Alright so with chapter 328 of the my hero academia story we were finally introduced to the presences of some international heroes a concept we had always known to be present within the world to some degree especially by way of the first and third theatrical films but never to such an extent in regards to the manga in fact with the presences.

Of salaam and big red dot from world heroes mission this is by far the most we have seen content of a film be addressed in the manga proper with that being said however the character deserving of the most intrigue is completely new to us the number one hero of the united states of america stars and stripes is on her way to japan.

Now this is a very fascinating character indeed as expressed with our general discussion of the chapter she looks like a female almight over the course of the series we've seen several people who knew all might back during his glory days from mentors like shimmerinana and gran torino to sidekicks like david shield from movie one and sir night i.

Yet what stars and stripes stands to be is something entirely different a protege and student presumably not to unlike the situation between all might and deku which is something somewhat touched upon in the case of murio as ones being a potential candidate for one for all but the difference is that muriel and all might never actually met.

At the time but again when it comes to stars and stripes his influence clearly shows the overall appearance of stars and stripes is rather different from the typical female depiction in the series now don't get me wrong we've had some buff kick-ass ladies before such as murico or shimmer nana but even the facial structure of stars and stripes is.

Unique however this may at the same time be a feature intended to indicate to us visually that she is indeed a foreigner and on that note her heating of all my summons does not seem to have been officially sanctioned and so in that case you could say that her sense of justice supersedes her desire to stay in line and do as she is told values we may.

Imagine were instilled into her by way of all might now stereotypically americans are big on freedom and so it makes sense for this sort of character to deviate from the instructions of an official or superior in some way shape or form but now with all this being said i'm left to wonder if stars and stripes is aware of one for.

All because if alma told her that would certainly exemplify his trust but also stand to raise a question did he ever consider her to be a potential successor i mean not even david shield knew about it now in terms of the successor prospect perhaps with her being in america although relatively safe from the dominion of all for one would be too.

Estranged from the issues that so thoroughly demanded the attention of the power in fact i would also argue that despite the previous wielders being desperate to keep the flames of hope going by passing the quirk off to anyone they could with good values all might was not like that at all all my more than just keeping the power.

Going wanted to actually do something with it his greatest ambition at the time being the ascension of a symbol of peace a dream he had shared with david shield during his time in the states and so i can only imagine he would do a similar thing in the case of stars and stripes as his protege virtues that would certainly substantiate an already.

Credible and powerful hero rising up to a high position such as number one and with a name such as stars and stripes you can imagine what she stands for and that she has a good bit of patriotism to her with that being said for as great as all this seems to be on paper i'm not so sure things were actually all that great for one almight was only in the states.

For so long before returning to japan to fight the good fight against all for one secondly all might has rarely if ever been a noteworthy teacher leading by example and such sure but straight up tutelage not so much and that's him at the end of his career and beyond when he is a veteran what we are talking about in this case is an almighty fresh out of.

High school so i really have to wonder how much of a master the guy really was now what would really be interesting is if he and stars and stripes ever had any romantic relations i mean you have to understand that although not to the same degree as endeavor all might sacrifice a great deal in order to become the hero he ultimately ended up being and that.

Includes a happy home life i mean even after over 300 chapters we know so very little about his domestic life and that's simply because he doesn't have one he for the most part kept society on his metaphorical back for decades and to be completely honest in such a line of work friends and family are a liability a danger to oneself as well as others.

And so this to me is the one opportunity to get a glimpse of such a thing from this character which i for one would really like to see but speaking of home life i would like to turn our attention to another american hero in the world of my hero academia and funny enough he too was described to be their number one hero.

From the my hero academia vigilante spin-off manga we have captain celebrity an especially scandalous yet incredibly capable hero now mind you contents from the vigilante story have made their way into the series proper before like in the case of shirakumo and izawa's childhood the thing about vigilantes mind you is that.

The story takes place a handful of years prior to the beginning of the main story and so with that the rise of stars and stripes to the number one spot more than likely happened recently in the last few years now captain celebrity was for the most part the human embodiment of toxic celebrity culture and so his fall from grace may have been as simple as being.

Cancelled to be fair but there is also the possibility that he straight-up chose to be a family man as opposed to being a hero towards the end of his time in the manga captain celebrity and his wife had a baby and for as troublesome as he had been in the past the guy really started to turn his life around and was just thinking about them.

Previously he was all about the attention and admiration of others but i would like to think that he was able to find all that and more with a happy home life either way stars and stripes now holds a position but as for our next consideration what could her quirk possibly be well there's pretty much nothing to go off however i will say.

That i certainly hope it is not super strength we've had more than enough of that as is but let's not overlook the fact that the woman is standing atop a stealth bomber with absolutely no issue interestingly enough this is exactly something i would expect of captain celebrity considering his extremely capable quirk flight but you know what.

Most typically high-ranking heroes are those that possess especially powerful and or capable quirks and in the case of an american hero it would stand to reason that her quirk is really powerful and or really capable and not just her but just about any american hero and that is because of all for one you see at the height of his infamy beginning.

With the first generation of metahumans mind you he called the strong over one strait of destroyed anyone that possessed remarkable and or powerful quirks and did so for generations meanwhile the united states never had such an issue and so it stands to reason that they would have a more notable quirk pool not to mention the country is.

Far larger in comparison with that being said the feat of number one among such presumably stiff competition is impressive indeed now deku isn't exactly his usual overly enthusiastic self these days but he is more accepting of help at the same time and i would not be surprised to know he is familiar with this hero at all as such a huge almighty.

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