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BAKUGO JUST DIED!? Deku’s Rage Will Destroy EVERYTHING! – My Hero Academia Chapter 359


If there is one major takeaway to be had for reading this latest chapter of my hero academia it is that horikoshi is an absolute savage when he wants to be you might hear academia manga is most definitely on an uptrend right now and i am loving absolutely every moment of it however before we get into the chapter itself we actually receive some pretty.

Monumental imagery for the cover of the most recent issue of jump here we see deku sporting what is likely to be his very last costume of the series officially colored in ways i am guessing very few imagined versus the demon lord himself all for one here his life supporting mechanized mask has been broken away to reveal his newly rewound.

Visage and boy oh boy is it something granted it is still partially obscured from view undoubtedly for the sake of a more appropriate reveal than the story itself but what we see here has already been enough to send the fandom into a frenzy and that is mostly on account of his hair the depiction of ball for one here is not only his typical quark.

Mutation based white hair but it is also two-toned very much like our main character deku which like freckles and unlike overactive tear ducts he did not inherit from his mother and this light inclusion has been enough for many to conclude their suspicion is true the like elements of the star wars franchise which horikoshi so admires our ebony.

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Is hard to fault anyone that considers this to be a step in that direction especially considering the dazzling track record of other widespread fan theories such as davi being a todoroki but as if all that wasn't enough horikoshi decided to bless us with this incredibly involved full color spread and suddenly i know why my hero academia.

Had to go on break because goodness gracious the sheer volume of characters encapsulated here both prevalent and minor is astounding there is honestly so much nuance charm and personality packed into this illustration that it would take an entire video of its own to discuss it all i encourage everyone to take a good look at it with all the hand.

Holding i already know the shippers have done so extensively shout out to maher akademia's eight year anniversary for sure it is unbelievable that has been eight years already but anyways this chapter would begin with a video recording of the flying coffins interior wherein numerous technical difficulties were overwhelmingly many staff members.

As it turns out shigaraki's finger man transformation had even more adverse effects than it appeared to on the surface as a coffin was in the midst of losing altitude on account of the additional weight it was certainly quite the task attempting to maintain order in such a disastrous situation yet in the very midst of this chaos as previously.

Stated a recording was being conducted as someone with a smartphone in their hands will let it be known that the electromagnetic barrier that they ocean rockets confinement to came at the expense of any and all communication with the outside the mere notion of such behavior in the midst of the war for the world deeply unsettled one of the nearby.

Girls she would immediately begin to scold the collective only to subsequently recognize and to be from the management course the likes of which have been given virtually no attention to the ua sports festival now this young girl will be ignored by these young cinematographers who would instead continue to spot off that mandalay's.

Telepathic transmissions were their only way of keeping track of outside events the occurrences on other battlefields and the like followed by perhaps a bit more of a poetic sequence of lines in regards to the accuracy of their location's name this supposedly improper use of precious time was enough for the girl to shriek however the notion of.

This being in an opportune time for such things seemed to finally get a rise out of the management corps student from his perspective there was no better time according to him every crucial battle up until this point had been extensively documented and filmed then questioning why she believed their predecessors passed such footage onto them then.

Regaining his cool the boy was said that the job of the management course was to produce heroes that their work was of value because it lessens the divide between heroes and society this was the culmination of their studies for the past three years and i find it interesting that horikoshi even added this providing convictions to just about.

Every aspect of this conundrum and as we would see bakugou preparing his absolute grace attacking the face of the dual-minded shikaraki the young man will consider this to eventually become the story of how they all won the fight before them from which point bakugou would close the distance tremendously sparking up his egress teeth followed by.

One hell of a fallout that made it look like this coffin in the air was ready to be a coffin in space now of course his attack was incredibly powerful however on account of his damn near blinding light it certainly proved to be difficult for monama to continue unabashedly staring at shigaraki but he did the explosion would rattle many.

While an exhausted and exasperated momo would conclude that it must be bakugo who was responsible as she cranked out item after item power loader sensei would peer out from above expressing his hope that they hadn't destroyed the power lines third year student yuyu left off balance in the wake of his blast would be left.

To wonder if bakugo was aiming to blow the entire stage apart then making a silly comment about the sanctity of nedjade's hair according to him despite what one might assume just by looking at the guy bakugou was actually quite meticulous and calculated in his especially methodical proceedings the likes of which even extended to.

