So i feel like we can all agree that in the world of my hero academia all for one is terrifying i mean this is the villain your favorite villain is afraid of and to me what makes him this way isn't simply the fact that he is incredibly powerful but rather the genius used to exert that.

Power all for one is a man that always seems to be more than one step ahead and so it's usually hard to get inside of his head and predict his next move but even then i can't help but attempt to do so with some of the more recent chapters of the manga and the conclusion of the war.

Arc all for once intentions have become more questionable than ever his provided desires don't seem to inherently align with that which we believe to be the case prior but even still there is a method to the madness at one point we theorize on this channel.

That all for one desired for sugar rocky to surpass and kill him but upon further inspection perhaps that was too much of a romanticized methodology for such a guy so let's re-evaluate now first and foremost to truly understand all for one's master plan we have to take a look at its most.

Important piece shigaraki for some reason or another sugar rocky is vitally important to all for one to the extent that he would bet his quirk and freedom on his success not only that but we can't forget that he nurtured and prepared the kid.

For well over a decade only to further allow shigeru to flourish in his absence but why why shigaraki well i'll tell you this much it was not a mistake and it was not by chance additionally i don't believe the sixth satisfaction of corrupting shimmer and nana's grandson was his sole reasoning either but rather.

The icing on a already crooked cake now all for one has a rather interesting philosophy when it comes to the concept of a villain in this society as opposed to what is at large an emotionally charged connotation all for one proposes the relationship between a person's will.

And their quirk is the overall stress test that designates villainy something that we spoke of and theorized with the early days of this channel in fact that when an extreme and or violent will is attached to a quirk or inversely when an unruly quirk twists a person's will.

It causes a volatile imbalance that leads to a radical deviance from the bounds of acceptance within society and with all this in mind how do we apply this knowledge to his raising of shigaraki isn't it strange that of all the people he could have found to succeed him it was a grandson of his once fated foe.

Well this is all for one's design he created the villain that is shigaraki tomorrow by applying both causes for instability shimra nana feared for her family's safety and all for one is someone that exploits weaknesses and so eventually he found her descendants.

And with this what he found was a family indirectly broken by his actions the visceral hatred of shimmer nana's son towards heroics bred the ideal household for such insurrection with an unhealthy dose of abuse to top it all off a restrictive situation.

That made an otherwise pure-hearted child willing to handle his problems with violence by the example set by his father so this accounts for the twisted will as for the quirk well one day after playing hiro shigaraki was brought home by a man in a suit.

Whose face was unclear and suddenly this quirkless child whose age was already beyond the manifestation threshold began to itch uncontrollably within his household environment until his deadly quirk manifested a short time afterwards guys my hero academia is a story of.

Successors and major parallel and at that the story of shigaraki has always been a twisted telling of deku's all for one provided shigaraki with decay as to ruin his life and set it down a path.

Of depravity but even still despite repeatedly denoting him to be his successor the villainy of shigaraki and all for one differ so greatly that even if all for one decided to pass in the crown it wouldn't even fit as opposed to the unrelenting destruction sought by.

Shigaraki what i find to be the case with all for one is insatiable greed his philosophy towards the designation of a villain is by no means something he is exempt from the very nature of his quirk is theft and providence which is to say the lord giveth and the.

Lord taketh away yet he hasn't positioned shigaraki to be more like him in this way as all he now desires is bodily perfection as opposed to an ideological one additionally we have to remember that the way shigaraki is right now.

Is how all for one intended him to be now i find that any truly powerful person is someone well aware of their own shortcomings and in the case of all for one there is no greater complication than that provided by the existence of one for all.

The perceived purpose of one for all is a defeat of all for one but even then that's not the conviction all for one holds towards the power rather he wants one for all on account of the debilitating greed induced by his own quirk so much so that he sought it time and time again to no avail.

His prior approach to ascertaining it being one of carnage and bloodshed that may be likened to him slamming himself into a door that refused to open but now in the time of all might and later deku he's gone about it with a far more delicate touch picking the lock while patiently waiting.

For the shifting of gears but to put it bluntly this is not a door all for one can open it was built to be resilient against him specifically and so with that shigaraki is the key remember how i said that him being shimmer nana's grandson was adding insult to injury well there is a specific merit to such a.

Biological connection when in the world of one for all during the war the spirit of all for one served to explain the sort of ghostly phenomenon associated with the power and its previous possessors that's similarly to how organs and cells may house memories to an extent when transplanted.

Such is the case with quirks as the individuality of the wielder manifests itself in the form of a consciousness beyond the metaphysical as someone able to take the quirks of others all for one possesses the unique ability to interact with such presences and as the brother of all for one.

The first wielder of one for all had a similar power tied to his dormant quirk that was associated with stockpiling or holding power something inherently related to greed when shigaraki was provided with all for one he saw a whole lot at once but what stood out to me.

Was the presence of shimmerinana attempting to hold him back now what differentiates this from the presences of his other family members is the fact that they were nothing more than overblown memories they simply reiterated prior statements word for word.

Yet shimra nana spoke despite sugar rocky having never met the woman in his life and so was that sugar rocky's biological connection to his late grandmother is the backdoor all for one needed to invade the world of one for all and although he was able to make his way in.

That does not mean he was able to ransack the place outright no no no they still have parameters in place to avoid such a thing so how does all for one intend to change this beyond what is the readily proposed notion of sugar rocky's perfection well taking into consideration the events that led.

Up to offer one's invasion and quoting the words of lariat the fifth wielder of one for all when you use this power out of anger it'll really start working for you what really matters is controlling your heart it's okay to get mad that rage can be the source this.

This is why all for one has been commending and relishing in shigeru rocky's anger and hatred something that he has been going out of his way to cultivate this is the force that will bend one for all to his will and issue a hostile takeover.

And inversely this is the force that allows deku a character less physically impressive than someone like all might to take full advantage of the quirk's power and the blessing of his predecessors you see all for one is a villain and yes he is greedy.

But he is not hateful he doesn't hate one for all in fact it's quite the contrary he longs for it in relation to his younger brother and so in place of his own he seeks to wield and utilize sugar rocky's hatred to bend the power to his will.

All for one intends to live on through sugar rocky as a more perfect version of himself his will is well beyond the bounds of physicality and after living for so long it's hard to even consider him human as expressed by almighty deku the most terrifying villains out there.

Are those who possess powerful convictions and all for one has become a powerful conviction incarnate the all for one we saw released from tartarus is indeed his original self but not exactly what he had placed in shigaraki was not a clone of his quirk but the original and so when i refer to.

Him as a spirit of all for one that isn't to say that he's some two-bit clone no this is the other worldly existence all for one has longed for and who he truly regards as his successor because the last thing a greedy man desires is to give what is his to someone else.

Guys this has been the master plan of all for one a subject that has perplexed me for quite some time and so to have thoroughly broken it down to this extent was certainly a pleasure and so i really hope you enjoyed the video let me know your thoughts on the plausibility of all this in the comments.

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