Devil fruits are easily some of the most sought-after commodities in the entirety of the one-piece world they in most cases provide instantaneous access to supernatural powers of widely ranging capabilities yet for as many as there may be there are of course those of particular significance that stand out even beyond their particular.

Classifications the goro koronomi of vanell a lightning logia type is touted to be an invincible power the magumagunomi of fleet admiral akainu is said to be one of the greatest offensive powers among all devil fruits the openomi of law is revered to be the ultimate devil fruit on account of its ability to provide eternal life the.

Guragura nomi of the late whitebeard currently possessed by blackbeard is considered the strongest paramecia type with the capacity to destroy the entire world the yami yaminomi of blackbeard is said to be unique even among logia types being unable to entirely transform the user's body into darkness itself in exchange for some otherwise truly.

Impressive capabilities and now the hitohito nomi model nika possessed by monkey d luffy according to the five elders of the world government is the most ridiculous power in the world with the release of chapter 1044 of one piece we learned a lot about luffy's devil fruit widely known as igomogomonomi a false name provided to the fruit for the.

Sake of masking the truth feared by the world government that's on account of who previously possessed the power 800 years prior to the current events of the story not only did they provide it with a false name but they also provided it with a false devil fruit classification instead of being called a mythical zoan type it was made out to be a paramecia.

Type what is in general a catch-all with the absolute most variety among them fruit abilities now why is this why go to such lengths why wasn't a name change enough well we'll get to that a bit later on in the video regardless with the recent developments related to the fruit and our understanding of the sun god nika we have been given enough.

Information to discuss the previous users of this legendary fruit the gumbo gomi was the very first devil fruit showcase in the story and more specifically it seemed to be the very first paramecia fruit we were able to see however as stated previously this is now known to be false because the fruit is actually a mythical zawan fruit which.

Is the absolute rarest classification of devil fruit in the world of one piece as they allow users to transform into creatures of legend these level fruits are even rarer than logia types shanks and the red hair pirates prior to reaching yonko status were in possession of the fruit after stealing it from a government ship this unbeknownst to them.

Eventually led to luffy eating the fruit simply desired for something to eat meanwhile this world government blunder by way of who's who ultimately resulted in his imprisonment for causing such a great loss to the government what very clearly appears to be an act of both punishment and censorship to avoid him discussing the matter in any capacity.

All the while who's who was a member of the world government's unofficial cyber pull cell cp9 and at the time was said to possess potential comparable to rob lucci the likes of which was praised to be the unit's strongest member in history which is to say that the mere knowledge of this troop being of note in any way was so undesirable to the world.

Government that they would even sacrifice such a talent now who's who's involvement in all this is very very important to our deductions understand that as opposed to typical marine or world government transportation of this devil fruit an agent of cp9 was sent now this tells us a few things one the acquisition of this fruit was not random.

Or by chance it was an order based on precarious intel two the gravity of this mission was likely comparable to the potential acquisition of pluton blueprints pluton being one of the three ancient weapons of mass destruction three we must not forget the purpose of cp9 specifically as opposed to being an information gathering unit this group.

Specializes in covert assassinations of those considered to be a threat to the world government which is to say that lethal force was deemed necessary for the completion of this task now this begs the question as to who may have died well the way we see it there are two possibilities the first being that of a previous wielder of the power being.

Killed with higomo gomi respawning in a nearby devil fruit thereafter or the killing and subsequent theft of said gomu gomi from someone discovered to currently have the fruit itself now in regards to the first possibility we run into a bit of a conundrum such a thing may be possible if we were to approach things with the belief that who's who.

Managed to have the devil fruit resurrected a nearby fruit similarly to what caesar did in the case of smiley's fruit being resurrected in a nearby apple and at the time caesar seemed to be especially certain in the success of this which entices us to believe that there is a particular method of double fruit collection that one may employ the.

Explicit details of which are currently unknown but at the very least i would argue it is not as simple as having a fruit be in close proximity alone as if that were to be the case then why have three apples as opposed to one now if there is a method of doing such a thing if nothing else we would imagine it must be an exceedingly close guarded secret.

As if the marines knew such a method when planned to execute ace why wouldn't they have fruits at the ready to collect this rare logia power not to mention the fact that the ever informed jinbe questioned how exactly the blackbeard pirates were managing to take the powers of though for users which wouldn't have been much of a question at all in.

Addition to the fact that others would have likely approached alfred acquisition in an approach similar to the blackbeard pirates ages ago in chapter 703 during the tres rosa arc we received an explanation of the devil for reincarnation system which detailed the fact that once a doe for user dies their former fruit will reappear somewhere.