Etiquette based scoldings a flared personality which we'd actually received a glimpse of during his visit to the total rookie household during his internship from what kaminari knew of his friend bakugou was not the sort of guy to disregard his surroundings in a fight now remember that horikoshi savagery i mentioned previously.

Yeah well it all kicks off with this moment as up close and personal we see the right side of bakugo's face be thoroughly ruined as his arm remained vulnerable before his adversary shakaraki with the quirk based analytical mind of the ingenious all for one with a deuce that bakugou had made use of an especially condensed blast.

That made sure to prioritize both the achievements of maximum energy output and the avoidance of environmental damage a commendable effort indeed but one that demanded immediate retribution and dismissal by way of this truly superior power as he crushed the right arm of bakugou irreparably as it merely drained the fluid from a washcloth this.

Was most definitely a grisly scene meanwhile all bakugou had to show for his efforts with the additional facial imperfections now present on shakaraki as the villain further reinforced his prior admittance that even now he continues to have no interest in the boy a very cold line that momentarily will prove to only increase in virginity mesh.

Genius ed shot and miriko would do their best to come to the boy's aid as at this rate his life was to be forfeit in the hands of the villain a pretty awesome display would soon unfold as veggies lacking a bit behind would continue to ride its threads like a surfboard midiko and bunnyhop from position to position catapulting yourself within striking.

Range of the villain's finger based mound and edge shot slithering past all obstacles like a famished snake with its prey within sights yet unfortunately for them shikaraki wasn't nearly as impressed by the foolishness of the three who dared to trifle with him within close range then demonstrating the fact that his power even without a.

Single active quirk was comparable to the likes of all might swatting them all away with inhuman air pressure alone shigaraki is just that strong in reality which now stared back a bakugo like the shadow of death he had given it his absolute best it even still the divide between himself and shigaraki was far too vast this was a power that could.

Only be thwarted by the likes of deku and bakugo is not him and to add salt to the wound shigaraku would express to the kid that it wasn't his ideals or his dreams that interested him and as he newly provided burns remain on his face making him truly look like a combination of demonic student and master shigaraki will continue to say that the only thing.

About the kid that even remotely piqued his interest in him was the fact that he is deku's best friend talk about foul thank goodness bakugou has grown as a character because had this been said in the past it might as well have been fatal and listen any ill feelings i may have felt towards bakugo since the beginning of series have all dissolved.

Now he has been absolved he has gone through the ringer emotionally and he's gone through the wringer physically as shikaraki approached eraser had to cry out to mandalay in regards to deku's current status yet alarmingly she could not reach him despite having done so only just a moment ago apparently the electromagnetic waves were messing with.

Their transmissions and so all she was getting was static at this point if you recall deku was on the verge of encountering someone the last time we saw him this is likely to add an additional layer of mystery to this situation and man how cool would it be if a reformed gentle hero and la brava were the ones being encountered but.

Optimism aside razorhead was especially fearful for his young student you call out to all the senior heroes on the battlefield begging them to save bakugou after all he still needed to graduate from ua that way he could aim to be the number one hero racered of course cherishing the dreams of his young students meanwhile this raw shot of.

Shigaraki in front of a thoroughly destroyed ua would be seen and this is along with the visuals of an entirely demolished class 1a if ua could be considered to be a character shigaraki has killed it and forget deku any hope of bakugou achieving that dream has pretty much been put to rest with the destruction of his arm or at the very.

Least severely hampered but even still our heroes were not done as sun eater would rise to his feet denis rae who is also now back up he'd express that he wanted to have a proper graduation ceremony that once this was all over they would have principal nezu throw them one to which she would agree but his eyes obscure he'd question if they'd.

Make it out of here alive to answer this question we'll be the only man besides deku that we've all been waiting for muriel was here and unsure but knew that they would keep everyone safe until deku was able to take over ua's big three are finally reunited and ready to rumble this is like seeing the legendary signing go into battle one last time.

Together side by side imma definitely need an explanation as to where this mad lamelian has been but boy are the death flags waving right now my hero academia's endgame is no joke and i hope you are all locked in as much as we are as always i'm selected otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

Love you you