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ALL MIGHT’S EXPLOSIVE DEATH!! Deku Promises to NEVER Cry Again! – My Hero Academia Chapter 402


My hero Academia chapter 402 begins with a recap of the hero's progress and the current state of the various battlefields Dobby's catastrophic heat had totally cooled down thanks to this the many UA systems refugees in the area were now saved Shoto has completed his mission his part to play in this final war is seemingly over some time.

Afterwards the spread of toga City destroying clones had concluded they were all Vanishing before they could deliver fatal blows to the injured Heroes these guys have no idea that ururaka saved them all the UI Fortress was plummeting down to earth like onigashima from One Piece the twice clones were swarming all over the thing.

Like ants we haven't really seen the Fortress itself in a hot minute but damn with numbers like this in just a few minutes while also spreading over an entire city in the same amount of time there is no room for debate twice had to die Society looked at Hawks like he was a monster but hey man somebody had to do it but at the same time I'm sorry to.

Admit it but the league of villains is just so so dumb man forget waiting for shigaraki to awaken I would have invested absolutely everything into twice this is what an inferior version of his Quirk was able to do he wouldn't even need numbers like these 10 shigaraki 10 dobbies and 10 all for ones and just scatter them around Boom game.

Over for the heroes if they insisted on having shigaraki lead the charge why not make better use of twice's power in the meantime if you don't trust Hawks why not have the twice with him be a double instead of the real deal or even just have a double of Dobby hang around just in case and instead of waiting months for their leadership to return why not.

Have a double of shigaraki do the job until the real one comes back easily one of the most dangerous quirks of all time but it definitely could have been worse the doubles managed to make their way into the inner workings of the Fortress and were certainly weighing it down considerably but they two began to vanish Momo noticed and called this out.

To hatsume who she'd been protecting with every she had and right now I want you guys to know that we were robbed at just a glance this is clearly the most lethal Momo has ever been she's got Shields a Gatling gun rocket launcher and Pistol all connected to her body this is in and of itself a use of Momo's Quirk we have never seen before she's.

Sort of like a more versatile yet less skilled and range version of Lady nagon oroshi made it clear that his original intentions were to complete this final Arc with in a year but due to various health concerns leading to a ton of breaks and such it may have been decided that this could have easily been cut from the story but for as much as we.

Want to see all might and deu do their thing there is just no way we got kota's Quirk Evolution and just skipped over Momo's moment entirely how badass would it be to see Momo not have to hold back against these clones while protecting may like it's a critical moment in a zombie movie I can't be the only one who thinks that would be incredible from.

There may shouted out that UA was now much like without the legion thanks to this they would be able to continue floating meanwhile all for one was finally on his way to shigaraki he was officially within range to use his gloop Quirk which is of course an inferior warping ability that allows him to bring anyone within range that he has a.

Personal relationship with to his location deu was still fighting the Mad destroyer shikaki and was using a birded black whip to keep the villain's hands in check but shigaraki didn't seem to mind detective suuchi was assessing their current situation de would jumped down from UA for the sake of remaining up close and personal against shigaraki.

And now they've reached a standstill the detective's hand shook from the dreaded anticipation it was only a matter of time before all for one uses his warping ability with an outstretched hand all for one explained that getting to this point had been his goal from the moment he injected himself with AR's rewind Quirk he planned on giving the.

Artificial copy of all for one to shigaraki and from there his sucessor would finally become a stronger version of of the Demon Lord Al might couldn't even move his legs anymore and his mech suit had been reduced to a single Gauntlet but he knew he had to do something as blood flew from his mouth he let his enemy know that he still had.

Some fight left in him the black sludge like liquid began to form all around off for one's hand with a smile he refused to let Deku interfere the process needed to go smoothly but with that he beckon the other himm to appear before him the black sludge erupted from shigaraki's mouth to his surprise but what he did next surprised all for one even more he.

Firmly closed his mouth and gulped down on the liquid while telling his master that he is in the way all for one was slightly disappointed while dismissing the attempt shigaraki's Consciousness had overcome his own but that was all right with a wicked smile towards all might all for one decided that they would just need to go meet their.

Respective proteges In the Flesh suddenly there was a rush towards the floating Fortress that caught the attention of some students the first year students of UA's Department of management were still recording the entire event with a happy smile on his face off for one moved towards them with a ruined all might in hand knowing that.

They were being recorded offer one began to taunt his arch nemesis he urged the hero to show the world how utterly pathetic he looks right now he told the man to pay for the crime of encouraging their dreams and as always all for one is quite the poet and just like his master shigaraki began to taunt Deku too he claimed that all might desperately.

Needed saving he told the kid that he should probably go save his teacher and in the meanwhile he would help himself to a killing spree involving everyone who Hur him at UA which at this point would be a lot of people's pupils began to dance as if on the verge of tears he could see it the dangling and ruined form of his Idol and closest Confidant.

He suddenly remembered the vow they had made after he learned about Al my's prophesized death all my promised to use his hands to shape his his own fate and deu promised to be there changing Fate by all might's side deu froze for a moment he began gritting his teeth as the emotions began to swirl the tears were gone but Deku still had to force.

