Wow what a crazy comeback this latest chapter of black clover was absolutely positively top tier and one of the best the series has ever seen my goodness kicking things off to follow the conclusion of their combined efforts against the late king of devils was a pharaoh knocked would begin to guide you elsewhere as according to him there was.

Someone you know needed to meet and after traveling by way of knock shadow magic you know would finally meet her the queen con sword of the spain kingdom ciel bereal yuno's mother which is such a crazy union on its own but man compared to the rest of this chapter is actually minor you know what immediately.

Recognized his mother from the memories that had flooded into his mind previously here she would smile with tears in her eyes happy to know that her boy was safe and had turned out to be such a wonderful person it wouldn't be long before she rushed towards him and gave him a big ol hug albert and ralph would then call out to you know.

Questioning if he intended on returning to the spade kingdom advocating that their country would need his strength going forward and to this younow would remain stone faced as silph was ever so excited by the prospect of yuno becoming a king and see this right here is why i have such a hard time connecting to yuno as a character this man just met his.

Mother for the very first time with the people of his birth country practically begging him to stay with them in this time of need and his expression is pretty much just blank not a tear nothing he's just really strange to me like i can understand this in the general sense but this is the first time you're meeting your mom what the heck.

His mother would then say that there were a ton of things that they needed to discuss understanding that with everything being so sudden it must be difficult for him to accept but again at least facially yuno didn't look pressed at all as they bowed down to him he would state that the future is still unsure however he already had.

Long-standing promises to keep first vows to his family in the clover kingdom to his friends and to his rival asta as elsewhere we would have asked us sitting on what remained of the clock tower which is major for later mind you as he thanked libe much to the devil's confusion asa would then thank him because through his brother's memories.

He was able to see his mother for the very first time so yeah he does fully recognize her cheetah to be his own mother if that wasn't already clear asil would furthermore express that he never held a grudge or anything over being abandoned but just knowing that she did in fact love him made him really happy yelibe felt like he was the one that.

Needed to be thankful as thanks to asta he was able to avenge cheetah's death after all these years and so it was his turn to make assad's dream come true as he smiled a big smile and my goodness is this thing adorable or what please sell a plush i will buy it both asta and yuno were still very much intent on becoming the wizard king and even if yuno does.

Unsettle me i do love these two shots of the characters a whole lot although i must say that having you know become the leading figure of the clover kingdom's magical pursuits and such only to then have him transferred to a foreign power is really silly to me but you know what's not silly subscribing to plot armor with notifications on austin knew.

That before he could hope to become the wizard king he would need to go back home and clear liber's name as despite being a devil he was certainly a good person someone who actually helped save the entire world and he really wanted to prove it to kira of the magic council who libe would admit to hating as we would then ominously receive a shot of.

That broken clocktower's face foreboding what was to come as back in the clover kingdom of all people we would have kira approaching elsewhere and in this march he had an especially chilling expression on his face a look of her strain anguish and emptiness from which point we would have a look at whister king julius as he concluded a call with marx here julius.

Was certainly grateful for the outcome of the spanking to battle however he could not shake the feeling that something was still a mess he'd call into question the sudden sense of uneasiness he had experienced previously as he felt something major was on the verge of emergence what coincidentally aligned with the rise of lucifera from.

The depths of the underworld but there was certainly more to it in fact he had felt this sensation back when he attempted to take down the ancient demon that threatened the kingdom as well a task which would ultimately need to be left in the hands of asta and his devil union mode and as he pondered this a knock would be heard at the door and to.

Enter would be kira the councilman apparently had something rather pressing to discuss he'd admit that ever since he caught trial against assa he had been doing his due diligence and researching the existence of devil kind furthermore gathering whatever intel he had in regards to the families of devil host within the clover kingdom as he would.

Subsequently place a number of papers onto the wizard king's desk documents that dated back to over 20 years ago documents that oddly enough possess no record nor mention of the supreme devil magekula among the clyffo devils who ultimately ended up being the most compelling of them all but that's neither here nor there hero would say.

That the underworld is said to have three rulers lucifero of gravity magic beelzebub of spatial magic and lastly astaroth of time magic he would speculate that maybe magekula had replaced azeroth as for some reason or another it seemed as though the supreme devil of time had left the underworld meanwhile the wizard king was wordless.

