The entire spade arc was a lie everybody that was a part of the invasion of the spade kingdom had actually died several times and these tragic events were altered and changed by the outside interference of one of lucius the gratis and quite possibly astaroth the time devil himself while this seems hard to believe there have been pieces of.

Evidence scattered through this whole arc that suggests this very scenario and so in this video we'll be going over every significant event in this arc and see which events were changed or shifted to fit the narrative lucius wanted now before we get into the nitty-gritty of events that were changed we first need to pinpoint where and or when these.

Strange events began and after going through the whole arc from the start of the invasion to the end we found the exact moment we believed that time began being messed with that moment happened towards the end of chapter 281 this is the moment when the demon god attacked the clover kingdom in this chapter we see julius getting ready to battle the.

Demon god with kira's help it stated that he needed kira's scale magic to boost his power to match the demon this seems to be working at first as julius managed to age himself up to the age he was when the story began even returning his full power as well his power boost was limited and dependent on the time and mana he had saved up and the amount.

Of boost he gained thanks to kira however as soon as he began to fight back against the demon god julius returned to his younger form seemingly out of time julius is just as shocked as we all are at this moment as he acts i'm out of time already why it's too soon implying that he had more time saved up to help protect the kingdom even if it.

Would be for a short time but his surprise at the loss of the time he had accumulated presumably over the last 6 months is especially odd and telling where could all that time have gone and why now and at such a crucial time no less well the answer we came up with is that lucius somehow managed to use the time julius had saved up in order to.

Exact a large scale spell that would affect the time in the spade kingdom now this is presumably 6 months worth of time we're talking about if the time was used for a spell on the spade kingdom then the events that occurred during the arc make a lot more sense we've seen something like this back during the elf arc when julius fought against patrick.

When patrick used a large spell that would have killed everyone in the clover kingdom julius stopped it by reversing time now this spell took a lot of mana and concentration on julius's part which gave patrick the opportunity to defeat and seemingly kill julius so based on how much time could be reversed over a whole kingdom it's not so hard to.

Believe this could be happening in the spade kingdom and more frequently how lucius could do this while julius was in control is still up in the air and could be a video for another time now with that explanation we can finally cover the famous clock tower the idea of time being rewound in the hero's favor was actually brought upon by this clock.

Tower in the invasion now i know what you're thinking how could a clock tower confirm the manipulation of time well we didn't know at first either until the reveal of lucius and asked her off during chapter 331 afterwards we looked back through the ark and noticed something very interesting every time we see the clock tower in this arc it's the.

Same time at roughly 6 36 or 6 37 it is then seen at 6 45 when noel and the heart kingdom reinforcements arrive and it is around 7 38 during the battle against lucifero when yuno and mario leona tag teamed him now at first we would assume that an hour passed through this arc this large-scale battle clearly should have taken more than an hour this.

Is where the bizarre times on the clock come into play as tabata was very deliberate in showing us the clock so many times during this arc and with the release of chapter 331 this seems more likely than not to be the case as the clockwise destroyed begins to take forward and the chapter title is and time starts to move these two points.

Confirm that time has been messed with but how many times did this happen and how large were the changes well we're gonna get into that right now also we're gonna say the word time a lot in this video you've been warned noel and the heart kingdom reinforcements the first instance where we believe time had been altered was when noel arrives on.

Battlefield with the heart kingdom reinforcements now before they arrive the clyde pot was opened earlier than expected as it was revealed that morris was blind and thus made him qualified to be a devil host lucifero's second host to be precise due to the boost in his own magic thanks to his devil contract morris was able to accelerate the.

Opening of the clyde pot and even modify it so that lucifero could manifest faster also due to the modifications he made a horde of low ranking to mid-ranking devils began to flood out of the underworld with eminent death heading to the spade kingdom freedom fighters and citizens we are then greeted with a large beam of light.

Wiping out a sizeable chunk of the devil horde and that is when noel and her group along with reinforcements from the heart kingdom appear to save the day and with their arrival the group unleashed multiple true magic attacks wiping out even more devils clearly showing the strength they gained from training with the elves but something to pay attention.

To is the clock in chapter 284. the clock is separated from the rest of the panel in the top left showing the time to be 6 45 why would tabata go through the trouble of purposely singling out this image in its own little panel well it was his own way of telling us the time of this arc isn't what it seems if the time is correct then that means.

