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Asta’s New Devil God Attack Revealed! He Just Learned Ki – Black Clover Chapter 339


It begins us only just started his new training Arc and he's already learned a new technique that has insane potential with this in his Arsenal Lucius had better watch out our boy is packing a punch and is going to make the wizard Emperor bleed after it we're going that may not be far away black Clover's answer to the wano Arc of One Piece sure.

Is going fast there is a lot in this chapter cool new magic more information about the land of the Sun and some honestly heartwarming moments as well I challenge you not to cry before we are done let's get to it we pick up where we left off last time with the Chica holding us his face in a vice-like grip the bandage from the last chapter are.

Still lying unconscious against the wall behind them ASA is still trying to process the Revelation that ichika is tatanyami's little sister after all the captain has never mentioned to her surely he would have said something about his sibling back home wouldn't he ichika however makes it clear that she doesn't care about her brother it isn't.

Surprised by this she won't even say his name just calling him that frisky man the idea that Captain Yami managed to her is enough to make ichika tighten her grip causing asset to wince in pain this master student relationship is officially off to the worst start possible we use glances around things aren't looking good the patches by who'd.

Been praising ishika for taking down the bandits have finally noticed Asta they start trading Whispers glaring at the new arrival that kid has a strange hair color could he be a foreigner what is going on with that arm of his they sound like they're about to get torches and pitchforks or possibly tar and Feathers but before the situation can get any.

Worse the Shogun decides to take drastic action so he grabs astha and ichika taking one under each arm and starts to run down the street trying to end the argument he loudly proclaims that ass's friend should be feeling better by now the two do need to stop arguing so they can check on him right at least before they attract an angry mob neither the.

Pair resists ryuya the group leaves town swiftly heading into a nearby Woodland soon enough they'd come to a small house surrounded by happy stalks of bamboo Austin moves towards the door asking if libey is inside however before yuya or ichika can answer him a massive blob of eyes peeks out from the door it just faces through the paper ASA gasp in.

Shock at the bizarre sight while the creature gets a closer look at him the door swings open and we get a better view of this strange house the eyes we saw belong to a strange fish Spirit five of them all different shapes swim throughout what appears to be an old Japanese style home the site is bizarre but strangely cozy they feel more like.

Pets than monsters one man has come to greet Austin his friends too he is holding a scroll and is smiling cheerfully The Stranger recognizes zasta and is happy to see the Black Bull has recovered properly ruin introduces the new man as mikuriya fumito a local genius with recovery magic this seems to involve his fish Spirit friends they are.

Likely a counterpart to Owen's jellyfish attendance even so far apart there are similarities in how magic Works he fished with far too many eyes approached Asta and ryuya gently spitting liebe out in the black Bull's hands Miku apologizes for separating the pair this is the first time he's ever treated devil which is why it took him so long.

As though of course doesn't care one bit he's just happy to have his brother back with him he hopefully made clothes sounding like he's about to cry being separated from his companion in such a strange Place made the young black ball feel desperately lonely liebe looks away at first embarrassed by the display of affection it still has to feel weird to.

Hear someone talk about him like that finally though the little devil looks back at Asta Libre is blushing and he can't say it loudly but he is able to admit way the little guy is now sporting a scar matching hastas thanks to the attack they two took during double Union they're even more alike than before to.

Celebrate the reunion fumito prepares a nice warm meal for his guests and it's an impressive spread fish rice no potatoes and soup there are even a few local Delicacies thrown in for good measure fubito added a platter of tamagoyaki in the center and a small serving of kimchi on the side ichika begins eating in Gloomy silence trying.

Her best not to glare at their ghasta is all struck by the foreign food one bite has his mouth watering the fish is so tender he's eating no potatoes all his life but these are somehow even better ryuya is happy at his guest reaction he proclaims that fumito is as much a genius in the kitchen as he is in medical magic the Healer Smiles with the.

Compliment enjoying his chance to serve his host ASA looks back down on his plates about to dig in further then he stops his memory turning the no potatoes must have taken him back to Hage Village he can't stuff his face while thinking about what's going on in the Clover Kingdom ASA puts his shops down and Bows his head he has been distracted but he's.

Healed up now he has to go back soon he may as well start working on that right away all table manners forgotten ASA Rises to his feet and turns to ryuya here he questions if ryuya knows how to get back to the Clover Kingdom he is a Shogun he has that All-Seeing Eye he must know something ruya looks dark his smile is gone in a second they had this.

