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All Might Dies After Using Eri’s Rewind – My Hero Academia Chapter 378


Deku's past enemies joined the battle and are fighting for the heroes we pick up right where we left off with a Brava typing away at the speed of light to hack into skeptic system it may be too late to undo the damage he has caused but she can always make sure he's caught for the crimes he's committed this chapter called the story of how we all.

Became Heroes Part 4 seems to point to a chance for Villas becomes something more than their previous selves and if that could include people like staying in overhaul I'm all for it we start off in the investigation headquarters where people besides La Brava and tsukauchi they are struggling to stop uas crashing before it is too late unfortunately the.

Evacuation system isn't working nor is communication going through so there doesn't seem to be much progress regardless they make sure to send backup to gunga to keep the situation under control meanwhile the Brava is simply reminded of her times in the past is a shut-in AKA ahikomori back then she had a lot of time in her hands and used it.

To test out her hacking skills which prove good enough to slip into feel good ink servers feel good ink of course being a song by the gorillas not only that but she replaced her ads with gandriki nekos a branding that involves a cartoon Kitty with big eyes it's kind of like Puss in Boots it's pretty obvious that even back then La brava's.

Skills were top-notch and she's clearly proud of having done that on the other hand skeptic is hysterical realizing the person was already ruined his plans is the same person who made his life hell back then and cost him a lot of money apparently interestingly the flashback shows that the kitties themselves didn't bother skeptic but rather that their.

Eyes look like holes and formed a repetitive of a pattern which triggering his Trypophobia good to know at least La Brava sounds somewhat guilty about what she did as a shut-in but not enough to stop her current task and in fact she sends him these same bug-eyed kitties but full body now and makes them dance as if to taunt him even more all skeptic.

Can do is Scream into the void frustrated and losing his marbles as he you watch the dancing felines bust a move to the pump music and the pump is a Japanese boy band that was formed in 1996 and is still active today eventually skeptic realizes he can't win against LeBron's Army of cats when all his screens are taken over so instead he.

Tries to flee with whatever he can while preventing her from accessing the UA evacuation system he's so pleased with this idea this shamelessly Reveals His plan to escape with a manic smile the Flames of Revolution will burn forever he says as if trying to jinx himself we jump back to the investigation headquarters and a man calling for.

Sukayuchi as a watch UA falling at a higher speed now he points out that it won't be long until it crashes at this rate another man calls a Brava asking for her to do something she hasn't given up and is trying her best to write a new program to repair the damage has skeptic did the only problem is even with her speed UA will have crash landed by them.

With a gold stare sukayuchi begins to reveal his true feelings that they never should have trust the villain to help them with something so important it was a mistake on their part a crime is a crime the past won't go away he says but it doesn't seem like he fully believes it we get a quick glimpse of oyama back in chapter 38 and how he wanted to do.

The right thing after working alongside an evil like all for one and most importantly if you consider yourself the hero the person or group against you are the villains this is why sugayuchi says that he is one despite not being an actual law breaker himself and that is a perfect lead-in for the battle between Deku and shigaraki who both see.

Themselves as fighting for a just cause and the other as an obstacle in the way of their success with Deku still feeling the effects of gear shift and how powerful it is he's still struggling to catch his breath but he doesn't have a lot of time to do so with shigaraki Looking ready and raring to go now that monama is out of the picture at least.

Temporarily despite Deku being on the side of Heroes and shigaraki on the side of villains the shot other eyes certainly doesn't make that obvious if we didn't know any better we might have even thought the opposite was true just going by their expressions but that doesn't matter as we get back to Mandalay rushing as many people away.

From the worst danger and encouraging them to brace for impact seeing as it is likely inevitable that they will have to fight now the twice Army isn't done yet kaminari doesn't realize it right away but notices that if the Clones are overrunning everything it must mean that morma and izawa were taken down and they obviously were the twice doubles look.

More like a landslide now than an army but the Havoc they promise to create is no less terrifying at the same time the late star and Stripes pilot buddies look on wondering if they should get involved somehow but there's too many risks to that such is accidentally hitting someone they don't mean to if their equipment is hacked into as well and.

Just then with hook dwindling there is a sign of something good A well-dressed man that we haven't seen in a very long time flints through the air towards the crashing catastrophe scanty can't believe what he's seeing but it has nothing to do with that situation it's because his escape attempt has been thwarted with his location having been.

Broadcasted to the heroes and the ones who ended up being nearby well it's none other than this joke hound dog and shindo yo and concerned the group that they brought together and it's probably fair to assume the nakagame makabe and soteki are there too as Hound Dog removes his mask he comments on how funny it is that a man he previously put.

Away is now there to save everyone in a desperate moment he even calls it karma which would imply that maybe they shouldn't have arrested Gentile to begin with likewise tsukaiuchi calls out the gentle Criminal by his last name tobita saying that they are counting on him of course the brava's eyes filled with love and she has no doubt that he will do.

