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Asta Trains with Yami’s Brother! This is Asta’s Full Power!!! – Black Clover Chapter 337


As fast as this Arc of Black Clover hit us it is easy to forget how few of the story's Mainstays we really spent time with most of us and Squad do not know what happened to him yet and that is about to change it is time for a check-in with the rest of the black bulls and a lot more information on Austin's strange situation we opened.

Black Clover chapter 337 with the Black Bull headquarters after everything we've been through coming back to the ramshackle Mansion is downright nostalgic they are all outside for some reason but the whole Squad is just as they always were everyone's having a great time just relaxing there is no war not even an assignment for them at the.

Moment Magna is throwing explosions left and right down to train his hardest against luck the lightning Mage is dodging through the air laughing without a care in the world Klaus is yelling at them to keep it down so he can concentrate on his darling Marie's latest letter Charmy is trying to end the fight so everyone can go inside and.

Have supper so she is just as food focused as she always has been surprisingly it is gray who tries to call the meeting to order she yells out at her Squad telling them plentitively the Vice Captain not told them to be quiet he has likely just come back from the capital with news of what has happened Magna however has no time for.

This the outright dismisses knocked viewing him as a disgrace of the black Bulls how Magna came to that conclusion is a bit unclear not liking knocked is one thing but how does he disgrace what was once the Clover Kingdom's most disreputable magic Knight Squad is he just insufficiently quirky to fit into the regular Dynamic an off panel Blow.

From the blonde Mage stops him talking and gives knock the time to tell his footage Squad to listen up he brings him all inside perhaps afraid of being overheard before dropping the news Asta is dead the squad can't believe the news at least not one delivered that bluntly knocked in a moment of pedantry decides to be precise about it he goes over what.

Happened Point by Point Asta was mortally wounded then targeted by spatial Magic cast by an enemy entirely disappearing thanks to the spell under those circumstances it is only logical to assume that he is very very dead Henry seems angry at the news while Gordon is as outwardly impassive as usual still we know the curse made well.

Enough to tell he is reeling Charmy is plain shot perhaps even on the verge of tears even Zora seems upset by this gray has her hands over her mouth already crying her eyes out trembling that this just can't be true even clouds look shaken to hear that asta's gone it's rare to see something penetrate his Marie loving facade like this that's.

Before we get to the combat Duo probably the team's most over emotional members of all Luck's eyes are wide his face said it's always hard to tell if he's sad or angry perhaps he's a bit of both it's not easy for luck to process the consequences of fighting Magna seems straight of distraught though he tries to hide it beneath his anger he claims.

That he will never forgive ASA if he went off and died alone after how much pain and suffering the black bulls have gone through as a squad the idea of a member just suddenly dying one day with none of his friends to decide is quite a shock it's something that can't feel real to Magna they faced everything together haven't they noct remains.

Impassive to Magnus words ever since he became a magic Knight the remaining Foss twin has always tried to be a practical logical man he keeps that up in the face of magna's anger stating a simple truth regardless of anyone's feelings facts are indisputable he won't even try to argue with them however for as logical as he is knocked is human and finally.

Being honest with the bulls he admits a deeper truth no matter what the facts say or the odds in question Knox simply can't believe that Asta is dead after everything they went through in the Spade Kingdom together the idea that the young swordsman just went down like that doesn't seem right to the Vice Captain as such he's trusting his gut over his.

Head this gets a wide grin for Magna those are words that he can agree with even if they come from not the whole Squad calls out in chorus that there is no way Asta could be dead it is a rallying moment for the black Bulls everyone's set and sure that their friend must have survived Gordon even takes his hat off to emphasize the point.

Zora and Klaus seem a bit less enthusiastic and great is struggling with her emotions but all three feel the same they trust in Asta there is fire in the eyes of the front row you'd expect that from Magna and lock but the whole Squad is just as sure of their friend Vanessa fineral and even charmi look ready to fight to take their friend back.

Knock notes that it seems to be unanimous he's grinning once again though this looks different his eyes have closed his mouth more a crescent it calls the mind his old delinquent devil host days not the habitual fake polite smile he usually goes with it's an honest look from someone happy to be leading this band of Fools and misfits.

Taking command of the squad he leaves him out of the Manor on a search to go and find the idiot named Asta the black Bulls are all too happy to listen to their Vice Captain proudly marching out to go and rescue their friend for whatever trouble he's gotten himself into this time and it is here that Asta finally wakes up eyes wide he is indeed.

