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All 7 Monster Admirals In One Piece Explained! World Breaking Enemies


One piece at its core is a fun and exciting story about Pirates and everything involving them from their Adventures to their lives and even their dreams the thing about Pirates however is they're not exactly law abiding citizens and that's why the world of One Piece has the Marines a strong governmental force in charge of stopping.

These Pirates and the highest ranking officers in this Force are the Admirals during their appearances in one piece they have been able to add drama tension and a lot more World building to the story so this video will cover everything you need to know about these Marine Titans from their history to their strength their abilities and what.

Could be in store for them in the future and just a heads up there are going to be spoilers Z the broken black arm Zephyr or Z is a non-canon Admiral who appeared and served as the main antagonist in filmsy he was seen as the most fervent believer of Justice by his peers and he had always wanted to be a marine hero ever since he was a child.

And that was when he coined the Z name which he used as his hero Alias as a young kid as he grew up he would rise through the ranks after enlisting in the Marines at the age of 16. during his time with the Marines he began to find issues in the way they operated seeing it as unjust however he stayed regardless and even got to the position.

Of Admiral during the era of Pirate Legends like Roger and Whitebeard during his period acting in this position he was highly respected by all who worked with him and he did everything in his power to ensure Justice was upheld across the seas his position as Admiral gave him the power to issue Buster calls on whatever island he perceived as a.

Threat to the world government just like all other Admirals although he had no devil fruit he was a powerful force to be reckoned with while serving as an admiral because of his Mastery of armament hockey which initially earned him the epithet of black arm zephyr z was also an incredibly knowledgeable and tactical man who understood how devil.

Fruits worked knowing their limitations and ultimately seeing them as more of a hindrance than power boosters he continued in his new position until his wife and child got killed by a pirate which left him distraught and unwilling to act as an admiral anymore the Marines however convinced him to continue as a trainer and during his time in this role.

He was able to Mentor some of the greatest Marines to ever exist in the world his relationship with the celestial dragons was never explicitly touched on but his disapproval of the Marine ways was indirectly a disapproval of them as well seeing as the gorasay control the Marines his relationship with aokiji was.

One of mutual respects with aokiji idolizing and wanting to be like him his relationship with kizaru however was the opposite with Z mostly being unimpressed with his overconfidence and Reliance on his devil fruit ability Z's life and view of the Marines got more tainted when over two decades after the death of his family another pirate with devil.

Fruit Powers destroyed his arm and eliminated his soldiers leaving only two alive he got the battle Smasher a powerful sea Stone infused mechanical replacement arm and with the AIDS of his two followers slowly began to hunt down pirates with devil fruit abilities as a means of retaliation XI finally reached his breaking point and cut ties with the.

Marines completely when he found out that the very pirate responsible for what happened to him and his followers was offered a position among the seven Warlords of the sea this led him to start a new group known as the Neo Marines to put an end to Pirates he devised a plan known as the grand reboot which required using dynastones highly.

Destructive items with a power only second to the ancient weapons Z planned to destroy the three main endpoints in the grand Line This would generate enough magma to destroy every pirate in the grand line as well as the one piece the treasure that led to thousands becoming Pirates his frustration drove him to the point of obsessing about.

Exterminating the Pirates he no longer prioritized the lives of innocent civilians who would get hurt in the process eventually Z's plans were ultimately foiled and he gained a newfound respect for the pirate world or at least one pirate Luffy who stood up to him and fought him till exhaustion even destroying the battle Smasher in.

The end the Admiral spent his final moments surrounded by kizaru and other Marines he trained as they all moved to put him down for good the Marines themselves aren't particularly free from sin but seeing as the great Z spent his final moments in glorious battle and free from his pain I'd say that's a pretty fitting end for him but before we.

Continue make sure to subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications so you never miss a beat and don't forget to smash the like button and leave a comment with your thoughts akinu the cold Admiral sakazuki or as he's more popularly known a kainu was one of the original Three Admirals that the audience were introduced to.

Early on in the story he is an extremely disciplined individual who believes his absolute Justice is the best way to bring about peace this form of Justice seeks to destroy what is perceived as evil to its core and in this case said evil would be anything contrary to the belief system of the world government with the prime examples being Pirates.

And the Revolutionary Army akinu's dedication to Absolute justice has no limits and he's willing to kill and destroy anything he sees jeopardizing it the two most extreme examples of the Admiral crossing the line and enforcing his absolute Justice would be when he killed a marine soldier who tried to flee during the Marine for dark he also.

