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Asta Breaks His Limits & Becomes The Perfect Devil! Black Clover Training Arc


Black Clover's final Saga is officially underway and Austin's part in it is something fans didn't see coming he's been thrown far away from the Clover Kingdom into the distant land of the sun now stuck in Kathy yami's Homeland Asta is going to have to do some heavy duty training if you want to take on Lucius sobratis and save his world but even for.

Someone with Austin's workout routine this is not going to be an easy task this training regimen is going to test him like nothing we've ever seen before in this video we will be breaking down what is ahead in Black Clover and looking at just how this training Arc might go let's get to it part one g we are a fair way into the land of the.

Sun Arc now and the basic deal is clear Austin has been receiving training from Yami ichika the little sister of our captain Yami who as we've already seen shares his friendly disposition however this regimen has already paid off ichika demonstrated these at 10 or heavily Severance technique to Asta and he was immediately able to replicate it even in.

A short time as has grown immeasurably thanks to ichika and ryuya's tuition he has gone from learning to sense Ki within his opponents through forming a technique that can shatter mountains this is a path that could lead to us to becoming strong enough to equal Lucius perfecting the severance and learning how to best employees will be his Focus.

For a while going forward however it is likely that our young black bull will get far more out of this than the regulars at 10. for starters key manipulation will be a great help to asta's double Union mode at present he is only able to maintain it for 5 minutes 10 if he focuses on a single arm but if Austin can Master Control this.

Key that should give him some additional ability to control the unification but both devil Union and ichigo's abilities come from managing your own life force building it up or merging it with another these skills overlap with additional Mastery of his key Austin should be able to break past double unit's time limits or even enhance its.

Output imagine if he was able to gain find control over anti-magic beyond the full force release of the zitane we could see all sorts of new powers like an anti-magic field or projectile weapons the sky's the limit for this approach Dragon Ball uses key to justify no end of flashy energy blast techniques and so could Black Clover be going down.

A similar Road even if it never gets as Extreme as DBZ this approach to anti-magic leaves the door open for all sorts of special moves imagine being able to project a blow behind your enemy or by forcing your anti-magic inside them disrupting their magical energy there are many possibilities here but before we go any further make sure.

You've hit the Subscribe button run the notification Bell and click like for your daily dose of plot armor but back to the video part 2 training and tourism we know that combat training is going to be asa's Focus for the moment however the land of the sun is a big place Austin has been thrown across the world to an entirely different continent he's.

Going to be doing more here than just training this is the final major arc of Black Clover it is likely Austin's last chance for a big power up there's a good chance he's going to get more out of this than just some practice with ichika he could find artifacts make new allies and even discover secrets of the magic system so let's go over some other.

Things that could happen while ASA is in the land of the sun to start with he might be able to learn how to use Scrolls we saw these long rolls of paper being wielded by street performers they could use them to work magic called yojutsu in the land of the sun they look quite distinct from grimoires and may work differently hasta might be able to.

Use one to somehow supplement libre's grimoire however ryu's words suggests that is not going to help Asta when confronted by the bandits he points out to them that he has no yoyoku whatsoever this being the local term for Magical Power and so however different Scrolls and grimoires might be it appears you still need some and they power to use.

Either however ryuya gives us another potential power-up Avenue namely the abilities of his mysterious eye somehow despite having no magic of his own the Shogun sees things he can witness events going on in the Clover Kingdom he knows what Lucy's plans to do he can even see the immediate future when walking down the street without an ounce of magical.

Power he can pull off foresight just like Lucius that ability will then beyond useful for Asta it would be the natural counter to time magic letting him see his enemies moves before they can make them however it is unlikely to be something you can simply learn it's more like some kind of inherent trait and abnormalities of ryuyo was born with.

We have seen similar people before such as lachita with her manage rate ability even if Austin could somehow learn to see the future this way there would probably be side effects ryuya likely wears that eye patch for a reason though given his less than serious personality it could simply be to make himself look cool but on that note during the Yami.

Clan mask flashback we actually see a younger yuya who got his trademark eye patch he looks completely normal in this sense so who knows what the source of his power might be Furthermore with this Interruption of hasta and ichika's Clash he displayed a level of finesse speed durability and stealth that is especially astonishing for one so devoid.

Of magical capabilities with this in mind I am certainly under the impression that once ASA completes his 10 training ryuya will have much more to teach him and you know thematically providing a similarly Mana in-depth character at this stage of the game as an atosta very much points towards some degree of specialized instruction after all this.

