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All 4 Deku Stages in My Hero Academia EXPLAINED


Deku went for make workless loser to the strongest hero in the world and it's only hope left these are the four stages of Deku Deku stage one in my hero Academia 80 of people have a quirk Deku was born into the 20 of people who don't have a quirk this all changed when he ate a special piece of hair since then it seems like his powers have grown.

Faster than almost anyone else's the base level of one for all is he part of deku's power that people know the most about one for all lets the user go faster be stronger more agile and have more stamina and durability than a normal person at this point it works best on people who never had a quirk the power's effects would overload them.

Otherwise Deku and all might are the only ones who didn't have a quirk before they got one for all so they've avoided being killed by it maintaining the power that comes with his Quirk is very hard on the body this is why all might had to find a successor in the first place since one for all is also a quirk that can be passed on it has continued to.

Stockpile raw energy from of all his previous owners Deku is using the most dangerous version of The Quirk this also means Deku is given a burden his body couldn't handle this is why he was breaking bones and damaging his organs over using one for all basically cause small internal explosions that would shatter his limbs for months Deku.

Couldn't use more than 20 to 30 percent of his power this was mostly because he didn't have enough training and didn't know what one for all was he didn't have time to learn how to control his superpower instead he learns most things from real battles instead of training all might didn't tell Deku a one for all really was until the end of the first.

Semester a whopping five months after he passed down the Quirk deku's suit eventually helps him limit the damage his body takes from using the power at any level below 100 controlling his power is the ultimate goal to make sure he's not forced into an early retirement Deku stage two after Deku got sick of breaking his limbs he.

Learned how to control parts of one for all's raw power at different percentages this keeps him from causing damage to himself others and his surroundings but it took him a while to figure out how to do this and he still broke some bones in the process Deku uses five important percentages as standards for one for all the lowest is five percent which is the.

Least he needs to focus raw power on a single limp and is the minimum Deku needs for a Detroit smash a technique barred from all might that enhances a punch with a raw force of one for all during his exam to join UA this caused him to break his arm but by the provisional hero license exam he's able to increase his output to eight percent.

Without fracturing anything this jumped up to 20 by the end of his fight with overhaul before the Paranormal Liberation War it looked like 20 was the most deck who could do without his body being damaged 20 is also the least Deku needs to use Manchester's match like most of his smash moves this one has a raw power of The Quirk sent to one part.

Of the body for stronger attacks the powers move to deku's leg while he performs an axkick compared to moves and quirks he as it stage 4 Manchester smash is pretty basic but it still has its uses in battle Deku was able to get ahead of kaijasaki's overhaul Quirk by Landing a perfectly timed Manchester smash on the round while this attack.

Wasn't the one to take overall down he was still able to avoid one of the deadliest quirks in the series the next two benchmarks for Deku are 30 and 45 as of the Paranormal Liberation War 30 is the maximum amount that could consistently use without destroying his body his ability to use full cow spreading the power of one for all.

Throughout his body is most present at this level using 30 significantly upgrades his speed durability and Agility he was able to outpace the upgraded sugar Rocky and withstand his attacks both of which are on par with all might at his Peak 45 less Deku use moves like St Louis smash Air Force St Louis smash detonates a vertical.

Roundhouse kick the 45 of what brawl and the accompanying Air Blast create a move that says opponent is flying if he keeps his level on for more than a few seconds it will hurt his body luckily deku's gotten a lot better at controlling his Quirk since he first started training it doesn't cause nearly as much damage as 100 so this form is definitely a safer.

Bet to combat the consequences of one for all 45 Deku has now mastered the act of releasing one for all right before he's about to land a hit finally there's the absolutely destructive one for all 100 this is a peak of all the raw power stored over hundreds of years Echo has to be very careful with this one it'll immediately break whatever limb is being.

Used and lead to permanent scarring if he continues to fight with it before he learned that he could actually control the output percentage of The Quirk Every Time Deku uses new power it was at full output Deku has borrowed some smash attacks from all might it's a set of reliable punching moves that are good for knocking around and weakening an.

Opponent Delaware smash only requires a flick of a finger but the gust of when it produces was strong enough to destroy Shoto todoroki's massive ice wall it still breaks deku's finger but objectively that's better than Breaking an arm the final two moves in this series are Deco Originals used against shigaraki during the Paranormal.

Liberation War Wyoming smash is a spikes of the opponent's head the results in a powerful shock wave capable of stunning the victim then there's Texas smash a punching upgrade of Delaware smash that produces a blast of wind so powerful that it nearly killed shigaraki and not just normal shigaraki but the almost perfect all-for-one version.

We only know of two ways to make up for the damage that going all in does to deku's body Deku usually Resorts the full cow which presses raw energy over his whole body instead of putting it into one weak limb this can only handle deku's mid-tier 1 for all levels though another way we've seen has been the manipulation of time this has only.

Happened once thanks to Aria and her Quirk rewind during deku's battle with overhaul her core constantly fixed any damage to her protector's body as long as he kept the fully powered for all active this allowed him to maintain his highest level of power for an extended period of time without any consequences to his body so long as he kept a hold on.

Airy his speed strength agility and defenses are powered up to their Max to the point where they rival all might at his Peak deku's stage three shoot style a jump kick powerful enough to create a massive Air Blast is a perfect example of full cow's capabilities it lowers damage to deku's body thanks to the higher durability of the bones and.

