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Asta Joins The Devils and Dark Triad!? How Black Clover Will End


The heroes of Black Clover are faced with a crisis Lucius sagratus is a threat so powerful he might literally be impossible to defeat the nature of his soul magic means that a single touch is enough to incapacitate his foes this is a villain who can effectively kill you with a forehead Boop what's worse each victim becomes a loyal Paladin ready and.

Willing to fight for Lucius every loyal magic Knight Who falls to the magic Emperor becomes one more enemy for the Clover Kingdom to deal with when Oscar returns from the land of the sun he'll have to fight through every magic Knight Squad to even reach Lucius but never fear our hero has two new allies waiting in the wings there's a pair of steadfast.

Mages out there who can actually stand up to lucius's Soul magic they'll be a great help in taking on the omnicidal wizard Emperor unfortunately these new allies are lucius's siblings Dante and vanika zagratis the two remaining members of the dark Triad are going to be asta's most important allies in the fight ahead yeah this this is going to.

Be one awkward team up but in this video we'll be explaining why Dante and vanika are the best help Asta could ask for let's get to it part one strange bedfellows now let's be clear the zagratus siblings are the last allies Asta could possibly want he wouldn't trust them to have his back in speed dating let alone in a fight vanika and.

Dante are bloodthirsty lunatics brawling for the sake of a good time and Happy to kill whenever they feel like it they overthrew euno's bird family in a fight that killed his father vanica killed noelle's mother or at least Bears partial blame for magikula fatally cursing her these two are everything the people of the Clover Kingdom believe the.

Black Bulls to be prior to Asta joining the squad they're violent thugs vicious killers and cheaters they're villains if ASA could choose he'd absolutely turn down any help from the dark Triad he'd rather fight the Twisted wizard King with the rest of the black Bulls by his side they're his close friends the ones who've had his back all this time.

Austin's Squad is an experienced team far stronger than its individual members they should be able to take on the most powerful threats in the world by this point but Loose uses Soul magic makes any regular Mage fighting him dangerous if Yami and his Squad just attacked the wizard Emperor head on they'd only be more targets for conversion by the time.

Asta gets back to the Clover Kingdom every last black bull may have already been turned into a paladin even if they stayed free bringing them to fight Lucius is far too much of a risk it would just be giving him a new batch of potential minions we only know one thing that makes someone immune to lucius's Soul magic and that's being an existing.

Devil host the wizard Emperor never used this ability against Asta even though it'd be very easy to do so one touch when the young black bull has his guard down should remove the flaw of the world Lucius purified his own devil astroth long ago what's stopping him from doing the same thing to leave it would also remove the one person capable of.

Fighting him it's seems like the obvious way to win the fight but no Lucius doesn't even try to Target lead with his soul magic instead he took on Asta in a conventional battle giving his greatest enemy the freedom to fight with anti-magic yes Lucius won in the end but that wasn't set in stone Asta put up a decent fight countering time magic.

Easily facing the young black bull like this was a foolish risk if Soul magic was an option Lucius also didn't purify the other zagrata siblings medikula and lucifera were very traditional looking Devils the dark Triad doesn't seem to have been cooperating with Lucius at any point the tree of Cliff off would have killed the humans he seeks to rule over.

But Lucius couldn't just force the Triad into going along with his vision for the future it looks like combining two souls in one body interferes with soul magic Lucius can't easily Target the devil for purification this is great news for Vice Captain knocked Faust he's immune to lucius's abilities unfortunately knocked can't just turn the rest of the black.

Ball holes into devil hosts for a start it's not clear if anyone can perform The Binding ritual or if it only works for those already tied to a devil all of the devil hosts we've seen come from families dedicated to preserving the practice Asta is the one exception and his pass with Lee May mean he fits the bill too even if anyone can become a.

Host in theory Lucius has already purified the majority of the underworld they're under his control now ready to be used in making paladins there aren't new Devils for the ritual and it's dangerous even at the best of times this isn't something you want to put good people through if you need devil hosts you're going to have to settle for those.

Who have already gone through the rite of binding and that's where Dante and vanika come in the zagrana siblings are the only remaining figures we know are devil hosts or were at least if you're looking for people who can resist the Paladin process they're two of the few who might be able to withstand it they're trained Fighters with the combat.

Experience to stand alongside the magic Knights plus they bring one more advantage to the fight they know Lucius they grew up with him back when he was confined to a wheelchair he must have kept some secrets from his siblings his whole plan seems contrary to their goal with the tree of Cliff off all the same the magic Knights know nothing about the.

Zagratus family and the magic their oldest son uses vanika and Dante can at least provide the Clover Kingdom with a starting point for understanding Lucius they could lead the black Bulls to the zagratus estate show them around the family Library if anyone has information on lucius's weaknesses it's Dante and vanika and if you want to be the first.

To learn these secrets be sure to subscribe ring the notification Bell and hit that like button we're going to get major Revelations about the zagratus soon and I can't wait to see their past but now back to the dark Triad part 2 accomplishing The Impossible some fans believe Dante and vanika died during the Spade Kingdom raid Matt's an easy.

