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Angels Attack In Black Clover! Asta Just Lost Everything vs Lucius – Black Clover Chapter 334


After us this daring announcement in the previous chapter where he said he was surpassing wizard king and a short break from shonen jump black clover's latest chapter is finally here and as usual tabata is delivered with an action-packed and shocking chapter so without further ado let's get into what looks to be a devastating chapter for.

Poor old asta before getting into the fight between lucius and asta we get to know a little bit more about asta and liby's latest form which i must say i am in love with as we already know the duo is powerful but short span devil union which lasts a total of five minutes releases a large amount of anti-magic power although helpful in most cases.

This massive release of energy is what limits asta and leeway transformations in such a short time to make up for this the duo have created a partial usage form of double union though it is not completely brand new this upgrade you could say comes with a new look and 10 minutes of fight time this partial usage works by limiting the amount of.

Anti-match that is being let out by concentrating their magic on a single point but it does make you wonder if over a year of training has only accomplished an additional five minutes to the union what did not go through to gain mastery with not one but four devils we've seen some bits and pieces but i hope that one day we get to hear.

Knoxville's story outside of his history with yami but anyways let's get into some actual fighting between lucius and asta following his first attack in chapter 333 asa launches elucius with demon slasher the katana the oscar received from captain yami however no matter how fast his attacks are ausa's attack just won't connect to his.

Opponent as lucius continuously uses his time magic to rewind time on himself and essentially teleports to his last location meaning on top of the ability to literally control time and manipulate gravity lucius can also teleport things aren't looking so good for asta here with that said asa has one thing that can counter lucius's powers and it is.

The main reason the villain wishes to dispose of him in the first place anti-magic after having a flurry of chronostasis spells launched at him austin tells sister lily to run before silkwood getting all the bubbles of magic in front of him with his spell-neutralizing sword demon destroyer while asta is.

Fighting perhaps the most important fight of his life he is also trying his best to defend everyone and avoid casualties and this can be seen when he clears falling debris and tells nearby citizens to evacuate immediately while this goes on lucius once again mousses on about how ass is truly an annoyance with perfect world as he comes in close.

And attempts an attack where he touches his opponent but asa isn't having any of it as he pulls out demon slasher only for the hit to be avoided once more after this exchange the villain concludes that magical attack simply won't work on austen libe and states that the only way around the duo's anti-magic is physical attacks.

Remarkably enough whenever lucius was planning when he reached out towards osta didn't end up working due to the anti-magic flowing throughout him that makes sense but what doesn't is the attack itself from what we have seen from julius the two souls don't have an attack with time magic that involves touching the other person which can only.

Mean one thing lucius was just attempting to use his second unknown magic type now back during chapter 333 we predicted that due to the magical nature of his siblings and his grand plan lucius most likely has soul magic or some sort of magic involving the soul and now taking a brief sneak peek ahead into the chapter it looks as if lucius.

Does end up having that power again in a devastating way and best believe that we cannot wait to get into all of that but before we do be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on never miss upload and smash that like button for some polymer today jumping back into the chapter we get to see firsthand lucy's absurd physical.

Strength as the monster smashes his fist into a nearby building in an attempt to hit asta the blow quite literally blows the roof off of a small house and sends the breeze everywhere with all the fighting and destruction going on it makes us wonder where on earth are the other magical knights we know us and lucius haven't been fighting that long.

Since the hero's 10 minute time limit hasn't run out yet but still from the mayhem that has broken out it is a tad bit strange and no one has arrived in the scene as of yet especially yami since he consents ki and likely would have sent lucy's strange key the minute he arrived much like asta i believe it's safe to say that lucius hasn't defeated.

Everyone else in the castle seeing as how eight out of the nine captains were present but who knows maybe he could have for now i believe it is most plausible that lucius has some sort of chronostasis spell placed on the more powerful of the mages present so that they cannot interfere with his clearing of the flaw that is asta realizing that.

Lucius has attempted to switch to hand-to-hand combat just like lucifer had before assa prepares himself for a counter-attack stating that he and libre are much stronger than they were back then and what do you know asa actually manages to land a small attack he tries to follow that up with an air slash from.

Demon slasher but lucius takes no time to teleport himself away this doesn't discourage the hero in the slightest as he continues to rush forward this time with demon destroyer and seemingly he manages to land another hit or at least come very close as feathers from lucius's bold cave begins to fly off oddly enough lucius doesn't teleport.