Ordered that the escaping Refugee ship be shot down simply because he believed that the people of O'Hara which he was sent to annihilate could be Escape through it akinu is a highly skilled devil fruit user who possesses the magumagu Nomi a logia type devil fruit confirmed by Oda himself to be the strongest offensive power in the series.

Akainu's devil fruit gives him the ability to conjure up magma the extremely powerful and hot part liquid part solid substance known to cause volcanic eruptions this power is incredibly dangerous able to completely decimate several people easily if he wanted to his devil fruit is one of the major reasons why he's so respected and.

Feared within and outside of the Marines the combination of the powerful devil fruit and his strict personality makes him difficult to approach and this can be why he doesn't seem to share any sort of relationship with anybody however he began to consult kizaru more after getting promoted to Fleet Admiral although akanu has never been shown to.

Idolize or love the celestial dragons his actions in places like marineford and O'Hara confirm his loyalty towards the unfair gods of the world akainu's approach is morally wrong but I guess that's what makes a really good villain the fact that they see themselves as the hero of their story he has and will continue to turn a blind eye to all they.

Do because it isn't against the law this is because the gorus say who make all the rules are also Celestial dragons a kainu has a strong hatred for all those that go against the government but he seems to have a special level of hatred for Dragon the leader of the Revolutionary Army this level of contempt could simply be because of what.

Dragon represents with him being the leader of the government's greatest foes but it could also be that the two of them were once friends seeing as dragon as garp's son the hero of the Marines perhaps Dragon was once a marine officer who rose up with a kainu but chose to quit when he saw the evil of the celestial dragons which Akino himself.

Was willing to ignore this idea of friends becoming foes is a popular heartbreaking Trope that has been seen in several anime and manga it could explain why akanyu wanted to kill Luffy so badly because he knew his father was Dragon after the two-year time skip Akino was promoted to a higher position which immediately prompted him to move.

The Marines headquarters and with the new seraphims created by vegapunk he may have found a way to end both Pirates and revolutionaries fujitora the kind Admiral isho or as he's more commonly known fujitora made his first appearance in the dress Rosa Arc as one of the two newly appointed Admirals within the Marines fujitora is a man who believes.

In doing good empathizing so much with people and doing the right thing that he actually took his own eyesight After experiencing something incredibly wrong and terrible the other Admirals care about upholding Justice and being lawful but fujitor appears to be the one who cares most for the people which is why he practices Humane Justice fujitora.

Strongly fights for the people's interest as he sees it as the only reason for the Marines and governments even exist in the first place he showed this Andres Rosa where instead of taking credit for saving the people he took full responsibility and apologized he also made sure that apology was broadcast to the whole world this was.

The Humane thing to do and he didn't care about the punishment he would be getting from the fleet Admiral he strongly believes in justice but he also disagrees with certain policies of the world government such as the seven warlord system and he has also been shown to recognize true heroism regardless of who does it this was why.

He allowed Luffy to escape dress Rosa even stating that he wished he hadn't taken his own eyesight just so he could see Luffy's face betting that he looked kind he Bears no grudges or hate towards his fellow Admirals and even enjoyed having a chat with green ball he respectfully took the punishment given to him by former Admiral and now Fleet.

Admiral Akainu just like the other Admirals fujitora is quite a Powerhouse possessing the ability to manipulate and control gravity thanks to his eating of the Zushi zushinomi devil fruit being a swordsman primarily he uses his sword to harness his devil fruit ability when he fights the reach of his abilities is highly impressive as he was able to.

Summon meteorites from the sky during his clash with law and doflamingo fujitori is capable of using hockey with his observation being extremely proficient and one of the major reasons he's able to stay sharp and dangerous even with his blindness it also allows him to read people's emotions his Armament hockey is also highly.

Proficient as he was easily able to duel against Sabo the powerful second in command of the revolutionaries fujitora has a strong sense of justice so personally I think his respect for Luffy could see him assisting the straw hat captain in the future or at least in his time of need send Goku the father sengoku is a man who was also regarded.

As one of the greatest Marines to ever live he was an admiral during the legendary era that had some of the greatest Pirates like Whitebeard Golden Lion Shiki and the pirate king himself Goldie Roger at the height of their careers sengoku is a reasonable man who understands that there are gray areas to morality and also knows when to utilize.

His full force in thunderous Glory earning him the title of reigning Justice he belongs to the one percent of characters in the world to possess a mythical Zone type devil fruit his devil fruit is called the hitohnomi Buddha model which grants him the ability to become a Golden Buddha this devil fruit also gives him extreme strength that.

