With this latest chapter of black clover asta unveils a new form for his devil union mode a new technique with yami's katana and surpasses his masters becoming one of the most powerful characters in the series with the previous chapter the black bulls in what was pretty much their guild hall turned giant mech went up against a manifesting.

Blob monster lucifero luck using his acute mana sensory was able to pinpoint the location of the abducted captains and so they were intent on saving the two not would even recognize them both to be the core of this abomination that to remove them would be to disable lucifero's growth however even in this state lucifera was absurdly powerful and.

The black bulls were having a very difficult time keeping up and as lucifero continued to endanger the nearby civilians restrained by the pressure of his surrounding gravity the eldest vermilion siblings rose up to defend them the black bulls continued their efforts giving everything they had to combat the devilish tyrant but were.

Dealt with accordingly with their guild building largely falling apart but even when all seemed to be dire they still had faith that everything would be fine as elsewhere asta was wielding yami's katana the demon slasher with a chibi libe over his shoulder moving on to this latest chapter lucifero continues to grow and as the magnitude of his.

Gravitational pressure increases so too does he fear of his complete manifestation yet as the giant bull crumbles and lucifera grows asta remains prepared now concentrating with his eyes closed as we would have a shot of prior events as he suddenly informed the other bulls that he and libe may very well have a way to save captain yami without.

Harming him or the others and the response of his guild mates was unanimous as he believed in him completely as finral extended a hand then taking it asa was able to teleport to his current location and as he opened his eyes with the demon slasher in hand he very much intended to live up to the faith his friends had in him he.

Conferred with libe that they would in fact be able to cut it as libe would agree that not only can they cut it but they will cut it for asta he was driven by the desire to save his captain and for libe he was driven to avenge their mother they would not let lucifero have his way the 30 minutes of rest were up and so now finally we would see the.

Return of devil union mode asta now looking more sauced up than ever us as normal attire hasn't changed but here he now looks to be more outfitted for the cold weather as he clutches onto the fourth sword as he exhaled he thought to himself how neither of them had been chosen by mana and now carefully lifting his sword and swiftly.

Slashing downwards in proclamation that for this reason they would be the ones that choose their very own path this was infinity slash equinox a cleave of anti-magic that split the composite king of devils and left him looking like a sliced sea cucumber the people could not believe their eyes in fact mario leona was especially excited by this so.

Expect her to challenge asta when all this is said and done and just like asta said yami and william were unharmed and as they fell from the ruined bowl would emerge a transmuted arm made of flowers that catch them courtesy of gray yami would look and not and trace his eyes astan now with a smile would explain that demon slasher is able to choose.

What it cuts that's the things he wants to protect will never be cut by it a combination of teachings between sword work and devil usage which blew his mentors yami and not away and made it clear that asta had surpassed them but you know what right now things feel a little too comfortable and a little too easy and that's mostly been a.

Reoccurring trend against lucifer related things lately i mean even when things escalate the gravity of the situation pun intended isn't exactly as heavy as it was in the case of magecula for instance at least in regards to their fight which is strange considering lucifero is the king of devils but even if he is thwarted just because he is the.

King does not mean that he cannot be assert beelzebub is the only one of the dark triad devils that is yet to attempt manifestation wizard king julius a user of time magic mind you dropped to his knees prior to the second gate of the underworld even opening not to mention the yet to be revealed elvis ograta's sibling.

Beelzebub and lucifuges are still at large and in the case of lucifuges i am a lot more concerned as despite having called the entirety of knott's family he has not resurfaced in the story since and western esotericism is very much connected to sathario believed to literally be the clyfot now asa surpassing both not and yami is.

Monumental i mean we really and truly did not need any more proof that this kid is beyond captain level but here we are asta is shaping up to not only be the savior of the clover kingdom not only the savior of the spain kingdom but the savior of the entire world and this is perhaps the very first point of the entire series where we can definitively.

Say that he has surpassed yuno now how far this kid will actually rise is a pretty big question in fact there are so many looming questions within the story of black clover though we are most definitely not on the precipice of its conclusion beyond yami beyond not beyond you know beyond the wizard king asta is looking to be the strongest person in.

The clover kingdom and this sets a very interesting precedent he is stronger than everyone in the clover kingdom the spade kingdom the diamond kingdom and the heart kingdom so where do we go from here how do we continue to challenge him will we continue to have this time limiter on his abilities or will he be able to go beyond that considering he.

Had less than half a week to master devil union and get it up to the level that it is on right now thankfully he is not so far away from his companions that they are entirely negligible as we have been shown with this arc they are all very very capable in their own right and as a combined effort as a team they are just incredible the ability of the.

Fourth sword demon slasher is a very peculiar one indeed thanks to its ability to selectively cut things he may very well be able to avoid the outwardly defenses of others entirely the ability to deal loads of damage without ever having to worry about your allies on the battlefield is a tremendous advantage as you don't have to worry about their.

Safety in the slightest and can simply just go all out as they may continue to contribute uninhibited by whatever he may be doing things are bound to get even crazier and if you'd like to be here for all that more be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best black.

Clover contents on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you