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Asta Learns The Secrets of Ki & New Wizard King Revealed! – Black Clover Chapter 338


This is where it starts hasta's next and presumably last training Arc has finally begun and we get to see some more of the land of the sun we even have our first fight on this brand new continent we meet asa's actual new mentor and get a peek at what he might be able to do after this training Arc we still don't have a proper name for this Arc but.

Until we do this is effectively wano act four now in Black Clover let's get to it we opened right where last week's chapter ended off Asa has gotten to his feet and walked over to the balcony appreciating the view of the city we saw in that two-page spread it's left him a bit awestruck still it's finally done on our boy that he is in a foreign country.

And a very distinct foreign country at that the land of the sun is the Homeland Captain Yami was never able to return to the one he'd basically given up on ever seeing again how is Austin supposed to get back to the Clover Kingdom from here if it was as simple as finding a ship Yami could have gone home all those years ago is it even possible to go back.

Ryuya hasn't bothered getting up he weighs Austin back down tell him to relax our Shogun friends apparently been able to sense ellucius isn't making a move anytime soon and so there's really no reason to hurry or worry about the return journey and that renagon of his shirt is impressive ASA isn't able to believe that just from hearing not Yami.

Say the words though he is still sweating worrying about his homeland and his friends hasta further questions his host what does the Shogun title mean he's also not sure what name to use with him ryuya rudo Austin's 2 used to dealing with people who only use one name ryuya takes a second to think Austin's question through he's not sure.

How to explain his title to someone from a distant land eventually he goes with an analogy a Shogun is equivalent to the Clover Kingdom's wizard King this makes sense the wizard King was based on the historical Shogun title a military leader who takes command of the Armed Forces while the emperor deals with civilian matters this implies ryuya has.

His own useless Emperor to deal with hopefully he's better than Augustus cure Clover at least ryuya is also fine with Asta just calling him Ryu going be not even a first name basis with a chuckle the Shogun of the land of the sun really doesn't care about formality and I suppose that is one more way in which he is just like Julius however there is a.

Difference between them and it is something deeper than ryuya looking a bit scruffy even without the ability to sense magical power Asta is able to pick up on it while his wizard King had ludicrous amounts of magic ryuya doesn't seem that's wrong ryuya is happy to confirm it with another laugh he doesn't mind being seen as weak although this.

Isn't exactly feeling also with confidence in his new host he is apparently hanging out with off-brand Julius same title but no cool time magic to back it up how is ryuya able to make these predictions without magical power is he just guessing or is there something more to it before ASA can say anything more however ryui's assistant.

Speaks up and she is none too happy with asa's tone during this conversation to be fair to her he did just call one of the leaders of her country a weakling it's not just surprising someone who works for yuya might take that personally she warns him the outsider not that they're speaking to our Lord in such a disrespectful way again the.

Strange woman is glaring daggers at afta the shadow of killing intent looming over her eyes it has to be a familiar feeling for our would-be wizard King by this point Austin tries to apologize to her but stumbles on his words dealing with nobility or easily offended people has never been a strong suit thankfully.

Ryuya takes it all in good grace this man doesn't bother to shave regularly people being casual with him isn't anything to worry about he tells his assistant ichika to calm down everything is all right they are all friends here even as things he escalate ASA remains worried however he can send something familiar about ichika's Ki something he.

Can't quite identify but he can also sense that she is still mad at him and he really shouldn't go near her given that she is still glaring across a room at him that is a pretty safe bet before ASA can work out what she's thinking ryuya interrupts with an idea Asta must be worried about his homeland the painful death of everyone he loves and.

The prospects of his Squad being turned into monsters purified devil hosts but he should look on the bright side he has ended up in a foreign country and has nothing better to do right here and now why not do a bit of sightseeing it's at least something for him to focus on rather than Lucius and the Clover Kingdom getting out breathing fresh air.

And seeing some cool local attractions might help calm him down a bit ASA does not object to the tourism therapy plan it's not like he has a better idea of what to do next soon enough the three of them are strolling down a white Street in the middle of town they haven't even bothered with a change of clothes there are just three more figures in the crowd.

Passing by without drawing any attention ichika is still looking Sullen briuya is beaming getting to show a stranger around his country must be a rare treat and Asta is beyond appreciative he is stars in his eyes again awestruck had all these strange sights of the land of the Sun the village boy in him has always enjoyed getting to see new things.