About 10 minutes had passed since the start of the raid which falls in line at first as everything from breaking into the castle to the matchups against the dark triad should have only been a couple of minutes now let's jump really quick to when the ark ends the time then is around 7 28 so that would mean noel's group arrived less than an hour before.

Lucifer was about to be revived but time was altered to make it so that when noel arrived to face monica time had been reversed slightly this would make it so that while noel and the others arrive late the time of the area around them would be reversed to right after the clyde pot fully opened if this scenario is indeed true then the original.

Timeline setup would have had noel's group fight the dark triad morris nama lilith as well as lucifero and megula all without the rest of the black bulls and asta's help this would lead to noel's forces losing brutally against overwhelming odds the reason things played out well to begin with was because time was reset to a certain.

Point so that noel and koh would have helped in the battle against veronica and the other devils and a few short minutes would be vital in the end as the battle against veronica and then mandikila should have lasted for a good while if not for noel and later mimosa charlotte and ryl would have definitely died at the hands of veronica before.

Makila would manifest without noel around rail wouldn't have time to recast his twilight of valhalla spell which is what kept them from dying in that fight this also would have led to petka dying and megula would have fully manifested if not for noel not to mention the swift arrival of asta and the black bulls later on which truly swings the battle.

In the favor of our heroes we'll get into the black bull's role and how time was changed to fit their arrival in just a little bit but before we go any further if you haven't already be sure to drop a like and subscribe we're approaching 500 000 subscribers and need your help to get there now let's get into asta's last minute saves next up we.

Have the instances where austin makes a last-minute save at the perfect time there are two points in particular where this was the case it will begin with the first and most crucial and this would be when asta saves not from mana and lilith in chapter 287 this battle between the supreme devils and vice captain of the black bulls was insane as knott pulls.

Out all the stops and even resigns himself in order to die to kill his opponents however this pair was too much for him to defeat as their ice and flame magic were so strong that he easily broke through every attempt he made as not prepares for death asta swoops in to defend his vice captain in a heroic entrance worthy of a shonen protagonist.

Now while this was badass and extremely hype we now have another inconsistency with the timeline of events as you remember from the start of this video we had a demon god attack the clover kingdom and julius lost the time he had saved up out of nowhere this led to a scenario where nobody in the area could stop the demon god until asla shows up.

Revealing his devil union form and turns the monster into a finely sliced cheese now why did we mention this event you see the demon god appeared in the clover kingdom it was implied that it appeared at the same time as the one that mario leona was fighting in the spade kingdom which meant that asta battled it during the opening minutes of the raid with his.

Devil union form used up asta needed to recharge on the way to the spade kingdom even with the mobile hideout and finra's portals asta wouldn't have gotten there in time as it would have taken a good amount of time for him to cross across the intense magic zones separating the kingdoms you could argue that guimodello nos devil which he left behind to.

Oversee asta and lee based training could have used shadow magic to teleport them there however gimodello states it would be impossible to teleport such a large distance without knock meaning that they have to book it the long way towards the destination and that would definitely take a while and if we take a look at the map of the world it is a.

Straight shot to the spade kingdom but quite the distance with this information we could assume this trip at full speed and utilizing the powers of the black bull should have taken a little over an hour again we're kind of low balling it here and this will lead them to arrive presumably after noelle's group as the time when they arrive and charge for the.

Castle is 6 45. this would mean that time had been rewound at least twice as the clive odd opened once for the arrival of noelle's group and a second for asta to rescue not the second rewind is what makes things interesting as the evidence for this appears during the climax between the battle against the twin devils and asta as the combined.

Version of these devils ready an attack to wipe out asta in the kingdom he uses his demon slayer sword to deflect the devil's attack and defeat it but before asta wins we see in the same chapter chapter 289 the clock tower says 6 36 once again this is a whole nine minutes before noel's group even arrives to the invasion but based on the evidence we.

Had before asta should have arrived afterwards so why is this the case well oster arriving before noelle's group makes her fight go more smoothly as remember asta barely makes it in time to not only save not but also lolopachika if asta actually arrived after noel like he was supposed to then not and lolopecica would have died based on the.

Timing of events not would have been dead as noel's group arrives since nas battle seems to happen before she even gets there and lolo pesco would have died to help in megakul's resurrection by the time asta arrived this would lead to presumably everyone fighting megicula dying and aston arriving as the devil won another piece of evidence that.

