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Asta Can’t Defeat This Power! The Final Battle Spoiled – Black Clover Chapter 344


Here we go it is time to take a look at what Lucia zogratus has been up to the wizard Emperor isn't planning to stay on the sidelines forever plus we get the attack on the land of the sun beginning in Earnest with sister Lily's Paladin crew having a nasty surprise for the locals let's get to it we opened chapter 344 with Lucy is greeting a strange.

Arrival asking how they're doing it is someone we had never expected to see again so late into the story that's right it is everyone's favorite character Morris the former Diamond Kingdom Mage has seemingly died during the climax of The Spade Kingdom raid trying to assist the dark Triad and birthed in the tree of Clifton even if.

He is still alive Morris didn't get out of that fight without Serious injury we can see he is heavily bandaged up even now having lost both legs and arm and an eye he's gone from a cackling villain to a hollowed-out shell of a man now that we've seen what sort of State he is in Lucy is asking him how he feels seems like a cruel joke on the emperor's part.

Morris is a reckon is of course doing terribly he has to be in constant me Lucius is pretty much just rubbing it in but hey it's Morris now another Series has Jersey Pain quite so much so carry on Lucius the diamond Mage himself admits that he is only alive due to his new Master's intervention following lucifero's manifestation before.

Accidentally grabbed his Tyrant what he needs his stage for today it seems Lucius has been drawing on Morris's expertise for a while likely helping him perfect the Paladin process he has probably proven a useful asset due to his devil lore just as he did for the dark Triad however today the would-be Tyrant has decided it is his turn to.

Help Morris declaring that he wants to offer the researcher Mutual Aid Lucia sits down on the throne only this time he has traded in his last humble chair for one with far more Cross Focus imagery there are three of them one above each shoulder and a third over lucius's head he's certainly going in on the religious symbolism appropriate for.

The guy with the army of angelic followers however he is not the one placed up on the cross Lucius isn't having to sacrifice any thing for his power instead hooked up to the three crosses we see a set of unexpected faces the dark Triad have returned even vonica and Xenon all three are Lucy's captives caged by magical energy spheres above.

The throne the same kind of energy that held Yami and William during the state Kingdom raid is wrapped around the zogratus trio there is no sign of the rest of the tree of clayfot however the throne is doing something similar but distinct the threesome grasses don't even appear to be conscious lost with any magical binding Lucius the elders.

Are graft a sibling is seemingly using his three younger kin as glorified batteries drawing upon their magic to empower himself as much as Lucius likes to act all-powerful he's relying on external sources of strength to get things done so much for being the ultimate devil host right still this setup appears to be working.

Easiest places they had amorse's chest and with a glow the Mage returns to normal entirely normal his eyes reform his fingers regrow and the ligaments of his leg muscles weed back together before our eyes Morris's body just completely repairs itself like he's Wolverine and yippee Isn't it nice to see Morris restore to full health guys.

Truly no wonder this manga deserved it more than him the diamond Mage can barely believe it staring down at his own hand he begins to laugh in wonderment this is something far beyond conventional recovery magic that just heals injuries in a way similar to basic medicine this spell went far beyond that regrowing lost ligaments returning sight.

To the blind this level of power is miraculous Lucius could create entirely new bodies with this kind of power he could change what it means to be human as far as more as the lifelong researcher is concerned this is the power of God it's easy to see it that way a benevolent Miracle granting God at work more likely however it is a power.

Of Dante as miraculous as it looks it fits with his body magic that can regenerate heavy injuries just as easily as his spell could for all the theatrics these shiny lights and the talk of Holiness Lucius comes off more like a man trying to convince himself that he is a God to use Holiness as justification to do whatever he wants in.

Reality all this stuff is just regular magic it is powerful but not as all great or holy as Lucius would like you to believe still he has convinced Morris the diamond scholar is already back to his old self immediately rising from his chair and probably started to plot some new experiment aloud he is likely going to try some new horrifying way to create.

Even greater magical power probably bathing in the blood of children or something however Lucius gently places a finger on morse's head which may seem mad magical scientists stop instantly the Tyrant doesn't explain but this is clearly another useful Soul magic Lucius has some basic standards and he's not going to allow the villain to continue.

His old ways Morris looks blank like he's not even aware of the world around him as Lucius commands him to use both his scientific skills and modification magic for the sake of world peace the Magic in princes wears directly on Morris's soul and all powerful commandment he cannot deny the diamond Mage agrees to the new stipulation like.