Has essentially been the pipeline of toolage for Asda throughout the story Yami for swordsmanship knock for devilish power and now potentially ryuya in regards to magiclessness and speaking of AIDS we actually have the elemental Spirits we know that there are four of them in total and the three we've seen are extremely formidable combatants.

Finding the remaining Spirits could be a great help to the film working the forces even if astha can't use Spirit magic himself bringing it back home could give one of his allies a significant power up imagine all four Elemental spirits being able to fight together the only problem with this is a simple one we've ultimately got no.

Reason to presume that the Earth Spirit is in the land of the sun it feels like a safe bet our story has already taken us to all four kingdoms and we have seen no sign of it thus far but the three remaining Spirits all tie very closely to one of the four sweet kingdoms we have been focused on undyne the spirit of water attends princess lopezka of the.

Heart Kingdom filthy Spirit of air has bonded with yuno Prince of the Spade Kingdom salamander has made a connection with fergalion Vermilion and while he is not a literal Prince house per million is a royal family of the Clover Kingdom this pattern seems consistent each time we've seen a spirit connect with royalty and each time it has been from a.

Different one of the four kingdoms if we keep to this line of logic you'd expect to see the Earth Spirit within the diamond Kingdom having bonded with a member of its royal family perhaps it already has we've actually not seen much of their Kingdom and have only met two other eight shining generals however the snake kingdom was having an easy time.

Fighting the diamond forces it's more likely that the spirit was driven away perhaps its wielder was one of the first targets of Morris's Mage Stone experimentation this could have led our art spirit to run as far away as possible from the diamond Kingdom if so we have a reason for it now residing in the land of the sun unfortunately this.

Would make us task of getting it to come back home with him far harder the Earth Spirit might just be in hiding reluctant to return home and risk being experimented on again and so it will likely take some work for Austin to persuade the creature that things are different now and listen although the experience at one point or another.

Appear to be evenly distributed let's be honest here the Clover Kingdom has a spiritual Monopoly going on right now fugelion took the Fire Spirit Noel currently has undyne and you know despite being a spade Kingdom Royal is loyal to and resides in the Clover Kingdom so I am inclined to believe that the Earth Spirit will share a similar.

Fate now as for whom I would imagine would be likely to harness such a power again we have to keep in mind the theme of royalty with that being said I have to go with a sort of outlandish concept here and select an unconfirmed Royal in the form of our friend Charmy which leads us to the dwarves the traditional counterpart to elves have been missing.

For black clovers lore across the story we know that Charmy is part dwarf but that's all we've got how did this magically powerful race just disappear why is this seemingly unremarkable Clover Kingdom girl descended from one of them we still have no answers but we might be able to finally get some the land of the sun employs tea dolls that.

Bear a striking resemblance to Charming these little things are seemingly some kind of advanced robot but they're more independent than simple puppets though they can enter a room dispense tea hand it to a guest and withdraw without any direct supervision it's quite impressive technology and something we haven't seen reflected elsewhere in review his.

Kingdom just yet Perhaps dwarves still live in the land of the sun they may have migrated across the world long ago leaving the Clover Kingdom behind them or perhaps These Are A different race of dwarves ones who still endure while those in the Clover Kingdom largely died out either way us is meeting with them is potentially huge dwarves are.

Legendarily powerful magic users we've seen how terrifying Charming can get when she gets serious if also wanted allies to join the fight against Lucius they would be a big help even if they don't join him physically however their technology may be an even bigger Boon lucius's most terrifying ability is his soul Magic One Touch is enough to turn.

Regular humans into his loyal paladins if the magic Knights are going to stand up to him they're going to need armor strong enough to keep him safe who better to afford something like that than dwarves they may even be able to provide Warrior dolls imagine soulless automata Warriors who would be immune to lucius's touch but if Austin could bring.

A Dwarven engineering team back home and have them meet up with Sally dwarves are notorious throughout fiction for being heavily associated with mining forging and the Earth in general and for Charming to be the one and only example of of dwarves lineage is late into the story I'd like to believe there is something especially significant about.

Her Origins so again yeah I would give the Earth Spirit to her overall there are just so many possibilities here the land of the sun is an entirely different continent one we know almost nothing about even Beyond Austin's training there are all sorts of things that could happen during this Arc all these long-running Mysteries could finally be.

Answered however before they are Asta has to get through his training he needs to get strong enough to take on Lucius and that is going to be difficult part 3 the rocky road there is one significant obstacle standing between Asta and mastering those High tier key techniques with ichika and that obstacle is ichika herself asa's new teacher has not tried.

To hide her feelings about him even before saying a word to the Black Bull she was giving him a silent death glare from across the room she has told Assa to his face that she hates men like him ichika will train Asta but she is only doing it for ryuya she serves a Shogun faithfully and will obey his orders but she does not even tend to like it this.

