Today we are hashing it out we are making cornedbeef hash with pickled cherry peppers and a couple of fried eggs hash is the kind of thing that takesme back to my Upstate New York roots on a Sunday morning my parents would whip out that can oflike hash you know that was like essentially like dog food but we loved it it was such atreat to do that so I am taking my hash game up quite a bit today we are actually makingit from scratch so we are starting off with four Yukon Gold potatoes that we are dicing intoabout a quarter of an inch dices and we're going to cook them so I have three Yukon Golds thatI've cut already I'm finishing my fourth right here the thing about when cooking potatoes youalways start potatoes off in cold water I know right why well let's think about a potato I meanpotatoes are pretty thick and dense and they take.

A while to cook all the way through so if you putpotatoes in water that was boiling already by the time they cooked all the way through they would befalling apart on the outside so then we'd btb btb RTS bring to boil reduce to simmer so we get thatwater nice and hot you really need to abundantly salt the water I know you're gonna be like oh mygosh look how much salt tamerelle uses you know what we need water that is salty like the oceannot the Dead Sea but definitely like you know when you go swimming in the ocean you're like that'ssalt water that's the way this water should feel one more little pinch we're going to bring toboil and then we're going to taste our potatoes this whole process should take about I don't knowseven to eight minutes or so in the meantime let's talk about the rest of our mise en place I havecorned beef I have some pickled cherry peppers I.

Have an onion let's talk about how to cut an onionso we hold our knife like this pinch it between your thumb and forefinger and the other threefingers downtown like this so we cut off one end so we're gonna cut this guy in half right throughthe middle of the hairy end and I'm gonna peel my onion like a super speed demon I'm actuallygoing to take off the first layer also just in case it's dry it's damaged it's not beautifulso let's just get rid of it now we lay our onion down with the tip of the knife we are going toslice the onion to the back but not through the back no Cutty offy so it's like this and allthe slices are the same size so there we go so then we're going to start with the back of the knife one time through the middle likethat and then we start going downtown.

Uniformity knife Cuts imperative they areessential and they will never go away so then when you get here it's like tall it'sTippy my fingers uh oh what do I do throw this away well I bought this whole onion let'suse the whole thing so let's just Tip It Forward like that tip it back and then we can go likethis and all we have left to put in our thank you for coming bowl is the hairy end I mean I'm ahair girl so you know thank you for coming Harry and all right so one more time here we go sliceto the back but not through the back we're not cutting anything off all right one time throughthe middle like this okay and then downtown get to here it's Charles chippyah my fingers Tip It Forward tip it back and there we go I have a saute panthat I'm going to put a little bit of olive oil.

In and I'm going to sweat my onions what do youdo when you sweat you get hot you let off water and you start to smell well guess what that'swhere our onions do too and that's what we want them to do this is sauteing them without addingany color so my onion and my pan a nice sprinky dink of salt medium high heat all right andlet my onions start to do their magical thing all right there we go now let's carry onwith my mise and floss the next thing that I'm going to add to my hash are pickledcherry peppers I have to say I love these things I get cravings for them like everytime I even think about this my mouth Waters so we're going to cut them I'm goingto take all the stems and the seeds out all right so I just have noticed my potatoeshave come to a boil I'm going to give them.

Like two or three minutes and see wherewe are with the in the cooking process or this is also a great way if you have likeroasted potatoes that you made for dinner and you had some left over hash is a great wayto use them all right these guys I'm going to cut in quarter inch dices or so aboutthe same size as my onions and my potatoes are we noticing a theme here everybody's about thesame size uniformity is key all right there we go whenever you're thinking of uniformknife cuts it doesn't matter what it is think slices sticks dices you can makesure you get all the seeds out the seeds are a little bit hotter I don't mind actuallyhaving one or two seeds of these guys in here but just know that they definitely bring the heat.

All right I'm starting to smellmy onions do amazing things now anytime after I have handled anythingthat is with a Hot Chili Pepper or something like that I wash my hands I wash my knifeyou definitely don't want to do this you will be crying it's not a good thingall right I'm gonna check my potatoes one more minute on thoseguys and believe it or not all right my onions let'sjust surround a little bit um starting starting to smell deliciousthey're starting to cook they're starting to soften up they're startingto look a little translucent now my corned beef I have abouta pound of corned beef so we're.