Mistake to make they were both badly wounded fighting the black Bulls however unlike Zen on their bodies didn't dissolve this makes sense the final portion of the raid showed us that the dark Triad were never the real threat instead their Devils were the one who took Center Stage magikula Left vanica's body via a partial malevolent Femme.

Carnation prior to the end of annika's fight with Noel the cursed Devil's latter efforts to kill vanica were interrupted by Charlotte Rosalie lucifero didn't bother with Dante after the zagratus went down he manifested directly following the Advent of the tree of Cliff off even after that form was destroyed he used pieces of it to.

Return to the fight the final battle of the Spade Kingdom raid was against the prince of the underworld himself vanika and Dante were entirely irrelevant by that point unconscious and far away from the battle they were safe now they might have died during the time skip if someone found the zagranis after they were injured they would have been easy.

To kill however that's unlikely without their devil granted power boost they're far less of a threat the magic Knights won't have had to prioritize locking them up or executing them what could the Gratis do without the Spade Kingdom at their commands if the two were able to lie low for a while any pursuers would assume they died during the raid the.

Only one who may have known better is Lucius he has been hatching an intricate plan for some time and the dark Triad we're trying to oppose it the Elders of Gratis is very thorough he may have tried to remove his enemies from the board while weak but he had every opportunity to kill them as children and never took it Lucius even views the.

Remaining zagrata siblings as a part of his scheme it's unclear if he cares about them or views them as useful tools though perhaps the Spade Kingdom raid was where their party in this scheme ended perhaps he wants to bring them back to his side Dante and vanica's fate depends on how Lucius views them if he still wants to bring his siblings to his.

Side the pair have likely been imprisoned somewhere in the Clover Kingdom they've been thrown into a dark cell until Lucius can make them see sense if he sees them as no longer important however he'll have left vonica and Dante to rot in the wilderness they've served their purpose in loose sees his plan and lost their Devils why.

Bother killing them either way Asta and the black bulls will be able to find them Knox abilities allow him to track down anyone the two as a greatest siblings could be living in a Hut in the middle of nowhere and the Vice Captain will still find their Shadow if the pair are locked up the heroes will need to pull off a quick prison break that won't.

Be a problem for this team given how much force the black Bulls can throw at any problem soon enough they'll have two new Warriors ready to tangle with Lucius there's one problem with bringing them into the fight though vanika and Dante both lost their Devils megicula died during the climax of The Spade Kingdom raid after separating herself from her.

Host body loser Pharaoh was taken by Lucius granting our mad Tyrant additional power that limits Dante and vanika's ability to help Asta even if they retain their immunity their power is going to be seriously reduced they won't have access to a second type of magic or the devil's reserve of magical power however the zagranis siblings have.

A trick up their sleeves they can perform the devil binding ritual vanik and Dante should both be able to pull this off given time to draw a circle subduing a devil without their full power will be difficult but they both did it before winning that fight is the first step to becoming a devil host they're very familiar with how to battle.

The forces of the underworld their original devils are either dead or under lucius's control so are most of the underworld's most powerful figures they will no longer be available for summoning however the pair have another source of power the paladins if the zagratus can beat one while the ride is set up they should be able to take the.

Devil Within for their own use this would give the pair some power back and help free asta's allies from lucius's Soul magic part 3 A Deadly Alliance all that said there's one overarching challenge to Bringing these two onto the team the zagrata siblings would have to want to join the fight against Lucius at first glance they have no reason to.

Dante doesn't care about humanity and vanika throws away toys that bore her these two Psychopaths aren't going to be concerned with the fate of the world could Asta persuade them to join the Clover kingdom yes he absolutely could there are still some unanswered questions about Dante and vanika but there are multiple ways to get them on.

Board with helping Asta let's start with what we saw of these two already during the Spade Kingdom Arc the other two is agranis already have beliefs established that could set them against Lucius all the magic Knights need to recruit them is a little well-placed talk no Jutsu Dante's biggest motivation is pride he was enraged by the idea of a commoner.

Beating him being robbed of his devil the great lucifero must sting even worse Lucius thwarted the dark triad's plan to create the tree of Cliff off refusing help when his siblings needed it he betrayed the zagratus clan his other self leading their enemies to Victory if Dante learns exactly what his brother has been up to he will be furious more.

Importantly he'd blame Lucius for his defeat it's much easier to accept losing to a powerful devil host than losing to a no-name commoner it presented with a chance for revenge against his real enemy Dante would be sorely tempted this would give him the chance to hurt Lucius just like Lucius hurt the dark Triad as for vatica she's a simple Soul her love.

Has always been the rush that comes from a hard-fought battle that's more than enough to bring her onto the Black Bull side for their war against Lucius if she's given the chance to fight against History's Strongest Mage she'd absolutely take it Austin may have to hold her back from running straight at her older brother bloody daggers at the.

Ready this would be the ultimate thrill for vannica the best fight ever she'd even get to fight alongside Noel pushing each other to get stronger Noel isn't likely to get much enjoy women out of that but vanica won't notice what's more neither zagratus is going to enjoy lucius's plan if he wins he seeks to create a Paradise one without war or.