Muscle structure of his legs Delaware smash Air Force is another move upgrade thanks to the capabilities of full cowl one for all is spread across all his fingers instead of just one with this he can launch four Delaware smashes at once it was enough to knock out a powered up gentle criminal but it didn't break his fingers when volcal is fully powered one.

For all becomes one of the scariest quirks imaginable a green aura appears around Deku as he moves which adds a layer of intimidation that even someone like overhaul was afraid of full cow 100 was definitely deku's most powerful state by a wide margin until the full capabilities have won for all reveal themselves at least Deku stage four one.

Perk of one for all is that is transferable if the Quirk is passed down correctly anyone can use it in my hero Academia two Heroes Melissa Shields full Gauntlet combined with 30 of one for all to destroy a horde of security Bots without Deku causing any damage to his body bakugou also used one for all briefly in my hero academic Heroes.

Rising to take down all for one's backup protege 9. this brings up an interesting new part of The Quirk this means it's possible to pass one for all back and forth between users without affecting IV holders or the temporary users quirks or bodies too much again a facet of one for all that has become very important over the last few arcs is stockpiling Works.

Recording raw power is a key concept of one for all but secretly it can also stockpile quirks of previous users since the first user yoichi shigaraki's Quirk is a transferring capability that means there are six extra quirks available to Deku because of the raw power stored in one for all these quirks have also mutated to become stronger deku's newest.

Stage is the most powerful because he can use all of these quirks all might couldn't even do that his abilities have also become greatly improved he can even merge these stockpile quirks together to create new Mega quirks float inherited from Shimmer and Anna lets him float and fly through the air this has mostly been used as a fast way to get around but.

It's also a great way to defend especially when fighting bigger enemies like muscular gear shift is the one he uses the least since it's one of the oldest courtesy series is introduced and the oldest Adam Court to one for all it's had a lot of time to mutate and grow stronger what began as an ability akin to a peashooter has become a crazy.

Reality warping Quirk so the unnamed second user has made it clear that this Quirk should only be used as a last resort it helped in deku's rematch with chikoraki since it delayed sound waves and hid part of deku's attacks gear shift also enhances the power and speed behind punches making moves like Detroit smash even more devastating dangerous.

Sense much like these spidey sense grants Deku the ability to sense when there are threats near him he can also sense negative emotions and bad intent from his opponents this is the first inherited Quirk to develop a weakness from mutating the worst side effect is a super strong migraine if activated for too long and laid in a gun despite.

Having her sneak attacks detected exposed deku's vulnerability to extreme speeds if a projectile approaches him faster than he could react there is isn't much he can do and if an opponent has ulterior motives like an obsessive Undying Love danger sense isn't triggered at all this isn't usually a problem for Deku but whenever toga comes.

On the scene it becomes a major weakness with smokescreen neku can send out a cloud of purple smoke to make it hard for opponents to see him if everything goes well there's a great way for Deku to defend himself and get the jump on any Targets in the area since the smoke covers so much but it has no offensive potential and without practice the user.

Can admit too much of the smoke and obscured their own Vision in the process still is very effective when combined with deku's other quirks black whip was inherited from the fifth user tigoro banjo it letsku used tangents of black energy that look like whips and can be used for a lot of different things deku's been very creative with black.

Whip by creating moves like froppy style where he releases a single tendril from his mouth and uses it like sugu asui does with her tongue this was the first inherited Quirk to show up so Deku has had a lot more time to get good with it the power levels of this Quirk rise even further based on deku's emotions and since anger is most effective neko's at.

His most powerful when he's upset this is perfect because he's always been such an emotional person fajin formally wielded by the third user builds up kinetic energy the kind of energy gained through movement to be released in large bursts this is a power made for combinations but it's also pretty useful on its own it allows Deku to use a foe.

100 this is the equivalent of one RAW full cow 100 but is much safer on his body by using a combination of farjin and only 45 percent of one for all Deku can execute moves at the exact same speed he'd be able to at full power as well as special moves we've seen him use full 100 Manchester smash but can assume this full treatment applies to all his.

Other attacks too all of these abilities don't just play well with the raw power of one for all they can combine with each other as well these were used a lot in his fight against Lee nagan a former pro hero and the closest thing to an assassin the main Series has seen and his rematch with the newly upgraded shikaraki without using these combo Mega.

Quirks Deku wouldn't have been as much of a threat to either of these characters the best thing about these combined quirks is that they give Deku more ways to attack one for all is best for close combat but it isn't always the best in every circumstance combining quirks has given him access to a lot of long range and offensive moves that keep.

Him safe or give him advantages he wouldn't have had before this point in deku's growth is by far his strongest most flexible and best fit for these situation he's in at this point in the story there's still a lot of places for deku's power to go we've yet to explore a majority of the inherited quirk's effects in battle since he's inherited.

Quirks have constantly grown in power and mutated the longer they've been stored Deku could go wild with the variety and intensity behind each Mega court maybe we'll even see Deku reach a final form with all the mega quirks active at once there's still more to explore with one for all in its base form as well Deku can use 30 of the.

Quirk's raw power at a time without hurting himself after that his body starts to break down between the risky ceiling of 45 and the full power of one for all there is a huge gap maybe Deku can use even more special moves than the part of his base Quirk that hasn't been explored yet and who knows how his inherited quirks might be effective.

Deku's fifth stage will see him pull out all the stops and take one for all to a whole new level of power in our six stages of toga video we look at how she went from a normal girl to a country destroying monster