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All For One’s Secret Weapon is Stronger Than Deku!? AFO Spinner – My Hero Academia Chapter 370


Hello there dear viewers slices out this week so I'll be filling in for this week's my hero Academia recap the excruciating weight is finally over last week my hero was on break but now that drought has been broken with chapter 370 titled his story immediately we continue with Spinner's narrative after all he was teased in the last chapter it's a.

Flashback that shows how poorly he was treated as a mutant besides that there's a quick visual reminder of Spinner's Quirk before all for one gave him his arsenal of abilities spinner only had Gekko The Quirk itself grants a lizard-esque appearance and the ability to cling to walls which may come in handy considering how gigantic spinner.

Is either way the flashback showed people would throw rocks and threaten him they'd shout Newton shouldn't leave their homes I can't believe they have tainted blood in fact the non-mutants state that no matter how the world changes mutants will never be accepted while it does remind me of X-Men more importantly it's an important setup hori.

Has been sitting on spinner and the mutant Revolution for some some time it was originally set up during MVA so it's been a long time coming granted I feared it wouldn't get development like this my biggest concern was spinner being sidelined he's grown into who he is but he's still a side character that aside spinner also remembers something else.

During his flashback he's looking at a vast ocean the scene itself takes me back to Aaron when he looks Over the Sea whether that is intentional or not we'll just have to see that being said let's jump back into the present well as close to the present as we can get right after Dobby's defeat spinner and his mutant Army are still in front of Central.

Hospital there's a familiar face amongst them an unnamed female villain from the Vanguard action support regiment is next to spinner I wasn't expecting to see her again but she isn't the only mutant from that Squad fun fact they're marching with the heads of the creature rejection clan on poles Very Metal I guess spinner wiped off the rest of the CRC not only.

That but it's revealed all for one orchestrated this Invasion he wanted to steal corrugiri back because he Keys considered to be the high-end nomu closest to Perfection he could both use his Quirk and had human-like intelligence a sentient weapon for the villains plus the villains are low on nomu right now anyway it'd be a win-win.

To get kurogiri though I do wonder how that would affect present Mike we haven't really seen how he's reacted to kurogiri I'm hoping this change in environment will explore that unfortunately Spinner's Army must go through the heroes first formidable foes considering there are countless mutants and Spinner himself is pumped full of.

Quirks besides an obvious strength enhancing ability he's also gigantic spinner has shed his Meek stain cosplayer identity for something akin to Giga to put it simply he's a monster now which is pretty clear based on his appearance his eyes themselves are wild and crazy besides being a hulking villain of a man he's constantly.

Drooling it's as if his body can handle the quirks but his mind can't could his body eventually give out from the stress however spinner isn't the only star we want once again see the masked mutant from the previous war Arc the mutant Army also has several civilians which must make stopping them all the more difficult this level of chaos could mean.

Heroes accidentally wounding civilians they could be a bargaining chip for the villains sheer numbers are on their side too this massive Revolution wouldn't be complete without a multitude of members with someone like skeptic spreading propaganda to raise their army was easy I originally thought the villains outnumbered the heroes but the numbers.

Are just insane Spinner's Army is 15 000 members strong they've packed into the street completely taking it over ruined buildings stand along their path all the while they yell for others to make space for their leader spinner speaking of we can finally see exactly how big he is his stature literally dwarfs a bridge behind them but if there.

Are fifteen thousand mutants how many heroes are there the answer is not enough out of the combined forces of the police and heroes there are exactly 200 there a small portion in comparison to the massive mutant Army though let's give a quick refresher on who exactly is there present Mike Shoji Rock lock and Coda are all present jumping above the.

Rowdy crowd present Mike thinks back to his friend shirakumo sadly his high school friend is a part of the patchwork person that is kurogiri just as he's right above the crowd president Mike unleashes loud out shout while it may be a new move it's also plausible that this is just loud voice either way the shockwaves are immediately countered by.

A rather meaty villain using his own body he blocks the attack it catches president Mike off guard enough for a shark asked villain to charge him this moment really genuinely had me thinking we'd have a midnight part too thankfully he's quickly saved by kodus crows and it was just in time too the shark mutants charge literally shatters the window.

Behind Mike Coda then asks his mentor if he's hurt and I must admit that while he's not the most important nor popular character it's a treat to see him care so much in all this chaos Mike thanks him as Coda realizes Shoji isn't with them due to the disorganized fighting he's been separated from their group which is bad news even though he's a.

Mutant it's likely Spinner's Army will still see him as a threat maybe a traitor too switching to the police side of things officers ask their Chief to call for reinforcements against a gigantic Newton Army all they have are taser Shields and non-lethal guns the chief responds that reinforcement isn't possible they're the last line of.

Defense and unfortunately the villains seem to know that they've already begun separating Heroes and police isolating their already tiny forces meanwhile Rock lock is getting sworn he questions aloud why they're fighting back so ferociously sadly this lands him in hot water the mutants surrounding him begin to threaten him shut your mouth we've had.

Enough we're not rioters one mutant looks Rock locking his face and shouts you human face people will never understand it's a strong line one that shows exactly how ostracized the mutants feel despite the fact they all share the similar trait of possessing a quirk they still feel alienated due to their appearances honestly it reminds me of.

The mutant woman Deku saved except it's in Reverse regardless it does prove that this mutant Uprising has been in the works for quite a while then the crowd changes Focus to none other than Coda he's quickly grabbed and thrown to the ground as his fellow mutants tell him to disappear seeing this in the leagues may be concerned for him he hasn't had much.

