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All For One’s Face Reveal Shocks Everyone! Dabi Becomes Unstoppable – My Hero Academia Chapter 363


My hero academia continues to produce amazing well-drawn chapters and this week is no different we do get an update on bakugo's condition the wait has been excruciating unfortunately though it still appears the villains have the upper hand with all that being said let's dive into chapter 363 of my hero academia titled.

Protectors and invaders we continue where we last left off bakugo is lying on the ground motionless and covered in blood best genus is hovering over him no doubt deeply distraught and horrified considering what bakugou went through in the last chapter and this is alongside this flavor text that reads bakugou has fallen beginning the chapter like this.

Makes me believe bakugou may genuinely stay dead and if so horikoshi will really be subverting a lot of fan expectations that being said the narrative then transitions to monama as he has a flashback but before we dive into the flashback i'd just like to point out that monama is still using erasure all he can do in this fight is.

Sit back and watch because he is the only thing keeping everyone from instantly dying he thinks back to what bakugou said during the joint training exercise of course it is the comment bakugou made about victory that he'd win every time with no casualties it's a statement that goes back to the theme of winning to save and saving to.

Win but regardless of the connotation it is a bit of an ironic statement given bakugo's current status once the flashback ends luna continues to look on in horror he remarks that this can't be real his face is uncharacteristically contorted into a pain expression truthfully seeing either monument this.

Distraught really brings home how badly the heroes need a win right now motima even exclaims bakugou can't go and die like this again it just goes back to how shocking this really is it is practically unbelievable bakugou like deku seemed untouchable that is at least as far as plot armor goes yet this chapter only serves to.

Remind us that he isn't we even get a close-up of bloody bakugo that just furthers this point all the while shigeraki is in front of them with a massive wave of fingers behind it is a perfect shot that shows the extent of shigeraki's current mutation we know he is controlling the battlefield however i must say this.

Panel reminds me of sugar rocky's decay wave from the last war arc the flesh behind him is chaotic and seems to only be spreading just like is the cake work even without his cataclysmic ability shigaraki can still wreak havoc this scene makes me not only wonder how death it will prevail but how anyone could close in on shigaraki he has enough.

Mutated flesh to literally cocoon himself from harm at this point either way we also get a close up of that genus all that can be seen are his eyes but that's enough to see how distressed he is his first concern right now is bakugou despite the fact we see genus is injured too it looks as if blood is dripping from his mouth it's likely he.

Is facing drawbacks from having one lung finally though we have confirmation on bakugou's status at least for now it has been such a nerve-wracking wage but best genus does reveal that bakugou has no pulse that his heart has been obliterated this feels like such a definite death regardless only time will tell if this sticks and i'm sure the.

Baka go fans are hoping that it doesn't after this shocking information muriel falls with knees just like bashiness and monument his face is wrought with regret he thinks back to his original goal to keep everyone alive until deku showed up he is seemingly cursing himself for being unable to keep that promise while this may not be the most actiony chapter.

It certainly has emotions running high everyone on the battlefield is affected by bakugo's current situation which is something shigoraki takes advantage of he glows that bakugo is staying dead and this tragedy is the hero's fault specifically he is addressing izawa it only feels fitting he's trashing izawa we have had multiple moments of.

Shikaraki being an eraserhead fan he also strikes a pose which reminds me of shigeraki's dramatic flare from the last war izawa himself is also stricken with guilt besides bashiness he is the one person who is affected by this the most bakugo is his student and isaiah wanted nothing more than to protect his warts that aside the idea that the heroes.

Caused this by putting such a heavy responsibility on bakugou only mirrors deku and one for all while shigaraki's gloating adds insult to injury doesn't stop the heroes mirio is rushing towards him while genus is using his quirk on baka go i'm really hoping we see what genus is doing soon meanwhile nedurey is too exhausted to continue fighting and.

Tamaki is throwing up blood it's clear his cannon attack from the last chapter is taking a toll on his body unfortunately though the hero's willpower may not be enough however we are treated to a wonderful two-page spread rocky catches midoko in his mutated.

Grasp asking who wants to be another welcoming present for deku shigeraki wants to not only physically destroy daku but ruin his psyche as well this final fight will no doubt boil down to a battle of the mind and body but let's focus on the current events rather than the future shigaraki harshly rips off mudoko's prosthetic arm miriko herself.

