This latest chapter of black clover sees oscar giving chase the king of devils lucifero who attempts to create some space between the two of them by jumping back a bit from which point he would then raise his two remaining hands and yeah i said remaining because asta recently cut the other two on his back off but yeah with them he would cause.

Much of the nearby debris to suddenly rise up and rush asta as he drew closer but this was light work for asta who would simply use these things as footholds for the sake of continuing his pursuit as the intensity in his eyes was clear as day and as daunting as night yet once he got close enough lucifera would elevate an especially large piece.

Of the ground up that would slam into usa's side and bring him way up high from which point we would receive a never-before-seen conversation between asa's mother and libe here she would admit to him that she had a son furthermore going on to say that he would have been around the same age as libe by now which i find to be rather.

Fascinating as although libre's stature may have been smaller in the past i never actually presume libre's age to be proportionate to his outward appearance on account of him being a devil and all she let it be known that she was incredibly thankful that her son had been born a healthy baby we would then snap back to the current reality as.

Zusafera had left up to attack asta who he had suspended for the moment atop this massive block but to continue the conversation from the past where cheetah would say that despite her happiness had she remained with her son she would have ended up stealing his life force and so she had to leave him and we then receive a shot of her leaving asta at the.

Orphanage expressing that she is unfit to be a mother and at that i have to wonder how she managed to get pregnant in the first place with such a dangerous power to begin with but i suppose that is a question for another day although there is a belief that alan the late best friend of the dark triad xenon could be his dad especially on account.

Of all the similarities but as far as we know he died and didn't possess any magic special enough for him to resist the draining of his life force he simply had fire magic what is a relatively basic sort of magic perhaps he may have actually survived and received treatment similar to yami where he ended up being more akin to a devil in composition than.

A human but at least for right now there's not really anything to substantiate such speculation subscribing to such a prospect right now wouldn't be all too different from the fact that at one point some fans presumed dante to be assa's dad simply based on his devil marking lucifero in the present would slam his fist into the.

Abdomen of asta an attack with such ferocity that just about any other character would be impaled by it regita in the past would look down at her hands as she struggled to admit that she'd never be able to be by his side that she would never be able to hold him in her arms that she'd never be able to see him ever again but that wouldn't change the.

Fact that tomorrow and all the days to come always and forever she would love her son as asta look intensely at lucifera locking eyes with the creature and one might say that with this true devil union between asta and libe these memories from the past which we are observing now are events that asta is now privy to and so although he may not.

Have known ruchita to be his mother as well when he declared his aggression towards the sofaro he does now and as he looked at asta lucifer himself had a bit of recollection as you'd remember the face of her cheetah in the past as she protected libe and just like that lucifera would put two and two together realizing that asta was a child of the.

Quote worthless woman who had gotten in the way of his manifestation into the mortal world in the past and good lord the expression on assa's face here was absolutely diabolical he'd swing his sword up towards lucifero's face slicing another one of his horns clean off lucifero would attempt to retaliate here by reeling back a fist but asta was more.

Than ready for this in a single move he had now managed to cut off all of lucifero's hands in brilliant fashion the fiend's eye is now widened yet asta was not done just yet before the ants of the monster could even hit the ground asta would make another upward slash across him and once again lucifero this once proposed to be nightmarish figure.

Of apocalyptic carnage could only look on in horror himself as asa let him know that the only one who was truly worthless was him as he cleaved lucifero in two like a hot knife to butter but he still wasn't done as he would cut into him yet again from another angle and with that devil union had met its time limitation and as such assa and libe.

Were properly separated from one another lee may retain his actual stature as opposed to his chibi version the remains of lucifero would then messily fall onto the ground in repulsive fashion with the face of the royal kissing the dirt asa and libe would then say in union still seeming to be somewhat mentally intertwined that while lucifer crawls on.

The ground they are going to live and be happy which is exactly what their mother desired of them and oh my goodness these boys look like absolute goons here together asa seriously needs to consider keeping his headband around his neck because this is too cool now what comes next from here i imagine is going to be very make or break for a lot of fans.

Reasonably speaking our forces can't really handle much else everyone is spent and exhausted so it's hard not to see this being the end of lucifero yet if it is my goodness was he one of the most disappointing antagonists i have seen and shown in in quite some time i'm sorry but this guy is horribly underwhelming and lame yes he is the.

Most powerful adversary we've seen thus far but nothing about him was genuinely exceptional at all sure he laid out every captain sent by the clover kingdom but all he did was punch and kick them and listen in another series hand to hand combat can be fantastic but not with this guy not in this series there weren't any signs of martial arts.

Prowess or anything like that he just hits really hard and that's it and for a series with such creative powers as black clover i can't help but be disappointed even his use of gravity magic was boring as opposed to using the magic and terrifying ways or anything like that he just pushed and pulled and made rox move which don't get me wrong.

Can certainly be done to great effect in a story as seen by the likes of pain from naruto and such but really this just was not it in fact i'd go as far as to argue that his vessels morris and dante were more interesting in their application of his power i mean the sheer fact that they had two sorts of magic at their disposal was far more.

Interesting and because we seemingly look to be at the end here i have to say how disappointing that truly is i mean morris was a character a mad scientist that has been hyped up since the very beginning of the story far longer than lucifero and with his hands and so many pies he was essentially the orochimaru of the black clover story however the.

Speed to which he was thrashed by the black bulls was absolutely embarrassing i mean sure for the moment it made the bulls look really strong and really capable but it was just downright disrespectful for the character that we have known to be such a villain from the very beginning i personally found it to be far more fascinating but you know.

What whatever even if you don't want to use morris why is it that despite manifesting through morris lucifero did not use his modification magic i mean come on veronica had blood magic and magekula used that to her advantage she used not only that but she also used the steel magic of noelle's mother on top of her curse magic which was already so.

Powerful in regards to emotional stakes yes he is responsible for the suffering of liber and such but he's so devilish that there's no part of him that's human do you understand what i mean like there's nothing really to latch onto his character that's compelling in any way truthfully the expenditure of the dark triad in exchange for these villains we.

Have no history with but are instead told are a big deal may not have been the right choice and you know at that although i will say that magekila was a lot better than lucifero turned out to be because although i really like veronica mcgella brought something new to the table that had a different sense of gravity to it i mean simply put she.

Had more impact not only in the fact that her magic was so extravagant but the fact that she impacted the lives of noel noesel charlotte and lola pechka meanwhile yes lucifero was responsible for the death of asta and liby's mother but it was nothing personal he didn't really even care about her she was insignificant he was kind of just.

Seizing an opportunity that presented itself meanwhile you have megula who was definitely conniving planning this behind the backs of the other supreme devils planning this for years and years such a meticulous and well-orchestrated plan that makes the king of devils look like an utter chump i love black clover profusely and have championed this.

Series for years and years since its first week of publication and it is for those very reasons that i feel this arc for as cool as it may have been visually and in regards to the power-based progression of our characters was a miss although magna did the damn thing his fight was clean that being said i am still looking forward to the aftermath.

Of all this because it is asta's recognition time this boy saved the entirety of the clover kingdom from an ancient demon a king to the greatest feat that the first wizard king had ever done and did so in a matter of seconds when even the most seasoned of the country's active combatants could not not to mention the fact that he has now.

Saved the entirety of the world from the king of devils zafaro the very figure that has laid out most of the clover kingdom's strongest mages single-handedly and simultaneously asa's power and words should be undeniable now to the point where the trial against him sounds like a joke oh and who can forget the ever mysterious adrenaline who is.

Just waiting for his opportunity clearly i am very opinionated about all of this so i would love to know how you guys feel in the comments as well thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you