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Asta’s Perfected Power Ruins His Story!? – Black Clover Chapter 346


This week Black Clover is tricky on its face this is just another issue of fighting although there are some Curious references here that may hint at further Mysteries down the road ready for some investigating let's get to it we opened Black Clover chapter 346 on a wider shot of the fight we saw last time the new Holy Dragon towering over the land rated.

Chow Down on their use in seventh before we get into that though our title is particularly interesting the five Devas we're getting heavily into mythology references with the chapter Devas are Celestial beings known in Japan via Buddhism still they originate in Hinduism and are prominent in Zoroastrianism so let's keep an open.

Mind the people missing from the town are here on a neighboring Island looking up at the gigantic Kaiju attacking their home it's one more sign of the ludicrous scale of this creature they are many miles away on an entirely different landmass but it is still also visible for them that's ridiculous the Italian spoke murmur among themselves they've.

Been told what was going to happen but seeing it is still surreal a legendary dragon has returned to a tacky land of the sun even with a wide Gulf between them Andy Kaiju they are still frightened one knows that if they hadn't listened to the Shogun and fled to Honshu they'd all be in wait Honshu okay We've joked about this Arc being wano at.

Four a few times but this takes it beyond anything that Oda did wano was its own location looking very distinct from its obvious inspiration and having unique region names Honshu is an actual Island in Japan it's the largest island in Japan essentially the mainland of the nation it's not some obscure out of the way spot this is going Beyond a vaguely.

Japanese country or even a similarly laid out eyelid archipelago the names are identical Tabata is seemingly trying to recreate Japan entirely with the land of the sun why is he keeping it this close to reality is he trying to make a point with this well we'll get back to that later when the story brings in more Japanese stuff the point is the people.

Are still in shock and more than a little bit frightened this reborn Holy Dragon is ridiculously huge towering over the halls of their Homeland how can even the Revere Protectors of the land of the sun deal with a threat that's ridiculous it seems impossible still the people trust in their use in seven they trust their Shogun they're convinced.

These amazing protectors will find a way to handle it even with a threat as apocalyptic seeming as this and given the power we have seen from the views in seven world ending threats seem in their wig class if anyone can do it it's these guys and hey kazukaku seems down to give it a try the bloodthirsty Maiden is still laughing lingering in the air.

Above the Battleground she's ready to keep slashing away at sister Lily stupid op Paladin abilities or not when she draws her blade she is not easily intimidated unfortunately Lily has not forgotten her new holy magic unruffled she raises a hand and manifests her new big spell spatial magic sacred devil control it's the same one she used to.

Shut down his efforts to heal Asta during his battle Lucius creating a cage of separate space that can nullify spells once that's up she can simply warp her opponent away with just a gesture oh of course she's going to send genojo morifuyu to the Culver Kingdom where she'll have to go through a training art before coming back here to.

Fight the Holy Dragon or not before she can be caught in the cage something pulls the samurai away it kinda looks like kazukaku mastered some mystical form of double jumping at first repositioning in midair still after she's pulled away we see a familiar black spear behind her that's a spell we have already seen in the land of the sun.

Specifically from a fellow member other yuzen Yami ichika she doesn't call out these spells name but she's using black star to save her friend it allows her to pull any sort of human-sized object through the air she's not limited to repositioning herself with it the remaining orb circling Shadow Warrior as she calls out her fellow samurais over.

Confidence this sort of charging in without a care in the world approach risks getting them all in trouble they only have five Warriors for this fight they can't afford any casualties Lily is as polite as ever complimenting the ryucin's magic it comes off as such a smoke on ascension when is being said by a charge-up angel creature it's clear.

She's not worried about this fight and why should she be she's been given ridiculous Paladin Powers by Lucius this is still an unfair matchup as far as she's concerned and the gigantic five-headed Holy Dragon just makes that more apparent the creature thrashes against the town reducing the buildings to splinters as it tries to snap and get.

Nojo morifuyu before she can make it back to the ground thankfully the warrior sees it coming using her sword to push herself away from the dragon Soaring Over the town seeing the tiny Samurai right next to the massive dragon head just underlines how ridiculously scale is here the other heads aren't idle however all five of them are.

Capable of acting on their own stopping their using from focusing on one at a time one of the heads on the right has begun focusing its wrath before the reusing can react it fires off a powerful blast of energy carving a valley between the hills on the far side of the city a black substance glugs up from the Impact Zone a trace of the.