Is defiantly biting shigeraki's fingers all while blaming herself for the dire situation the bunny hero says that if she had simply been faster and killed shigaraki during the last war they wouldn't be in this situation all the while we can see how determined she is despite being practically crushed by shikaraki's hands blood on her face and.

Prosthetic she is no doubt in pain but regardless of that she continues to stand up to shikaraki by biting him even her expression is crazed and stubborn but if deku doesn't arrive soon we may see more than just maka go die on this battlefield shigaraki on the other hand pun intended continues to rub salt into the hero's wounds he refers to miracle.

By her full name of course on account of the offer one within him and tells her not to blame herself because their failure wasn't just due to her that other heroes during the last war dropped the ball too shigaraki also points out that because so many heroes retired after the war they left the heroes no choice but to.

Bring child heroes to the front lines therefore to shigaraki it is only natural some of the more inexperienced younger heroes would die and to be fair he's not wrong however what choice do the heroes really have shigaraki then goes on to say that the hero did throw everything they had even getting children into the fight get the hero's.

Live preparation and numbers simply put shigaraki states that they were going to lose no matter what this fight has been nothing but bleak but before we can even digest what may happen the perspective changes totoroki anita at kamino both heroes look on in shock and terror as onima an endeavor sidekick is burnt alive by a renewed dobby.

His flames are hot enough that it even engulfs the buildings in kamino vernon appears to be the only endeavor sidekick unaffected by the heat she tells both young heroes to run away dabi's firepower is now enough the heroes who have been resistance like vernon and onima are simply overwhelmed while in a bundle of fire with no skin.

Left to be seen nabi remarks that fighting shoto first was for the best he goes on to say that now he's got a real understanding of his quirk that he copied shoto's move flash fire fist phosphorus the dabbing in shoto fight was several chapters ago so here's a quick recap on it it combines endeavors flash fire with shoto's own phosphorus.

Technique which requires not only intense focus but shoto's have hot half cold quirk he circulates both sides through his body in order to create a cold fire what's interesting is that dobby appears to have been able to replicate this despite having only a fire quirk in fact navi himself states that he only copied.

This move because it was a last-ditch effort i believe dobby would have a comeback but i didn't expect such a massive power up either way we do get a beautiful full page of dobby in all his fiery glory he's seen grabbing onima continuing to practically incinerate him something tells me the flaming sidekicks won't make it out dabi delights in all.

Of this telling his brother it is a decent copy and truly these words don't do justice for what dabi has recreated sadly this spike in literal firepower has its own drawbacks dabi is a dead man walking he looks like a skeleton more than ever before his own flesh has been burned away his.

Arms and face are nothing more than bones dobby truly looks like a monster and to top off this dramatic appearance across davi's chest is a flaming axe just like choto and endeavors it is a fitting symbol david is truly ascending to the likes of his brother and father instead of fleeing as instructed shoto calls out to.

Onima and realizes that dobby has more than just his destructive court going for him his older brother not only honed his own power by himself but nabi has an insane battle sense and a strong will he is this disastrous package of willpower firepower and strategy he's going to take more than shoto's flames and eat his engines.

And stop dobby the cremation bill and then shouts for skeptic we see anomu is fitted to act as skeptics mike as he tells davi has no time for the villain's family drama finally a semblance of comedy in this cluster of tragedy plus it is interesting to see the villains also have a communication system themselves though skeptic does inform.

Dobby where endeavour is and who he is currently fighting does this mean we'll see dobby and offer one versus endeavor and shoto i sure hope so either way we get more of a close-up of dobby's current state steam is radiating off of his body he is being burned by not just flames but the steam his body is releasing if you could properly feel it.

I'm sure the pain he is in would be beyond excruciating and while we don't fully go back to the shigeraki fight we do get some choice words from him he states that the heroes shouldn't have given the villains time to prepare in his mind deku had the right idea to rush and try bringing the fight to them this simply shows the shigaraki new deku.

Wanted to bring him out if anything this entire confrontation has been beneficial to the villains that being said this chapter is just full of pov switches as the narrative switches the skeptic who is in a command center of his own additionally there is a satellite to be seen good to see skeptic satellites are still around they seem to be such a big.