Away from this hit which brings up the question of limits julius had quite a few when it came to his usage of astaroth's time magic so how freely can lucius use it it seems that we won't need an answer to that question because right as he pulls away from asta lucy summons his fake kingdom grimoire and begins to transform and so i guess he.

Time for time magic is over now engulfed by a bright light lucius tells assa once more that he is the one threat that will threaten his peaceful world but as long as he is there lucius will not allow him to perhaps all those years of julius fronting their shared body did have some effect on lucius because he is sounding rather wizard king like right about now.

Again monologuing lucius explains that he was born to a family of devil hosts but by purifying the devil's power he was able to learn magic that brings sacred power to mankind behold the image of a true human now equipped with three sets of wings antlers akin to a deers which could be an inspiration behind julius's former guildy aqua deer a.

Circle of sunlight or a halo covering his back and a crown of sorts lucius looks almost like an angel pretty off ran for a double host but wow does he look majestic once again asta is at a loss for words the key he senses from lucy's through human form or what many fans have dubbed his angel form is neither like that of a human nor a devil.

Could this be a foreshadowing of angels existing in the black global world whatever the case asa still has a fight to finish but while he was staring in awe he seems to have lost track of lucius in his teleportations however he quickly finds the villain standing behind him and with sister lily in hand and here we receive confirmation on.

Lucius's magic type soul magic as he explains himself his magic allows him to play around with or transform the soul of those he touches therefore making his magic type very similar to the cursed technique of mahito from jujutsu kaisen this explanation clears up the attack that he attempted on asta earlier now putting a finger to sister lily's head.

He tells asta that the soul is the source of a human's life mind and magic meanwhile i doubt ass is taking in anything that lucius is telling him as the hero is too busy planning his next move he ponders on using his fastest sword demon dweller a sword that won't hit sister lily with anti-magic since that particular sword can only absorb.

Spells and send them back the only problem is that an attack with demon dweller will still cut through like a normal sword injuring the nun the only option in this instance is an air slash with demon slasher which won't hurt sister lily seeing as how its attacks will never hurt those that also loves the only problem with this is that an.

Attack with this sword will be too slow to reach in time with no possible options asta stands there and pleased with lucius to stop but the villain just keeps on going telling the hero that he will show him a truly happy human and here is where things get crazy right in front of asta lucius uses his soul magic to alter lily's soul into that of a true.

Human or so he says as can be seen when comparing her form to lucy's true human body there are a few key differences for starters lily only has one set of wings instead of dear antlers she has something more akin to curved goat horns and lastly rather than a giant circle of light behind her she has a much smaller halo right above her head compared to.

Lucius she looks much more like a typical angel perhaps each person's true human form differs from each other's although lucius in accordance to his plan may simply just be a cut above the rest donning her new appearance lily stands over a visibly shaken of asta and tells him for the sake of world peace die now clearly mimicking lucius and his.

Sentiment towards us and libay it makes you wonder is this form truly the true human form he says it is or is it just a sick creation of his own imagination that he's deluded himself into believing if he were truly trying to enhance humanity and bring about peace and equality then there would be no need to inject lily with his way of thinking but.

Rather just leave her to her own free will and thoughts once again lucius is shown to be very hypocritical towards his own plans and approach to them but could it be that this isn't entirely lucian showing his hypocrisy but rather astoroth and his true intentions leaking through his host without the villain noticing whatever the case both the.

Heroes within the black clover world and we readers will have to question it another time because after lilly's devastating statement lucius uses the opportunity to deliver what looks to be a fatal blow going right across austin's chest with his blood flailing all over the place asta begins to fall backwards through the air as lucius hovers.

Triumphantly beside his new fellow true human lily as the chapter closes out lucius says that asta simply cannot beat him at his current state and with the words farewell flaw of the world the chapter ends as usual tabata leaves us with more questions and answers we now know that lucius does indeed have soul magic thanks to his spade kingdom.

Grimoire however this still leaves julius's magic type up in the air as we know the coverless groom war is what gives these two souls their time magic but that magic comes from asteroth via devil union leaving us to wonder what magic julius has that is if the poor soul is even alive speaking of this cliffhanger of an ending leaves asa's.

Fate up in the air even if he survives that slash what about a drop from that height and regarding the true human form could the revelation of this form mean that kira is still alive somewhere with a transformed soul and an angelic body i'm sure that the questions will continue to pile up but unfortunately we won't get answers of any sort until next.

Week's chapter until then however be sure to drop some of your own theories down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you