All right so this time around black clover decided to end the year off strong with some unreal devil manifestations with previous chapter to save captain yami asta convinced he black bulls that he had a way of doing so without additionally causing harm to anyone else and without any need for explanation they were willing to bet on.

Him entirely which just goes to show the sort of bond and faith they all share thanks to finrao asta was able to teleport elsewhere and real yami's katana now dubbed the fourth sword demon slasher this was to be a joint endeavor between asta and liber as they were both fighting for the sake of others this was devil union mode like we had never seen.

Before as asta would sport some really cool looking changes declaring that as those not chosen by mana they would be the ones to make their own choices as together they would use demon slasher infinite slash equinox and with that the titanic fiend was split into two then revealing both yami and william with that yami is saved by the impromptu.

Transmuted flowerbed arm created by gray followed by the explanation that this was in fact the power of demon slasher as it is not cut what its wielder seeks to protect and in seeing all this it would seem that asta has now surpassed both the likes of yami and knocked his masters of the sword and devil union respectfully with this latest chapter a.

Now split lucifer amalgam would begin to crumble and plummet downwards in a way that was rather concerning for the citizens below however to prevent further catastrophe it would be yuno who seemed to be healed following the events of his fight against xenon by none other than perhaps the greatest healer around mimosa as he would now fire a shot.

Repelling the potential damage of the collapse a feat which impressed asta with the feeling being mutual for his rival as well patriot would then leap upwards to save william who had now begun to regain consciousness in the elf's embrace with longris breathing a sigh of relief to see his captain actually remembered in all this again.

Yami had been successfully caught and so now he would congratulate the various members of his guild on a job well done as they were all very happy to see him safe knocked however and as usual was still a bit distant from the collective we would then see the many captains of the clover kingdom rejoice following these events the galleon dismisses.

Salamander and charlotte looks uplongingly with that we may presume that this is on accounts for worry for yami and perhaps her desire to be among those welcoming him back into the fray not only that but considering the prior confession of gadget to lepchka charlotte may very well be playing around with the prospect of doing.

Something similar with yami one can only hope and speaking of hope to follow all this the people of the spade kingdom would now be able to think of their future which i think will actually be pretty interesting considering yuno is in fact a royal of the spade kingdom so his decision making here is going to be major these people need a leader and.

There hasn't exactly been anyone presented to be a leading force beyond yuno as a royal so how exactly this may conflict with his desire to become the wizard king of the clover kingdom is something i am looking forward to better understanding but you know what at this point things were looking to be a pretty happy conclusion to the end of the year.

But as we have said things have been way too easy and it seems like tabata agrees as to appear behind all this merriment would be a brand new devil who looks really damn cool they to me look like a cross between magecula and nero which are two great designs in my book but they would question why exactly the humans were taking things so easy all of.

A sudden as they began to scratch their head and i love the drippy detail of the speech bubbles here they would then go on to add that the sooner they leave the better according to knocked this was the supreme devil of the underworld's second lair the devil would then go on to elaborate by saying that lucifer's manifestation was now halfway complete.

As a devilish spiral would appear in the sky and from it would be the king of devils himself and before anyone could truly react the fiend would point out towards them all and we are talking about this collective of some of the strongest characters in the series he would then tell them that their heads were raised too highly as he would now.

Point down what ultimately pushed them all into the ground simultaneously and this is major first and foremost the cool factor of this king of evil making his enemies drop down before him is amazing but oh my goodness the gravitational pressure this thing must be imposing with only a finger has to be insane for even characters of such.

Impeccable mana skin and power overall to be pushed down like this all the same asta would now fly in atop his blade out of devil union alarm by the current scene yet as he flew over suddenly to his side would be the king of devils himself lucifero who would recognize asta to have been the one getting in the way of his complete manifestation as we.

Would receive a horrifying malice from this monster followed by asta's face of terror the danger levels have risen like crazy and 2022 is looking to be like an insane year for black clover fans now we have seen quite a bit of gravity magic as is so it will be really fascinating to see how lucifer handles it as opposed to the likes of dante or even morris.

It's simply being stronger isn't exactly gonna cut it at least not in my book so i need to see something really really fascinating but far more questionable than lucifero would have to be the supreme devil of the second layer we do not have a name for them and we do not know what their powers are they are just a big old question mark now i feel like.

Black clover is a very interesting series in the sense that i don't really feel the gravity of the situation pun intended in regards to any of our characters dying or anything like that at least not now the stakes aren't exactly there for me however when it comes to things like this i'm not exactly sure how our characters will.

Manage to break out of this if you think about it the black bulls were struggling as a collective all of them were having a hard time facing off against the partially manifested luciferal monster and so for them to now face off against lucifer himself even at half manifestation as he is now just doesn't seem very realistic and despite not.

Doing too much with that particular conflict i don't expect knock to be any different as he himself was on the brink of death against the high-ranking twin devils honestly in this particular situation i have to look to asta to yuno and to noel who are in essence the triad topplers now i know that asta was not the one to defeat dante that was magna.

However asa certainly did more than enough to make up for not doing so taking down that ancient demon and taking down the twin devils this being an opportunity for yuno to actually fight for his kingdom before their very eyes and i say his kingdom in the birth sense i know that he claims the clover kingdom all the same to be fair he.

Doesn't exactly need it but any little bit helps but in thinking about all this i am only picturing their fight against lucifero i still have no idea what they will do to this question mark devil simply because we do not know what they are capable of but for them to be placed here for another devil to be placed here on top of the king of devils is very.

Interesting to me lucifero absolutely needed to manifest here for the sake of asta's development i mean come on with this arc yuno and noel both got their major moments when it comes to dealing with their past or their backstories and in particular taking down their parents killers and would you look at that it just so happens that the one to kill.

Asta's mother and liby's mother at that was lucifero and although we know this asta does not know this he has no idea about his mother libe has not divulged anything in that regard so for him to find that out in the midst of battle is going to be very very fascinating and i'm honestly not entirely sure what asa's reaction to that would be beyond.

Him mostly feeling the sorrow of libe and that is something that yuno kind of was devoid of as he never knew his parents and so his convictions when fighting against xenon were not really rooted in that but rather the avenging of his guilt and the same may be said for asta in retrieving yami from all this but it goes deeper than that.

Because he does have libe at his side and hopefully you'll continue to be by our side by subscribing to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best black lover content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

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