Does not create a good environment for training especially after their class during the night and they're going to get anywhere step one will be to repair the relationship between the two unfortunately this is going to be difficult us is not so great at being delicate and even just being himself seems to annoy ichika she seems to.

Expect good manners from people Austin just talking to ryuya informally comes off like he's being rude towards her beloved Shogun and that's all before you get into the issues surrounding her brother Yami sukahiro was young when he left the land of the Sun but he left a big impression his Slaughter of the Yami Clan is something ichika has not.

Forgiven or forgotten as far as she's concerned tsukihiro killed everyone she has ever known and loved in Cold Blood and here comes Asta Captain yami's biggest fan is there any Wonder she'd find his talk about her brother infuriating Asta is part of the black Bulls he is closely associated with the man ichiga hates most in the world this.

Relationship was always going to be Rocky unfortunately it is going to be very difficult for USA to overcome this issue I mean how can you apologize for killing an entire family even if he did it would require him to accept Captain yami's guilt and there is no way that will be an option for our boy he can try to learn from the other views and.

Instead running away from michika and talking to more friendly faces however this can only do so much the reviews then are clearly the National Heroes of the land of the sun they will have their own duties to take care of there are always Bandits to fight and dungeons to clear out they might even have a war of their own to deal with if this content.

Holds countries beyond the land of the sun whatever the case may be it is a safe bet that this group of Heroes will have jobs to do besides looking after Austin ryuya assigned ichika to train him so the other members of the group won't feel too obligated to do much this is going to leave Asta in a bad situation his only option for a teacher.

Is a woman who hates his guts he has to learn from a master who will put him through hell every chance he gets but this is also we are talking about here normally you just suck it up and throw himself head first into a training that bull headed approach has gotten in this far after all he's made it all the way from Hagee Village through persistence.

And determination and to be fair Austin has never been the sort of character to persuade others by his words he does so by his actions and his Merit however there is a shadow hanging over Us's heart that hasn't been there before this isn't the first time he has had to try and train while his friends are off risking their lives he knows he can.

Trust his fellow black Bulls to hold the line until he gets back but Lucius can twist people with a Simple Touch sister Lily went from her normal sweet self to lucius's willing helper she tried to kill Asta was to stop Lucius from turning every member of the black Bulls into a paladin what's worse there is no guarantee he can fix this the elves were.

Exercised by a combination of powerful magic light William and Asta work together to make their souls pass on but that was only possible after the elves were defeated and the Paladin case is a different situation in general there the elves were simply returned to the cycle of reincarnation the spell helped their souls move on paladins however retained.

Their original Soul lucius's magic transforms it to tie them to a devil ASA managed to really princess lopeschka of her devilish transformation but then again being a curse from megacula it may simply be more topical in comparison to the depth associated with the alteration of one's Soul Lucius may very well be the only one who could change them back.

And with that astha's one chance to save sister Lily is relying on the mercy of a man who doesn't have any even Beyond Lily and his fellow black Bulls there is one figure osta has to be worried about the good sister is not the main Damsel in the stress for us to rescue in this Arc instead that is Julius novocrono Austin still cares about the wizard King.

And wants to free him from lucius's control however we have no idea if that is even possible the paladins are an artificial creation so it's reasonable to think what was done to them could be repaired but Lucius has told us he and Julius have always been like this they were born as the Supreme devil host two souls in one body that is simply how.

They are would it even be possible able to separate them by Magic anything that forces Lucius out might take Julius with him Austin may end up having to slay the wizard King to save the world he would finally surpass Julius and earn that title but it will be in the most tragic way possible part 4 liebe with all the excitement of their trip to the land of.

The sun and the shot of the revelations around Lucius ogratis it is easy to forget the one companion Asta has left but libey is still with him ryuya has confirmed as much he sent the devil for his own round of treatment asa's man should keep his brother with him even halfway across the world Lee Bay's pass must make lucius's plan feel strange to.

Him as a weak lower ranking devil he was ruthlessly tormented by the greater powers of the underworld Lee Bay hates Devils with a passion but Lucius has changed what that word even means he can purify Devils robbing them of the instinct to cause pain he has already done this to almost everyone in the Underworld our villain has transformed.

Lee Bay's tormentors into some kind of refined higher beings the paladins are completely different from everything else we'll see from double hosts they are calm polite holy Warriors they are claiming that they want to make the world better this has to have left leibe feeling bizarre especially if he figures out that the underworld has been.