Himself not to cry he remembered what all might told him back when he first cleared the beach that he needed to stop being such a crybaby so now that they were at the end of the road so to speak he decided to be the perfect pupil and do just that yet at the same time the one for all vestage of all withu said it's goodbye a bit early this was a very.

Interesting touch and I'm not entirely sure what it could mean but I do have some ideas oddly I'm inclined to believe that although it said goodbye to deu it has simply gone elsewhere over a year ago when bakugo died the vestage of all might appeared before him but how is that even possible well although it only happened in the second movie for a time.

Albe it brief bakugo had access to the power of of one forall maybe the vestage has now gone to him completely this could end up giving bakugo access to the power of one for all once again and maybe even help with his current recovery process we saw that towards the end of his confrontation with shigaraki that he suddenly began to read the.

Villain's moves shigaraki was having a difficult time hitting him all of a sudden what if this was a bit of danger sense to be fair Deku and bakugo both having the power and fighting side by side was hoshi's original vision for the end of the series although we ended up giving that to the movie but based on what we've seen especially after the.

First war Hoshi has no problem having the movies and other additional stories be Cannon bakugo may have been left to collect dust for more than a year now but he's still the most popular character for the series at least according to popularity polls every other bigname character has already had their individual battles Shoto and.

Ururaka for example are done bakugo was holding out for deu in the early phases but it would be downright Criminal to have such a top performer be the only one to have failed but going back to the symbol of peace all might is such an extreme outlier compared to the other vessages that I wouldn't be surprised to know that the Quirk has mutated and or.

Evolved in some way related to him whatever the case regardless of all my situation I'm pretty sure this vestage will come up again at some point this would be way too casual for a true departure we haven't really seen what this thing can do just yet but it is clearly different from all the others with all his Fury and not a single tiar.

To drop Deku shouted his master's name deku's days of crying are officially over now that is a pretty tremendous Leap Forward for deu he's always cried so much that you'd have to wonder if he has a tears Quirk or something so for him to stop doing that at such a pivotal and gut-wrenching moment is truly glorious one for all is highly.

Susceptible to those sorts of unruly emotions frankly it's what all for one and shigaraki are counting on for the sake of stealing one for all more easily for as cool as dekugo berserk is this is truly a Monumental step towards him being a complete master of his Quirk that being said black whip is still a quirk that is empowered by rage and.

Aggression so despite the abundance of Tears deu was taking control of his emotions and allowed them to enhance his Fury in battle but now it was all my's turn to reminisce he remembered a younger deu asking him if it was possible for him to be a hero without a quirk the answer was clear and quite different from what he had initially.

Said of course he could all might was certain of this because deu was always doing his absolute best he never gave up on his dream this inspired all might because he also could not afford to just give up more specifically he couldn't give up on his dream of being the symbol of peace the madman hero lifted the final remains of his mech suit to the.

Back of all for one's neck the bracer itself resembling those once possessed by the only class 1a member whose quirked the suit had not yet replicated which is just what we anticipated and shout out to the longtime members of the plot Army we didn't get a chance to cover the previous chapter but some of you guys might remember the fact that we.

Also predicted the death of stain by the way for all might to do this despite how he's being held by all for one is incredible even while severely injured this man's core strength is crazy all for one was stunned then his eyes went wide he remembered the night when he finally killed all my's predecessor shimana looking back she told granino to.

Take care of the kid pushing a young all might away she hoped that he would be able to see his dream fulfilled which he was able to as he did eventually become the symbol of peace the horrific scene then unfolded just as we remember it from all might Rising all for one wondered why he was seeing shima's final moments he remembered what he had said.

About her in the past along with the image of all might's fist on his head at the end of their previous fight he considered the hero to be a fool for putting her stupid ideals first without having the power to back them up he considered her death to be utterly pathetic he then recalled her final words and between this and how he.

Handled the second user I'm beginning to notice a trend of all for one holding people up by the neck like this with a smile on her face shimana told the Demon Lord that all might would be the one to defeat him in the present Al for one's eyes were practically falling out of his head he suddenly realized that all might planned on blowing himself up then the.

Last thing shimana ever said came to mind that all might is even crazier than all for one with a bloody smile on his face all might wondered if all for one would rwind back into a kindergartner if he died again all might was willing to bet everything even his very life for the sake of Victory this is such a badass moment all might's words here.

Making clear that he is not even expecting to really kill all for one but he he is so grimy so insane so petty that he is willing to die even if it is only to inconvenience the Demon Lord a bit more absolutely legendary performance from the symbol of peace here now hopefully all for one doesn't pull some random yet super convenient.

Quirk that negates this like he did last time and many times before really as much as we all love all might this would be one hell of a way for him to go that I don't think we want to see ruined that being said the explosive is only on all might's arm perhaps the hero will only lose a limb on account of all for one's quick thinking we know that Hoshi loves.

To scar and claim the limbs of his characters at the very least regardless this was a damn good chapter and the final round of all might versus all for one has proven to be one of the best fights in the entire series definitely top five at least let us know how you rank it down below as always I'm celest Baku thank you all so much for watching.

And have an awesome day I love you.