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Asta The God & Angel Slayer Revealed! Ki and Devil Union Perfected – Black Clover Chapter 340


Let's get ready to rumble people I throw defeat like that we need a clear win to get some height building again and it is already here it is time for our boards to surpass some limits and show us what he's got wanna act four stops for No One let's go we'll open chapter 340 where we left off last time hasta is standing over the bamboo he cut down in the last.

One thanks to his fancy new technique and hey fair enough he just did something three locals thought would be impossible plus he has mastered a technique That was supposed to take years to learn on his first try it makes sense that he would need a minute to appreciate what he had just pulled off on the inside hosta is still the humble.

Little Village kid now he has a punch that can come magic with explosive force and one day maybe the weapon that shall split the heavens ryuya and fumito are continuing to bask in the moment they are both appreciative swords who take joy in other people's success and they are very impressed with how Austin is doing he has only just healed up and he.

Is back in action and going fast at that he's not taking it slow building up to a return to fighting he Masters the 10 the Heavenly Severance far faster than they ever expected still they aren't going to drop the pace just yet if Austin can get the basics down that fast why stop there ryuya speaks up the Shogun is he won leading his training session after all.

So it makes sense that he'll be giving lecture he is happy to go into more detail about the technique the most important thing about Severance is choosing your openings carefully this makes sense the whole point of the 10 is to release a ton of Power with one motion it's not something you can easily repeat if you use it it'll take time to.

Recover your magic slash anti-magic if Austin is going to pull this move off in a real fight he will need to be able to identify the perfect moment for it this is a risky technique when you break it down you can't miss or give Lucius time to block or he will be on the back foot and the best way to learn how to find an opening like that is through experience.

That is as far as where yuya is concerned anyway that sounds dubious but I guess he's got a point this is really not something you can just tell someone about there's no book on how to recognize your opponent slept up you have to actually fight someone to get a sense of your foes movements when they let their guard down and all that stuff.

Thus a relovable Shogun has the perfect plan for Asta he should have a real battle right here right now going all out he even has an opponent ready for him specifically ichika the woman who hasn't been able to disguise her contempora Asta this entire time the one who keeps grabbing him by the head with a vice-like grip you know the lady who.

Outright threatened to kill him in the last after even putting a hand on her sword ready for it you should totally fight arasta there is no way this is going to go badly well I guess we can count on her enthusiasm at least if anyone is going to give Asta a realistic thorough and painful battle ichika is the best candidate I can think of plus.

The other two people here are yuya who has no magical power and fumito who is a Healer that is very timid it's not like they've got a ton of options out here in the woods unless one of those fish Spirits from the house last time can step into the ring and given the crowd's reaction in the last chapter to seeing Asta bringing him back to town is.

Probably a bad idea those Town folk probably have a Lynch Mob on standby just in case hasta isn't exactly hyped up at the Prospectors of taking on Captain yami's little sister just look at him in this panel wide eyes all tense he knows exactly what sort of horrible Beatdown is coming his way our young black bull has seen many times how.

Powerful tsukehiroyami really is it's a safe bet that any blood relative of his is just as deadly as a captain there is no way ichika has been serious with him up until this point that's not enough to keep Austin down however he has made his powerful foes before he's gotten his butt kick before plus this is ultimately just training if he's going to get.

Stronger he has to be willing to take on fights like these there's just no way he could ever say no still if they're going to do this right he has to go all out right from moment one as such he calls for Lee Bay the little guy knows what's coming and he's just as pumped as lots of for this fight without another word the two go straight into a full devil.

Union there is no sense in Saving it during a fight like this even if this is pretty much only sparring and the Focus use they used against Lucius was built for endurance over power the full form is more appropriate for trying to end a fight quickly like this lumito gapes in awe he has only just seen what anti-magic can do watching us to code.

Himself in it has to be shocking thanks to this technique basic yojutsu won't have a chance of hurting him this alone puts Asta above almost every Warrior for Mito ever known it's natural for someone meeting hasta for the first time to have this kind of shocked reaction to a move like double Union which is what makes ichika's reaction so interesting the.

Younger Yami is resoundingly unimpressed by the site of devil Union she has to ask Asta if he is even taking this seriously for ASA confirms he is looking a little hurt by the question after all this is his strongest move it took him a lot of hard training with libate to perfect it ichika is seemingly content to accepting blackpool's word but takes.

A second to clear the air as far as she's concerned this is indeed a real battle even if she is training rather than striking to intentionally kill she's willing to give this everything she has the whole point of view his idea is that they fight without holding back if Austin doesn't take this seriously he is going to die there is a murderous.

