So after a week-long break we have finally been provided yet another incredible chapter of my hero academia the suspense behind this one is real and it has only made it that much clearer that things from here will be absolutely insane in the last one we opened up to the.

Wrongful persecution of a fearful civilian who would then be saved by deku at this point the state of the world wasn't all too different from the time of lariat ultimately deku absolutely needs to be able to use the full extent of one for all's power if he is to take down shigaraki and all.

For one from here we would then flash back to prior events as the founder of one for all would have a conversation with the second and third wielders as finally these two characters would then properly be revealed to us and as it turns out they were around at.

The height of all for one's infamy the second being the leader of a resistance against him furthermore we would receive the name of the founder it was yoichi now the second was reluctant to put his faith in such a bright-eyed and seemingly delusional kid such as deku and considering all that he.

And his allies went through to try and stop all for one i can't blame him however the founder would in turn question the second's decision to save him that day from his imprisonment as that defining moment was the true beginning of one for all.

The second would again question the founder's belief in deku but then he too would once again join the fight from there he would tell deku that from here on out things will be progressing far more quickly which by the looks of this latest chapter may very well have been a message to us.

As the audience as well to begin this chapter we would have a number of villains fleeing as one in particular was shooting off several highly lethal nail gun rounds this location looks to be an abandoned grocery store with endeavour being the intended target of this shooting now as perceived by endeavour this nail.

Gun was extremely modified by detonara support items in the past had not been augmented for lethal means which is to say that certain inhibitors have been completely removed as who further that survival of the fittest kill or be killed state of the world that they had longed for but endeavour if nothing else.

Is a skilled combatant as he would swiftly jump from cover to immediately shift onto the attack as he would send searing flames towards the villain now incapacitating him however the villain would remark that everything is endeavour's fault of course referring to the current state of.

Society as endeavor himself would respond that that is exactly why he is here and here the grit of endeavor is made rather apparent horikoshi's art has been especially great as of late and as i've expressed in the past when it comes to expression and conveying.

Emotion horikoshi is truly incredible from here endeavour would regroup with best genius and hawks they would speak of someone known as jailbreaker as the goons they had just taken down were conspirators of his but just then a metal rod would be flung towards endeavour.

An angry mob of people would then condemn him blaming him for the entire situation and the arrival of jailbreaker now this is pretty interesting i like the idea of new villains entering the fray and providing certain intrigue they continue to denote jailbreaker to be a he.

So they seem to be someone we have yet to encounter but just as hawks would urge endeavor to leave a member of the crowd would remark that according to the news shigaraki is after someone other than the top three heroes that again endeavor continues to keep secrets from them.

And with that they're not wrong the heroes have been forthright about everything except for deku that is the one topic that they decided to lie about with their press conference the people continued to berate and throw things at him as they would additionally question if he had seen the families of dobby's.

Burned victims on television best genius would deflect the breeze to the best of his abilities with his threads but yeah the people are pissed and endeavour isn't catching any breaks those of you who felt endeavor needs to suffer for his past atrocities are you happy to see this now.

Furthermore although hawks is with these two he has yet to fully regrow his wings but now in beshina's car hawks would finish up a call with edshot who is looking into the liberation front before the three would begin a bit of a conversation this would begin.

With the subject of their current proximity to deku in fear of deku coming under fire by way of the media as well they would opt to continue keeping their distance so as to not burden the kid any more than he already is but admittedly they were in a sense keeping him out as bait.

For the league but even still the league continues to be hidden pretty well the subject of jailbreaker would then briefly come up again as there seemed to be a degree of structure or a pecking order when it came to the former inmates of tartarus they were presumed to be laying in wait for their opportunity to capture deku.

Endeavor would then reiterate that the utmost priority of all for one is the acquisition of shigaraki's body now this conversation will touch upon things that we know very well particularly that the goal to follow that one would be the collection of one for all however hawks would then express his confusion towards this.

It was made clear to him that shigaraki's body was incomplete and sure a strong body may be necessary but why does all for one need shigaraki's hatred to be so strong offer one himself has been in pursuit of the power for hundreds of years so for him to have a successor.

That hatred of shigerakis must be pretty special now if you've been keeping up with the channel for some time now you would know that we questioned this very thing three months ago and from it we uncovered some groundbreaking revelations that make the master plan of all for one.

Expressively clear and so if you have yet to watch that theory i really think that you should change that because it may very well answer these questions quite thoroughly but past that at the moment the villains were being very evasive and so they would consider capitalizing on that fact.

That perhaps they should dedicate all their manpower to investigation even if they had to reduce the number of people focused on public safety a pretty tough call but if it means ending the conflict sooner i suppose it's not the worst thing ever but just then a sudden beep would get the attention of best genius.

From there we would shift to the vehicle of all might here all might would reflect on the concern of his late sidekick sir nai who would often urge him to get some proper rest a conversation he was now able to truly understand as it was now the case with him and deku.

As deku was always in the streets neglecting his sleep but just then all my two would receive an alarming beep beku's gps signal had suddenly ceased and just a moment later something would zip to the side of almight's car it was a bomb one that would blow up.

Just to the side of him we would then do with deku as his phone was suddenly blasted out of his hand as it was in the process of being raised to his face as it was now lodged into the side of a building a communicator could be heard from it that would call for him they intend to capture deku here and now.

The villain deku was chasing after was not a coincidence it was a trap a trap that relates to jailbreaker as then we would see her yet again the female villain who was instrumental to the freeing of the tartarus inmates her elbow now malformed and elongated.

Into a high caliber sniper rifle as she would urge him to follow along or she will have to blow off some limbs she was an assassin sent by all for one and to her side was none other than shisaki kai the once terrifying villain known as overhaul and that was the chapter and what a.

Chapter at that what a return what a cliffhanger first of all that sniper elbow thing is insane and just goes to show that the quirks of the villains are usually way cooler than that of the heroes goodness gracious does horikoshi know how to make a good female character design.

Maybe that doesn't sound all too astonishing but listen that is something even his most prolific predecessors admittedly struggled with so kudos to him overall re-entering the fray in this way is bound to be interesting deku wants to try and talk to villains these days so i'm sure that this will.

Make for a pretty good conversation if nothing else shiasaki doesn't look to be taking much of an active role in this situation and without his arms he's pretty much quirkless so why he is being brought along here is a question i have indeed but past that it is pretty terrifying.

That deku's danger sense did not pick up on her presence sooner perhaps this is an indicator of his inexperience but then again she seems to be keeping her distance from him as implied by the big sniper rifle and communication rounds if i were to assume her quirk with this now being presented i would say that.

It's sort of like a bio-weapon situation her body being a sort of omni tool somewhat similar to momo's core to an extent but rather than producing items she is the item what sort of reminds me of prototype a game from 2009 that i thought was the coolest thing.

Ever as a kid but finally the all might situation there was no need for that way out of pocket what do you gain from that all might is damn helpless at this point but now just had his car bombed now i'd imagine that that car is pretty well reinforced but damn it is.

Just really not safe on the block all might is going to get hurt out here but listen man my hero academia is just way too good right now so if you are enjoying how things are going be sure to subscribe to plot armor as we will be covering all of that and more for you guys as we always do and at that be sure to.

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