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ASTA SAVES THE CLOVER KINGDOM! New Devil Union Transformation COMPLETE – Black Clover


Guys this chapter of black clover was downright insane and yet again the trend of hype reveals that make me want even more continues in the last one we saw two devils of the highest order emerge and have a bit of fun toying with knott.

And jack all while the tree of the underworld continued to grow as a fiendish assortment of devils would pour into their world and although mario leona had been putting in work against it the ancient demon before her was only just getting started.

When it came to the dark triad members recognizing that they could not afford to hold back each of them would re-emerge in their full power forms now completely shifting their respective battles in their favor not now knowing his purpose in this conflict to be keeping.

The two new devils at bay would ask his devil to die with him however elsewhere in the clover kingdom a second ancient demon would appear and loom over the country to the shock of the populace with this latest chapter we open up with a bit of a story tied to these two ancient demons demons.

Are said to be born from human hatred and the power of the underworld as it would seem that a very long time ago two friends of spade kingdom nobility with exceedingly powerful magic would grow to hate one another and become the demons we see today and as such we're sealed away now based on the power of the underworld aspect to.

All this and what we've seen from the first ancient demon in the series i imagine that a devil or multiple of them corrupted these two friends and led them both to horrific paths against one another and at that i'm curious how exactly this story will.

Be made to form a bigger picture within the narrative as black clover really goes crazy when it comes to stuff like that but anyways xenon would explain to yuno that the reason they decided to awaken these demons was to distract their enemies as with so many of the clover kingdom's most.

Powerful mages in the spade kingdom how could they possibly protect their own home which is interesting to me because it serves to imply that the dark triad was expecting this insurgence when that wasn't exactly the impression i got when this all first began but following this we would pick back up.

With the attack on the clover kingdom the wizard king was preparing what he could but in his current form he simply cannot sustain the amount of power he once could and would need some time going as far as to ask kira for his assistance despite him not being a magic knight now this demon.

Was making an absolute mess of the countryside trampling over whole buildings with unrelentingly destructive intent but this charge would be met by a number of magic knights as the leader of the purple orca guild would pull up they'd all do their best to keep it from.

Going forwards completely reminding me of the whole giganto machia situation from my hero academia as the magic knights of the country would do their best to evacuate the populace but just then the behemoth would prepare an attack aimed at the castle which made the king absolutely lose his.

Mind in panic however the nobles would enter the conflict as well attempting to suppress the blast a number of techniques were employed but ultimately the best they could manage to do was reroute its trajectory and really all this should just serve to illustrate just how capable.

Maria leona is to be fighting one of these things by her lonesome but despite their best efforts the power of this fiend was overwhelming it would then blow several of the magic knights away before letting off yet another blast as kira would emerge with his scale magic in an effort.

To lessen the power of the demon's magic but even then it was so immense that even regulation wasn't enough to neutralize its threat levels that in the face of such tremendous magical power they could only think to meet it with tremendous power in turn as the wizard king would emerge having.

Aged up about 10 years or so now this form was limited but was unfortunately the best hope they had at victory as now working in tandem the wizard king and kira would coordinate their attacks to overwhelm this monstrosity however it was too much and the wizard.

King would return to his childlike state and it was at this moment that the people of the clover kingdom would be reminded that in this world magical power is everything as a demon would prepare a cataclysmic spear of destruction that would loom.

Over them all as asta would appear out of nowhere and pierce it with liebe on his shoulder as he too would then form together and that was the chapter oh man so this is asta's big moment this is his time to be the savior of the clover kingdom.

And succeed where the wizard king had failed doing so in front of the entire populace the hype behind that concept is ridiculous to me and like i always say i cannot wait for more however if it means giving the mangaka time to get the job done properly i definitely can wait because as you can.

See several portions of this chapter were left as sketches and so i hope tabata isn't over exerting himself if the man needs a break to give us his best then so be it he more than deserves it now a part of me has to wonder why the dark triad would opt to send this demon.

To the clover kingdom at a time like this because xenon specifically speaks of distraction so is their intent just to mess things up and cause a whole lot of destruction i mean i wouldn't be opposed to that as they are kind of evil people but it seems a little shallow i'm.

Not sure if maybe there's something deeper to that than this and additionally i'm not sure if we can count the wizard king's transformation towards our streak or not but regardless it looks like we'll finally be getting assa's devil union form with the next one so yeah you'd better.

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