Conversation before the Shogun knows there is no easy way to bring Austin's feelings under control still he tries speaking slowly and calmly even if Asta went home he couldn't beat Lucius yet there is no point in thinking about a return Journey until he is strong enough for the fight ryuya already went over this and the facts have not changed.

Austin stands his ground however he insists he has to at least try we see his mind flash back to the fight with Lucius and what the emperor did to sister Lily that is still eating Asta up inside he couldn't protect her while Austin is safe in the land of the sun everyone he has ever known is at risk from an omnicidal Maniac he can't just.

Sit back while that's happening he has to save them he has to save Lily whom he has already failed he Bowser yuya begging him to do something anything the Shogun tries to reassure Asta he stays calm simply stating the facts it's all right he still has time before he has to go back there is still time to train and go strong enough to take down Lucius.

Ostas finally had enough of the cryptic approach though he snapped at ryuya asking the Shogun how he could possibly know that there is still time a few big assurances aren't enough not when everyone in the Clover kingdom is in danger as for training Austin has spent all his life training pushing himself in every which way he could think of he.

Worked out like a demon every single day and it was not enough the failure hangs over Asta like a looming Shadow it is easy to see why he's so skeptical about more training right now it all has to feel like a wasted effort to Asta maybe he'll never be strong enough to win this fight maybe it is all over before that thought can go any further however Yami.

Ichika Rises to her feet she steps across a room and without a word she slaps Asta hard across the face the young black bull did not see that coming he just stands there eyes wide as ichika explains her thoughts she doesn't know what's going on in asa's life she doesn't care what's going on with him and she doesn't give a damn if he lives.

Or dies like she said in the last chapter she hates men like him still Asta is alive and he's alive due to the efforts of yuya and mikuriya these are two men she respects deeply and they went all out to save him we see ryuya and fumito mother during this not at all impressed by ichika's Blood manner still neither man would dare interrupt her.

Ichika continues to explain herself to Asta foreigners like him are not well liked in the land of the sun most people think they cause disasters just by showing up she can understand Asana not trusting ryuya's words since ta'asta the man is a mysterious Foreigner however ichika knows ryuya to her this goofy idiot is The Honorable Shogun of their.

Nation and he went out of his way to help a man most would probably kill on sight as such if ASA continues to spit on ryuya's generosity and saving him if this ungrateful sod ignores his shogun's advice and insists on throwing his life away he doesn't need to bother heading back to the Clover Kingdom or fighting Lucius each will end him right here.

Right now and that is not a bluff the ryuzen places her hand on her sword hilt and steadies are Scabbard with the other she is ready for an EI Jutsu slice otherly prepared to cut the Black Bull down at the dinner table if she has to a fool like him shouldn't take other people's kindness for granted hasta needs a second to recover after that.

Verbal beat down not to mention the whole death threat thing once he has however he hangs his head in shame ichika wasn't being kind about it but she's right he knows she's right Austin is only alive because these strangers helped him going back now would be stupid he won't save anyone or change anything he will just get killed.

Austin's voice trembles as he thanks his host for what they did he takes back his request to return home Asta and easy training they offered and he knows it Brielle is happy to leave it at that he can understand asa's feelings and will hold them against him besides the land of the sun would be in trouble too if Lucius is able to grow more powerful.

They will train us as hard as they can so we can actually beat the wizard Emperor and apparently that training is starting right away the three locals lead us outside to the back of fumito's house we get a better view of the bamboo forest here it is impressive the wooden stalks grow massive and thick leaving only a small clearing for the group to.

Stand in ryuya starts giving his explanation right away Lucius has both an advantage in physical strength and magical power one set against hasta they aren't even close to being equals as things stand to win the fight ASA is going to have to end things as quickly as possible going all out from the start will catchy wizard Emperor by surprise.

And to do that they're going to teach him a technique called Heavenly Severance awesome thanks back to ichigo's fight with the bandits ryuya's words remind him of what his attendant did back then ichika took out all four on men in a single instant did she use this technique wondering about what happened before distracts Oscar for a.

Moment but then he remembers he doesn't have any magical power how's he supposed to pull this off ryunia doesn't seem worried however he tells Asta to concentrate he just needs to feel the flow of key to understand ichika steps up to demonstrate the severance she takes a second to Center herself where yuya continues his explanation Ki is.

What everyone uses to produce magical energy it is the flow of life and vitality that drives magic that's why sensing Ki allows finder magical control that most Mages can employ if you can sense the flow of your key you can control it and that lets you manage your magic more precisely as the watches as ichika concentrates all of her magical.

