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Asta Meets Yami’s Brother!? Asta’s Final Sword and Power Is Here! – Black Clover Chapter 336


The first battle with lucia's ogratis is over and man oh man did not go well for the clover kingdom our beloved magic knights have taken some loss over the course of the series but now for the first time they have no asta to back them up and so it is time to see how they're dealing with that we opened up black clover chapter 336 the final enemy.

On the clover kingdom capital citizens are already talking frantically about what we already know all too well the wizard king is now their enemy people are of course reluctant to believe it julius was a beloved hero who stood with them through multiple crises but enough people directly witnessed lucy's fight with asta that it's hard to deny and if.

They accept that the wizard king has truly turned against the clover kingdom well what hope do any of them have we go from there to a meeting of the remaining magic knights and it's different this isn't like the old days where the magic knight captain sat around a table and bickered with each other there was a sort of friendly feeling to those scenes.

The captains came off like another squad butting heads and squabbling but willing to come together when it counted here that feeling has completely vanished the atmosphere is dark solemn and intense hell the captains haven't even bothered to head to the regular conference table instead coming together in the empty throne room it underlines the fact that.

They have just lost their wizard king the man who used to take charge of meetings like this we also have some non-captains in attendance yuno has come straight here he enters a meeting with them and he is not happy the young knight of the golden dawn looks ready to murder someone glaring at the captains he is that angry with what has gone down.

Unfortunately no one is talking the room is as quiet as a graveyard no one wants to tell you know what happened to asta we cut a bit ahead noel mimosa and secret have been brought in having shared with a witness of the fight between lucius sisil lily and asta now the group are caught up with us we see the black bulls have not been taken as.

Well sakurai seems mostly composed but noel is pretty clearly in shock the most has dark patches under her eyes you can tell all three of them have been crying as much as they don't want to believe it it's hard to deny what they saw happen they were right there they were on the scene before the captains could show up but they couldn't help mimosa tried to.

Kill asta but failed they have to be feeling utterly useless right now the effort practical fugellion is the first to break the silence willing to confirm what everyone is thinking that asta is dead before he can though he's interrupted by real in a poor sense of humor the youngest captain laughs and comments that lost his big celebration.

Has ended up turning into his wake charlotte is rightfully upset with real for the tasteless comment but on a second look it is clear the aqua deer leader is about as shocked as the black bulls he stammers that this just can't be true that there's no way osta's dead real has fought beside osta more than once he's got a lot of faith in him but.

Even he's shaken to hear this he's struggling to believe that asta is really gone even yami seems glum unsurprising he missed most of the fight but he got there in time to witness lucia's first hand given how much his relationship with julius misuyami he must be torn up inside that's before you get into the loss of asta and the shock.

Of his squadmates now looking up from a cigarette he calls knocked into the room the vice captain of the black bull shows up at once stepping out of the shadows to join the meeting noticeably he lacks even the polite fake smile he wore last time he came to a meeting like this he explains his magic for the benefit of the assembled captains he can walk into.

The shadow of any person he chooses unfortunately right now he cannot enter ostas knocked over the professional outlines exactly what that could mean either asta is incredibly far away on another continent or dimension or he is indeed dead you know and noel both look haunted to hear that no one is able to find a positive outcome here yes noel.

Mimosa and sekhere saw that lily was using spatial magic in the fight there is a chance he teleported us to somewhere else but spatial magic can hurt and kill too we've seen it do some downright brutal damage in the past even ivasa is alive if he's out of range of knox magic he's got to be in a bad situation he may be locked up somewhere.

In the underworld and they've got nowhere to get there one way or another asta is gone he's not just beaten up waiting for his body to heal before he can get back to the fight lucius has taken him away from the clover kingdom likely for good the remaining magic knights are going to have to face a terrible threat without the hero who's.

Done so much for them up till now the galeon speaks up making the battle lines clear as much they care for julius from what they've heard lucius ogratus has to be considered the enemy of the clover kingdom jack can still barely believe it he points out that someone having a second personality is just like what happened.

During the elf incident that parallel gets a stern look from william the golden dawn's captain is also familiar with what julius must be going through right now given his own pass with the elves he has to be wondering what's the relationship between julius and lucius is were they in on this together which we of course know to not be the case.

Nozelle gives the media a dose of glum truth if lucius has managed to dominate all the devils in the underworld he is certainly more powerful than they did our triad and the dark triad were more than strong enough to be a big problem for the clover kingdom real points out how bad the combination of powers here has ended up with lucifer's near.

Unlimited energy fueling the wizard king's powerful time magic lucius is far too powerful for the magic knight captains to face vergelion reluctantly confirms real's words he is trying to reason his way through the situation but there is no way to argue with that combination this is where juno speaks up though and adds something interesting to.

The discussion while asa's battle lucius has been going on he'd been called a way to investigate reports of fiendish activity there he discovered a dramalack and a group of high-ranking devils they fled shortly after juno showed up looking back this was clearly a diversion organized by lucius to ensure yuno wouldn't be there with asta but.

This means something was able to create a tear in the underworld to let so many devils out the gelion may have an answer he muses on lucius's soul magic going over what the report said apparently lucius can manipulate a person's soul giving them the powers of the devil while fugalian leaves it there this opens up multiple possibilities there is.

A chance the devil's unison might have been lucius's creations even if not having access to devils is likely part of his plan it makes sense he'd cause a tear to let devils run free he needed to make sure he had more raw material for his new paladins kaiser is the next captain to speak wanting to confirm the final part.

Of the report judgment day dude lucius and his allies really plan to attack the clover kingdom in seven days time no one is willing to answer him they all know that gives them almost no window to prepare to face his threat yami just stands there smoking we can see how many cigarettes he has gone through just in this meeting alone the.