Inequality this doubtless sounded great to Lucius the boy in the wheelchair dreaming of a bright future to vanica and Dante however this has to sound like the most boring World imaginable perfect equality means no ability to Excel World Peace means no more enjoyable fights the zagratus may join the black Bulls purely because their brother's idea of a Utopia.

Sickens them it goes against all the human instincts they most enjoy part 4 The Brighter path but that's just the starting point we shouldn't assume that zagranis are the same people we saw before they lost during the Spade Kingdom raid it was a brutal defeat too Dante was beaten in a fist fight by the near powerless Magnus Wing he was out.

Cold for the entire final fight powerless to intervene vanika was discarded by megicula turned into a mute spectator for noelle's final battle the cursed devil even tried to kill vanica in order to fully manifest burning her soul to complete the malevolent Femme Carnation spell vanica didn't take that well and then there was Xenon the most.

Loyal of the zagrada siblings who died fighting for their dream Dante and vanika used to tease their brother but he was still one of them they've known him all their lives he was the most powerful of the dark Triad and died all the same that has to be hard to process these three thought they were almost invulnerable and have seen they were.

Anything but it's been over a year since the events of the Spade Kingdom raid Dante and vanika have had time to think about what happened they can reflect on where they went wrong defeat gives the pair a chance to realize what helped the black Bulls beat them they could have actually grown into very different people Dante can learn from his mistake.

In underestimating Magna with time to get over his defeat he might even come to admire the peasant Mage he took on the king showed no fear and won Dante is always respected opponent and he saw is worthy if Magna has taught him how worthless his pride was he could start seeing real potential in humanity even an ant can take on a giant and win that.

Attitude would be the opposite of lucius's beliefs the older zagratus sees all Humanity as flawed and in need of replacement this is the sort of difference that could even make close Brothers fight vannica however would be pushed down the opposite route she was badly hurt by medikula's manifestation for the first time she's been made to.

Feel real pain this is a brutal life lesson for vanica actions have consequences with luck it'll finally teach you some basic empathy she was hurt far more badly than Dante during the fighting she'll have been forced to lie still resting up to slowly recover that would give vannica time to think to remember all the people she's killed.

Just because it was fun did they feel like this pain and fear are very uncomfortable things to deal with it'll leave vannica weary of fighting going forward but if given the chance to protect people to stop additional pain that might get her to feel more confident vanica could put her skill in fighting to use for a better purpose.

He'd let her have fun again without causing needless harm she'd be following ostir Silva's example finding real strength in protecting others the pair both have strong starting points for a Redemption Arc vanika and Dante can understand their mistakes appreciate the harm they've done and learn to be better Black Clover has seen many villains.

Reform after encountering the black Bulls the eye of the Midnight Sun The Elves and Mars all eventually understood that they needed to turn their lives around the zagrada siblings could finally join their fellows on this path towards growth well Dante and vanik are good Lucius lagratus would never lower himself in this way Redemption requires.

Humility and lucius's entire plan comes from self-righteous arrogance whatever else you can say about the dark Triad they never pretended to care about Humanity they never claimed to be holy or righteous they sought to make the world more pleasing to them if it killed most of you Humanity so what that lack of empathy is sociopathic but at least.

It's honest Lucius however plans to intentionally wipe out Humanity what was collateral damage in the dark Triads plan is his goal and he's convinced himself that this purge is for everyone's best interests he'll remake Every Soul by hand using his magic to recreate the world sure his perfect Humanity sounds idyllic on paper but at.

The end of the day he's doing exactly what the Triad did making the world he wants to see Asta called it out immediately and he was right Julius protected people Lucius is throwing lives away and plans to rule the world he sees himself as a wizard King but he's protecting no one he just wants to make Humanity well-behaved pawns Lucius.

Sagratus is the antithesis of everything Julius novocrono believed in both men may Fight For Peace but they have very different interpretations of that word Julius saw the value in everyone even outcasts like Yami and William he cherished their strange and unusual magic rather than dismissing it as a flaw when the old wizard King met Austin.

You know he encouraged them to surpass him one day he lifts his people up while Lucia seeks to grind them into the mud the Elders of Gratis judges Humanity flawed incapable of redemption and lacking all hope of virtue wouldn't it be amazing if his own siblings prove that wrong vanica and Dante were Prime examples of everything Lucius thought.

Was flawed in humanity they were selfish arrogant and uncaring if they're able to stand against their all-powerful brother to protect the world it'd show they're capable of change even the most wicked of humans has the potential to see the light and do better there's no way Lucius would accept that that idea makes his entire plan pointless tyrannical and.

Cruel he'd sooner try and kill Dante and vanika then listen to anything they have to say but even if he manages to beat them in a fight they'll have won the argument they'll plant a seed of Doubt for Asta to use in that final confrontation for perhaps they'll even manage to get back on their feet in time to join that last great fight but what.

Do you think are you down with Dante and vanika turning their lives around do you think the black Bulls would be able to work with them how would Lucius react to their betrayal let us know in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Jack Stansbury and have an awesome day