Well looking much more Regal and focused on being heroic gentle agrees and he will come out on top because he has to repay my debt to him that's when we get a flashback of how this group came together around a month and a half ago gentle was being held in mikusu prison alongside many other villains considering it wasn't as top security as.

Tartarus and even that was broken into it makes sense it would be easy to let the criminals out but to make matters worse it was muscular himself who had done it one of the strongest and most brutal villains we have seen in the series so with ease he destroyed the guard Tower and forced them to flee all the.

While he spoke to the villains letting them know that it was their time to be free and do as a light the escapees couldn't believe what happened or how easy it was for them to be let out but instead of enjoying the Newfound Freedom they immediately started to plan to get revenge on those who had arrested them in the first place seeing this dark turn.

Of events one man stood up to them at the time gentle criminal though no one really knew who he was then or even now and he feared for his life he kept his feet planted in front of him the anxiety and worry made gentle Shake but he still told them are you all really okay with that and gory's words must come to mind for him because that's what he sees in.

That terrifying instance as long as someone wants to change they still can and if they're too impatient and want instant results then of course their lives will stay the same gentle realized that back then he made many mistakes but it had the courage to stop the path he was on this was his chance to go a different way and encourage prisoners to.

Do the same but all they wanted was to get away and commit more crimes so with all the bravery he could muster he stood up to them and stopped them all from leaving with the thought of La Brava back by his side gentle did exactly what he said out everyone kept within the prison of the seven jailbreaks at the time mizuku prison was the only one that.

Was kept intact all thanks to Gentle criminal or should we say gentle hero though entirely exhausted he was successful in the escapees all lay behind him thrown around the area gory who believed in him being able to change in the past was there to speak with him afterwards he asked him what he wanted in exchange for his incredible work.

Keeping them in the prison with blood dripping from his face in a serious look he didn't hesitate to answer I want to see La Bravo and considering where we are now that wasn't such a hard request to Grant with a loving shot between the two we're told that gentle and brother's time apart made their love stronger and if you recall LeBron's love for someone.

Especially someone like gentle makes them more powerful she's the ultimate support character so long as she's deeply attached to the person involved she tells gentle that she was a fool because all she needs is his happiness to find her own now that we know where they stand we get to see the results of their amazing Bond as gentle uses super.

Gentle lover to catch UA as it keeps dropping while he struggles to hold up the entire landmass gentle can't help but wonder if Becca still fighting to protect other people's Smiles like he once said in his own youth he had tried to save a man from falling and failed so now it is time for Redemption on a much larger scale Mandalay is shocked to.

Realize they've stopped falling and that the air turned into some kind of trampoline Way To Go Gentle despite Deku being in a rough situation himself he admittedly hears Mandalay's description and knows right away who the cause is having faced gentle himself with tears in his eyes proud of what they were criminal has accomplished now Gentle.

Smiles and says how he really wanted to save that man but there's no time for a reunion since Mr blackwith himself that Goro banjo tries to get deku's attention back on the fight he shouts boy this is bad as he notices the shigaraki's movements are Freer and he will soon be able to touch the ground and spread Decay everywhere if he does no one would.

Be safe then not even Deku even though they stopped UAE from crashing there is still this mess to take care of as shigaraki's hand gets closer and closer to the ground a shot flies at him disconnecting his right hand from his arm cleanly it even knocked shikaraki's whole body back with the impact as we see the weapon itself The Familiar Spike.

Sukouuchi continues his thought from before he decides to quote a friend of his who I assume is all might by saying no matter what lines they've crossed they're still human considering that Almighty said that while living and also carrying a mysterious case with him could this be about trying to save shigaraki ever since he found out that.

Tomra was shimmernana's grandson he's been beating himself up over it it could be a way for him to rid himself of the guilt and feel like he's done something of worth and of course we all know that the death of all might has been teased forever with the series set to end soon this may be the beginning of the end for him and if Arius charged up enough power.

With her horn we could even see The Return of prime Almighty to stop the recently rewound all for one as we get back to the gun then fired the winning shot against shigaraki it's revealed that the shooter in question is none other than late in a gun the text next to her says they had that thing we call an origin this can mean one of two.

Things either the villains became that way due to things that happened in their past leading them down a dark path or that people who have become villains can become someone better if given time and a chance to change but back to nagan she may be covered in bandages even all down to her legs but her skills certainly worked just as well as he did in the.

Past and it's interesting to see rappings connecting her arm to her weapon as if the explosion caused problems for her nerves or muscles and she needs that to keep herself steady regardless she came for a purpose and she did it with ease and it's nice to see her having such an epic moment the gun's been missing for a long time ever.

Since Deku convinced her to change her ways it's just like the effect he had on gentle right the only difference is that she did escape the prison and was nearly killed for turning her back and all for one where a gentle criminal never really reached such a deadly point now the nagan is back could that mean that overhaul isn't far behind and when will.

He apologize to Eric let us know as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.