Not dead slowly pulling himself upright the young black bull takes a look around his surroundings have to seem alien to him Paper Walls sliding doors plus he's now wearing a strange robe while we can recognize the Japanese aesthetic Asta can't have imagined a place like this during his time in the Clover Kingdom looking behind him the young black bull.

Sees that one of the doors has just opened a small figure enters the room her footsteps making a strange metallic sound like she was wearing heavy armor she is carrying a tray bearing a solitary porcelain cup she is small looking a lot like charmie but wears a similar rope to astas and has two lines running beneath her mouth she seems to.

Be some sort of automaton a fact this not charm improves by unhinging her mouth and spitting a gushing flow of hot steaming liquid into the cup all while singing merrily she hands it to Asta before withdrawing her job seemingly done asked is understandably taken aback by this bizarre stranger plus likely a little grossed out by her behavior a.

Sniff of the liquid is enough for him to identify it as tea however that's almost enough to make this make sense someone came in and gave him tea more or less a new voice chimes in laughing happily at Austin's stupefied look it makes you wonder if he called in the server just to see how the Young Magic Knight would react the stranger explains that this is.

A tea serving doll as though this was the most common thing in the world they must be relatively well known in this strange place looking across a room at the new voice as easy figure we met in silhouette at the end of the last chapter while it was unclear there here we can tell that yes this stranger looks almost exactly like Yami the main.

Difference is in the facial hair this new arrival tries to shave but is seemingly a bit less well presented than the black Bulls captain that and he has a jaunty looking eye patch still he is friendly enough asking Asta how he's doing like this was all Perfectly Natural hasta in a surprisingly sharp moment for someone who only just woke up.

And I was confronted by a t-spinning robot catches that this stranger knows his name he asks a stranger outright how he knows him also wanting to know who this mysterious savior is before not Yami uh Yugi before Yugi can answer ASA remembers something else important the fact that the last memory he has is of his near-death fighting Lucius and.

Sister Lily he looks down at his chest where the sister's magic slash at him or was deceived in his wound as indeed healed now there is only a scar left this is a shakta Hasta that was a very bad wound the only healer he knows who could have done something like this is Mimosa but this is very clearly not the Clover Kingdom he looks over to a savior.

Asking if he was the one who healed the wound this strange man admits he didn't claiming that a friend of his was responsible apparently the fact that he doesn't have healing magic is funny to yami's doppelganger starting to remember things bit by bit Asta asked about liebe finally noticing that his devil is no longer with him which is interesting.

Given that his hand still seems to be intact leibe they probably can't be far Austin is about to identify his brother as a devil before realizing that this might not be a very good idea Devils aren't well liked after all instead he tries to describe His companion asking for a tiny black thing not Yami or Yugi sees right through this however he knows.

That Lee Bay is a devil and doesn't even pretend to care he explains that asa's brother is also being fixed up currently and probably also being offered tea Asta is surprised that this stranger knows about Devils let alone is able to heal one still his key doesn't seem to be hostile finally taking a swig of tea he repeats his question from earlier who is.

This strange man he also asks if he somehow knows Charmy still not quite over the doll thing after all he doesn't see people who look like that every day The Stranger smiling focuses on the second part he admits that he does not know Charmy but he is very familiar with Yami apparently they have known each other since childhood we get a better.

Look at his eye patch here and can make out some kind of design on it perhaps a local symbol Austin's Focus however is on the news of this strange man is Captain yami's childhood friend he's got to be imagining this guy's ties to Yami being like his relationship with yuno Asta actually knows that even his key seems similar to yamis yui here starts.

To get nostalgic musing that he hasn't seen Yami since he was 13. he asks Asta if the captain still takes long dumps chuckling at the memory there are stars and asses eyes at that he's likely overcome by the Revelation that yes this man really does know the captain that well but still what a moment for that Starstruck look The Stranger continues.

To reminisce about young Yami apparently even before he left his homeland he was pretty much the person we know today he has always had a mean look in his eyes was prone to violence and quick with the hands ASA is taking her back to learn that the captain was just like that even before he turned 13. I'm not sure what he expected though the idea of kid Yami.

Being more friendly and less violent seems downright bizarre not Yami continues happily sharing memories this time getting into his old friend's weaknesses apparently Yami has always had a fear of bugs even showing him one was enough to make him turn pale as a kid this puts his rivalry with Jack into a funny light given the other Captain's.