It was perfectly natural walking off and leaving the wizard Emperor looking surprisingly pensive it is strange to see mixed emotions from Lucius here at a glance everything seems to be going his way his soul magic is as powerful as ever he has turned Morris from a butcher into a better man and a valuable Ally but the fact that he is having to resort.

To his magic when dealing with someone whose help he needs is telling dealing with Morris a man who specializes in committing atrocities like the diamond Kingdom's magic cultivation program has to make anyone question their ideals Lucius can force him to walk a better life via Soul magic but will that stick will that truly make Morris a better.

Person or will he backslide finding a way to rationalize lucius's orders into justification for more atrocities even the would-be master of the world seems unsure if this really worked his planned Utopia is built on caging his siblings the expertise of a Madman and a power he can't be confident in Lucius has to have a bitter taste in his mouth right now.

And don't just take our word for it sister Lily can recognize his conflict in her master asking Lucius what is wrong as he calls her over to join him even as Twisted as she's become basically Paladin process she retains her real self sense of concern for others and her ability to see what is troubling someone Lucy has to flex the.

Question however there is no way he would admit any kind of doubt or weakness to a subordinate he values their faith in him far too much for that instead the emperor starts to talk to Lily about the land of the sun his former confident smile back in place even when describing a Potential Threat it is here that we get a proper look at.

The geography of this Faraway country revealing that like Japan itself the land of the sun is an archipelago it consists of multiple islands all pretty close to one another and in a very familiar shape but don't share a land tie to any the other continent and that is worth keeping in mind an attack Lucius wants to launch against them will.

Have to come either via C or through magic it won't be a one-time thing either Invasion will require some degree of continual seat travel if you want to occupy the entire country rather than just a single Island that's one more reason the paladins are so useful a few of them equal an army of conventional troops and they can fly through the air.

Freely interestingly it seems clear that Lucius doesn't know Asta is hidden in the land of the sun he merely says something is going against him in the country he describes it to Lily as An Inconvenient future one that will interfere with World Peace he has realized it is a threat but not why or how without knowing all the relevant.

Facts the predictions of Lucius yet significantly more vague it doesn't seem to trouble the elders or Gratis too much however he must have dealt with some hazy features before instead of going himself he simply charges Lily with eliminating this unstable future she of course is happy to accept Lily remains he loyal Halo wearing Paladin come.

Completely devoted to her Lord with those few final words we'll leave the master villain behind and rejoin the three paladins hovering above the land of the Sun the group isn't wasting any time with their attack on the country they are already flying over a large town and ascending to the streets Lily notes that Lucius is unable to make a.

Move while this unknown variable is in play they need to eliminate it to bring their plans back into motion the grace Paladin agrees noting that they won't let anyone take up even a fraction of their Master's precious time the group begins looking around the town the paladins remarked to this place is quite odd they have yet to see a single soul.

No one is walking the streets or cowering in their homes this entire settlement appears deserted which is bizarre considering its sheer size this isn't some minor Backwater it's a pretty big place a regional Capital maybe why is no one here Lily however spots a familiar Tori set upon the darkened sea she seems to recognize something about.

It and we know the story behind his Relic and the region in general this is the Yami Clan's old Hometown the one built upon the sea linked to hell was it evacuated following tsuke Hero's alleged Rampage out of fear of the Bloodshed making the place unsafe or did ryuyi's Clairvoyance provide enough warning to clear the place out before Lily and her.

Friend showed up either option seems quite plausible it is a moot point however because the trio isn't primarily there for the town the paladins instead Flew Over The Bay towards the shrine gate Lily seems to know its significance that was probably what they were looking for in the first place the three paladins look almost ridiculously tiny.

Standing next to the giant structure ants lingering in the shadow of something much bigger than them he had one wave of the Hand by the grace looking Paladin is enough to devastate the Tori the gate reduced to shards of ice in just a second that gives us some further evidence that the Paladin is indeed Heath Grice after all ice was his.

Magic type between him and Xenon it seems clear Lucius has some ability to bring the dead back into his service Soul magic is both potent and versatile couple it with body magic to create a new physical form for the deceased and Lucy's minions cannot permanently die getting rid of the paladins once and for all is going to be extremely difficult.

Lily turns to their wild-haired companion identifying him as yurulu and asking him to take the next step the smile and Paladin complies at once flicking through his grimoire before finding the spell he needs here yurulu takes a deep breath filling his lungs before letting it rip with Beast magic holy howl like we saw with Lily right.

