarus and the.

Whole situation of nomu's once being alive is brought up to them i mean you have a race right being very frank and very short with gran torino which is frowned upon because he actually is a senior here not only in age but also their field and so you have president mike who attempts to again tell eraserhead to calm down whereas his.

Hands are trembling but from there we would have the incarcerated kurigiri and i thought that this was the most ridiculous thing ever this bit of dialogue was just so unnecessary so out of pocket and honestly if i were a racer head or present mic i would probably have to slap this man because he decided to say that the base of kirigiri quote.

Belonged to the man with whom you share joys and sorrows at ua high school with like why would you say that why are you dramatizing this like it's already the gravity of the situation is already so tense why are you like trying to toil my emotions even further what is wrong with you even then saying the one who as far as we know.

Lost his life at a young age like we get it we understand why are you doing this to me but yeah from there we would have shirokumo in the anime and it just looks so good sure kumo looks amazing in the anime here and he honestly looks like a main character he seemed to be the main character of class 1a and later two-way at the time but at that what is a main.

Character without plot armor if you don't have it well you end up like kurogiri and this was just so cruel that it did not make sense to them why would anyone do this and that's where we have a shot of all for one the man the myth the legend himself and i just love this diabolical thumb of a man when asked why they attacked ua so.

Frequently he'd respond that the answer is simple outstanding quirks come together at ua and so for him at least it's like shopping at costco as opposed to your regular supermarket and let me just say that to all the aspiring writers out there all for one is such a brilliant villain to emulate at least in regards to writing this man's dialogue.

Is always so incredible and so impactful not simply because he is evil but because he is just chillingly indifferent i mean he just says all these horrific things with a smile as if it's just the most enjoyable thing in the world not only that but he makes you question the logical simplicity of it all like why are you making it such a.

Complicated thing why are you overthinking this it's simple as this is where all the good quirks are why would i not attack you away but anyways when they did meet face to face ekoto geary the prospect of bringing shirakomo's family in if these two could not make a breakthrough was enough for them to push past their emotions for the most part.

And get the job done and i think that was the heroic response to be had which only made it that much cooler now when the subject attending to ship rocky being kurogiri's purpose came about i lost it it's just one of those scenes where even in knowing of the contents it still manages to be very impactful and if you familiarize yourself with the.

Complete story of these three either by way of the vigilante spin-off manga or our video compiling it all you would know that izawa was pretty much a gloomy kid that shirakuma looked out for and so to see the wave of emotions wash over izawa's face like this was just so painful losing shirakuma in the first place had such a major impact on both of.

These characters and especially izawa as a hero and teacher so to not only have that be the case but also to know that even beyond death he had not been able to rest in peace was just gut wrenching now additionally over 100 episodes later and we have the full story of izawa's mass expulsion made known to us and with that we get our first look at class 2a.

Nobody looks too interesting here but hey they do exist but goodness gracious i cannot stop bringing it up the performances to be found in this episode were simply spectacular i mean come on the declaration of shared heroism from eraserhead who was overwhelmed by emotions as tears streamed down his face a plea to an old friend an inspiration.

At that all of which seemingly culminating into futility and a lack of progress or a breakthrough only for there to be a sudden spike in the dramatics as the face of shirakuma would emerge from the darkness to deliver a major clue now admittedly i do feel like the mention of the hospital could have been a bit more weighty but regardless.

It is just fine as is the visuals of shirokumo's face in the midst of kurogiri were downright chilling in the manga but these are two different mediums and so i do not mind their approach with it at all it's something i was curious about for a while so it's nice to see how it is in the anime we would later have the relay of this.

Information to the appropriate channels and again seeing some of those oh so memorable shots animated is so great now the very last part of this episode was something i was really questioning as i wasn't actually sure if it would even make it into the anime because of how oddly everything else has been placed and such but yeah here we have shigaraki.

Being operated on what is no doubt a crazy scene but this part of the adaptation concerns me a bit in the manga this scene was way more graphic but here we have it substituted by sparks of electricity and fine sure whatever i don't mind this being the case they seem to have hidden certain visuals of the scene away for the sake.

Of avoiding spoilers same as how they have with certain characters despite putting them in the intro visuals my fear for this lies in what comes next because from here my hero academia can get pretty damn crazy and pretty gnarly so if this is any indication i have a feeling that they are going to be toning down a lot of stuff to come and listen.

They have toned things down in the past just a bit because horikoshi got pretty wild when it came to overhaul and such but this is a whole lot more noticeable but whatever the case may be at least in regards to being an enjoyable viewing experience i hope they keep that same energy for the final five episodes of the season because my villain academia.

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