Screen time and his student death would be rather shocking on the ground and obviously confused and Afraid Koda begs them to stop he asks why they're even doing this and says they can still end this it's clear he's trying to appeal to his fellow mutants but sadly it falls on deaf ears a mutant rips off both his headgear and mask she gets in his face.

And tells him must be City scum you damn traitor you're either with the mutants and their violent revolution or you're against them there's simply no gray area after all this final war is a battle of ideologies and beliefs feelings run so strong it must be impossible to relate to CODA even if he's a mutant too plus Koda may not have the same experiences.

As a mute neither he was able to become a hero and as friends who support him spinner and the other mutants there never got that chance his army continues to destroy the buildings all while shouting to let spinner through their Liberation has now come and Spinner is their spokesperson which is ironic considering spinner seems to be losing.

His mind it's unlikely he could formulate sentences or speak up for the mutants at this point he's just a Lethal Weapon however that does take us back to the masked mutant from the Vanguard action Squad atop a roof he begins to give a speech he tells the mutants below to let their anger consume them all the caveats of Quark powered Society have.

Failed them in his own words Court counseling Quark education these are nothing but means of Oppression once again we go back to the idea of how harmful Court counseling is it created the killer toga is today and it didn't do much to stop Court discrimination I'm hoping with his new Spotlight on it we'll get some details about exactly.

What court counseling is we know the damage it's done but we don't know what it entails the mass mutant goes on to Proclaim that today is their day of Liberation today they take back the power they weren't allotted the arm me below agrees with him shouting again for spinner during his speech the mass mutant also named specific incidents.

Such as Order 66 and the great Jedi perch it's clear both are Star Wars references which horikoshi is a big fan of as an Easter egg Order 66 refers to contingency orders within the clone troopers they were instructed to kill every Jedi without discrimination because they were branded as traitors does this mean there was a similar.

Situation like a mutant genocide maybe after all they're still an immensely hated population the mass mutant makes that parallel even more clear he States when asked about his reasons a man in these massacres simply said they were gross what's interesting is that this flashback seems to show a certain individual in a suit could it be all for.

One he was most likely alive during these two incidents and I don't doubt he stoked the Flames for it to happen we also know Heroes to Power by taking away quirks people deemed abnormal or a Nuance either way the mass mutant references current happenings he proclaims that people believe times have changed but that is merely a lie he goes.

On to say that while people in big cities may not discriminate due to diversity that can't be said for other places elsewhere there are people who will call their existence disgusting just as he says this the mysterious villain removes his mask his face is similar to a spider and completely inhuman he tells them that the hero's.

Light won't reach them so they have to create their own light they have to shine by themselves the mutants have been in the shadows for so long now is the time for them to come out honestly when I first read this as a leak I thought the wording was interesting referring to Heroes helping as a light was weird to me because toru the.

Invisible girl is a hero and can refract light it makes me wonder if she'll somehow come into play here especially because she's a mutant as well but let's get back to spinner the heroes and his army the mutant from Vanguard asks the crowd if they ever felt as if they'd be better off without their Quirk meanwhile we see snapshots of present Mike Rock.

Lock and a now buddy Coda as they fight the mutant crowd as an image of spinner on a flag with the word spinner as our voice can be seen I guess all for one use spinner merch to bankroll the war and meanwhile the mysterious mutant proclaims you people are not our heroes it's a powerful statement rejecting them as Heroes is an invalidation of their.

Identities which feels similar to what the mutants experience too once again spinner is shown and he's just as drooly as before the mysterious mutant addresses him saying spinner will be the one who will give them a place a Center Spot within Society despite the heartfelt speech spinner can't even recognize what's being said his mind has.

Been completely overrun with the quirks in his body his inner narration reveals that it's even hard for him to think forming words little sentences take so much effort out of him which spinner realizes as well he can tell his mind has been struggling since all for one blessed him with quirks is this also what giganto Makia experienced we know.

How simple-minded he is and I can't imagine the agony of your mind changing like that yet spinner endures this for the destructive future shigaraki wants talk about Bromance to the extreme the mutant lizard notices a pair of cops in front of him one of which has a mutant Quirk though spinner won't discriminate against traitors he decides to do his.

All-for-one instructed and swings his sword down on them thankfully Shoji attacks him before the hit lands he unreaches a barrage of blows with octoblow the panel itself reminds me of that one iconic JoJo scene yeah you know the star Platinum impression the mysterious spider villain is shocked by this While others call out to spinner.

Mutants flank Shoji calling for his death and proclaiming him to be a traitor they all grab him and begin to beat the young hero down though they cannot break his Spirit Shoji asks the mutants when attacking the hospital has to do with the revolution he goes on to say that ajaku the heroes evacuated patience and staff first thing before.

Their operation yet he wonders if the villains gathered have even thought about that surely there would be staff and patience that are mutants as well he chastises them for not thinking about that then we have a spinner parallel Shoji thinks back to the past he's injured and looks pensively at the ocean where his wounds came from is unclear.

But either way it's a painful memory for Shoji back in the present the mutants around him continue to beat him yet this doesn't break Shoji's resolve with his face now unmasked he looks at spinner and exclaims if the answer is no I will never forgive you the flavor text for the end of this chapter reads the young man screams blowing away the darkness so.

Maybe just maybe Shoji can get through to some of the mutants there perhaps he could show he isn't a traitor and that they can co-exist with non-mutants but unfortunately that just about wraps up the chapter there isn't a break next week so I'll catch you all again for another recap as always I'm Jack Stansberry peace out.