Hero would then say that perhaps it was merely a coincidence but based on his research to date there has only ever been one person in possession of magic that possesses the name of time in the entire world of course referring to the wizard king himself all the while being mentally uncertain of his findings and hopeful that he was incorrect hopeful.

That the existence of the devil that had been dwelling in their country had nothing to do with the wizard king but in his reflection of his prior actions the wizard king realized the truth what unbeknownst to him was he true reason for his particular fascination with the dark magic of yami and the world tree magic of william the two sacrificial.

Catalysts for the unleashing of the underworld devils as well as his fascination and understanding in regards to the notion of two souls of differing races residing in a single body kira was unfortunately absolutely right as we would receive the ever tragic expression of wizard king julius as he realized it was him as at the same time kyra's worst.

Fears had been realized as julius would suddenly rise up from his chair and call out to him but before he could complete a sentence something began to change as the grimoire of the wizard king would suddenly be restored to its full power the now physically mature presence would take the place of the wizard king and place his finger on kira who had only.

Just managed to take out his magic scale but had now been paused as incredibly the once coverless grimoire of wizard king julius would now reveal its cover what was an especially intricate design indeed was a center insignia that possessed the iconography of all the major kingdoms diamond heart spade and clover to make things even crazier to.

Suddenly arrive from the window would be the ever mysterious second layer devil a dramalack who now clutch onto the devilish heart of the late lucifero expressing that everything had gone according to the man's plan this man being lucius the eldest brother of the dark triad as we would then receive the proper reveal.

Of his ever sinister face as he would happily admit the time was up now this is all kinds of crazy truly this was for a very long time one of the biggest theories in the black clover community to see it realized in such a way was absolutely fantastic sometimes things can be awaited and predicted by fans for a long stretch of time therefore making.

The series feel a little too predictable but no this is very different this is something that is just spectacular that being said i will be the one to say it does not at all make up for the mediocrity that was a spay kingdom invasion arc but like i said previously i am very excited for what is to come beyond it and this elevated that.

Enthusiasm a thousand-fold what will apparently be the final act of the story so in some time presumably in about two years or so from now black clover will be officially coming to a close wow bombshells on bombshells there is truly so much to be discussed with all this that it would feel like a disservice to try and fit it all into one video so if.

You'd like more discussions on all of this and what is to come with the remainder of the blackover story let us know in the comments below and by dropping a like but i will say that lucia zogrates is an actual monster to have been so calculated in his proceedings means that he was absolutely more than willing to sacrifice he loves.

His three siblings without remorse and considering that was a line crossed by knocked that made him regret everything he had ever done just goes to show how demented this man has to be to do so willingly and my goodness do i love the notion of asta and yuno needing to take down the wizard king to become the wizard king very often in these showning.

Stories the pinnacle seat is either vacant or given perhaps a clover team that will garner an interim wizard king to take the place of julius but one way or another it will require taking this guy down to truly assume the title guys black clover has its eyes in and i suppose in a way this is the death that so many fans have been longing for as.

Wizard king julius is no more he seems to be his own person based on how he reacts to the news that he is the enemy and with that with him being overwritten he is effectively dead his time has concluded he's done and i will say that no matter what the case may be i don't want him to come back because i want this to sting i want this to sit on our.

Hearts and really be impactful and you know wizard king julius was overpowered to begin with now lucius has that power lacks a moral compass which was what actually compromised the wizard king back of the elf invasion arc has the power of a supreme devil because i don't believe he himself is a supreme devil based on what a dramalack said regarding.

Him as usual gratis as opposed to asteroth presumably some sort of innate magic outside of time related to body like that of his late siblings and now the heart of the king of devils is a pharaoh which seems to have been his intended requirement all along big brain doesn't even begin to describe this stuff and i love me a brilliant.

Antagonist and please tabata i am begging you do not degrade this man's intelligence for the sake of plot as so many other mangaka do now unfortunately for as exciting as all these developments may be black clover's manga will sadly be on hiatus for the next three months as tabata has been advised to get some much-needed arrests prior to.

The commencement of this final act final act mind you not to be confused with final arc so there are going to be multiple of those but yeah this is some rest that i would say will allow him to bring his absolute best to close out this phenomenal series something i absolutely believe they should have extended to horikoshi it might hear.

Academia as well as in the last six weeks alone my hero academia has been on break three times but hey everyone is built differently as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you