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ASTA JOINS THE WAR!! Devils Invade The Spade Kingdom – Black Clover


So this week's installment of black clover was very much a bridge chapter serving to place our various characters where they need to be and keeping the story moving with the last one we had asta's devil union mode revealed to us in all its devilish glory as he absolutely shredded through the ancient.

Demonic scourge a visually fantastic chapter that saw asta making short work of the creature and saving the entirety of the clover kingdom single-handedly before deciding to head off to the spade kingdom to join the fight this latest chapter picks up on that very same sentiment.

But would have asta soon admit that even with his current power that sort of traversal would take ages to fulfill and unfortunately the devil not had left him with was incapable of such long-distance teleportation magics without the presence of his master and.

For that matter it's not as if his master is in any position to facilitate such requests and before asa could even consider an alternative he'd swiftly pop out of devil union mode as to show just how unrefined the power still is at least in regards to its duration.

As it came undone faster than even he imagined but as he hurtled downwards he'd be met by the familiar magic of finra it was the black bulls here to lend him a hand meanwhile the spade kingdom was in utter disarray as a number of low ranking devils would.

Flood into the world and be confronted by the limited number of mages on the scene their top priority was the protection of the civilian population staking the very pride of their forces on this task but they would not be alone in these pursuits as several practitioners.

Hailing from the clover kingdom would begin to assist them in any way that they could but even still there were just so many of these monsters to deal with but just then fugellion would emerge with salamander and incinerate the opposition recognizing that despite pledging.

Themselves under different banners the desire to protect their innocence was all the same but even with such supreme positioning he too would be sworn by several winged devils their numbers were seemingly unending and they were now being overwhelmed the people were doing their utmost to fight.

Back but were swiftly overtaken by the creatures however in a flash a burst of magical power would come forth out of nowhere and decimate a few devils while simultaneously keeping their targets out of harm's way this magic was incredibly powerful as.

Fugalian was proud to see the source members of the heart kingdom the clover kingdom the elves and the black bulls would show up all together and that was the chapter listen last week we finally got to see asa's devil union.

Mode and that was epic but what i have been waiting for is noel to show us what she is now capable of here on the channel admittedly we haven't been covering black clover forever so i haven't really had a chance to.

Discuss my favorite character here much but to know that her time has come along with these other amazing characters it's safe to say that i am hype and i don't know if it's just me or not but these chapters really do feel very short black clover more than any other series that we cover the chapters feel really really short.

And maybe that's just because there's a lot less dialogue there's more action shots and that sort of thing i don't know you guys maybe let me know right now especially black clover is providing that action and that mayhem and i am all for it this is that good old familiar shonen formula at its finest.

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To bringing you some of the best black clover content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice botaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you you.