Supports time reversing so asta gets there before noel is the short amount of time it took for him to make it to her location if we look back as not explaining the location of the triad veronica and dante's locations where not was before were a good distance away though asta and not needed to take care of dante before heading to noel which.

Took even more time the events with dante stall the group for a bit and it leads them to noel in the nick of time cutting things pretty close since asta's demon destroyer swords casualty breaker ability was the only thing that could have removed the curse from lilopeca and saved her life the early arrival of asta managed to save lives and stop major.

Disasters that would have led to the failure of the plan it was imperative that oscar being these two particular situations in order to use his anti-magic swords to deal with these specific problems even though time was reversed twice this didn't just make things work out for asta and noel this made arguably one of if not the best.

Fight in the series happen i'm talking of course about dante vs magna magna vs dante now this is actually the shortest example in this video but it's still very important while magnaverse dante was an amazing fight for showing just how much potential the magic system of black clover has we have to think how this is a byproduct of time being messed.

With now as we just explained time was reversed so that asta and ko arrived before noel to make use of his anti-magic to stop many worst case scenarios but looking back to when asta defeated the combined twin devils we see magna and zora preparing to enter the battle we can take this to mean that these two would have arrived at the same.

Time or a bit after the rest of the black bulls meaning that time didn't need to be reversed for magna as the events played out in a favorable way the reason for this being the case is that austin needed 30 minutes to recharge before using devil union again with him unable to use that form battling dante would have been very difficult and would.

Have probably wasted more time as we all remember during the first encounter asta barely survived onto using 50 of lucifero's power even if asta got stronger dante using 100 power would have been near impossible without devil union with more time wasted from the potential fight austin would have been too late to save lolapechka and noel.

Wouldn't have gotten the chance to defeat magecula so magna facing off against dante was the better bet in the end as it gave austin more time afterwards to make his save this might as well have been the most pivotal moment in the arc due to how much time magna gave the others with his efforts a theme that the next event where time was.

Manipulated shares as well yuno and language versus xenon another epic fight within this arc which develops juno and helps him unleash his true power and that may sound a little bit cliche and forced but it really is true while this was great for many reasons yuno's victory wouldn't have been possible without time manipulation this makes.

Sense as it's the same situation we just talked about with magna vs dante due to time being reversed so that the black bull's arrived earlier than they should have altered events in favor of the heroes magna fighting dante gave asta extra time to recover and allowed him to make it to noel just in time to stop lola pechka's death and megulo's.

Incarnation similar events happened with yuno but not in the same way elite battle against zenon yuno and language got beat pretty badly when xenon made a contract to become a devil host leading to yuno being knocked unconscious while angus was forced to protect him as long as possible now language had no chance against zenon on his own but out of.

Nowhere finra manages to save him in the nick of time with finra's rival we didn't have the tag team of these two brothers against the devil fight xenon the battle seems to be going well with the two even managing to enter xenons mana zone plan a direct hit on his heart we then get yuno regaining consciousness to witness the brothers failure to.

Defeat xenon as even their spatial magic couldn't destroy the devil's heart witnessing this gruesome and hopeless sight juno laments the situation and begins to think back on his decisions as he wonders if he made the right choices in his life till now and if he had done something different things might have changed but remembering the vow he made.

With asta his rival and brother you know tries to get back up once more stating that this wasn't all he was then almost as if awakened yuno has a vision of a young boy who tells him i am you but you have your own strength as all of a sudden a grimoire with the spade kingdom symbol appears in front of yuno as he now has two grimoires this reveals that.

Yuno has star magic along with the wind magic he's had so far this revelation and acquiring of new power allows juno to turn the tables on xenon and eventually defeat him with a decisive blow destroying the devil heart with his saint stage magic the battle concludes with yuno winning but this wouldn't have been possible if finral hadn't shown up.

When he did language was very close to being killed by xenon and if he was yunna would have been killed without hesitation it was only because of finra's intervention that yuno gained precious time to recover and even further his resolve as he then realized his true self the spade grimoire wouldn't have reached you know if he was.

Still unconscious or if he hadn't seen the near dead state finral and language were in these factors are what caused juno's awakening and stared the battle towards victory and like magna against dante this small intervention was just a result of time manipulation for the best possible outcome now you could argue that there was someone else to help uno.

