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Asta’s Ancient Ritual Goes Horribly Wrong


Black Clover chapter 362 titled transmission begins with an outcry from one of its most unlikable characters as the heavens and earth shook the king of the Clover kingdom was absolutely terrified he wondered what in the world was going on regardless of whatever it might be his first priority was not the safety of the people instead he was only.

Concerned about his own well-being at this point certain portions of the Kingdom had risen Above the Rest a Celestial fist chillingly collided with Captain Kaiser's already damaged face the leader of the purple Orca Guild suddenly crashed into a nearby building the culprit was one of Lucy's many perfect clones his power was simply too.

Much for the Kingdom's remaining forces Kaiser is pretty much the least powerful captain in the country so him being taken down like this was pretty much the best we could expect from him if Jack couldn't survive there's no reason he should the terrified citizens looked up and were stunned to see the Visage of their former wizard gang more and more.

Of them began to see that wizard King Julius was the one leading the enemy putting two and two together they realized that the reason he'd been missing was because he was their enemy all along I'm a bit shocked that the magic Knights didn't disclose any of this information to the public perhaps they feared Widespread Panic or.

Something but this was an unavoidable battle at home it was only a matter of time before the truth of the matter arose the magic Knights were trying their best but the power of the invading Armada was simply too great to many it appeared as if the word was ending and Heaven's judgment had arrived the morale of the Clover kingman's people reached.

An all-time low as they accepted their fate Noble or commoner it didn't matter death threatened to claim them all but to interrupt this would be the sudden magical appearance of Marx appearing simultaneously all over the kingdom he'd call out to the citizens begging them all to listen closely to his words marks are called the kind-hearted words of the.

Man who'd once so thoroughly believed in him was her King Julius the man that was now threatening to destroy them all at the time Julius expressed to him that information is the most powerful weapon there is he believed that there may come a time when Marx's communication magic would be more helpful to them than anything else knowing that I'm a bit.

Surprised that Lucius didn't decide to turn marks into a paladin it would have been a great way for him to spread his gospel speaking to the people Marx informed them all to the wizard King's body had been possessed by the enemy not only that it was as they all fear his power is absolute he is the most powerful enemy possible but even then.

Despite this there were people risking their lives and fighting with all their strength to save their country and that wasn't all showing the people yuno's battle against the first of the many clones Mars proclaimed that yuno had already defeated the wizard King once before Victory wasn't totally impossible Mimosa then took over the broadcast and.

Was sure that the people were already familiar with the young hero with her magic looking more powerful and potent than ever before she proclaimed herself to be a member of the royal family and a member of the Golden Dawn right alongside that man she would speak of his countless military victories and possession of a four-leaf clover.

Grimoire then introducing his name to them all you know showing him even more Mimosa let them know that yuno had been with them since the beginning that all this time he had been fighting and growing stronger in pursuit of the wizard King title the people now recognize the former number one rookie alongside all the other captains he was.

Leading the magic Knight at that very moment still fighting and still protecting them Mimosa admitted that several magic Knights had come to her for healing yet at the moment thankfully not a single citizen had been seriously injured and thanks to yuno's magic all of the Clover Kingdom citizens should have access to even more magical powers.

Than usual she implored them all to use that power to protect themselves and live and listen at this point I don't know what Austin could possibly do to achieve the title of wizard King at least ahead of you know this is shaping up to be a legendary moment of Ascension for him how could you ever possibly top a public service announcement like this.

Mimosa would tell them that in order to be saved they also needed to be willing to save others she was sure that the power to protect and the power to live is stronger than anything else remembering Austin's perseverance against lucifero she was inspired and told them all not to give up and this actually seemed to strengthen the result.

But Mimosa wasn't the only one that had been inspired by Asta now calling out to everyone it was the only magical night besides Asta that we have been talking about reappearing for ages now it was second despite already being damaged he promised to hold off the enemy telling them all to run as fast as they could thankfully this man was talking about.