Dragon's original dark magic magma from one of honshu's 40 active volcanoes perhaps Ichigo was able to use dark star to contain the worst of the damage Lily offers a polite lap to her new friends the ryuzin are going to have to hurry if they don't her five-headed dragon is going to destroy everything in the town even if they Evacuate the civilians.

Losing all their homes and livelihoods it's going to prove devastating three many eyed heads zoom over the town ready to Rampage and destroy the entire settlement ichika doesn't look ruffled however she's confident boasting that they are led by a lord who sees all they aren't the type who just lose weight sufficiently big threat nothing.

Intimidates you reuse in seven we cut back to yesterday afternoon where Shogun ryudo ryuya first briefed his retainers on the threat that was coming he doesn't undersell it as far as his Shogun is concerned this attack is start of a war in the land of the sun he isn't expecting Lucius to back down even if they defeat his initial scouting party.

The isaiamong gaspin opened surprise at that it's been a long time since there was a war in the land of the sun you know Joe morifuyu is already freaking out clutching a katana like it is a soft toy even komari is a little nervous this is clearly going to be something big ryuya outlines the opposition they can expect the Shogun foresight is extremely.

Useful for giving briefings like this he can outmatch any sort of conventional spy Network he knows exactly who Lucius is sending for this mission three of the wizard Emperor's subordinates are on route to the land of the sun Riya knows that they are called paladins that they are extremely skilled only his Elite reuse and disciples are in with a shot.

At taking down these super purified devil host his Insight should help with that ryuya even knows their magic types helpful information when preparing for a fight he's identified lily as capable of water and space facial magic noting that she is going to be particularly Troublesome ryuya also knows that grice is able to use ice magic he remembers.

The early anime interestingly though he seems unsure of iru's Beast magic he's able to guess that it is something to allow them to control magical beasts but this is the first time ryuya sounded less uncertain about something is this some kind of limit on his sight Ryu likely figured out the third Paladin's magical attribute because he knows he.

Group's objective he tells who used in seven outright that the paladins are going to break the seal of the five-headed dragon ichika looks dour remembering her family's ancient responsibility they were charged with securing that land for the land of the sun now the ancient monster sealed might be set loose and she is the only Yami.

Left to stop it rilia notes that the group is going to be here by morning the reusing are hyped up to head out and take these new foes down before they get anywhere close to pulling that off however the Shogun shuts that down they have to evacuate goshu first and taking a second look at this shot this is an oddly Bleak panel for the heroic.

Defender of a Nation insisting they save the Common People Tabata is really stressing the constantly clouded aesthetic of the land of the sun you can just about make out the Sun but the clouds are extremely thick it gives ryuya an ominous vibe there was a perfect chance for a badass inspiring shot here with the sun rising to act as.

A symbol of Hope going for something so different is interesting still his words are openly pretty reasonable there using should take their time to prepare for a fight this big they are going up against opponents of this ludicrous power grade it is important to have a strategy plus they're heading straight for a town if they don't Evacuate the people first.

They're going to be collateral damage he even confirms that Lucy's can race he dead and turn them into paladins if he starts intervening directly they're going to be facing a basically unending stream of reinforcements they have to prioritize evacuation and hey it's not a bad thing to make sure innocent people are safely away from the crossfire thus.

His plan is to evacuate the city then engage lucius's forces when they make landfall along with the five-headed dragon komari swears at that you know Joe morifuyu looks like she's about to faint she's trembling so badly she asked her Lord if he's sure they can handle this thing their concerns are reasonable enough the five-headed dragon almost.

Destroyed the land of the sun after all the ancient defenders in the nation couldn't even kill it resorting to ceiling magic to perpetual really imprison it instead no one wants to be told they are going to have to fight something that big what army officer is going to be happy to learn Godzilla is heading their way also wait a minute.

Ryuya's plan is kind of odd when you think about it evacuating the civilians make sense but why delays reuse in and wait on the ground if the five gathered here could strike first they softly paladins being able to awaken the dragon why didn't they Lily and her team were looking around the town before they found his prison there was an opening to.

Attack the most obvious use of review is foresight is that it should let his forces set up near perfect Ambush attacks so why not take advantage of that it feels like ryuya is playing some kind of game here intentionally allowing the paladins to release the dragon does he have the seventh best interests at heart or are they pieces on the board.

That he can sacrifice if he has to still he's all smiles for the team during the briefing there's no signs of anything underhanded on his part Ria last as usual Mary kakaka admitting the enemies are the strongest they have ever faced up to that point he doesn't try to sugarcoat this at all still he believes in his team he's got faith in every.

