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Asta’s Insane Sacrifice Makes Him Beyond Wizard King Level – Black Clover Chapter 348


Asta is finally wizard King level after literally killing his own weakness we hope in chapter 348 with Asa just having a rise at the site of the battle he's standing over Yami ichika keeping himself between her and the Paladin forces sister Lily is looking down at the pair from above the sight of the young black bull finally cracksy.

Paladin's comp facade she asks out loud how Asda could even be here and she seems genuinely surprised at his survival she is the one who supposedly killed him after all ASA doesn't enter her it's not even clear if you heard the question his focus is on the Yami patriarch who almost cut down ichika in the last chapter demon slasher is still.

Raised ready to block any further strikes inwardly ASA is Consulting with Libre he is not sure what happened here ichiga has seemingly been incapacitated by some random guy with a sword that joined the paladins Libre manages to work out what's going on this is the enemy's magic transformed into something else the devil is pretty sure that this.

Is some kind of hallucination of one of ichika's relatives after all he does sort of look like an evil version of the captain that idea doesn't surprise Asta he was pretty sure that this stranger wasn't real that if it had been a straight-up fight Ichigo wouldn't have been backed into a corner like this he knows the Yami air better than that.

Something weird is going on something that's messing with her head and is probably the smiling Angel's fault yurulu does not deny the allegation the Paladin continues to grin over and Asta and his ally not even remotely concerned at this last minute intervention this won't be enough to stop him he is convinced that the human heart is weak.

As long as he's fighting normal humans he's got nothing to worry about mockingly he adds his targets if this people's show of conviction is really their strength he points towards ichika once he had used his spell the proud warrior of the uruzin was shaking like a leaf in a high wind she couldn't pull a single Sword move right she and her.

Friends are supposed to be the strongest fighters in the country that was pathetic the reusing lost and lost easily unalu grins the Angelic Warrior facade fading no more long words or Philosophy from him he just finds his enemies uncool a bunch of losers who fell to Pieces easily and for once ichika can't even speak up to defend her.

Squad she lacks the will to even argue right now a far cry from the woman we had seen throughout this Arc up to this point yurulu keeps talking as his Boogeyman spell begins to shift its shape again the Paladin is convinced that he's got Humanity figured out every Mortal Soul fears something Austin is no different he'll go down to this spell.

Just as easily and as the smoke settles the boogeyman takes on a new form Asta himself the fake Oscar proclaims that he can't become the wizard King urulu is confused at someone being afraid of themselves but he trusts his spell if it says his self-loathing is the path to winning this fight he's willing to bank on that he's convinced that pure fear is.

Enough to render any foe incapable one stroke from the Boogeyman and Asta will die that's all it takes the two square off and inwardly Asta makes an admission the fake Assa calls out that he's not as gifted as you know charging forward to prove his counterparts inadequacy in his art the Black Bull finally accepts the truth I'm afraid of being weak and with.

That admission fear holds no more power over Asta with one might he's a 10 the Black Bull cuts through his duplicate the boogeyman stares at his foe half reverting to its true implied form the embodiment of fear gives us one final look of Terror unable to understand what just happened before it dissolves into smoke and mythical ashes Asta can cut.

Down his own weakness in a single glorious strike Ichigo watches with wide eyes as these shirtless reuse and walks up to join her mucho gatake is pretty impressed with his idiot student's performance hasta might have been pretty frustrating to train but all of that's over now the Black Bull is truly ready for this his mentor is convinced Assa.

Has managed to make up for anything he was lacking the Young Magic Knight takes a second to reflect on the journey before the battle heats up further Asta feels he's not gifted he doesn't have natural talent and with so many people that do have those skills in his life he's had a bit of an inferiority comp but that just means he has to be strong.

He has to outdo even the greatest prodigies work harder and learn more he can't afford to be afraid winning is his duty being strong is his duty he wants to be the wizard King so he has to be stronger than all those other Mages no matter what it takes us sheer resolve is enough to push him past the fear he's feeling at this moment the boogeyman is.

Done for and for the first time yurulu the post-human indomitable Paladin is he one who's scared his inevitable indomitable spell just failed unfortunately the Twisted Angel host doesn't back down yurulu's BEAST's magic triggered automatically in response to a powerful Predator pushing him to face this threat head on all animals have a.

Fight or flight response and for the Paladin it's going to be a fight he activates a new spell Beast magic holy hunting unlike most of what we have seen from the paladins this one is far less showy instead it's a personal transformation in warping his form into something more animal-like his legs Bend and bow and His Hands distort into claws.

He looks ready to snarl and rip his clothes to shreds with the amount of Paladin magic gurulu must have poured into the spell his own strength and speed must be enhanced to a ludicrous degree as such the beastly Angel starts jumping around Asta at lightning speed vaulting from point to point across the ice cover Battlefield desperately.

Searching for an opening this boy is just a human to you to do he won't give this devil hose a respect of being seen as anything more than that Asta can't hope to stand against the paladins the young black bull however is unconcerned Asa simply raised his grip on his sword focusing on the moment he takes a slow breath out thinking back to.

His training you to Loon thinks nothing of his foes unruffled State the beastly Angel just grins he just has to land a single hit and that pathetic mortal body will crumble but Asta doesn't budge he can see the Beast Mages outstretch hand before it even comes close this is his opening he brings his blade around to a perfect Z10 right to that outstretched.

Arm asa's anti-magic Cuts all the way through yurulu the overwhelming force of anti-magic spreads backwards along the line of the cut spreading through the Paladin's body Ichigo watches wide-eyed as the angel of besides go white that below struck him right in the soul he's done so wait a minute Asta saw you to lose blow coming before it hit is he a.

Future site now this was supposed to be one of act four not whole cake Island part three yurulu falls to the ice cover ground with a thud his grandma falling to the ground beside him ASA doesn't even turn to look at his Fallen foe from across the field ichika feels something shift the Paladin's magic changed somehow or perhaps it returned to normal.

Yosuga confirms a thought osta man should nullify the Beast Paladin's Lucius granted abilities he may not even be a paladin anymore as far as a reusing leader is concerned ASA was panicking way too much prior to the training any kind of magic can be destroyed if Austin can Target it at the right time even the magic Lucius used to create the paladins.

The veteran Warrior grins as he thinks about the sheer potential of anti-magic zitan it could potentially win any direct Face-Off it is truly the ultimate counter and looking up ASA finally sees sister Lily hovering above the battlefield there's no sign of fear on his face now he's ready for this fight the young black bull calls out to her.

Proclaiming that he will save her right now ass is not stopping at taking down one Paladin he's found a stride and he's going to set everything right but it's a bad sign that all this self-growth and new power development happened during this fight with yurulu now sister Lily seen asa's new ability she's got a chance to work out a way around there's.

A 10 and her spatial magic will help with that she's even still got Heath Grice in her corner for combo spells this next fight isn't going to be easy for ASA hopefully fujio came with yosuga and can help get the reusen back into the fight allies could be very vital going forward here as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for.

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