After a transformation all Ellie Paladin's magic is supercharged and purified by their Newfound post-human status the power of His Sanctified spell echoes out over the bay the powerful magic is loud enough to be heard for miles for a few seconds the paladins simply linger in the air flapping their wings as they wait but then there is a.

Rumble from beneath the water a shape starts to form under the waves soon shifting into five ominous shadows as he ripples spread outward before finally the great five-headed Dragon break through the surface in a tidal wave of Flesh and anger yurulu's spell has revived the ancient threat to the land of the sun purifying it just as Lucius.

Did the paladins however when applied to a giant rampaging monster that doesn't mean much Beyond a power-up given that last time it awoke from beneath the waves the dragon was literally unkillable and now it has three extremely potent Mages backing it up the land of the sun is suddenly in very serious trouble the great creature.

Towers above the Yami Clan's old Hometown roaring as he celebrates the breaking of the ancient seal it is already more than eager for the chance to start wrecking the home of his captors and now absent jailers the three paladins look down upon their new comrade highly content in their work as Lily declares this is now a Holy Dragon.

And with it they'll make the land of the Sun the foundation of world peace either by taking the country over or wiping it out whatever they need to do in order to give Lucy his peace of mind the paladins will get it done but the Invaders are not going to have it so easy five someone familiar figures are standing on a rooftop in the town the holy dragons.

Ridiculously massive size is now fully apparent as we see things from their perspective this thing is ludicrously Big the size of a skyscraper looming over the Squadron of Defenders still they don't seem to turd if anything it is a pleasant surprise for them to get to see a legend so literally brought to life the land of the sun has five great.

Heroes already in place to match up with these five massive dragon heads and they are more than up for a challenge that's right the reusing seven are here mostly we've got all the members of the group we have met thus far Hane katsuji yozo with his demon mask oh could I zaimon laughing up a storm imari komari licking her lips at the prospect of battle and a.

Lady we haven't met before she looks like a counterpart to ichika at least in regards to the fact that she is another lady in a kimono with a katana this new Samurai even has opposing colors to the Yami Clan air opting for a white room instead of black but our mystery using member looks far less enthusiastic about this conflict than her comrades is she.

Weak or just reluctant to fight it's hard to blame her for being less excited the dragon is building sized either way ichika is in command and she is not afraid of any stupid titan dragon thing her family was he won assigned to guard it this creature might be tough but it is absolutely beatable she has already drawn her blade proudly proclaiming that.

As long as they're used in seven exists these attackers will not lay a finger on the land of the sun given how much power the four members of this group have already demonstrated against hosta this is going to be a pretty even brawl neither side has a clear Advantage we've got the paladins sporting lucius's enhanced Magic versus the ReUse him with.

Her devastating zatan it will be a surprise if any part of the old town is left standing after this fight is over but while that battle begins we go to a different part of the country far removed from the attack that's the great thing about an archipelago you've got a bunch of small island lens to hide people on we are here to see after and.

How he is taking it and our hero is once again on the ground and man at this point it seems like that has become his default for this Arc we take our eyes off him for five minutes and astha has already taken yet another beating still this time our boy is not out of the fight just yet he still has demon Slasher in hand he may be kneeling and.

Panting but he is not down for the count all the while a stranger Smiles at him it is a smug irritating grin the sword that makes you want to punch him it seems that while the other five are used in seven members have gone to fight the Holy Dragon the two remaining members of the group have stayed behind to continue Austin's training and man this new guy.

Exudes confidence if he showed a picture of him to someone and told them that he was an anime protagonist they would certainly believe you behind him the other remaining reviews and member simply shrunks at a stringed instrument presumably providing background music for his ever confident friend the smug man proclaims that ASA doesn't have room.

For distraction or boasting right now he doesn't care about being determined or gutsy or any of that other stuff our favorite black bull likes to talk about this guy is a self-proclaimed strongest of the using seven and he is going to get after to demonstrate his own power one way or another now with that we end chapter 344 things are seriously heating.

Up what plan does Lucius have for Morris and how will they fight with the Holy Dragon go I'm curious how its power compares to the ancient demon the likes of which previously threatened the Clover Kingdom and will this super strong guy kick Assa around some more probably leave us all your predictions in the comments down below as always I'm.

Slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and an awesome day I love you