Member of the Euros in seventh that means these five can win against an all-powerful country destroying Kaiju and three devil hosts right that simple Act of Faith is enough to drive through use in onward they unfurl their Scrolls as one ready for a fight after their all-important ryuya told them he believes in them they are all fired up.

To take on this blue eyes white dragon Ryu really is all in on this strong personal loyalty thing a few words from him have an amazing effect on his followers as far as they're concerned death would be far worse than disappointing their beloved starts them off with an impressive display of recklessness she's going to.

Show how little this Dragon intimidates her by leaping into its outstrace jaw sword in hand she's laughing all the way down until the creature finally bites seemingly swallowing her hole only a few faint traces of steam Mark her passing it proves a pure victory for the great Beast however in a second the samurai calms her way straight through its head.

A massive geyser a blood erupting in her wake grin even wider than before a pair of fluffy ears have emerged on her thanks to her snow magic base attack Blood Stained Silver Fox the fox link is telling old Japanese mythology gives us Inari and ninko these were two classes of mountain thought spirits who were both kitsude but diametrically opposed.

These were two classes of mountain Fox spirits who were both Kitsune but diametric opposites pretty much good and evil fitting for the personality [__] in kezukaku the isaiahman is right behind her charging up his Earth Magic with his usual massive grin as he ground Rises up around him his intent makes him even taller than the dragon smashing one of.

Its heads in with a single Mighty punch sending teeth flying and eyes popping out of their sockets and as happy as the monk usually looks the wisdom King Buddhist priest seems downright Furious that form and expression suggests that this move is calling on akala he's a pretty eminent member of the group known as the wisdom Kings by powerful and.

Wrathful deities who are known as the Guardians of Buddha's Doctrine given the chapter's reference to five Devas could the remaining members of this group correspond to the other kings jozo and komari are up next the former bickering Rivals standing together against the oversized Kaiju JoJo jumps past the dragon barely seemed to touch.

It as impact after impact hits from his Gale roxasa blade komaria is getting up close and personal with her lightning magic charge attack vajra Yak sahime fivefold dance two more powerfuls of 10 on display and these both tie into mythology too rakshasa are shape-shifting demons common in Hindu mythology but also.

Featured in Buddhism given Hane katsuji's Hanya mask he goes all in on the evil spirit theme the more in-depth part of this comes from komari's blow while the vadra is the weapon of Deva King Indra in Hindu myth it also gives its name to vadriyana one of the three main schools of Buddhism literally translated as the Thunderbolt way it's a.

Type of faith that sounds very fitting for Amari after that the move name also gives the title of yakshahime referring to a class of nature Spirits coupled with the word for princess An Elegant title for the most elegant member of the seventh that's three moves in a row that reference Buddhist mythology given the title of the chapter this doesn't seem.

Like a coincidence the Bata is likely driving at some kind of thematic point if he's leaking the thematics of the reusing this closely to a single source still nothing's confirmed for now in the meantime ishika has what might be the strongest attack of all even if it's one of the simplest black Crescent Moon Slices one of the.

Dragon's five heads off in a single clean stroke the reason really are a match for world ending threats even by the standards of their Homeland these Warriors are ridiculously powerful they really would have devastated these fake Kingdom if they had been around during that Arc from a wider shot it is clearly legendary Kaiju is doing extremely.

Poorly in this fight have all taken out a dragon head the thing looks more like a corpse than a Kaiju one head still in the air two of the remaining a wreck of blood and sinew we don't know how jozo and komari's attacks fared but if they weren't as strong as their contemporaries this thing might be dead already at the least.

It lost over half of its head to this initials of 10 barrage it has to be seriously diminished after a coordinated attack like this unfortunately the Defenders must be at least a little spent these at 10 is a demanding technique one that requires a lot of magical power they're going to need some time to Rally back together.

Before pulling these moves against the paladins and things are bound to become even more trying if this thing is able to produce more heads for itself like a Hydra Lily is openly shocked at how much strength you're using can bring to bear she knew that they were the land of the sun's strongest Mages but hadn't expected them.

To be this powerful ichika snarls up at her Riya believes in them and as long as he has faith in the five retainers here they will stand tall the reusing seven Will Never Surrender the reusing 7 have had a strong first showing taking out the mighty dragon in almost no time but they're not out of the woods yet three paladins are going to be tough for even.

This group to deal with plus given yuru's Beast magic they might be able to heal the dragon back up but how do you see this fight going leave us your predictions in the comments down below as always I'm flexible taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you