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Asta and Noelle Become Dragon Gods – Black Clover Chapter 359


Black Clover chapter 359 titled the dancing princess of the battlefield once more begins with nozel of how Silva being told how much stronger he'd become as his eyes widened and blood poured from the top of his head his mother the legendary steel Warrior Princess asir Silva who'd been turned into a paladin or into his abdomen with her oversized.

Lands as she coldly proclaimed this to be his end now listen nosell's position as the strongest member of how Silva has clearly been taken away from him by Noel a long time ago we need even still I can't believe this man Tabata really off screened our boy like this we've got minor characters getting moments left and right in this battle but nozel.

Eldest child of house Silva who held it down in his mother's absence and was cursed right alongside her as the only one who knew the true circumstances of her death is treated like this when she comes back to life as a paladin that is crazy to me imagine if Yami wasn't given a chance to deal with Paladin Morgan simply because knocked is a thing like I.

Seriously had to wonder if I'd missed a chapter or something because last we saw when julius's Invasion began nozel and his siblings just stood there in horror and disbelief as their beloved mother descended upon them as an enemy nozel recognized her to be their mother and that was it now he's already almost dead how far the captains have fallen man it.

Is really sad to see I mean Jack got one shot by Morgan right at the start losing him in arm and earning him a hole in the Torso and now he's dead William got one shot by Lucius and lost an arm Mario Leone was touched by Morris's magic and she immediately lost her arm along with the lives of many comrades and now knows Zell got bodied while no one was looking.

Place your bets on who will lose an arm next in the comments along with who you think might die next while you're at it but thankfully the new generation is pulling their weight hovering above her own destructive handiwork the Paladin would take in the fate of the silver eagles she'd Left Behind speaking of which am I the only one still wondering.

Who Noel's dad is we already have the identities of both of yuno's parents and I'm sure the reveal of asta's dad is something a lot of people are looking forward to but Noel's a royal with three siblings surely the identity of her father is in some major secret Assuming he's not around since nozel to charge over the house why do They Mourn their.

Mother and not their father I'd like to think that asir didn't have four children with a terrible person considering her demeanor and legendary accolades but if you have any guesses please let me know never would notice nozel's bloody descent and call out to him as she shook trembling she paused for a while ultimately with tears.

Floating her eyes never would admit that she couldn't bring herself to fight their mother so yeah aside from the fact that they're all really powerful it's the emotional damage that makes the Paladin so difficult to fight you have to understand that there are literally 27 wizard Kings besides Julius all of which Lucius should definitely be able.

To raise from the dead like he has with so many others this Invasion has only just begun he's bringing out the more sentimental fighters to really hit them hard but I wouldn't be surprised to see an armada of even more legendary figures arise if things begin to go south for him at the same time solid couldn't even stand up anymore gritting his teeth and.

Frustration he'd admit to himself that this this was all way out of his League looking upon the pitiful states of her children Asia would call out to both nebra and solid telling them that they could have become so much stronger like nozel had but their arrogance and hatred warped not only their strength but even their hearts they haven't seen their.

Mother in over 17 years and the first thing they hear is how disappointed they have made her that's gotta hurt but I really wonder how the hell she knows all that asir would then shift the blame to herself claiming that she simply didn't love them enough again ouch and after claiming her death to be her own fault she apologized for it all.

Which certainly wasn't helping solid in the slightest he'd think back claiming that he tried to be strong and insisting that he was supposed to have gotten stronger when his pride was tarnished he admitted to having grown desperate but in the end it seemed as though his efforts were all for nothing as from there as she could see his bending.

Weakness for herself Asia would say say that even if they weren't strong she still loves them all that in the world of equality and peace her master Lucius sought to create they could all be reborn and start over together as a family solid deeply considered his mother's words maybe her proposal wasn't so bad maybe he'd take her up on it but.

Before he could respond he'd suddenly be called by another sibling of his it was Noel she'd shown up to save them all telling her older brother that he can't give up seeing the girl ossier would correctly identify her to be her daughter Noel based on the strong resemblance they shared again with her youngest child now in attendance Asia.

Would say that once the battle was over they'd all be reborn and this time they'd be with each other for all of existence Noel stays lowered as she found her resolve thinking back to the defeat of the Supreme cursed devil megacula despite having only met her spirit before Noel was certain that it was the loving Embrace of her mother.

Speaking up to the fluff field being as her hair blew in the wind Noel would let her know that despite being asked your Silva she was no longer the assyr Silva they'd known rousing the spirit of her house Noel would vow that she and her siblings would both surpass and defeat their mother now Noel's words are very telling here she recognizes that this.

Isn't just her fight alone and speaks of their entire family coming together to stop their mother which I think will be absolutely incredible to see given the awful nature of a relationship with them not too long ago but now they all know how powerful their sister is along with the true nature of their mother's demise but even that's not enough to bridge.