Affected by this imagine if everyone who ever hurt you just repented overnight the world he left behind the world he hated might have become something Libre could tolerate it may even be nice but it's not really them anymore and that's a more positive view lucius's first concern is Humanity he appears to be simply using purified Devils as a way.

To create a paladins it's unclear if the resulting creature is just the devil the human or something between the two the Devils could be more like a source of fuel to Lucius they may just be magically powerful beings he can control and use as raw material to make his paladins this would be something close to an Extinction event for the.

Underworld even if they did survive everyone within is no longer truly themselves there are only a few true doubles left and one of them is libey a devil who hates all other Devils he may now end up being the last true member of his species if Lucius gets a hold of knock and his subordinates it's hard to really tell how Libya is going to feel.

In the face of everything that has happened however he's going to have as much of a personal stake in this Arc as he did during the Spade Kingdom even if he is conflicted about what Lucius is doing he's going to have his brothers back to the end which opens up an interesting question could Lee Bay go through its own training Arc here the.

Land of the sun is clearly familiar with Spirits ryuya didn't show the slightest bit of surprise that Lee Bay being found with Asta if these people are knowledgeable about magical creatures they may have information that could help Libya develop his powers too we could get into all sorts of lore if we go down this route why does leeve.

Possess anti-magic what else could he do with it could he learn anti-matic spells like more powerful Devils Libre has spent all his life on the run so he's never had a chance to learn these things before there are a lot of possibilities to develop his powers further which would give libe and Asta a major Edge for the final fight however the true.

Potential here goes beyond any cool new anti-magic we could give astha a real training buddy for the final art he sparred with the other black Bulls now and again but it was never too extensive he worked together with leibe to get double Union under control but that was just coordination they were having to figure out how to synchronize properly.

Rather than grow stronger together this Arc will be proper ASA style riggers training only now he will have a friend liebe will be someone off that can share the pain with sweat with and laugh with two part five what they come back to the land of the sun has a lot of potential to be a super fun Arc for Black Clover us has got a whole new country to.

Explore and a ton of wacky new friends to make he will get stronger with that training Arc and he will learn more about this new kingdom he may even be able to find some allies for the fight against Lucius back home we could see ASA returning to the Clover Kingdom at the head of a fleet bringing the reviews in seven and all his new friends home to.

Help stop Lucius but once this part of the arc is over we will likely be hit with something seriously Bleak the Clover Kingdom has some strong defenses left against their former wizard King we spent the better part of the speed Kingdom ARC building up Austin's allies the black Bulls held their own against these o'granted siblings consistently.

With Magna and Noel excelling beyond what anyone could have expected you know showed he had nothing left to prove in his duel against Xenon these are powerful determined Mages will stop at nothing to find their friend and defend their Homeland but this time they were fighting a foe that is almost impossible to beat the time magic diesel grass is.

Brothers got from asteroth is already extremely strong it made Julius powerful enough to face off against patri even without revealing his full power this is the type of spell that borders on Invincible since no force can truly defy time anti-magic is the only known counter to it since it counters all types of magic and even Oscar has.

Struggled against Lucius he is only Human After All what's worse is that our foe is literally Unstoppable it's only half the problem here lucius's inherent Soul magic is far more disturbing than his time control we've had a taste of what it can do with the paladins creating devil hosts with a Simple Touch however the potential for this ability.

Is insanely high if Lucius can manipulate Souls can he remove them from a person's body can he Target them directly with his attacks this ability is one of the most potentially horrific sources of power possible for a villain we have no one else in Black Clover who has magic remotely comparable to this but one other anime character is quite.

Relevant over in one piece the villain big mom the zest is an extremely similar power having eaten his fruit she was able to imbue various objects with fragments of her soul these homies became her loyal minions and were the source of some amazingly potent attacks big mom created them from fragments of souls she dreamed from other people she.

Could even take the life from her foes without even touching them via her soul Pocus the combat potential of this power set is beyond terrifying even more so if magic is so closely associated with the soul of a person with the level of the foe they're facing the magic Knights won't be able to do much Beyond play for time they'll hold out for as long as.

They can but at that rate they are going to lose the only question is whether they can hold Lucius off until after gets back if they can hold a line Austin's fight will be fairly even it will be another War where he shows up just in time to end it if not though the Clover Kingdom will be a conquered Nation Lucius will convert as many.

People as he can into loyal servants what few allies after has will have to fight their way through a paladin Army to even reach Lucius everyone he knows and loves will be fighting to stop Asta he would truly be the flaw in the world now that would be horrifying but for now it is just a possibility what do you think we will see when we get back to.

The Clover Kingdom could any other black Bulls make it through once Lucius starts his assault let us know your thoughts in the comments down below as always I am otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you