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Asta vs God’s Perfect Clone Army


After unleashing the full extent of his might with the same Spirit of zephyr sword much Lucy's astonishment you know raked across the evil wizard King's flesh with a lethal blow it didn't matter who he was up against after putting his all into that attack lucius's blood sprayed as he plummeted downward.

After landing a Mitzi Rubble of a nearby building yuno observed his adversary he had done it Lucius the invading false wizard King laid dead the life was gone from his eyes you know hovered above him bloody and tired with his newly formed Spirit of nota's sword at his side now huffing with exhaustion you know glared at the corpse while confirming his own.

Victory the war was over or so he thought as just then Lucius suddenly appeared behind him quick to react you don't manage to raise his shield just as Lucius attacked him once again resuming their fight yuno couldn't believe it this didn't make any sense the man he'd killed definitely wasn't some sort of Illusion without a shadow of a doubt he.

Had in fact killed Lucius sogratis but he also knew that the man before him now was also Lucius zogratus before yuno could wrap his head around what was going on the entire Kingdom began to Quake the Clover Kingdom's residents all began to cry out in horror something major was happening to the city something that even the civilians could.

Feel Lucius would then Grace his opponent with an ominous admission at the moment he possessed his soul body Blood and Bone magic three of which he had harvested from his formerly to see siblings he was now secretly using as a power source but that wasn't even the scary part Lucius then explains you know that with this magical combination he is.

Now able to create perfect clones of himself the entire Clover Kingdom which was currently housed and protected within yuno's Never Never Land Nana's own spell had been risen as he imagined I struggled to protect the Innocence Lucius thought to himself that even if they were all Beyond his foresight his plan was still Flawless he plans to.

Terraform the entire Clover Kingdom into a primordial nursery and descend onto it to rule as he was Emperor he had now lifted the entire country above the clouds and nearby his oversized Heavenly Throne hovered as well inside the real Lucius casually sat with a smile on his face never having lifted a finger throughout the entire battle this was a.

Major Flex at the very least being in proximity to this thing will be beneficial to the Clover Kingdom's forces Lucius aside he needs his siblings to act as a trio of AAA batteries to power this entire planet of his if our heroes can make it over there they might actually have a shot at ending this thing that being said flying.

Isn't exactly part of everyone's power set characters like Asta yuno and Noel all conveniently have wings so they're pretty covered on that front besides them we have folks like fugelion who has salamander and not much else maybe seki's gotten stronger since Austin made him reconsider the direction of his life and his shooting star will actually be.

Useful here but either way there's a possible workaround for some of these guys guys that will get into soon enough undeterred you know claimed that it didn't matter if there were two of them he was going to take Lucius down no matter what smugly Lucius wondered who exactly said that there was only two of them you know paused then it his eyes.

Suddenly went wide before him floated an absolute horde of Lucius clones there were more than 12 of them and they were all equally as powerful as he won yuno struggled so hard to take down to his credit yuno is definitely at wizard King level in fact he's easily among the top 5 strongest Mages of all time at this point after this reveal lucius's clones.

Began to descend upon the many battlefields personally the odds were now Beyond stacked against the Clover Kingdom's forces Kaiser captain of the purple Orca was already at his limit there was no way they would be able to handle an infinite Army of wizard Kings and considering his ability to provide the dead and manipulate The Souls of.

Others by turning them into paladins there is no reason to believe he couldn't just make clones of other people if there is one thing Black Clover is exceptional at doing is making a situation appear to be completely dire when it comes to making things look completely hopeless and the efforts of Our Heroes appear to be an exercise in.

Futility Black Clover is perfect there isn't a single Shonen series I can think of that I would trust more with seemingly broken or overpowered abilities this is power escalation in its greatest form now the thing to be afraid of here with so many clones of Lucius isn't just the fact that there is an army of wizard King level Fighters.

The scary thing is that they pretty much reduce this conflict to a soul-twisting game of tag considering Lucius was able to stop yuno's Blade with just a hand previously it's hard to imagine that any of these lesser magical abilities and spells would be able to stall or stop him at all all he needs to do is approach his unbelievable speed and.

Touch a person to turn them into a paladin that's why he's calling this place a primordial Nursery Lucy's Prime only intends on making his grand entrance once they've all been turned into his loyal subjects he plans on creating heaven and ruling as it's God magic Knights were dropping to their knees in defeat before we could even get.

To see Noel truly battle it out against her legendary Mage turned Paladin of a mother asir Silva Lucius had already invaded their battle Noel took a breath as she took in their circumstances but despite the odds she was determined and convinced there was still hope for their Victory we then head on over to an entirely different Kingdom we have not.

Seen in a long time the black Bulls had assembled with Vanessa leading the charge they were face to face with the only person who'd be able to find Asta before them sat the witch Queen without any sort of protest to which Queen expressed that she foresawed their arrival she'd follow this up by saying that the anti-magic boy Asta was alive.

In a foreign country this immediately excited the many members of the black Bulls who are happy to know that their friend wasn't actually dead there was also a bit of interest in this so-called foreign land the witch Queen was quick to inform them that the distance from said country was simply too far for us to travel Vanessa wondered what they.

Were supposed to do before a familiar voice chimed in from another angle claiming that this wasn't a problem at all much to everyone's surprise it was Dorothy captain of the coral peacocks awake and seated on a flying broomstick which calls back to our whole flight issue I'd like to think that a bunch of these things would be a pretty great.

Solution to making it over to lucius's domain Dorothy like them believed that Asta as someone whose future couldn't be seen was their greatest hope at defeating Evil wizard King Lucius she was also convinced of the combined efforts of the three greatest witches of all time Vanessa the witch Queen and herself could make anything possible.

It's really nice to see Vanessa receive this sort of acknowledgment despite being in the presence of an everlasting queen and a magic Knight Captain the witch Queen looked at the captain stating that this is the first time the woman had returned to her country of origin since leaving of her own militia she also recognized her to be in good.

Health Dorothy gave her a wave and a smile trying to keep any tension to a Minima the witch Queen knew that the fate of the world was at stake and so the witches would lend their full support in this time of Crisis from there we'd be taken to a sort of ritual and in which several of the country's strongest witches gathered around.

Focusing their power on finra's facial magic while he invokes the super compound Magic Door of Destiny spells finral himself was pretty nervous about all of this as to him it looked like some sort of elaborate sacrifice but Dorothy cutely assured him that all he needed to do was think of the person he wanted to meet and he would meet them.

Believing this to be quite the lovely spell indeed a certain crested Cowell would be returned to Asta who put it on an instant fully prepared for his departure it's likely that yuya was able to foresee the use of this teleportation spell thanks to his All-Seeing Eye and considering how big the doorway happens to be hosta's new Warrior friends will.

Most likely have no trouble joining him Asta pulling up to the Clover kingdom was his entire guild and then some will be exactly the sort of reinforcements they so desperately need and thanks to so many of you saying that you desperately need to see more Black Clover content from us we will definitely keep you guys covered from.

Here on out as always I'm slice of otaku thank thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you