Allows him to take down most of his foes as well as generating enough power to crush an execution platform at marineford during his prime and Goku's closest personal relationship seems to be with Monkey D GARP the Marine hero with whom he shares the most history the two of them served as the strongest Marine force in the world stopping the.

Great pirates from completely taking over the government and all its citizens sengoku knew the pirate king Goldie Roger and Roger recognized him and GARP as the only Marines worthy of his time sengoku also knew and respected Whitebeard having shared several decades of facing each other across the seas he and GARP were responsible for capturing.

And imprisoning golden line Shiki a Legendary Pirate in his own right and the first man to escape from the Maximum Security Prison in Pell down among the Admirals sengoku shares the closest relationship with the celestial dragons but not in the way you'd think the revered celestials many years ago saw one of their own Saint Don Quixote.

Homing decided to leave the holy city of marijua and all its glory for a chance at Living an ordinary life this particular Celestial Dragon had two little children doflamingo Don Quixote the older son who hated this particular idea and his younger more understanding the family separating themselves did not matter to the common folk who had.

Suffered years of pain and oppression under Celestial rule so when their identity was discovered the people hated and tried to kill them there was an instant so extreme that doflamingo unlocked his conquerors hockey and swore to kill all those who oppressed him after that day doflamingo killed his father and grew up to become a dangerous.

Pirate sengoku however was lucky enough to find his brother and take him under his wing training him to become a Marine he viewed him as a son as he watched rosenante grow sengoku gave him a covert mission of infiltrating his brother's crew for years but unfortunately rosinante died at the end sengoku was heartbroken over losing his son but it.

Did not stop him from appointing doflamingo as a warlord of the sea sengoku seems to be quite interested in infiltrating groups seeing as X Drake a pirate Captain turned out to be an undercover Marine agent for sword it hasn't been revealed who founded the organization yet but seeing as sengoku found X Drake as a child he very well.

May be responsible enough other reason why this is extremely plausible is that aokiji who is recommended to be the next Fleet Admiral bison Goku suddenly defected and joined the Blackbeard Pirates the sword faction of the Marines might be sengoku's secret team which he uses to keep powerful pirates in check a bonus possibility could be that he wants.

To reform the Marines because he's seen higher-ups like a kainu being too untrustworthy currently sengoku has retired from being an admiral and Fleet Admiral instead spending his days as a laid-back Inspector General he was also finally able to get closure on rosinante's passing by having an honest discussion with law about it during the.

Dress Rose Arc so far his future role in the series is uncertain but it is clear that he still sides with the Marines even though he doesn't like everything they do kizaru the light Admiral borsolino or kizaru was also one of the original Admirals introduced in the series with him technically appearing third but he certainly leaves a strong.

Impression on us when he does get his time to shine kizaru is very hard to read seemingly having no Stern stands like the other two and instead being very lackadaisical personality as well as in his approach towards carrying out Justice the Admiral adopts a form of Justice known as unclear Justice this basically means that when.

He chooses to take on assignments his personal views and opinions on the criminals or situation are almost always unreadable his slow speech and clueless facial expressions make his interactions with criminals extremely tense until he finally makes a move this particular trait of his makes him the most mysterious of the original Trio of.

Admirals kizaru just like the other Admirals is very strong with a Proficiency in hockey both Armament and observation his knowledge of it is also great seeing as he was able to go Toe to Toe against the powerful dark King silver Israeli as well as knowing to stop when Ben Beckman pointed his hockey infused gun at him in marineford kizaru.

Uses a logia devil fruit called the Pika picanomi and it gives him the ability to use and manipulate light at will this power allows him to freely transport himself at the speed of light and also attack with all its intensity as well this can be very dangerous for his opponents as it could just as easily kill them as have long lasting effects.

Like blindness or devastating damage kizaru always does his job but due to his often sarcastic personality and facial expressions it's not clear if he believes it's right this is why it's hard to tell if he supports the cruelty of the celestial dragons or if he's against it this Admiral despite his position never bullies his subordinates.

Instead offering them helpful pointers on what to do in battle one of his closest relationships is with sento Maru who is The Bodyguard of vegapunk and is subordinate sento Maru respects kizaru a lot but also doesn't shy away from calling him out when he's joking around kizara's relationship with his fellow Admirals is also unclear because during.

All his interactions with them he seems to Harbor no ill will nor does he seem to like them that much but then again it's hard to tell he managed to work very efficiently with a kainu in aokiji during the Marine for dark and after the two-year time skip after akinu's promotion he began to offer him advice and a sympathetic ear which is very.