Else in the world to the point where in the case of doflamingo despite being there a marine forward at the time of vase's death the former celestial dragon had to track the fruit down upon its resurrection and this information is consistent with the fact that during odin's time the body body no me and the money money nomi presently possessed by.

The likes of bartolomeo and mr two respectfully were once in the possession of people from wano prior to their deaths which would otherwise be exceedingly unlikely as both of these present day wielders hail from the east blue which is quite far from the isolated country of wano for sure with the sheer complexity of our first option.

We are more so inclined to lean towards that of the second option after all never fruits being as sought after as they are are just as powerful monetarily as they are in application no fruits in general are considered to at the very least be worth over 100 million belly meanwhile luffy's in particular according to garp at least is said to be.

Worth about 5 billion belly that is several times more than luffy's current bounty of 1.5 billion and certainly more than any living yonkos and so the intended sale of the fruit to us seems to be the more likely possibility and with cp9 being authorized to kill anyone they need to be a threat to the stability of the world who's who would.

Have been able to make off with the fruit free of repercussions or at least he would have had shanks now relieved him of it furthermore shifting the fate of the world even more now when luffy ate the fruit he had no idea it was a dough fruit in fact at the time he didn't even know what a dough fruit even was these events including shanks losing.

An arm to save luffy would of course set up the rest of the story as luffy from there with his strange rubbery body would go on to later become a pirate now there is more to this story than we previously knew about for starters while the world government had been zesty dough fruit before shang stole it for 800 years it had evaded them we don't.

Have all the details on the 800 years of evasion but we are told that zoan tyndale fruits have a mind of their own so likely the fruit itself was rejecting them rejecting the idea of restriction that comes with being in the hands of the government the opposite of the fruits nature what the world government has always feared has come true luffy.

Has awakened the hitohitomi model nika and with that he has been revealed to be joy boy this devil fruit was so feared that they hid its true identity having it be known as a paramecia fruit the type that is most common and allows our users to alter their bodies in all sorts of ways paramecia fruits encompass so many different things and so this false.

Narrative allowed the government to easily disguise the fruit but in chapter 1044 the truth was revealed this fruit not only grants the bodily properties of rubber and is associated with the warrior of liberation a title that of course warrants the attention of the world government but it has been dubbed as the most ridiculous power in the.

World and that is certainly saying a whole lot in the world of one piece erasing things from history is nothing new for the world government people have been killed books have been destroyed and whole islands have been erased off the map all for the sake of concealing what is perceived to be threatening or troublesome had this truth been revealed.

Earlier not only would more eyes be on luffy but more eyes would have been on the world government because this is a fruit they consider to be threatening so any enemy of the government would be searching for this fruit whether that be some strong pirates or a member of the revolutionary army but with this reveal the era of hiding is over and it will.

Now be time to face the full pressure of the government now there are some major implications to be found in the fact that zohan tiedophiles do in fact possess wills of their own a revelation so peculiar that it implores the mind to consider all that has come before like how exactly such a thing may be observed beyond the extreme case of joy boy's.

Will i mean in regards to natural nerve fruits there has never been an instance of a no for rejecting a host and so to what extent might such a will be perceived well if the nika model is believed to be purposefully avoiding the world government then perhaps others have the capacity to decide their wielders as well although perhaps who.

Lesser extensive selectivity as expressed by the gorosei as luffy's fruit does bear the name of a god your typical zoowan type fruit is the most common type in the one piece world which to an extent leads me to believe that they are also the least picky with their wielders although i would very much expect chopper's version of the hitoy to.

Be more inclined towards being consumed by an animal than a human for the sake of avoiding redundancy however we may find more substantial connections by way of other mythical zoanthae fruits which we may presume are more pickier than most orochi's for instance being a multi-headed snake while he is a conniving and deceitful person at heart.

Marcos toritorinomi model phoenix is of course representative of the mythical creature known for rising from the ashes and as exemplified by his resilience in the aftermath of whitebeard's death still being of relevance to an extent even now still hopeful and willing to bet on the future you could say that he has certainly been revitalized yamato's.

Inui nunomi model okuchino makami may even draw especially close to that of luffy's as theirs is also described to be a deity the guardian deity of wano and given yamato's devotion to protecting and serving the people of wano saving them from the clutches of kaido it makes sense that the fruit would align itself with the ideals of.

His present wielder now in the world of one piece devil fruit seems to have all been documented into an in-world encyclopedia that has arisen on rare occasions we have seen its use brought up by the likes of both blackbeard and sanji both of which long for particular fruits that align with their desires the difference being however that blackbeard.

