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Asta Just Broke His Own Story! His Next Power Up & Final Form Revealed – Black Clover Chapter 343


It is time for a showdown Asta versus ichika devil host versus Samurai after the last chapter's Revelations this dispute could only be settled with some good old-fashioned violence we've got two powerful combatants ready to go all out over the honor osuke Hiro Yami let's get to it we opened chapter 343 on a wide idosta he's still not sure what to.

Make of ichika's violence however ichika does not give him much time to think the younger Yami air is furious and eager to bring the pain she goes to the first attack of the fight firing a volley of dark magic blast Ryan Asta they're fast too zipping through the air hosta only just manages to get to the side thanks to double Union boosting his speed that.

Is not enough to deter ichika for long however she is a member of the usen7 one of the most powerful Mages in the land of the sun she's got a lot more tricks up her sleeve than just one attack spell interestingly she does not show us any of her brothers techniques instead the samurai holds out her head focusing dark magic through it it forms a sphere of.

Pure black energy she's really taking the whole wano at Fourth thing to heart and is using Blackbeard's kurosu dark magic is surprisingly versatile with just that gesture Asta gets physically drawn towards ichika he has been pulled off of his feet while he force of her spell even the best of Warriors will have trouble fighting when they can't.

Stand ichika is ready for him bringing her sword up high over her head before slashing down at Asta that is a hefty strike the sword you would use to split a man in half Asta is ready for her however he intensifies his devil Union using the increased anti-magic to cancel out ichigo's foul even if it hasn't left her hand the effect it had on him was.

Due to the magic the power circulating through him via devil Union was enough to counteract it Asta is no fool he knows how to fight a foe who relies on one op spell like this still ichiga has more to bring to the fight than her spells she is a warrior not just a maid age and can recover from a setback like this the samurai recovers quickly.

Swinging around to kick off the squarely in the Torso the blow gets through and lands hard the devil host is knocked back into the river with a mighty Splash if she had had these at 10 ready that would have been downright devastated Austin needs a second to pull himself up from beneath the water even with this shallow stream he took a tough hit and.

Probably needs to clear his lungs ichika's got no interest in giving him a chance to catch his breath however she swoops down towards Asta already at the point of delivering a follow-up below ichika is being ruthless here capitalizing on the moment of weakness to try and get some more damage in she will quite literally kick a man when.

He's down for the first time in the fight though Austin sees an opportunity he used his wing to launch himself upward Rey Twitter said ichika with a strike of his own she thought he was down and that she had the time to land a final blow that was her mistake and he could use it Asa has been through a whole day of training since his last.

Fight with the younger yummy and it paid off he's finally been able to seize an opening find a weakness and exploit It For the First Time Asta is confident he can land the Titan but no at the last second Ichigo pulls upward evading off the strike she somehow managed to go backwards and straight up in the air defying all the laws of physics no wait.

Hold on a second adjusting your movement midair did did she could just double jump no no we've seen what she actually pulled on the next page did you guys clearly sky with small black holes via a spell she calls Dark Star this is a more elaborate version of the kurosu like technique she tried earlier with Darkstar ichika creates a gravitational.

Pull she can control easily usually she would go for the same version she pulled on after earlier but devil Union makes that impossible however if she cast it on herself Ichigo will make her own movements hard for author to read she can use the artificial gravity field to pull crazy acrobatic stunts matching devil Union's flight he just has to be.

Selected with which black hole she uses adjusting gravity to pull herself any which way these two keep adapting to each other's moves it is one counter after another this fight is going to be closed ichika bounds through the air using Dark Star to make one Impossible Jump after another she's like some kind of circus acrobat flipping and bounding.

Through the air with this he is confident Asta won't be able to predict her movements osta however Source passed her he doesn't try to hit the fast-moving Samurai the Black Bull has a different Target in mind he flies up to the center of the Dark Star field demon Destroyer raised High a single well played strike is enough to annihilate.

The entire spell with all the dark stars linked anti-magic applied to one removes them all one by one the black holes winked out of existence the naichka her Mobility Advantage once again the two combatants are back on even footage everything ichiga can bring to the fight via spell casting ASA can cancel out with his anti-magic and so fancy.