Such a lifelong gap between them mostly on account of their shame and pride it was up to Noel's forgiveness and strength which was now on full display and truly of all her siblings her changing of solid would be the most Monumental nebra and solid are not weak they have Noble blood of the highest caliber 2. they've just been too stuck.

Up to truly realize their potential solid himself was recognized by wizard King Julius to be a bit problematic due to the fact that he's so often fought alone completely disregarding his comrades as he showed off he's not someone who listens to just anyone so Noel being able to inspire him will be huge.

Still grounded and barely clinging to life nozel would look over with his grimoire out he'd managed to say Noel's name out loud and despite no longer underestimating her strength couldn't help but be fearful considering she no longer had the water spirit undyne with her as Noah looked prepared we would then receive a flashback filling Us in.

On what had happened to Noel after she witnessed asta's defeat and Erasure she sat on the rocks by the water alone crying as all she could think about was Asta the man she loved who was now gone she recalled the feeling of helplessness she had experienced being unable to help him at all despite her magical strides she couldn't tap into Saint stage magic.

Anymore and never expected to be so ineffective she really thought she'd grown stronger since lucifero's Invasion despite her constant struggles everything began to feel meaningless as thoughts all too similar to those of her brother solids we begin to take root but even then she couldn't afford to give in or give up as she still it up ready to.

Fight through the pain Noel would convince herself that Asta must be alive she couldn't afford to think otherwise clearing the tears from her eyes Noel would promise to protect their country so that Asta would have a home to come back to whenever he's ready and to accomplish that she would definitely get stronger as from behind a familiar voice.

Would point out how Noel didn't need to be comforted after all to Noel's surprise it was kahuno the young Priestess from the seabed temple Noel would immediately wonder why the girl was here as Kaho no would explain that something terrible happened at the temple so she really needed noelle's help now Noel was even more confused but.

Kaho no would reassure her that everything would be fine now that they had Noel then more confidently saying that she could tell Noel had gotten stronger we would then be taken to an insane underwater scene as kahuno said that she had a strong feeling that the crisis on the verge of hitting the Clover Kingdom and the other kingdoms.

For that matter has something to do with it from there we would have kahano Kyoto and Noel standing before a gargantuan Darkly scaled aquatic serpent as countless People Prayed before the creature Noel was more than shocked to see the dragon this was the god of the sea the people of the underwater temple had been worshiping since ancient times.

It was prophesized that when the end of the world was near the dragon of the Raging Sea would awaken from its extended sleep and just like the legend said the sea God had now Arisen now speaking The Godly Dragon of the sea would explain that once the entire world is endangered it begins to go berserk which is why it required a strong.

Contractor to this end kahano had been looking for someone who could assimilate a power similar to the ones possessed by the spirits one that also happened to be an extraordinary water Mage as in the present instead of a spirit like you know or a devil like Asta Noel now called upon a God and its name was Leviathan as in its adorable chibi form.

The little dragon would agree now I know this may feel like a pretty sudden power-up for Noel but aside from the fact that Leviathan wouldn't rise until the end of the world this exact thing was set up heavily almost 300 chapters ago during the sea Temple Arc the first time Noel ever really tapped into her full potential she used her signature.

Attack sea dragons Roar for the very first time and despite meeting it with his own incredibly powerful magic the attack completely tore off Beto's arm and when her attack continued along its trajectory and tore through several feet of stone it was observed by the Temple's people who immediately revered it to be the sea god and while Yami was blown.

Away by her true power the temples had priests giveso immediately presumed her to be the sea God incarnate before quickly correcting himself to say that she's actually a goddess Noel has been building towards his moment for a very long time and it's honestly mind-blowing to think that the water spirit undyne was pretty much just a stepping stone.

For her a bit of field experience she needed to be able to handle an even greater power just then a grimoire would spread open quickly as solid simply looked upon his sister who never seemed to stop getting stronger and growing more dependable the sea siblings now just as pumped up would cry out to Noel as nozel remained on his knees behind.

Them then a watery power the likes of which were unlike any we had ever seen before we begin to coalesce before the Angelic assyr Silva solid couldn't believe it Noel was still getting stronger and stronger as to emerge would be the dragon form of Noel's Valkyrie armor a dazzling upgrades were already astounding power that she would use to.

Surpass her mother Noel's Valkyrie form was previously the peak of her power now it's been empowered by a dragon God as every time you get back on your feet you stand up stronger and it's crazy to think that while Noel was becoming a dragon Master Asta was slaying a dragon of his own in the land of the Sun and listen if Leviathan this ancient.

Creature that only arises as a final defense against the end of the world is anything close to the power of the Dragon osta defeated we are in for some serious excitement with this fight and this strength was something her mother certainly could not deny immediately commending her child and expressing her pride in such a feat the time has come.

So be sure to leave us your predictions for the rest of this fight as always I'm celesteobotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you