And soon enough he gets something really extraordinary with a couple of street performers the two twirl these long parchment swirls through the air crawling out to anyone who passes by they are happy to invite every everyone's witness he dance of Fire and Water Birds they call small Spirits out of these magical Scrolls the creatures.

Wheeling through the air above them passing one another it goes over well with their audience a small crowd is soon formed around the Performing Brothers clapping pointing and cheering at the Majestic Birds Asta is confused by this that was clearly magic somehow though these performers were able to cast spells without a grimoire ryuya.

Explains that these scrolls are simply the local equivalent everyone here uses them to perform sorcery the local term for magic this has seemingly gotten us his attention even the basic item people use for spell casting is different here who knows what else might be different in the strange foreign land before ASA can learn any more about the local power.

System though he's distracted by something far more important Nomo tatos the signature crops of Hage Village are somehow present on another continent just holding one in his hands has almost reduced assets to tears it is a reminder of a place where he grew up a better times it makes him feel safe it's quite impressed that the install vendor.

Manages to keep a straight face through Awesome's words here no potatoes were not known for being particularly tasty seeing someone break down like this over a plain vegetable has to be bizarre but he just Praises us to taste clearly hoping for a big sale from this over-enthusiastic Foreigner before we can pull it off however Austin notices.

Something else he spots a young woman leading her little brother down the street the two have gone out grocery shopping together likely after supplies for tonight's meal the young boy is trying to get his sister to buy something tasty for dinner while she is resolved to stick with the cheaper no potatoes a rather familiar story odds.

Are good that they can't afford anything more now the sight of the pair tons of NASA's heartstrings as does the conversation they share it is all too familiar to him he was just like that as a kid wandering the market with yuno and sister Lily he flashes back to that time Austin now the little kid is suddenly pointing at something tasty but too.

Expensive to buy he can probably hear sister Lily's patient laugh the memory would have otherwise been comforting to Asta this was a time of peace and safety with someone who cared about him he didn't need to worry about friends in trouble or apocalyptic threat to the Clover Kingdom but now that memory has a dark twist to it thinking back to that.

Time reminds Asta of what happened to sister Lily what she became thanks to Lucius turning her into a devil host what she tried to do to him Asta cannot process that thought just standing in place muttering sister to himself his eyes are wide even now the idea of sexually trying to kill him is something Austin just can't deal with.

It wasn't like the elves or even Lucius a different person stealing the body of a friend she calls him Asta it was Lily but not Lily it just doesn't make sense ryuya however notices something while his guest is standing there lost in thought the Shogun goes over to the brother and sister Austin noticed leaving him in a New Direction and.

Pointing to something strange that they can't make out up in the sky Asta can't understand what the Shogun is doing at first ryuya is not bringing them over to talk to him he is leading the pair in a different direction entirely and there's no apparent reason for him to do so it just seems random but then defensive two siblings had been standing beside.

Explodes there is a massive god of fire that covers half the street obscure yuya and the siblings from Asta and ichika and as the explosion emerges a Motley looking group of Bandits their clothes are ragged but their blades are sharp and the whole group is already laughing at the destruction the leader is sporting a hefty looking flaming Club.

Likely what blew through the fence it's a pretty safe bet he's got some kind of fire sorcery backing him up his henchmen all have their blades drawn ready for a fight though none of them are Wheeling their Scrolls they call out to the crowd ordering them to bring food and valuables if they want to live the crowd instead screams in Terror and starts to.

Run away it's hard not to panic after a massive explosion and a bunch of people with weapons show up ASA knows that even an idyllic looking country like the land of the sun still has its share of bad guys he yells for yuya still unable to see his host over the smoke thankfully the Shogun is unharmed as are the two siblings he led away from the fence he.

Sends his brother and sister on their way with a smile remarking on how surprising this attack was and yeah no even ASA doesn't buy for a second the ryuyo was actually surprised by this it is very clear that ryuya saved the family intentionally getting him out of the way of the abandoned attack he didn't even have a good excuse for.

Leading them away somehow he was able to tell the explosion was coming even before it happened likely through the use of his eye the Bandit leader lasts but has finally noticed something is off he looks towards ryuya seeming to partially recognize the eye patch wearing Shogun however ryuya Chuckles at the bearded man's nervous reaction he.

