This latest chapter of black clover was intense we had yuno versus the devil king lucifero the life regret of sekei and savage mode asta previously the many captains of the clover kingdom after facing lucifera and getting tossed around with ease would draw the creature's attention with their overflowing optimism as asta would.

Capitalize on this opportunity appear behind the devilish royal and swing his demon slayer sword at him however on account of lucifer's evasion asta was only able to clip the tip of one of lucifer's horns off a gesture which absolutely infuriated the monster as to be blemished in such a way by such a vastly inferior creature was.

Overwhelmingly frustrating this is by far the most serious we have ever seen lucifero be in the midst of combat as he pulverized asta beneath his heel stomping him into oblivion before being saved by the female captains as he was now unconscious and out of his devil union mode they would now see asta as their only hope of defeating this thing.

As he was actually able to deliver damage to it and so from there it pretty much just became a game of hot potato with asta as lucifero pursued him we see some impressive attempts here but ultimately the captains were no match and as far as the devil of the first layer was concerned with the defeat of real it was just about over for all.

These humans as lucifero left into the air intending to impale asta with his foot however when he landed asta was out of harm's way and to his side was a star-like construct yuno was here in protection of asta alongside sylph and mimosa with this latest chapter we'd immediately open up to the perspective of sekei who was reasonably cowering in.

The presence of this diabolical villain who'd laid out all of these captains and for sekei even before then the presence of all those other calamities given form were unsettling enough but now it seemed to him that death was a guarantee and victory was an impossibility as he laid there held down by the devil's gravitational pressure and so with this.

In mind he would have to question how in the world the likes of yuno and mimosa were standing up to him lucifera would in an instant close the distance between himself and yuno raise his hand and demand that asta be given to him for proper punishment in response yuno would use his star match to place mimosa and asta elsewhere but more specifically.

Right in front of sekei meanwhile yuna himself appeared behind lucifer's back and here yuno would swing and actually connect however despite landing his hit it did no damage at all he could not cut this thing lucifera was well beyond xenon's capabilities and this to me just says that by working together asta and yuno should be able to handle this guy.

As they both provide what the other lacks yuno can make the hit happen and asta can ensure that damage is delivered because right now the difference in their magical power was not something that could be easily bridged or done alone which for me only made the reappearance of manejo leona yet again all the more satisfying this woman right.

Here might just be my second favorite character now just behind noel she is such a badass and never stays down literally all the captains are down for the count and can't continue without real's valhalla spell but mereo leona is a different breed a different animal a lioness and would attack yet again and what's really crazy about this is that.

Lucifero noticed that her magical power is rising what in the world so first off beyond the fact for magical power rising which is unreal as is lucifero the king of devils has taken notice of a morals magical power what and not just him so too has he second layer devil this cannot be understated devilish society is all.

About magical power and how much you've got if both of these supreme devils are paying attention to her that says a whole lot also i'm totally getting vegeta and napa vibes from these two devils keep your eyes out on this little guy he is here for a reason and you already know it is going to be super important but from there you know and.

Mario leona would charge onwards as oh my goodness what a fiery beast her eyes here have changed as well i would not be surprised if we ended up seeing a new form for her or something like that in due time mind you this is immediately after she achieved a feat more impressive than the very first wizard king against that ancient demon one that.

Asta also managed recently but really and truly with anti-magic he was pretty much the perfect adversary forage with the exact tools needed to easily take it down meanwhile mario leona would just straight a magical firepower was able to destroy this ancient demon modified by morris with the intention of being absurdly resilient against magical.

Attacks gotta give this lady her respect anyway sekei would now find that thanks to yuno's magic in close proximity he could move yet again and as he looked to yuno the possessor of a four-leaf grimoire and a second grimoire as well on top of being the prince of the spade kingdom he figured that the two of them were born different from one another to.

Begin with that the difference in their power was decided from the very beginning from there seki would cowardly seek to flee alongside mimosa now trying to act like a brave protectorate using the name of the king to further his case meanwhile mimosa was completely ignoring him and attempting to heal asta much to sekkei's shock he would tell her to hold.

Off until after they get out of dodge which would provoke her to ask him to please shut up the reality being that mimosa 2 was terrified she wanted nothing more than to run away with asta but she also knew that that is not what asta wants sake would then look to asta and remember how he had looked down on him back when they first met back in his.

Hometown seke was a big name and his life for the most part was actually pretty great so much so that he couldn't help but look down on those beneath him he was really and truly a product of his society's magical propaganda and prejudice but then he would remember being defeated by asta from then on he blamed asta for all the troublesome.

Predicaments he found himself in asta who in actuality bore no resentment towards the man in fact when the two met back up later on asta would recognize him name and all and despite their previous encounter being pretty negative was proud of the guy for getting as far as he did and hoped that the two of them could do their best as magical knights.

And these thoughts clearly bothered sekei because at least would you know he had an excuse meanwhile asta should be a nobody yet he is so much more than that however mimosa was struggling she did not have enough magic remaining to heal asta in fact the spell would break in the process making it so that she couldn't heal him at all as just then.

Asta with his word shaky would thank her and get back on his feet sword in hand and blood falling from all over this man must have taken so many hits to the head that he thinks he's maria leona mimosa would call out to him telling him that he was in no condition to fight but as a battle region nearby asta would breathe heavily and promise to join the others.

In just a little bit and this is when mimosa would realize asta was not hearing her at all he was like a bull seeing red tears would well up in her eyes and she'd beg him not to die sekei was now shaking he just couldn't understand asta was a mess what could he possibly do if even all the captains together were nothing to this devil he'd.

Wonder what the point of a magical peasant joining the fray would even be as he would then remember all the incredible things asta has been able to do furthermore going on to reflect on his own life he mostly just clowned around and lived with his feet propped up what ended up being a crushing reality of his own worthlessness that.

Made him ugly cry wondering why he never tried to become stronger like asta did a lesson to be learned here is that natural talent and privileges only account for so much and can only go so far with hard work even someone at the very bottom can become so much more in fact what sekei and others like him wouldn't know at a glance would be that.

Despite being a naturally gifted prodigy it's through hard work that you know has been able to come this far as well i mean the sheer fact that austin manages to be his rival despite all that is astonishing all its own and a further testament to how much work he's put in those are the very same beliefs we carry here at plot armor which is why we work.

So hard and so we really hope you guys can find inspiration in that sort of thing as well and go beyond your limitations and i really hope this marks a change for seki he's a pretty funny character and i genuinely love to see him turn things around and actually be worth a damn and not just be all talk but getting back to asta he was on a.

Warpath moving back to the battlefield as you know struggled asta promised to be there to help out before long this was a really badass moment for asta i honestly expected him to be healed up nice and easy this chapter but no he isn't arguably the worst date he has ever been in and that is only after just a bit of luciferal lashing out not to.

Mention liebe is spent he's passed out on austa's shoulder here so we can't even expect devil union mode i'm really fascinated to see where this goes i love when a series is able to define my expectations because it usually makes things even more exciting like right now and right now i suggest you subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because.

When it comes to bringing you some of the best black lover content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you