Out but with asta's group focusing on dante and every other player preoccupied finra was the only one who was a good match for this fight two spatial mages are better than one and they did put up a decent fight plus language is finra's brother so it makes sense why he would head to his location so once again the manipulation of time helped the right.

Person get to where they needed to be at the right time further pushing towards the final confrontation and the final instances of time being messed with incarnations of the king of devils lucifero vs everyone okay i know he doesn't technically fight everyone but he fights practically all the captains along with asta and yuno so i'm going to.

Count it as everyone anyway is time for the most recent and arguably biggest and consecutive example of time manipulation why do we believe this to be the case well it's an all-out brawl against the king of devils himself as he basically steamrolls everyone in his way but wearing this massive battle was time altered well that is simple the first.

Instance is when lucifero initially demolishes the captains austin was beaten to near death by lucifer previously and the captains fought to protect him throughout this battle we see captain after captain try and fail to even make lucifero twitch this is all to no avail as he quickly defeats every captain except for mario leona it's only.

After this where yuno appears to save austin before lucifero could finish him off and we then see the second to last image of the clock tower we've seen throughout this whole arc the time at that moment was 7 28 which is very important as the time of the end of the arc was also 7 28 this meaning time was reversed again for this fight and most.

Likely a few times compared to previous decisive moments now the moment where time was reversed first was when austin not sneak attack failed if we pay close attention in chapter 322 lucifera looks in the direction of the clock tower and then notices asta is missing the clock tower appears to still be at 7 28 but his whole fight should have been a few.

Minutes meaning that this was the moment time changed after the sneak attack failed not risked his life to save asta and might have died less than a minute later but yami appears to save not from the killing blow and makes his heroic entrance emphasizing that if not for yuno getting there when he did not and then asta would have died there and then.

We have another last minute save right after yami when zora and nero came up to protect asta from lucifero now this was another instance where asus should have died but with nero and zoro's intervention the worst was once again avoided it's almost funny how many times these characters were about to die only for someone to save them at the last.

Second almost as if time was being messed with but jokes aside let's jump to another pivotal moment in this matchup and it is the moment at the end of chapter 325 rosters attacked mrs lucifero and lucifer in retaliation seemingly breaks asta's leg i mentioned this as the next time we see us to fight a move his leg doesn't seem broken at.

All we could chalk that up to adrenaline but it doesn't change the fact that asa shouldn't be standing which means shortly after this moment time was reversed in real time making it so asta's leg wasn't broken yet we then head towards the finale of the battle when asked unleashes his true devil union as he quickly counters and slices.

Up lucifero before the last slash and devil union was undone we believe time was reversed for a brief second so sefera's location was shifted slightly this would lead to aston missing the heart failing to kill a sparrow i mentioned this because we emphasized the union being undone during the second slash i mean it makes sense for how.

Austin missed the heart in the first place so why did lucius manipulate time when lucius was revealed along with the reveal of asteroth no longer being in the underworld everything clicked with the power of asteroth lucius was somehow able to manipulate time during this paid invasion to reach a certain outcome as you probably understand since we already.

Broke down when the possible changes happened but why if lucius was so powerful couldn't he have dealt with lucifero after the raid failed well most likely not and here's why while lucius has the time magic of asteroth along with his own magic which we still have no clue about lucifero would most likely be a bad matchup for him from the fact.

Of lucifero's gravity and mana being so intense it's possible that the magic would just be cancelled out by his gravity as we all know rogue has the ability to alter fate for those close to the user and just sixty percent of lucifer's power completely disintegrated rogue when lucifer manifests from the clydpot we see rogue being unraveled.

Without even trying you're probably thinking right now yes we know this already what does this have to do with lucius well lucious with asteroth's time magic would either fight lucifero to a standstill or get cancelled out by the sheer reality bending power of his gravity meaning that lucius needed to find a way to avoid any complications.

When confronting lucifero as the goal this whole time was to get lucifero's heart for reasons still unknown but we can assume would be for the dream of giving himself and humanity on dying bodies but it means nothing if he can't deal with lucifero and get his heart if time wasn't messed with the events would have played out as intended and asta.

Wouldn't have defeated lucifero all of this really puts the ark into perspective due to how big everyone's role were in the grand scheme of things as well as how easily things could have or in this case did go wrong hopefully you enjoyed the video thank you for watching to the end until next time keep that platinum on you i'm kj have a great.

Day bye