Plot point during my villain academia skeptic begins to rant about being cut out of a company most likely a security business feel good inc we see him type away furiously surrounded by tech keyboards and screens he curses the stupid decisions others have been making commenting that he created this network from scratch so it would be easier to.

Hack back into obviously he's referencing the tech system ua has strangely the school's own system was backed by technology created by the villains skeptic mentions someone running away out of the country he is clearly angry referring to himself as the talent left behind he continues to insult this nameless person saying their.

Conversationism has reduced them to a clay doll whose skeptic is referring to must be important hopefully we'll learn who it is soon enough but regardless the tech affiliated villain exclaims that he will support shikaraki and achieve redestro's dream like destro skeptic wants to create a society where there is no quirk based discrimination he sees it.

As the only way to gain power and true freedom a world with no heroes or villains this mimics what all for one has said recently in a society where everyone is under all for one's thumb everyone is equal and unfortunately skeptic does affect the hero's systems mandalay learns that the tech support team are currently fighting off skeptics.

Hack it appears as if skeptic is trying to get into uh's escape tunnels is it possible he wants to move weapons or someone else while we can't exactly speculate on that we can note that his support time for tech does make me think we'll see la brava and gentle criminal make a return hopefully being gentle hero by then after all skeptic was once.

Hacked and i can't think of anyone else capable of that except la brava while the heroes try to stop the cyber attack skeptic manically says all for one can do whatever he wants skeptic will do the same there is also a bit more insight into the society's skeptic and redestro want skeptics states that the old ways will be a thing of the past after the.

Villain's revolution even heroes and their followers will no longer exist in this new society in fact skeptic remarks that there will be no place for them as skeptic says this there is a shot of both genus and endeavour is it possible they might die in this final confrontation or is this simply a reference to the old ways of your.

Society that will be replaced by the ideals of deku's generation either way i hope we get an answer soon once again we see a narrative flip to the civilians they're all in some underground space that reminds me of a shopping mall there's a shot of the todoroki family and the kindergartners from the remedial course arc the todoroki family looked.

Concerned as they watched an interaction between the children and their teacher she asked them to stay put because a villain could come at any minute but the children reassure her they're convinced todoroki bakugou and the others will win honestly i was excited to see this cameo because we haven't seen these kids for so long and it's obvious they made a.

Lasting impact on shoto and bakugou and vice versa meanwhile all 4-1 spots are in the background on cell phones the female spy looks unbothered if not focused while the male counterpart appears distressed it's possible we're gearing up for villains to invade wherever the civilians are being kept plus skeptic is trying to hack the.

Escape tunnels if he's not moving something it's possible he is trying to bring civilians to the fight whatever the case may be it was refreshing to see the total rookie family again considering they all wanted to stop dobby together maybe that'll happen who knows finally we have the last point of view switch we are brought back to the.

Fight between offer one and the other heroes offer one comment that the villains were trying so hard to defend themselves in the last war regrettably this accomplished nothing but now all for one sees the final battle going a little differently alton endeavour can only watch on as all for one begins to regenerate hawk seems lost for words his.

Expression dumbfounded and at long last we have a practically full-fledged all for one face reveal i cannot begin to describe how long i have waited for this it feels like hiding over one's face for so long was intentional actually i'm sure it was that being said he's a spitting image of his brother yoichi around him we see the same effects that.

Come from aries rewind quirk this visual aid all but confirms all for one is somehow using a form of very's quirk many predicted every would be the deus ex machina of mighty academia but perhaps instead it is simply her power yet that isn't all awful one does he continues his speech regarding heroes and villains he proclaims that while.

Heroes are the protectors this time the villains are the invaders it is the complete opposite of the last war they were caught by surprise shigeraki still not completed but now the villains are fighting back with all they've got off one finishes with the statement the villains will make their own dreams come true once more we see the theme of.

Dreams daku had a dream to be a hero we are seeing that all for one has a dream for a new society the foil simply don't quit and you gotta love horikoshi for it but sadly that is the end of the chapter we are left on another cliffhanger but i know the all born fight is about to be absolute heat there's no break this time so we will definitely catch you next.

Week as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you.