Unusual considering akinu's hot tempered personality regardless of his confusing personality kizaru shows no signs of ever defecting from the Marines which means in the latter arcs he will continue to go up against Pirates and revolutionaries to the best of his ability perhaps more information will be revealed about him in the future as well.

Aokiji the warm Admiral kuzan or aokiji was the very first active Admiral to appear in the series with his introduction setting up Robin's development Arc and giving us an idea of how powerful Admirals are aokiji is the most level-headed and calculating of the original Trio often choosing to observe the situation first before making his.

Move and sometimes choosing to not even act at all in his earlier days he practiced what he referred to as burning justice but according to Oda in an SBS the Admiral would later change it to Lazy Justice because he was greatly impacted and shaken by the O'Hara incident his logia devil fruit the hia no me grants him the ability of ice.

Allowing him to create varying amounts of it and manipulate it freely as he chooses he can also use observation and Armament hockey which is pretty much required of every Admiral aokiji always played his role during important moments like Ace's execution at marineford however he never went out of his way to enforce Justice and even sometimes turn.

A blind eye allowing Pirates like the straw hats to escape after he met them earlier on this serves as a clear contrast to akinu showing that the two of them not only hold polar opposite devil fruits but also different outlooks on how Justice should be achieved aokiji's empathetic form of justice shows that he might not be comfortable.

With the celestial's oppressive rule aokiji has a history with GARP as he and his former comrade Jaguar de Saul acted as garp's subordinates during their earlier days aokiji respects Garb and owes him a favor which was one of the reasons he didn't capture his grants on Luffy he let him go when they first met and also tried to Shield him from a kind.

Who went marineford he also has a soft spot for Nico Robin because he feels responsible for the way her life turned out having been there when her people got destroyed and personally taking down his comrade and her friend Jaguar de Saul unfortunately aokiji quit the Marines after losing the legendary Duel at Punk Hazard that led to Akainu.

Getting the position of Fleet Admiral in his time away from the Marines aokiji has Allied himself with the treacherous pirate captain and now yonko Marshall D teach for reasons not yet revealed based on all that's known about this former Admiral we think it is possible that he might be a sleeper agent sent into spy on the Blackbeard Pirates this was.

Hinted at when he protected smoker from doflamingo even after leaving the Marines but then again maybe he joined the Blackbeard Pirates because they offered him something he needed let's talk about green Bowl AKA aramaki aramaki or ryokugyu which translates to Green bull is a very bigoted man who sees the celestial dragons as gods and.

All those who operate outside of their control as unfit to exist he also has a deep and almost fanboyish admiration for Akainu because of the extreme lengths he goes to uphold Justice greenbull likes akinu so much that he planned to capture Luffy just to impress him because he knows of a Kind whose hatred for the straw hat his form of Justice hasn't.

Been explicitly stated but based on his love for the celestial dragons and the kainu it should lean towards the tougher side of the spectrum greenbull uses the morimori Nomi devil fruit a logia-based fruit that allows him to manipulate nature to his liking this ability is why he spent the last couple of years not eating instead gaining nutrients by.

Taking what he needed from nature he can create branches from his body which he uses to refuel himself he sometimes even uses the branches to drink alcohol which he seems to really enjoy this ability is extremely dangerous because he also uses it to drain the life out of living creatures especially those who try to fight or stop him this Admiral is.

Immensely strong as he was able to take down king and queen to all stars of the Beast Pirates Who were recovering in udon prison after the raid ryokugyu is also highly durable as he was not damaged by the advanced conqueror's hockey attack that Yamato used against him instead he only showed irritation acknowledging their powerful hockey it.

Was also revealed that during the events of the reverie he and his fellow Admiral fujitora fought valiantly against the revolutionaries who were led by their second in command Sabo he has a great understanding of hockey effectively embedding his roots with Armament hockey to pierce his enemies and using his observation hockey to sense actions.

Happening far away from him this came in handy as he was able to send shanks's powerful conquerors hockey from afar and at 4 forced him to stop attacking wano based on all that we know about green bull it is clear that he's going to be an important part of the final war that is coming and he'll most likely be on the side of the Marines and Celestial.

Dragons this means that there will probably be a clash between him and Admiral fujitora seeing as the latter doesn't follow the celestial rule as law alright guys that's everything you need to know about the Admirals what are your thoughts on the video do you think we missed some info let us know in the comments section down below thanks for.

Watching I'm Jack Stansbury and have a great day