Was able to discern the identity of his intended fruit visually that's because the yami yami nomi came along with a photograph which is actually not a common thing at all that's because the doe for reincarnation system makes such identification a fool's errand the biomes cultures and environmental elements and subsequent foliage of the.

Many islands of the one piece world are incredibly vast and varied so a fruit on one occasion could be indigenous to the deep sea realm of fishman island only to then find itself within the incredibly isolated land of wano in the next in the form of a fruit unlike those found elsewhere on account of lacking cross-pollination thanks to the.

Isolation of the country which is to say that the presence of a picture in such a catalog is especially bizarre for that to occur would mean that the fruit has not changed in a very very long time which would seem to be the case for luffy's fruit as well however the reasoning behind blackbeard's fruit the yami yami nomi possessing a.

Corresponding image despite not being as a one-time double fruit has proven to be just as evasive according to this particular deduction and based on the fact that it is a devil fruit the ever fate obsessed blackbeard desired ever since he was a child to the point of disregarding anyone who cared for him in the pursuit of it i'd imagine there is.

Certainly a good reason for this coincidence but that is another video entirely when it comes to luffy's fruit this may stand to show that if nothing else it has gone uneaten for far longer than the overwhelming majority of devil fruits but why allow such a depiction to be released if you don't want the fruit to have its true power be realized well.

The same reason you have the value of the fruit be absurd to entice others to find it for you and eliminate them for the sake of procurement but what does 800 years of evasion look like in chapter 1044 through the gorosei we learned that for 800 years the world government has attempted and failed to recover the gomu gomi and that is.

Actually worse than it sounds because during those 800 years they haven't succeeded even once that is a bad look for the world government however it's at least a bit more understanding when you consider the fact that the fruit has been seemingly evading them out of all the different types of deli fruits zoo on one specifically contained wills of.

Their own but what does that look like how can a fruit seemingly evade someone or something well this is what we think the itohite no me is all about freedom it is associated with joy boy who is a symbol of hope and freedom for the people of the past and not only that but its abilities give ultimate freedom for its user to do the most ridiculous.

Things now not only did joyboy stand for such great concepts but also associated with him is a promise to help the fishman island people the exact contents of the promise is unclear however we do know that it involves inoa will is a huge theme in one piece and by awakening the hirohitomi luffy is awakened that will he will be the one that neptune.

Referenced when speaking with robin the one who will fulfill the promise in place of joy boy so with all this in mind the fruit for centuries roamed in search of the right person to eat it and inherit joy boys will if the world government has for 800 years been unable to fully obtain this fruit then we have to believe this is bigger than simply.

Locating it the world government pretty much has endless knowledge and not only that but the resources necessary to find anything or almost anything if though flamingo was able to track down the flare flare no me then the world government should have no issue with locating the gomu gomugomi however it always escapes them this was likely.

Either through it being stolen or reappearing in locations difficult to gain access to it's likely a case of horrible things that seem to happen when they're in contact with this fruit whether that's pirate attacks or natural disasters there's no reason to believe the fruit for example can waddle around on its own so through fate and will the.

Fruit just always escapes them likely because it is the natural enemy of the world government they are like two magnets repelling each other but the fruit has not only rejected them but other pirates and individuals had found it in search of the right person the fruit refused to be eaten until luffy was the candidate now that doesn't mean.

The fruit was waiting for luffy specifically but someone with his qualities you could even say it was fate that had shanks be careless of the fruit leading to luffy eating it casually and can you imagine being the world government for 800 years they failed to capture the fruit and this child just casually picked it up and ate it now.

Roger chose to use his final moment to send people to the sea why why did roger make it seem as if he merely left a large pile of treasure for people to go search for well knowing that he learned the history of the world and knew of joyboy there was likely a greater purpose for this we believe roger started the great pirate age knowing.

That it would send countless amounts of people to the sea decreasing the time it would take for the one joy boy was waiting for to reach him pirates in general are the freest people in the world and riches are the best way to entice people to take to the sea and that's what roger used but why did it really allow luffy to eat it now for.

This fruit from our understanding to have so actively avoided being consumed for several centuries we'd like to think that there was purpose behind it allowing luffy to eat it now a lot of anime fans particularly shown in anime fans are not the most enthusiastic bunch when it comes to their main characters being chosen once and that is for great.

Reason such things serve to severely undermine all the accomplishments of said character when you're able to pinpoint their success to nothing more than fate therefore proposing the question if someone was destined to be great were they ever truly great well i personally subscribe to the notion that it does take away a bit of value in a.