Abilities won't be enough to turn this fight around both Asta and ichika realize that and start closing in on each other rapidly they are both charging at each other as fast and as hard as possible pulling all their magic once again the lightning flares from their eyes as they make ready for the coming strike after these opening blows.

There is only one thing that will decide the fate of this battle raw power and between these two who is stronger will come down to which of these combatants can best perform the zatan Asta is convinced he has it down this time he has been battered by four powerfuls of 10 using Mages all day long he's gotten a sense for how the move works and when.

To best use it all that training will finally pay off in this climactic Clash ichika is ready for him however this isn't the first time she has plot is a 10 using opponent and she knows how to counter someone who just learned the technique yesterday she shifts to the side at the last second evading asa's lunge and leaving the Black Bull open to.

A counter blow she doesn't bother with her sword however it would take too long to land a counter swing hosta could probably block that instead she kicks against his forehead transferring his attend to her foot Asta doesn't have a chance to react to these sudden attack he's just been knocked down through the water once again the impact kicking up.

One more devastating Splash this time it really was his intend that pushed him down into the water it has to be tough to move after a blow like interestingly though even with her Foe on the ground ichiga didn't go for any kind of coup de grass she just ascends slowly towards the water as Asta lies there in the river the Black Bull must.

Be completely drenched at this point he has been knocked into this one stream repeatedly his robes have been soaked through her position secure and anger cooling ichika takes a second to insult hosta there was no way he could even Hope to come out ahead in a clash of the 10 with her after all she is the one who taught him the technique she has been.

Performing it for years it's no surprise that she is still more experienced with it than he is ichika looms over the Black Bull looking like some shadowy Angel of Death she claims Asta has no determination conviction or competence as far as she's concerned someone like him could never become the wizard King this idiot wants to become his nation's.

Version of ryuya that is laughable it's easy to see this as pure trash talk with ichiga going for whatever she can think of that might hurt after the most closed captioning not available right on the money there is something more at play here than pure hatred towards Asta and katayami something else.

Is pushing ichika to lash out and Asta picks up on it our boy is going for the classic talk no Jutsu with a little more conversation he might be able to work through each of those emotional issues he could actually be able to truly befriend her given a little time still for the moment the dark Samurai denies any such ulterior motive there is no way.

Ichika would admit to anything after the last conversation the dark Samurai snorts commanded the Foreigner not to address her like he knows her there is a seed here but ASA can pull off this conversation just yet so for now we are back to the fight in Earnest talk might have been the better path but ichika is not willing to listen and after doesn't.

Have the information he needs the only way they're going to sell their differences for now is with violence ASA decided that he has finally worked out his own personals at 10 style he can pull it off and he will do it his way the two swords went dark towards each other going for one final the decisive Clash once again hasta and Ichigo flare.

Their magic the lightning coursing from their eyes this is a classic Samurai Action you can almost see them do the blade path before one slowly Falls however the fight is unexpectedly interrupted before they reach that point neither Warrior manages to land a blow ryuya has entered the scene without anyone even noticing him the Shogun has.

Been taking some Ninja lessons apparently he somehow managed to insert himself between ichika and afta intercepting both attacks with his bare hands I repeat this totally normal guy with no magical power has somehow blocked twos at 10 simultaneously stopping two super powerful attacks without seeming to have any effort.

Involved these are blows that can shatter the heavens and ryuya is acting like they're nothing he turned ichika's blade aside by placing his hand on her blade Hilt but he just took awesome strike in his arm like it was nothing so really how powerful is this guy for someone who supposedly has a magical power he seems ridiculously strong no.

Amount of foresight can justify this insane feat ichiga's eyes go wide at the sudden arrival of her lore all of a sudden the Red Mist of anger has completely left her she can actually realize what she's done the samurai has to be feeling guilty as Sin right about now she just tried to kill her Lord's honored guest no amount of personal.

