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Asta’s Final Goodbye Breaks Noelle, The New Wizard King is Revealed! – Black Clover Chapter 335


It's that time again time for another chapter of black clover and after last week's shocking cliffhanger we know you've all been dying for this chapter just as much as we have so let's not waste any more time and get right into chapter 335 titled severance kicking things off exactly where the previous chapter left off we see as he falls.

Through the sky his blood is everywhere except where it should be and standing over him are the two triumphant true humans lucius ogratus and sister lily that's right folks if you miss out on last week's chapter i would highly advise you to go back and read it you're missing out on a lot of things lucius's hand is drenched in the hero's blood and.

His face is a menacing grin as he watches zasta land on the nearby roof with a thud with his chest cut open pretty deep and coughing up blood it looks like this is the end for asta he's faced by two exceptional opponents and is gravely injured what could he possibly do to survive this situation but this is the hard-headed and stubborn.

Austin that we're talking about here and he is definitely not one to give up no matter the situation he's in as he tries to stand and keep fighting the hero or as lucius insists on calling him the flaw of his world coughs of blood while telling the two he isn't done just yet however lucius says otherwise while reversing time on his hands to cleanse.

The blood off he tells austin not to be stubborn he doesn't even have the strength to move anymore and after all what's the point of struggling when apparently you only have a few minutes left to live now perhaps lucy's his estimate as to how long asta had would have turned out to be true give it war for noel flying.

Onto the scene side by side with nero while also pulling along a startled mimosa and now before we get into the action that ensues be sure to subscribe to the channel when notifications on so numbers and upload and smash that like button for some plumber today jumping right into the fight and already fully powered under valkyrie armor noel.

In an attempt to catch the true humans off guard fires off a water spell at their backs while also sending moza off to try and heal asta surprisingly it's not lucius that turns around and stops the attack but instead sister lily who displays facial magic lily is known to have water-based magic so of course this is quite the shocking turn of events.

Even a well is caught off guard for a moment lucius is quick to explain what the trio just witnessed after all he can't exactly be a true villain if he doesn't love monologuing you see the power sister lily just displayed was actually beelzebub's power of spatial magic known to be one of the most powerful devils in the underworld andy.

Double contacted with lucius his late younger brother xenon zorratas it makes us wonder why is his power showing up here of all places not to worry though because lucius has all the answers as he continues his monologue he goes on to explain that he incarnated and purified the elizabeth using his soul magic this statement also.

Clarified in noel that although this man may look like the wizard king he most definitely is not after all the julia she knows and tolerates use his time magic the fact that lucius was able to purify yells about using his soul magic and transform him into an actual magic source without consequence is a pretty big development especially when you take.

In that he's probably done the same to his contractor after roth this could possibly debunk previous theories that say lucius is being influenced by the time level within him if lucius has purified azeroth like he claims to have would be azebub this could mean everything he plants is entirely his own with zero outside influence which is.

Honestly quite terrifying although with the power of time magic one should be able to evade such an exploit what's even more frightening is the fact that beelzebub and azeroth aren't the only devils that spat kingdom wizard as purified as he says in his own words he's taking control of the remaining supreme devils within the underworld.

Including the more powerful ones that occupy the lower levels although small this little piece of information fits into the puzzle of lucy's plan perfectly as we now understand why he waited the whole year and three months following the events of the spay kingdom arc it's highly likely that lucius was spending all that time back and forth from the.

Underworld battling it out with devils and purifying them with soul magic for later use it would have been a treat to see this go down on paper but lucius off screening what was up until now a major threat for those within the world of black clover is yet another testament to how powerful he truly is i mean our heroes on their best day.

Couldn't even do that and furthermore this may go on to explain why there were those devils around the borders of the clover kingdom it may not be that they sought to invade or attack they were simply fleeing with the devils that inhabit the underworld defeated and purified with soul magic lucy's plans to use them to ascend the human race to its.

Next level thanks to the devils his new reborn version of humanity will be equipped with nearly invincible bodies and endless wisdom to tag along with that bringing it all back to sister lily lucius confirms that she is the first of this new race the paladins as he dubs them in his twisted vision these.

Paladins will be the one fighting on behalf of the world and of course he shall lead them but not as the final wizard king something had declared before that title is now beneath him instead lucius will be known as the greatest wizard king so yeah his hubris and ego are on another level entirely and they only seem to rise as time.

Passes now with his full plan revealed i believe it is interesting to point out that what lucy's has in mind for the devils goes completely against his family's philosophy towards them the sokratis family is a long line of devil hosts that believe in giving their bodies up and bringing the devils into the surface world essentially they are.

Just hosts to be used by their respected devils velusius has the opposite in mind he wants to use the devil's power to advance human race essentially using them as a stepping stone and so i wonder how his siblings would react upon hearing his true plans back to asta he manages to hear lucy's words while bleeding and looks upgrading his teeth.

In what could be discussed after all the villain is tarnishing the prize title of wizard king to austin straw to achieve and in the current wizard king's body no less also done with listening to the madman mimosa rushes in donning her ultimate magic form in an attempt to start healing osta however sister lily swiftly puts a stop to that in the rest.

Of the trio's plans engaging them in a cube of spatial magic one that unravels their magic due to space being severed within it it may be sickening to read but sister lily actually praises lucius following his match magnificent as it even allowed someone like her to use such powerful magic keeping the trio encased within their magic lily tells.

Them not to worry as they too will see that lucius is truly righteous and truly it is quite a sight to see sister lily of all people holding back three magic knights while also telling them the villain in this case lucius is in the right now facing osta who is breathing heavily in his drench in sweat she apologizes and tells the young wizard.

Who was just proposing to her a moment ago that his death will usher in true peace to this world and while noel stands at the edge of a barrier and yells to stop lily activates her magic and engulfs austin a large light it would make sense for lily to get lost to here since that is her and lucius's goal but when looking at her new magic type.

And a spell she performs later on i believe it is more likely lilly teleported asa somewhere else so that he can be eliminated properly to the others however it looks as if sister lily just killed asta a truly shocking sight while the present magic knights watch on in shock and horror lucius hovers in front of them and.

Delivers a message now that the flaw of this world has been eliminated lucy's judgment day will come in 7 days it will be the final crusade on the human race and once it is over we'll bring about a world without any foolish and unnecessary strife now missing their key player in the upcoming battle the clover kingdom might not be able to stand.

Against lucius and his paladins in fact their outcome is already decided and it looks like they are destined to lose that is if we are to trust lucius when he says that he has already foreseen the outcome and his visions but nevertheless the remaining magic knights will fight against lucius at the very end something we don't need lucy's future site to.

Confirm following that bold statement we finally see the magic knight captains as they arrive on the scene that is only to see their beloved wizard king behind the chaos and damage as the other captains rush forward while questioning if the person in front of them is truly the julius they know and love yami in an instance that perfectly reflects the.

Scene in which he witnessed julius's death yells out to the wizard king doing so rather respectfully only for lucius the soul that now holds control of their sheer body to give his signature a menacing grin before he and sincerely teleport away thus ending the chapter it's important to note that although he may have a different magi type and key.

Lucius understandably looks just like julius after all they do share a body whatever the case i cannot wait until next week's chapter with the opening to the final arc now complete i am very excited to see where tabata can go with the series finale but please let us know what you think about this action-filled chapter and what exactly do you think.

May have happened to asta here as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you