Going to cut these into dices justabout the same size as everybody else so look at I had my slices now I'm making sticks and then we're going to go to dicesoh are we noticing a theme Here all right just about ready I'm gonna checkmy potatoes again before I do anything else okay done all right we're going to drain these guys we're going to lay them out on a sheet trayso they start to cool down because we don't want them to overcook and become mushyokay so look at it we're starting to get a little bit of color on here so we'regonna move on right away I've got my.

Uh cherry peppers I've got my corned beefthat we're gonna add right into there all right yum mmm it smells so good thevinegar from that cherry peppers those cherry peppers are just radiating off ofthere and it's like it just smells so good I'm gonna turn my heat down a little bit I have some of the vinegar that comes in thejar with the cherry peppers we're gonna put that in there a little bit of liquid and I'mgonna throw my potatoes right in there too now your potatoes by the way youcould use leftover potatoes for this or you could have done this partyesterday oh it's a do a head situation so we're just going to cook this all togetheruntil it really starts to come together a.

Little bit I'm gonna add a just a littlebit of water in here because that's gonna allow this stuff to cook together fora little bit longer and really sort of come together everybody looks like they'rejust kind of hanging out together but they don't really like each other so a littlebit of water I mean probably about like maybe a half a cup or so so we're gonnalet this cook together for a little bit there we go in the meantime I'm going to chop alittle parsley just to finish this whole shoot and match off now notice my parsley I have I broughtit home from the grocery store I gave it a little rinse and I store it in damp paper towels thiswill help keep the life of this parsley longer so we're just going to shave the leaves off likethis okay we want the leaves we don't want the.

Big fat stems thank you for coming if you havesome big fat stems just go back and pick them out give this a stir so you really want to let the liquid cookout and then you kind of want to squash the hash to the on the bottom of the panbecause you want it to kind of brown a little bit so squash it on the bottom ofthe pan and then resist the urge to Stir It so I'm just going to chop upmy parsley Fini Feeny Feeney all right so I like to get it together all in myhand like this squish all those leaves together and then we go like this all right look at one pass through and lookhow fine my parsley is already so now we're.

Going to go back and we're just going to kindof give it finely chops pivoting back and forth when you see it spreading out on your board justget it back together in a nice tight little area smells green it smells grassy it smells deliciousthere we go and it's all uniformly chopped now here we go that for when we're ready to use it nowI like eggs with my hash I mean you could have hash just as it is or you can have someeggs I like a sunny side up or even an over easy egg so for that I use a non-stick sautepan I put a little bit of oil in the bottom all right not crazy knots so while my hash iscoming down the home stretch I'm just gonna get my eggs going I like to put my eggsin a pan that's not really hot because I.

Don't like to see that brown ring of of sortof cooked egg around the outside of my eggs I put a little olive oil on the bottomof my pan and I cook my eggs pretty slow so we can see my eggs cooking here look at thatall right see how that's happening we just leave them around look at me I'm making eggs I'm makinghash I have an empty hand that needs to be filled with a mimosa or a bloody mary so we see now theliquid from our hash is cooked out and we see everyone really starting to look much more unifiedand coming together this is exactly the way we want to see this start to look so I have my burneron really high because I want it to start to Brown a little bit now all right my eggs doing nicethings all right I'm just going to taste my hash if you can believe it I know a little bit of salt.

I just got one of those hot cherrypeppers that was hot and delicious all right if you're gonna have sunny sideup eggs then you want to make sure all of this egg white around there is cooked nobodylikes that sort of snotty uncooked egg white situation if we're gonna flip them we can doit now and it's a very small movement ready there you go over easy eggs now let'sjust come down the home stretch oh yeah look at our potatoes are starting to Mush upreally nicely smelling like we're getting a little brown crust going on here I'm going to stirin my parsley and we're ready to have breakfast I need a bigger spoon than that I'm hungry all right nice beautiful base for my eggs now myeggs have not been salted at all so I'm just going.

To give a little sprinky dink of salt on the topof those guys and here we go hash and eggs let's give a little bit more hash right on top of therebecause that's the that's the Superstar going on and that looks like a beautiful breakfast to meyeah let's get in there runny egg hello beautiful all right I like a littleegg yolk like when it runs down into my hash and on the potatoes and all that oh yeah I get that corned beef I get the the onionthat's nice and like it still has some backbone to it but I feel like it's roasty toasty andcooked and those pickled hot cherry peppers like a cake that is almost too much but it's justperfect and I can't stop eating it this makes me a rock star on a Sunday morning or any otherday of the week as well yeah I'm a rock star.


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