Power into her arm then she brings her hand down in a single strike it is a devastating show of force the hardwood of the bamboo is Split in Two by the force of ichigo's technique Asta is left wide-eyed looking at the aftermath somehow ichika managed to cleave through a stalk of bamboo more than twice her height the younger Yami sibling finishes.

Reviews explanation from earlier the amount of magic applied with this much speed creates an explosive level of force it's not all that sophisticated but when you strength this is useful having seen it once ichika asks ASA to try and perform this technique himself that request is so bizarre and manages to get fumito to speak up the healer's.

Voice is quivering it's clear he is uncomfortable contradicting ichika still he feels obligated to protest expecting ASA to pull off Heavenly Severance just like that is crazy there are skilled Mages who have gone through years of training without being able to pull it off the only ones who can do this reliably are the ReUse in seven the.

Greatest heroes of the land of the sun expecting some random Foreigner to just reach that level on his first try is bizarre and unfair to Asta however the Black Bull doesn't hear him as is muttering himself deep in thought over what just happened he really was paying close attention to ichika during the Heavenly Severance he could see how she.

Focused her key and it seems achievable to ASA he hadn't considered trying to do anything like that himself just sensing his opponent's key still he understands the principles of how it works it is an emission effect just like Mana skin he's just has a focused power to a point he didn't have the energy to pull it off before but now that he has the contract.

With libey things may be different ryuya interrupts making the way forward explicit Austin knows how to use Ki he might not have magic but thanks to his devil he has anti-magic power flowing through him it should work similarly instead of magic ASA should be able to perform an anti-magic heavily Severance in theory they don't know what's going.

To happen but hey you might as well try it I mean what else do they have to lose with this also steps forward slowly approaching the bamboo he is visibly tense replicating a legendary attack like this has to be intimidating still he is ready to at least try and pull off Heavenly Severance he mimics ichigo's movements as best he can bringing his.

Hand up in the same pose she used and just like ichika he focuses his key into his arm and brings his hand down across a bamboo there is no reaction the clearing is silent the bamboo pole still stands tall and unbowed it's almost like it's taunting Asta fumito is ready to abandon the training already it's just like he thought expecting a miracle like.

This is utterly unreasonable but then the bamboo dissolves the mighty wood Withers beneath the anti-magic small chunks blowing away in the wind Asta hasn't just mastered Heavenly Severance on his first attempt he is meant to add the classic Samurai delayed cut to it he's really getting into the one of spirit fumito is up gaping at this feat.

Of scale even ichika's eyes go wide she hadn't expected ASA to be this good already ruya laughs heartily happy that the Black Bull has surprised them all he explains he shock looks to ASA making the bamboo Decay like this is supposed to be impossible it is grown with magic to ensure it stays strong splitting it is one thing but the Black Bull has gone.

Beyond that once more anti-magic is full of surprises this man Asta might just be better at the cave than even shigaraki from my hero Academia Asta is still struggling to take this all in Rio doesn't mind continuing to talk this proves that training is the right path Asa demonstrated that he still has a ton of room to grow his fundamental skills.

And abilities are solid he just didn't know how to focus his anti-magic powers before this point but no more from here on out ASA is going to gain a ton more experience they will show him all the ways to expand his powers they can think of by the time he goes back to the Clover Kingdom he'll be even stronger than this Lucius won't know what hit him.

Austin just takes a second his eyes lingering on his black hand he's not able to think that far ahead just yet he's lost in the moment stunned by what he just did when he looks up instead of ryuya his gaze turns to ichika the person who hates his guts and a few moments ago was about to kill him ASA steps towards her and utters two simple.

Words thank you there are tears in assa's eyes the bruise where ichika slapped him earlier is still visible on his cheek the massive grin makes it almost invisible however Asta is finally Truly Deeply happy not because he split that bamboo but because he is managed to grow ichika showed him a new technique and did so in a way also was able to.

Learn from he can still be strong he can still grow stronger for the first time since his battle with Lucius Asta is looking hopeful it's a massive relief he knows he can close the gap now he might not be at lucius's level yet but he can catch up with his over at this Emperor he can actually fight him all he has to do is train and push himself Beyond his.

Limits once again and no one can train like astacan ichika gives her grateful student a piercing look she doesn't understand what's going on here and is suspicious her feelings towards a foreigner had not changed ASA doesn't care though in less than a second the Black Bull is begging her for more lessons he's counting on her to help him.

Reach his full potential and with that we close the chapter out now what a chapter it was was anyone expecting ASA to pull off a new move this quickly and at that what do you think we are getting next time will we meet the other using seven members or are we going to check back in on the Clover Kingdom leave us your guesses in the comments down below.

As always I'm flexible taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you