Squad worthy green praying mantises Asta can't believe it he admits it even if it was true he is far too scared of yami's Wrath to pull a stunt like that interestingly we get a panel here of not yami's assistant she has been standing behind him for a good portion of the scene but this is the first time that we properly see her face and she does not.

Seem amused by this topic of discussion her eyes are narrow and she looks like she is fighting not to scowl at the two men is she just annoyed that her boss doesn't seem to be taking this situation seriously or does she have some kind of personal connection to Captain Yami could she be a relative even regardless she says nothing for the moment and Asta.

Comes away quick realization he is just talking to this guy casually while everything is still going horribly wrong in the Clover Kingdom after all he lost that fight Lucius zograta still exists sister Lily is still a paladin and some kind of terrifying war is probably going to go on in his homeland right now Austin thanks not Yami for helping him.

But he makes it clear right away that he cannot stay even if he doesn't know where he is he needs to get back home and quickly he has to help he has to take down Lucius and save everyone The Stranger tells him not to be in such a hurry completely unruffled by this he points out that even though he is healed hasta still isn't in great shape still.

Not Yami understands how his guest feels he lays events out for Asta well aware of everything that happened he didn't just lose a fight he was nearly killed by two people he really valued sister Lily the woman he loves and The Wizard King the man he aspired to become who he has spent years looking up to Beyond even the emotional pain Asta has to be.

Reeling at the emotional hurt of what he went through during that fight Asta asked the stranger how he knew all that he didn't just know what had happened physically he knew enough of Us's story and feelings to get the context to everything that happened not Yami takes a second seemingly pondering if he should answer that question ultimately.

However he decides to share he TAPS in his eye patch claiming that learning stuff like this is no big deal to him he can see whatever he wants to as easy as that and he has seen something more important than Austin's history somehow his eye can see the future and he knows that if Asta goes back to the Clover Kingdom as he is right now he will.

Definitely die this is enough to Spook ASA he goes ghostly pale as soon as he hears those words and to be fair to nayami he's got a good point here even without his Sharingan base foresight magicker whatever just looking at Austin's last battle made that pretty clear Lucius had an almost undeniable Edge on him even before transforming.

Sister Lily time Magic on its own is hard to counter Lucius also has Soul magic and his purified devil host abilities just charging face first if this problem won't be enough and for once Asta can accept that normally he would try to rally his Squad have them help him but even bringing along his friends might be a bad idea this time.

Lucius could just make more paladins from a regular attack from the black sword is enough to undo a double hose binding Asta has no answer just yet plus as not Yami points out this is all a moot point anyways Asta can't get home with his own power regardless ASA starts to ask what he meant by that but the retainer who.

Was scowling at them earlier steps in she walks past Asta and we can see she has a sword on her side she's clearly more than a servant the strange woman goes to a double door pushing both halves open wide with force and with that she reveals exactly where Austin has ended up the land of the sun homeland of Captain Yami the mysterious.

Far-off Nation then he was washed away from so many years ago we get a gorgeous panning shot of the capital as seen from the window of Austin's room there are leaves blowing in a gentle breeze over the street as the people happily go about their day and this Revelation presents Asta with his biggest problem the land of the sun is indeed very far.

Away from the Clover Kingdom Yami was never able to return there after all given that not admitted last chapter that ASA was out of range for his magic it must take a very powerful spell to cross that particular Gap it is impressive that the kingdom has magic potent enough to outdo Knox abilities given that he can cross an entire.

Continent not Yami finally shares his name with Asta now his name is rudo Ruda and apparently despite his gruffy appearance he is actually this Kingdom's Shogun he points out that assets come all this way so he might as well try to get a power up while he's here and it seems like he has something in mind perhaps training to improve his.

Swordsmanship perhaps some kind of artifact to enhance his bond with Libre and with that promise we complete the chapter we've got a few firm plot threads going on now ask this training with Yuda and friends in the land of the sun Lucy's his battle if you know and the black Bulls led by knocked searching for Asta will we be sticking with these.

Three threads next chapter or will we see some other plot notably we haven't seen what Noel sekure and Yami were getting up to while not was rallying the Bulls so in the comments let us know what particular platform already want to see the most and which one you want to see the least as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching.

And have an awesome day I love you