Grievances can excuse that the samurai Falls to her knees letting her magic Fade Away Ichigo stammer is barely able to get her apologies out quickly enough it's interesting how completely different she is the second review shows up the prod Samurai doesn't even try to defend herself or Justify her actions instead she immediately suggests she.

Should commit to puku in a Nintendo apologize to ryuya it says so much about ichika that that's the plan she jumps to not a gift box not an apology to Asta sapuku she really doesn't do half measures thankfully ryuio waves that idea down at once he is no evil Overlord there is no way he would demand that kind of loyalty from his subordinate.

He's not even going to blame each other what happened here as intense as it can get the Shogun is usually a pretty chill guy yuya is just happy no one seems to be heard too badly though he notes Asta is bleeding some ryuya asks his new friend if he's okay a black bull barely registers the pain however he is lost in his frustration he ultimately failed.

Here and that's not because he couldn't take ichika down Asta isn't a bloodthirsty guy that sort of thing doesn't matter to him ultimately though he could not perform this at 10. he had multiple chances in that fight but was completely unable to take advantage of them even if the fight was ultimately interrupted this was still Austin's loss.

He is seeding over it he was so close Asta is convinced he can get it down he just needs a little more time to perfect it still for now he has reality to deal with finally processing what just happened ASA apologizes to ryuya he just slashed at the shogun's arm after all it's probably a bad thing to assault a head of state even if it was technically.

An accident hopefully it's not a serious wound at a glance it doesn't even look like also was able to cut his robe thankfully ryuya isn't too worried laughing at the idea even if Austin hurt him they are right by fumito's house after all he can just head over to the Healer to get patched up thanks to those convenient water Sprites it's even an.

Excuse for him to get a nice meal and for rosta that's got to be tempting after a long day of training before we can lead the scene however the Shogun realizes something his mystical eye has picked up on an unfortunate new development and at once he goes tense ryuya glances to one side muttering that they have arrived for once he's frowning.

Even for the usually happy Shogun this new person is someone to be deeply worried about it looks like this is the one situation even ryuya will have to take seriously who is he talking about well we cut to them immediately far above the land of the Sun a stranger is talking to her friends she's taking the time to Muse about their location this.

Continent was a place she had only heard about in Old stories it is supposed to be a myth it's bizarre to actually be here but holy power and a glorious Mission will take you to some strange places panning up we see that sister Lily has arrived in the land of the sun complete with a shiny new Halo and horns she's standing proudly against the.

Cloudy night sky surveying the area for any signs for Target Lucy is his right-hand woman has found asta's rough location and she's probably not going to let him escape a second time given that she is hosting a powerful devil she is not going to be easy for the locals to deal with even the ryuzan may not be enough to hold a paladin back from their.

Target and so I hope you're ready for another Hefty dose of trauma hasta because your one true love is back for round two and unfortunately she has run out of semi-mythical continents to throw you on and while Austin does have some new friends to defend him now so too the sister Lily she has brought two more paladins with her as backup one of them.

Appears to be Heath Grice a minor member of the eye of the Midnight Sun if you don't remember he is the ice Mason off the fault during his first mission with the black bulls and so it's really odd to see him as a Paladin not because he was such an early villain or because he wasn't that Holy a person but because he was very dead when we last saw him I.

Mean grace killed himself rather than get arrested by the Clover Kingdom for his crimes and now he's just back again so can the Paladin creation process restore the death if so who knows what forces Lucius might be able to throw against the Clover Kingdom now the other figure is a strange one it doesn't seem like we have met them before but unlike.

The other paladins this one seems to only be wearing a baggy pair of pants you can see the magical veins on their arms and their torso is mostly skin and bone their hair is wild and long and they are grinning down at the Kingdom below they can't have been doing well before Lucius found them could they have been a prisoner some kind of hermit.

Whoever this is they are clearly someone to watch out for Lucius wouldn't Grant the power of a paladin to just anyone regardless that is where we leave chapter 343 no more training for a bit lucius's forces have already found Asta this is going to get intense will the other user join the fight will also be able to confront sister Lily throw us.

Your answers in the comments down below as always I'm Celeste motaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you