Genre built upon hard work and perseverance in the face of certain adversity but i do believe the case of one piece at least is a bit different allow me to explain luffy was chosen from the very beginning but we have always known that we just didn't know that he was chosen twice it is now clear that the fruit chose him and later on in.

The same chapter or episode shanks would also choose him choose him to be the one that he places his faith in signified by the bestowal of his signature hat the very hat once worn by the king of the pirates himself fate is absolutely a driving force in the world of one piece but as opposed to being a predetermined series of events as is so frequently.

Assumed to be the case it is like a flow of water the course of which may be altered by those willful enough to capitalize on its liquidity luffy whether he knows it or not is one such person this is a character that is time and time again so narrowly avoided his own demise purely by chance and quite honestly most would just call this plot.

Armor yet it would seem oda decided to create an in-canon mechanism for such things that one may describe to be the willing of fate something one might liken and or connect to observation hockey considering what we know to be the ability to briefly see into the future with it what presumably is able to be taken to even greater extents on.

Accounts of things such as the crystal ball readings of charlie wherein she was able to foresee certain events that had yet to come to pass but would in a matter of years fate is far from being a static and unchangeable construct in the world of one piece the power to change is entirely based on the will to do so luffy's double fruit awakening is.

Ridiculous sure but it would have never gotten to that point had luffy not gone as hard as he has pushing it to its limits at every twist and turn defying fate and altering his course and a peculiar aspect about luffy that seems to inherently be tied to the fate of the world would be the will of d the truth of which roger would detail to.

Whitebeard as a bore connection to the even grander truth about joyboy now we would say the figures we have known to carry the will of d are those who have defied fate in various ways ace's mother for instance portagas d rogue carried her son ace in her womb for 20 months to avoid his persecution doing so purely by way of quote willpower a reality so.

Astonishing that has even led some fancy presumer to be a former user of the gomu gomi but that is rather inconclusive and relatively illogical as in such an event it truly would not be an astonishing feat at all she also probably would not have died from childbirth in such a case i'd reckon anyone that bore the will of d would have had a decent shot at being.

Able to consume the fruit luffy certainly had a sense of joy and wonder about him from the very beginning as a young child that was also enthused about the pirating adventures of the high seas but with that in mind what separates him from someone like gold d roger then after all according to shanks the two had the very same dream and said the.

Very same things and i'm not even referring to them becoming the king of the pirates because for roger there was no such thing until he became it and luffy hadn't yet placed value in such a position one might even argue that becoming the king of the pirates is merely a means to an end in relation to that inherent desire of theirs well it.

Just comes down to timing a lot of working pieces make up this plan set in motion by the original joyboy and timing has proven itself to be exceedingly important to the execution of said plan as indicated by roger making it to the final island but ultimately being several years too soon and so for the fruit it was time almost like an.

Expiration date the time for consumption had come and if he wills within zoanthid fruits may be likened to those of animals then in his desire to simply eat something luffy's decision to do so bypassed and suspended the fruit's evasiveness animals need to survive until some hungry creature is willful enough to conclude their time as stated.

Before this fruit is exceedingly expensive as compared to others and this is on account of its ability to avoid world government clutches all while standing to jeopardize their establishment centuries in the making however the requirements to even begin to post such a revolutionary threat are certainly way steeper than even devil.

Fruit awakening luffy currently has access to the power of joy boy but power is something the royal government has in excess it's not enough to truly pose a threat the world government so terribly fears requires not only the strength of joy boy but the knowledge of the figure as well and this is where so many people have things confused although it is the.

Will and or desire of the previous joyboy for there to be another that would take his place in the distant future that does not at all make the procurement of the one piece an assumption of the title king of the pirates a sure thing for luffy based on any sort of exclusivity or anything like that again roger got to the final island.

So it is completely possible for others to do so without being joy boy roger left everything he had there and all that may be able to be utilized by other pirates he simply bet on the fact that joy boy would be the one to do it it is a gamble not a guarantee and at that not even the truth of the world left behind by joyboy is off limit either as yet.

Again roger and his crew learned it all the only thing even remotely reserved for luffy in regards to being a chosen one of sorts is the notion of him being the one to execute joy boy's liberation of the world he hasn't promised anything in the slightest he has simply been believed in by his predecessor making even the notion of fate in this case.

Also an enactment of will yet at the very same time who's to say that someone wouldn't be able to defy joy but his will and liberate the world without his blessing of sorts it is narratively unlikely but canonically not an outright impossibility all things considered as miraculous as it may be it would appear to be more likely than not that the.

Gummu gominomi had not been consumed for many centuries before luffy did so as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you