Claims the bandits shouldn't be scared of the Shogun he just broke through a wall of his sorcery and apparently ryuya has no sorcery power whatsoever this shouldn't even be a close matchup the Bandit doesn't argue about ryuya's lack of magic this is very interesting given the nature of his eye even if ryuya really did just get lucky with saving.

The family we know he can sense things he shouldn't something about his condition allows his Shogun to see the future and what is going on in the Clover Kingdom yet he is seemingly a magical blank just like Asta is that something specific to his cursed eye or can Asta potentially learn it is that something specific to his cursed eye or.

Can anyone in the land of the sun cast spells without inherent magic either way ryuya isn't willing to get involved in this fight if his powers are something that can be used in combat he's seemingly resolved to keep that a secret for the moment instead he's leaving the job of dealing with the madness to ichika his assistant is more than ready.

To take on four strong-looking men all of whom are armed she doesn't even bother to draw her own sword before acknowledging the shogun's request stepping up right away the abandoned leader laughs hard at this idea not seeing anything to be scared of in this slender girl even if she did draw her blade it probably wouldn't intimidate.

This lug he offers ichika a chance to come along with them and keep them company as soon as he said that you can probably tell how this fight was going to end ichika looks at the bandits with contempt as something akin to crackling lightning accompanies her glare she orders the cretans not to touch her some kind of imperceptible Energy starts to.

Surge into her hands a shift that Austin notices that wasn't magic that was some kind of key ability ichika shifts easily into a ready stance still not drawing her Katana she moves so fast it is hard to track striking all four bandits in near perfect Unison with just the flat of her Palm that one motion was all it took to end the fight the oh so strong.

Bandits are knocked back hard against the wall and sink each one unconscious from the impact there are cracks in the plaster from the force of ichika strikes there was so much power in this attack they banned its weapons and Scrolls have been knocked into the air the bandits are out cold even before their gear has even hit the ground they speed and force.

Needs to knock the four men back that fast is beyond impressive Austin is still trying to work out what happened here something about what ichika just did made her keys well rapidly growing far more intense and Powerful his use is ability to sense key to help and advice before but Austin never managed anything like this yet there was some kind of.

Darkness to ichika in that fight something ASA can't quite identify the crowd aren't waiting for him to work it out though a hero just saved them all from a banded attack people are already cheering for ichika and celebrating her victory over the four explosion happy robbers one member of the crowd identifies her as one of the seven.

Ryuzan these are seemingly a fan of Local Heroes in the land of the sun one passerby yells to her you're the best yummy Dono hearing that name is enough to help ASA finally work out who he is dealing with and why this strange woman also feels familiar and it shots him to his core it's hilarious how much of a surprise this is to ASA his eyes go wide.

And he points at ichika with a shaky arm stammering this can't be right he is not able to believe the obvious truth or even work out what questions to ask her to try and confirm it ichika isn't having this however she grabs off his head and hoists him off the ground just like a certain other Yami has done so many times before she growls it often.

Not to approach her so casually calling him an outsider again seeing this reaction from his assistant is enough to get ryuya tuckling again he confirms what the readers have probably guessed by this point Yami ichika is indeed the little sister of Yami tsukehiro our beloved black bull captain hostile working together with her is the.

Heart of ruya's plan to help give Asa a power up if the young black bull wants to get strong enough to fight Lucius he should train with ichika and her team the seven reuse them their Mastery of tea has to be something useful for a magical assortment it's a good idea Asa has already learned to sense key he's got a starting point to work from.

Although unfortunately ASA is not made the best first impression of his new Sensei ichika spells her thoughts out for this disappointing people still glaring daggers at the young black bull and not letting go of his head ryuya is trying to help Asta and ichika listen to the Shogun she respects him and she will follow his orders but she hates men like.

Osta there is no way in hell she would do this if it wasn't for you yeah and so it doesn't look like training with her is going to be an easy time for our hero but thanks to all this we have a solid idea of where the ark is going now we've gotten our first real look at the land of the Sun and know roughly what Austin's training is going to look like.

He is going to be studying with the ryuzen and picking up some additional Mastery of Ki but it's not going to be easy will he be able to get along with the other six reviews then and how grueling is this training about to be feel free to let us know what you think down below as always I'm slash motaku thank you all so much for watching and.

Have an awesome day I love you