Man's nerves must be in shreds by this point he is trying to take the edge off but it is doing nothing that's when someone finally takes a lead clenching his fist rand magic knight you know grin barial stands before the assembled captains and makes it clear with austa gone he'll have to take point here we cut briefly to a flashback it's a new.

Scene to us but it feels familiar hasa has just heard about yuno's most recent promotion to grand magic knight of course he congratulates his brother on it but doesn't even try to hide his frustration once again munoz pulled ahead of him still asa is not deterred in the slightest grinning he promises to catch up and surpass yuno one day and.

It's here we get one of the saddest moments of this chapter to me it was him who was always ahead as much as he might want to deny it you know has accepted the truth asta is dead asta meant the world to yuno he was his brother his rival the man who helped drive him every step of his journey and just like that he is gone leaving yuno.

Alone this is tearing him up but first and foremost yuno is practical if asta is gone then he is the one brother left to fulfill their joint promise he is the one who is going to have to surpass the wizard king from there we cut to well it's not so clear there's no grasses family estate the underworld los noches wherever we.

Are is where lucy sobrazis is chosen to plant his wizard emperor throne while getting ready for judgment day the same mana lines we've seen on his and lily's new forms are now running through the throne and ground beneath it there might be some kind of powerful spell already building power here lucius is welcoming back his most important ally a dramalack.

Also here to greet the devil appear to be four paladins flanking the final wizard king's throne the two on lucius's left are kept in shadow for the moment on the right however we can see cecil lilly and damnaito kira that's one more potential leader of the clover kingdom gone kira was the head of magic parliament and his scale magic was.

Potent if lucius's other paladins are equally strong this force alone is going to give the magi knights a very hard time a dramalack is here to report on yuno he's likely just gotten back from leading that diversion lucius sent him on given the devil's apathetic attitude to the fighting during the spay kingdom raid he seems surprisingly worried about.

The prince he tells lucius that yuno has gotten significantly stronger during the timescam apparently he was able to kill a whole group of high-ranking devils in the blink of an eye it's not clear if any of the group that set out with a dremelac actually survived given that addie was the one who retrieved lucifer's heart for lucia securing his.

Current power and making this entire scheme viable i wonder if he appreciates being put in yuno's firing line like this because yes you know being this crazy strong double slayer really shouldn't be too surprising for lucius even before the time skip he was a significant threat you know was the only magic knight who took out a fully.

Manifested devil host back in the spit kingdom without help xenon zogratis was host to a powerful devil one of the three rulers of the underworld lucius himself called xenon the best devil host of the dark triad second only to him logically yuno is someone the oldest zerata should be very scared of he probably could have killed a dremelac if.

The devil had stuck around however lucius isn't worried at all he claims to have cast tens of thousands of predictions to calculate the future only one of these gives the clover kingdom forces the upper hand against him fans had been wondering if lucius had more control of azeroth's time magic than julius did and this is certainly.

Suggestive julius could only stockpile time freezing a person in place and redistributing it to others he wasn't able to see the future like this but lucius is the devil host the one who struck the bargain with azeroth it makes sense he'd have full control of the devil's magic and be able to pull some feats julius couldn't however this line.

Also shows us a pretty crucial limit to lucius's abilities it provides him some ability to measure odds it makes it hard to truly surprise him but fate is not inevitable shonen heroes have pulled through with far worse odds and 1 in 10 000 depending on what happens the odds might get even better for our heroes if lucius's.

Predictions only take into account people and actions he is aware of there is a chance he could be blindsided by a significantly cunning plan all the same lucius's focus is on yuno the one future he has seen that gives the clover kingdom any kind of chance in this fight apparently revolves around yuno it makes sense he'd be well.

Prepared for the coming fight he talks a bit about the uniqueness of yuno the fact is surrounding him that other characters can't match up with yuno bears two grimoires a four-leaf clover and a spade he's by technicality the son of the elven chief chosen myself and heir to the spade kingdom he is as royal as you could possibly get we get two.

Very nice pages after that they're matching headshots first with lucius looking as smug as ever proclaiming that he will crush eunuch grin barial for the sake of world peace then it is yuno set and determined swearing that he will defeat lucius and become the wizard king our two combatants are absolutely ready for the coming throwdown and it is here.

At the end of the chapter with our biggest line thoroughly drawn we get the biggest shock of the whole thing with a whoosh of air we leave the brewing war between yunna and lucius to one side and finally check in with our boy yes it is hasta the hero of the series repeated savior of the clover kingdom the man who will become the wizard king we are going.

To finally see what happened to him after that spell last chapter and it turns out he has epically face planted on a sandy beach elsewhere now on a kind of his most recent fight asta is in bad shape we see his grimoire fallen open and they stand beside him as he waves lap over his body his back is heavily stained that's pretty worrying.

When the only serious wound we saw him take against lucius was to his front he was knocked into a building during that fight but still it looks more like he's just been left there bleeding out for a while thankfully someone has found him we see a silhouetted figure looking down at asta framed by a rising sun the stranger notes ass as a rival without.

Much shock they sound more like they finally found their dropped cell phone rather than a mostly dead body it seems like they were expecting to find asta somewhere around here given this presumably new character's clothes the bonsai in the background and the familiar messy hair it seems pretty clear that asta has finally arrived at.

The land of yami's ancestors this chapter is mostly build up setting up plots to deliver later on but it does a good job getting its height it's a little hard to know where we'll be next time will we get into asta's adventures in a new land or we'll be sticking with the clover kingdom as they try to take down lucius what are you guys looking.

Forward to the most asa's potential training arc and development as a swordsman eunos battle lucius the revelation of the other new paladins or something else please let us know down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.