What I'm going to show you guys today is myversion of a potato and cheddar pierogi with a pancetta and onion sauce I'm starting off withtwo big Yukon Gold potatoes I am peeling them let's do you know pieces about like this how do we know if our wateris salty enough taste it all right two garlic cloves smashed to takethe skin off boom right in our pot so we get to pull out the big machine wreaththis is the dough hook and this is going to need for us oh look how nice I found it'sfeeling today we're going to start off with two and a half cups of flour okay a teaspoonof salt you scoop and sweep on this guy too okay lock it shut you have one egg.

A whole stick of butter WhoopsieDaisy all right and so I'm gonna turn this on and I'm gonna get it going nowwe need a quarter of a cup of cream cheese okay now we're gonna add sour cream whichis something that's a little bit also wet so we take a little let's see ah my dough reallyjust all came together so now let's just take a a minute or so and give it a little bit ofa need I'm just gonna sprinkle a little bit of flour on my board and knead it for another minutegoing on there then Saran Wrap and let it rest all right there we go just about.

now let's do some grading think abouthow a all the flavors are going to be working together and be like how to handle it so in themeantime let's talk pancetta so this is for this sauce uh for my pierogies so I'm cutting umI'm gonna do about four or so slices of this I'm going to take this pancetta and I'm going tothrow it straight into my saute pan so here we go so you know I just give it a littlesqueeze of olive oil it's like to get everyone started uh okay let'ssee what we have going on here ooh all right all right so I would saythese guys are John I would recommend highly take a spider to take your potatoesout of the cooking liquid and then save the cooking liquid because where do we haveto cook the pierogies and in boiling water.

You must Mash when they are hot if you don't you will get instead of gettinglike lovely creamy delicious like ah mashed potatoes you'll get like rubber ball starch ballsall right so look at what we have here right all right so inside here I have my cheese I havea little bit more cream cheese I am putting about another quarter of a cup in my filling so look atmy bacon really nice and golden so I'm just going to turn it off right now and just let it hangout while I work on something much more emergent so I will say though my filling evenlooks like a little bit firmer than I would want so so why not let's puta little bit of that in there huh so I'm just gonna kind of spread it out and put.

It in the fridge for a little bitbut I really am liking the texture take my pancetta out of my pan so the fat staysin there I'm going to dice about a half an onion through the middle I got we put the cut side down the flatside Down Hairy end facing away from us we cut to the back but not through the backthen we start with the back of the knife and we pull it through one time likethat and then we can go downtown and then when we get to here andit's tall and Tippy just Tip It Forward so that's what we're looking for diced onion wehave our pan here I'm going to turn it onto a medium Heat and I'm going to sweat theseso definitely a decent sprinkle of salt.

Because this will help pull the water out ofthe onions and concentrate the onion flavor that's in there so chives cut off the chuff Woodyends just one time through very close together foreign so keep the big part covered big piece we're going to give it a squish sogive it a little dusting of flour we put it in we connect this little Peg okay sogive your dough a little bit of a dusting of flour okay we start off make sure it's on numberone the beginning that's the widest opening okay we put it through so you see what I've gotgoing on here I'm gonna flour it a little bit put it through again now if your dough is feelingsticky or tacky you're gonna dust a flower.

All right so look at what my onions look likeand they smell really nice and roasty toasty and bacon don't they all right all rightmake sure you have a little bit of flour underneath not crazy amounts just a little dustingof flour okay okay now I have to go get my filling you're covered this isheartbreaking if it dries out on you so we have a paintbrush like not everbigger than this one you guys all right and so we dip it in the glue the water isthe glue because think about we already talked about it what happens if youget water and Flowery things together so a small amount of this andpaint the house okay so then cut these guys out.

And take about that much filling kind of give it a little squish flat maybeeven a little less than this done Fold It Up and reallypinch it shut fold and pinch a little sheet tray the dusting of flower soreally make sure you go back back and pinch all all the way around okay let's justfinish up this whole shooting match right all right so I have my onions in there so let'sget this pan nice and heated up now I'm gonna add a little bit of chicken stock in therebecause I need a saucy part of my sauce right so look at what I have going on here Okayso nice a lot of boil going on here so one two three four and then justkind of keep it moving a little bit.

Because this will help those things cometogether and stay together as a sauce see how everyone's like hanging out on the topnow okay and look how beautiful they look all right and then we go into there nice all right I'mgoing to put my bacon my pancetta back in there now we like you want to turn these over so bothsides gets really nice and coated with the sauce so now look at my burners off I'm sprinklingin my chives at the very last second why you don't want them right so they stay beautiful andgreen all right and then let's play okay foreign together yeah I'm like oh no wheredid my sauce go so you always just do this if it gets away from you a couple of dropsof chicken stock like really and very little now we will finish with a tinybit of more chives all right.


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