Glint in her eyes as she charges up this attend Asta recognizes it and raises his arm to defend himself but it is not even close to enough not quick enough not strong enough the simple Palm strike from ichika sends pasta flying backwards right through the indestructible bamboo the fight is on were you laughs happy to enjoy the show it can't be every day he.

Gets to watch ichika take on a serious opponent Austin is gritting his teeth in concentration he's pretty sure he managed to bluntly force of ichigo's blow with his anti-magic still it was ridiculously powerful he can't really counter this to 10 just through double Union ichika follows close behind Asta pushing forward she is more than ready.

To attack again should she see an opening her speed is nothing to laugh at she's already almost caught up with her foe however the black Bull's Wings have helped him stabilize his fall Asta planted his feet against one of the bamboo stalks and was using this moment to draw Demon Slayer from his grimoire and that is not something the Warriors.

From the land of the Sun have seen from him before as ichika closes in on her foe Asta brings his Katana out slashing right at her I guess he's taking real battle extremely seriously if he's drawing a blade on the woman who is fighting unarmed not that it does him much good each chica Ducks beneath the blow like it is nothing slapping us his.

Hand away and stepping nimbly right past him it's easy to focus on her strength thanks to the zitan letting her make powerful blows but ichika's true strength seems to be her speed even with so much ground to cover and fighting in the air the younger Yami remains a fast combatant Asta is not going to win this fight with one cheap shot like that this.

Time the two start trading regular strikes or rather ichika starts making regular strikes She lays into ASA with a flurry of fast blows making him struggle to keep his defenses up ichika is comfortable enough with her offense she decides to provide the Black Bull with a brief history lesson after all the outsider should appreciate the.

Importance of what he's learned the term happily Severance comes from the first person to master this technique their yojutsu was so powerful that when they Unleashed it they could cut the sky itself with a single attack and to demonstrate what she means by that ichika charges the zetan once again this time however instead of a palm strike.

She goes for a hefty kick it is the most impressive blow we've seen from the samurai yet this time there is no barrier to hold her enemy back nothing to crash into or even reduce his speed pasta is sent spiraling through the sky surfacing above the canopy of the bamboo forest only once again this was a blunted attack we see demon slash arrays.

Drawing in the magic that powered ichika's blow Asta consistently managed to limit these strikes it stopped Ichigo from making a single quick clean blow like she did against the bandits this is far from an end to the fight instead Ichigo starts to follow ASA into the air jumping between the bamboo stalks to reach the height of her opponent over in.

The gallery ryuyan starts giving an explanation of this match to fumito slipping easily into a sports commentator like mood asa's anti-magic has deeply impressed a Shogun it is a very potent Contour ability and the young black bull has trained to use it well when Austin is focused on his opponent it is extremely tough to land a.

Solid blow against him however nobody can concentrate perfectly 100 of the time there are moments where Austin relaxes and lets his guard down that is the chance ichika has been aiming for was a 10. each enhanced blow is an attempt to end the fight we see this play out above the canopy ichika goes for multiple Palm strikes trying to feel.

Out Austin's defenses the Black Bull stays ahead of the attacks dodging to one side still ishika's fast enough to draw close to Asta since her strikes aren't working she goes for a throw instead she doesn't use these Severance with this move but it is still strong more than enough to send Asta falling hard and fast towards the ground ryuya.

Keeps talking during all of this sharing his thoughts of fumito the Shogun thought carefully about Austin's training and what he needs to understand just like ichika is focusing on asa's moments of weakness here Lucius will do the very same during a rematch the wizard Emperor is not going to let any chance to win the fight get past him he.

Is utterly ruthless he will go for whatever opening he can get but using this approach gives Asta his best chance against the oldest of Gratis even Asta is going to have trouble against the purified devil hose super powerful time and soul magic so instead of trying to equal that power ASA just needs to fend him off and play for time until he gets.

That opening and we see ichika put that idea into practice she is chasing Austin through the air the two are above a river at this point a massive raging stream with multiple waterfalls the force of their fighting has taken them a long way from the starting point now they are deep inside the bamboo forest hasta is crashing down towards the water.

But his mind is still on the fight with ichika he is ready for a guard unfortunately she is closing it fast we see this attend life flash in the Samurai's eye and her hand goes for a sword hilt it's clear she is ready for another devastating attack if she actually draws her Blade the ijutsu slash would be devastating it is an.

