Alright so these current battles for the spade kingdom have been absolutely insane when it comes to showing off the capabilities of our various characters black clover does an incredible job of giving even its most relatively minor of characters their due diligence and so with that being the case the same may especially be said for our main.

Characters and so with this video we would like to highlight the advancements of both yuno and asta and hopefully in the process discern which of the two may be considered to be more powerful than the other at this current point and i think that this is such a fascinating subject to tackle on account of the fact that throughout the entire history of.

The series which is over 300 chapters at this point not once have asta and yuno fought against one another at least not really what is truly an extreme oddity when it comes to shonen rivalries now don't get me wrong it could be said that the two have in a sense clashed in regards to their desires as both were assigned with the exploration of that.

Dungeon during the early days of the series but ultimately it never really escalated into any form of physical confrontation and instead for the most part as it tends to boiled down to a shared endeavor in the name of their country i mean even when yuna looked to be possessed you would think that we would get an asta vs yuno fight but no.

Not at all the two are indeed rivals for the ever coveted position of wizard king but even before that they are friends brothers even they inspire one another to persevere and have faith in each other even at their lowest points that and they most certainly contrast one another one beloved by mana and the other devoid of it when empowered by a.

Spirit the other partnered with a devil one especially known for his incredible natural talent and the other known for his hard work and diligence in spite of certain adversities but you know when it comes to simply being the more valuable tactical asset i would have to say that for the overwhelming majority of the series you know has been the superior of.

The two now don't get me wrong asa's ability to negate magic is absolutely incredible in this world of magic on account of its ability to feasibly pose a threat to just about any combatant in the series even if an opponent is vastly superior for the most part one oversight against even a base beginning of the series asta could prove fatal but the.

Versatility of yuno's win magic capabilities are far too great to overlook we are talking staggering offense defense evasion transportation and supportive augmentation at just about any range you want all of which being further empowered to even more ridiculous levels thanks to self who has only matured further in power as things.

Have progressed in terms of leadership in just two years of being a magical knight juno has swiftly become the vice captain of the clover kingdom's most decorated guild asta on the other hand for as inspiring as he may be lack such credentials and the reason i bring this aspect up at all is to again highlight their shared desire to become the wizard.

King a position that is not simply based on power but rather according to wizard king julius based on merit and on that note as an asset if the majority of the country's populists were not so ignorant then perhaps they would come to realize that in just half a year since austin joined the black bulls the most notoriously hopeless guild in the.

Country they went from the very bottom of the bottom to number two most accomplished and they only came at number two because they were so deep in the negative the year before both yuno and asta were recognized for their respective contributions but as is to be expected from prejudice you know was far more applauded than asta.

But here's the thing these guild ranks aren't the only things changing in the clover kingdom the beliefs and sentiments of the people are as well the most important figures amongst the magic 90 captains all respect and revere these two to be indispensable aspects of the kingdom and that is all despite their otherwise lowly beginnings and now.

Especially with the very first appearance of the devil union mode asta was able to single-handedly mirror the greatest feat of the legendary first wizard king in a matter of minutes by felling a titanic demon of destruction rising to the occasion with the perceivably blasphemous power of a devil in tow he did what the current wizard.

King several royals government officials and magic knights failed to do there is genuinely no greater merit to be found in the service of one's country than something like this you know has done some incredible i mean truly incredible things without a shadow of a doubt but this this was on a whole different level and.

Something that only asta could have done but of course this then brings us to the current state of their capabilities asta now has devil union and yuno has gained not only complete spirit dive but also a second royal grimoire one that now provides him access to star magic when it comes to osta his devil union feats.

Are insane we already covered the whole demon thing but the way he was able to do the very same against two devils of the highest order was obscene the demon may have been mighty but at the end of the day it was a senseless brute those devils however were very methodical in their torment yet he did not struggle against these things in the slightest.

When it came to power despite their maddening mana levels i mean from that battle alone it is made all too clear that against a fully powered and augmented dante or even the devilish progenitor of curses makula themselves asta at his best would win and you know what to be honest based on noewell's triumph over a 100 monaca in just a.

Minute flat i would argue that spirit dive noel is superior to spirit dive you know i mean his fight against xenon has been dragging on for a while now in canon and the two have only just pulled out all the stops frankly for all the versatility you know possesses between his wind and now even star magics asta has a counter for each and every one of.

Them it is simply inconceivable for yuno to defeat asta while he is in devil union mode it is just not happening however as we have seen from asta versus the lilith and ahama fusion if his opponent is fast enough asta for all his power will struggle to deliver a decisive blow and if spirit dive you know wasn't fast enough thanks to star.

Magic conjunction the man now has light speed teleportation which is not bode well for asta at all on account of the five minute time limit of his transformation the fact of the matter being that if he cannot conclude things in that time frame then it is an instant loss for him thanks to the resulting bodily pain it.

Provides him afterwards but then again it's not as if juno's teleportation doesn't have caveats of its own because he can only do so from star to star which we have thus far seen to be a total of four at any given time and so there is a degree of predictability to be found with this it does make certain proceedings ineffective but it's not.

Invaluable and you know what the sheer fact that yuno is even still struggling to overpower devil xenon is enough to say that he is not on the same level of capabilities as asta is right now yuno is not stronger than asta but if he can avoid an evade entirely for five minutes straight he could win otherwise he has no chance whatsoever it is not.

Even a contest with all that being said things will more than likely not remain this way as these two do have a lot of room for development even at their incredible levels of power currently obviously for asta getting rid of that five minute time limit would be huge and to be fair he has only just tapped into this power he has only had it for a.

Couple of days at this point he hasn't really had a chance to develop it properly once he was able to get his foot through the door with it it was just like all right we gotta go as for yuno a similar conversation is to be had considering he has just only gotten this star magic in the midst of this current battle when it comes to magical.

Practitioners in this world yes they do get their remorse at a later age but for the most part for their entire lives these characters do possess a rudimentary form of their later magics and so i can only imagine that suddenly having a whole new power at your disposal would have quite the steep learning curve but if there's anyone who.

Can figure it out it would be a genius like you know but that about does it for the video guys hopefully you enjoyed if you did let us know down below along with who you actually believe would win in a fight asta or you know right now and while you're at it be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes.

To bringing you some of the best black clover content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm selective otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you