One of those Angel things and not Lucius himself that would be a death sentence seki then summoned all his strength to form his bronze creation magic super sake Magnum Cannonball spell and sadly the spell was utterly obliterated in just a single hit that was a bit embarrassing but at least he tried his best with his face on the ground sekei.

Admitted that he knew becoming strong wouldn't be easy despite this he really had been trying to become stronger from there began to force himself to stand back up thinking of Austin during the underworld Invasion he refused to back down he could still keep going he could still stand he could still fight just like Asta and the shot here was pretty.

Similar to Us's iconic expression during the previous Arc despite still being a weakling it's amazing to see sekei trying so hard Lucius felt as though the people were fooling themselves the way he saw it it didn't matter how much they decided to struggle ultimately the results will remain the same yuno had a smile on his face now he was amused by.

His enemy's confidence yuno's ability to smile here despite being surrounded by several wizard Kings and already being tired from fighting one is pretty crazy now I didn't mention this last time but honestly yuno is a lot more Savage than I previously imagined I mean he killed Lucius without hesitation clone or not it's not like he knew that saving wizard.

King Julius wasn't even a consideration of his and I think that's pretty cool and considering this guy seemed to kill his best friend and brother I think I can see why Redemption might be off the table we would then be taken away from the Clover Kingdom and brought an incredible distance away it was time for Asta and liebe's departure ostead come.

To see ryuya but wondered where the members of the ReUse and seven were using the power of His All-Seeing Eye ryuya let us to know that the members of the black Bulls should be making the final preparations for the ritual on their side but just then something had gone terribly wrong Vanessa was ready to go but was swiftly and interrupted a.

Major Tremor would be felt by every one of the Mages in attendance luck and Magna admittedly turned their attention to the source Magna recognized the magic but feared the reality of their Newfound predicament it was Kira thanks to being turned into a paladin by Lucius he now seeks to pass judgment on these Sinners who seek to disturb the New World Order.

He was also the first of lucius's paladins Kira being placed here is really alarming for a number of reasons Lucy is his precautionary measures had been extensive he seems to have sent forces to each and every country we already saw three of them be sent to Hino country they didn't even know Austin would be there but I doubt Kira.

Is here for that reason it's more likely that he recognizes the witch Queen and her forces to be a force worth defeating or converting the black Bulls are also an incredibly unpredictable Bunch that have all been directly impacted by Asta and from what we now know about asa's influence that is a big problem for Lucy's predictions of the future this is.

Bound to be an incredibly difficult fight for them way back during asa's devil trial when the Black Bulls interrupted he instinctively shut down all their abilities simultaneously the only reason they were able to break free was thanks to Austin's nullifying anti-magic without him scale magic would be very hard to deal with not only that.

But his scale magic is about to have been greatly improved by his Newfound power there's also whatever unknown additional purified devil magic he may now have the black Bulls also don't have Yami with them here but they do have their Vice Captain knock and I'm still waiting on him to pull up to the Clover Kingdom and fight his brother Morgan the.

Clash between light and dark siblings backed by Angelic and devilish Powers respectively sounds way too cool this disruption to Austin's return ritual could result in any sort of terrible complications this ritual is a combined spell that requires the participation of the three greatest witches of all time finnral several other witches and the.

Environment they're in if Kira can compromise any one of these things the terms of Us's return may be changed severely this man could be sent to the Underworld for all we know we've heard plenty about the place but even now in the final Arc of the series it is still a big mystery to be fair Lucius has apparently purified all the Devils so.

Maybe it's empty at this point but I can't be the only one that's still curious I would love to know what happened to megacula's magic or who now has it I see your silpa still hasn't shown us her secondary power just yet and that would be pretty fitting if not totally disrespectful if Kira realizes what the black bulls have in mind they.

Will be in big trouble he's the perfect opponent for them all to fight on pretty even terms but because of all these conditions only a few will actually be able to actively participate if he shifts the Magic available to any other Mages needed for the ritual it may become too difficult for them to bring along through using seven members and.

Because it will require finra to be familiar with the person he decides to teleport they'll only have one real shot at getting them all here in the comments let us know how you think things will go as always I'm flexible taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you