Utterly terrifying moment something no one would ever want to be on the other side of Asa doesn't have much time left but he brings up demon slasher to block it's one desperate defense that is his only chance of protecting himself here but that was a mistake time seems to freeze for Austin ichika in that moment the two staying suspended in the air.

Over the Raging River bamboo to either side of them at first it seems like Asta pulled it off ichika's sword has gone wide of him even with Us's counter he's had to back away and that finally gave ichika the opening she needed she follows her sword strike up with another powerful kick the full force of her Heavenly Severance colliding with ostas.

Torso she juked him out ichika put her energy into her leg rather than her sword arm Toshi yoriyagi would be proud this is the blow that ends the fight for the first time the samurai has landed a hit on our hero with her full strength and the difference from those prior blows is telling she skips ASA across the river like a stone before sending.

Our lead flying back into the bamboo while before only a narrow handful of thoughts had given way when ichika knocked him into the forest this time his passing is downright explosive tearing through the wood funnily enough this last attack is taking the pair back to where they started they have seemingly bought this entire battle in.

One gigantic Circle we ryuya and fumito are looking over at the fallenasta a bit put out the Shogun tries the pair of warriors did they have to go and make a flashy explosive mess like this after all someone's gonna have to go and clean it all up neither ichika nor Asta are listening the samurai silently walks over to her Fallen foe asta's mind is.

Racing his heart has to be going a mile a minute Ichigo Strife was overwhelming throughout that fight let alone when she used this attend with this level of raw power devil union doesn't really matter it wasn't even close to enough to close the gap between them he is sweating tired clearly beaten it is clear astha has lost this fight we see the light.

Start to go out of his eyes everything is going dark he is losing Consciousness which to be fair is pretty reasonable ASA just took a ridiculously powerful kick right to the Torso any sane person should be on the ground right now completely exhausted but Asta is made of Sterner stuff ichika just looks on her face carefully neutral as the Black Bull.

Pulls himself upright by sheer force of course he's not done Asta wouldn't go down in one hit like that he's a pillar of determination plus he needs to know more about this strength he can't give up here it is time for Austin to surpass his limits and get back into the ring and show everyone what he could really do or normally it would be.

Today is reality day instead of letting her foe take a breath or actually try to rejoin the fight ichika slams his head right into the ground even fumito and ryuya her supposed friends are in Shock at that level of viciousness from her ichika doesn't notice her reaction however she too busy glaring at this now very unconscious Asta spare me your.

Blustery nonsense you fool this is such a harsh reaction that even the laid back or yuya calls it out the Shogun gives everyone a lot of freedom but even he thinks ichika overdid it with that over the top beat down asthma was already beaten there was no need to slam his head into the ground however ichika does not budge this was supposed to be a real.

Battle from her perspective it was entirely appropriate to end it as decisively as possible plus there was an even more important concern Asta was annoying her so yeah everyone make sure ichika never hears what ASA sounded like early on in the anime otherwise she might straight up kill him ryuya has taken aback for a moment but just how.

Scary his assistant is he might have crazy foresight powers that show him events all across the world but even he is frightened at the idea of getting on ichika's bad side still he points out that ass is staying up like that is an impressive feat in its own right not many people can take a full power hit from ichika and remain conscious.

Apparently in the land of the Sun fun ryuya can only think of a few who might be able to pull this off ichika glares she likely sees these truth in ryu's words It ultimately took her three uses of the zatan to take down Asta the whole point of the technique is that it is supposed to be a 100ko this level of endurance is extremely impressive.

However ichika is not in the mood to admit that she is still annoyed at Asta for trying to join the fight a second time she's not in the mood to give him any kind of credit stale ryuja keeps going in this vein grinning like a madman as far as he's concerned this just proves he's right asses got far more potential in him they just have to.

Keep training the young black bull pushing him to the greatest Heights they can we close chapter 340 with Ichigo snapping at her boss to stop laughing while Austin lies on the ground out cold as the caption informs us Lucius is still a long way from being defeated so yeah that was a fight and a half Yami ichika is a goddamn monster thanks to.

Heavenly Severance Austin's got a long way to go before he catches up with her and I have have to wonder what the next step in this training will be additionally I want to ask you guys a question how do you feel about how powerful ichika is because I mean I expected her to be strong but to be able to take on double Union mode Asta and.

Take him down like she did it's kind of crazy like does she Solo lucifero or what what is the power scaling looking like in the land of the sun right now if you have any thoughts in regards to that please please please let us know in the comments down below as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.